Julian Newman THROWS HANDS At Practice! Jaden Newman Has 1st Day At PRODIGY PREP & Julian Apologizes
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In episode 7 of Hello Newmans, it’s Day 1 at the brand new Prodigy Prep!
Right off the bat, practice is getting intense. Everyone wants playing time, so people are GOING AT IT. Jamie loves it....at the beginning. But soon, it goes too far, and Julian needs to be held back from throwing hands with one of his teammates!
After practice, it’s time for class at Prodigy, but before that, Julian links up with the guy he almost fought, and they settle their differences. They can’t get off on the wrong foot on the first day!
Later, it’s time for Jaden’s practice. She doesn’t think Jamie takes the girls team practice as seriously as the boys team practice, and she’s PISSED.
Watch that episode and let us know what you think!
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  • Dylan

    Rip Kobe

  • Vanish FN
    Vanish FN

    Julian is like a chihuahua, acts tough but is weak.

  • 4KT Paint YT
    4KT Paint YT

    I wish I could practice with u guys

  • Fruity Boy
    Fruity Boy

    Cringiest family I have ever seen

  • ItzDrei

    thumbnail look like he crying😂

  • frauli fajardo
    frauli fajardo


  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday

    Julian is a fucking douche

  • Nethan and Joseph galvan
    Nethan and Joseph galvan

    It looks like a play day with all Pitbulls and only one chihuahua! Trying to catch the ball

  • Yung Sparky
    Yung Sparky

    Julian’s a joke just sayin, he ain’t bout it like that😂

  • 360 Kay
    360 Kay


  • Jr Calindas
    Jr Calindas

    Lmfao when they be fighting and the Dad(Jamie) just be like: keep it going we gonna get views like crazy BBY! Bro lmfao this man I swear cares more for the money then his own family

  • Jay Green
    Jay Green

    He actually needs another coach to run the other team.

  • Luke O’Neill
    Luke O’Neill

    Jaden reminds me of cardi b

  • Jeff Levy
    Jeff Levy

    I hope they all die soon

  • DN0ypid

    I just came here for the comments

  • DN0ypid

    Oh god...

  • Respec Wahmen
    Respec Wahmen

    its kinda cringe when Julian did the apologize then dringking milkshake lmao

  • Ryan Bohle
    Ryan Bohle

    I didn’t know tekashi 69 played ball.

  • Aren Safarian
    Aren Safarian

    This how many times Julian said bro | | | | |

  • Paa Kwesi ATTA-PETERS
    Paa Kwesi ATTA-PETERS

    It's serious😭😭😭😂😂😂the acting is worse than the porn that says they don't know each other.

  • Supreme Goku
    Supreme Goku

    An I the only one who noticed that it seemed like they were being told what to say when Julian and his friend were apologizing to each other?

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris

    Julian has a lot of pressure on him, and the spot light is always on him, and everybody is always criticizing him. Add that to his short stature, he is obviously angry. Imagine being that young and dealing with all that criticism.

  • Michael Yee
    Michael Yee

    Julian has no sportsmanship. He should not play basketball.

  • Jesuis Charlie
    Jesuis Charlie

    This is BUM City.

  • Banks 94
    Banks 94

    Even his kids don't know about the labtops. The necklace thing was cringe. The milkshake was cringe. And "the classroom" was a joke. That being said I can't look away, it's like a car crash.

  • Banks 94
    Banks 94

    Wtf this kid is crazy. That boy didn't do anything and you could tell he was confused af about why this was happening. This was 1st practice btw.

  • Kavion Lane
    Kavion Lane

    Julion is so trash you are so trash he is better than julion he suck

  • Jimmy Tran
    Jimmy Tran

    Look at that old Goblin from Harry Potter trying to square up. Get the fuck outta here lol. Pointy faced little shortass bitch.

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez

    I really think it’s funny that his little punk ass is hard yet all his other teammates stopped homie from clocking his stupid ass

  • Itss Pat
    Itss Pat

    They daddy look like master splinter evil twin. 🤣

  • K Wat
    K Wat

    Anyone else tryna pipe down Julian sister?

  • Zach Solorzano
    Zach Solorzano

    What a douche...terrible acting

  • Bob L
    Bob L

    Just curious, what language the boys speaking at the table? They seem to understand each other though.

