Julian Newman THROWS HANDS At Practice! Jaden Newman Has 1st Day At PRODIGY PREP & Julian Apologizes
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In episode 7 of Hello Newmans, it’s Day 1 at the brand new Prodigy Prep!
Right off the bat, practice is getting intense. Everyone wants playing time, so people are GOING AT IT. Jamie loves it....at the beginning. But soon, it goes too far, and Julian needs to be held back from throwing hands with one of his teammates!
After practice, it’s time for class at Prodigy, but before that, Julian links up with the guy he almost fought, and they settle their differences. They can’t get off on the wrong foot on the first day!
Later, it’s time for Jaden’s practice. She doesn’t think Jamie takes the girls team practice as seriously as the boys team practice, and she’s PISSED.
Watch that episode and let us know what you think!
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  • Armani Mason
    Armani Mason

    This nigga julian really tried to fight him lmao he like 5’5 and 50kgs bro he would of got fucked up 💀💀

  • ANImaePH

    You stupid basketball player newman

  • Black Rudolph
    Black Rudolph

    How can I get in prodigy prep

  • Timothy Sawyer
    Timothy Sawyer

    Here dribble around this trash can while I push it lol.

  • Samuel Jarri
    Samuel Jarri

    mmm mmmm mmm..... pride +ego= destruction

  • Blake Buckets
    Blake Buckets

    I cringe when he fights

  • Duncan Robison
    Duncan Robison

    The man with the apology

  • peepeepoopoo

    Julian: gets contested shot Also Julian: "Fuck you why you pissing me off"

  • maribeth alim
    maribeth alim

    You're just muggsey boggues height dude you can't fight them

  • David Rong
    David Rong

    Julian trying to fuck up his own team.. his dad: “yea the team coming along great today”

  • Bench Bong
    Bench Bong

    Julian Your so dirty player.. You have attitude problem..

  • Richard

    "i give my necklace cause hes a friend of mine" yeeeee okay

  • Lydia Vilums
    Lydia Vilums

    Jesus loves you

  • Wesley Jean
    Wesley Jean

    Bro who fights like that, you seen how julian squared up😭😭


    when this newman in philipine his face is broken


    that julian newman is a sh*t

  • Myles Hancock
    Myles Hancock

    Man I will punt Julian🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Jacob Schwien
    Jacob Schwien

    So fake but so entertaining 😂😂😂

  • El Sultano
    El Sultano

    😂 daddy was there that’s why. You ain’t making it if you act like that boy. And respect your dad

  • Clayder Polanco
    Clayder