  • J Hud Hudson
    J Hud Hudson

    The dad is so corny

  • Sugar Ray Kapo
    Sugar Ray Kapo

    Lmfao people just kome here to talk shi. Lmao im people. People is me

  • Dannysmokes

    He looked like my girls pomeranian when she come home with food 😂🤷‍♂️

  • george Washington
    george Washington

    Julian is a hot head. Decent offensive skills but his defense consists of strictly fouling.

  • Free Safety Big play maker
    Free Safety Big play maker

    Listen up you 2 bitches. First off Julians dad is the fakest clown I've ever witnessed. And keep them hands in yo pockets julian ya little bitch. And if not then come train and spar at our facility. Your 5'3 and limited as an athlete. Fuckin rear naked choke both daddy fat ass and his midget hack bball player with 2 fingers 😆😆😆 had to see this shit to believe it. Daddy spoon feeding his kid. So fucked up. Hey Dad he will have a new coach at some point and guess what ??? If it's any big school he won't make the team or he gonna ride the pine. You both bitches. Should be embarrassed dad. Fully. Try harder punks lol

  • George McCrary, II
    George McCrary, II

    Forgot how shitty kids are. That's what cameras are for right

  • Fidencio Gonzalez
    Fidencio Gonzalez

    if you grow hair i’ll switch to boost

  • CookMeRice 111
    CookMeRice 111

    Cri nag e

  • Bigchris Big chris
    Bigchris Big chris

    Bro bro bro! They try waaaay tooo hard to be coool!!! What a joke

  • Bigchris Big chris
    Bigchris Big chris

    They such trash!!!! Horrible show! I watch cuz it’s so fake I can’t believe! Everything they try to hype up but it’s literally nothing!!! The way they speak and explain things is the way Julian play! Waaay tooo hard and go know where!

  • Gabriel Mohan
    Gabriel Mohan

    Who is letting their kids go there? Wtf.

  • Ray Dingo
    Ray Dingo

    Poor little man with a big ego

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    Just Go Play Basketball in the Philippines Julian you have no future in the nba

  • Oneil bryant
    Oneil bryant

    So niggas really watch this kid show? Or I’m dreaming? Answers

  • Christopher Allen Sr.
    Christopher Allen Sr.

    Did they really start a Prep School so Julian would have somewhere to play??? This is a trainwreck. No academics and no school.

  • Rodrigo G.
    Rodrigo G.

    these kids gonna be dumb af if this is their school

  • nick ehlen
    nick ehlen

    there's no way anyone at prodigy prep is eligible for the NCAA.

  • Stevie Nguyen
    Stevie Nguyen

    Jaden Newman got some big ass tit tays.

  • Kevin Alec
    Kevin Alec

    Kids not a leader not going anywhere with that attitude

  • Itchy Awesome
    Itchy Awesome

    I can beat Julian easy dubs

  • Hipo o
    Hipo o

    Julian sister bad tho wtf

  • Tactical Bloo
    Tactical Bloo

    He’s a mad elf

  • Gabriel Villegas
    Gabriel Villegas

    I'll smack tf out of Julian's bitch ass lol he ain't shit

  • Gabriel Villegas
    Gabriel Villegas

    Fuck Julian's dad is just as annoying as him...no wonder julian doesnt know how to act his daddy a complete dipshit aswell lmao

  • Ruthless J19
    Ruthless J19

    What a punk bitch. Lol. Seriously.

  • nmyr

    his dad looks and sounds like fouseytube

  • Hell No
    Hell No

    Retards shouldn’t have kids, this the proof

  • anquish master
    anquish master

    Bro in comparison to everybody else julian looks like a elf and when he got angry and sqaurd up man was laughing my ass all the way back to africa

  • David Dudley
    David Dudley

    Smh it always be the smallest dudes too I stg🤦‍♂️

  • hills music
    hills music

    worst education

  • SuckYaMum

    I always forget how short Julian is 😂😂😂

  • Loch Saunders
    Loch Saunders

    This is not a real school

  • I Love The Way U lie
    I Love The Way U lie

    I want to date her sister.

  • Byron G
    Byron G

    What’s up with the stupid ass boost mobile “commercial”. I think the dads fucking annoying. Just trying to make money of his kids. What a piece of 💩

  • Ryan Beltran
    Ryan Beltran

    LOL the dad is ridiculosuly cringe. Sick of America glamorizing thrse guys.

  • Gabriel Aguirre
    Gabriel Aguirre

    3:13 Like to thank me

  • demario mays
    demario mays

    I can't believe Julian is this relevant

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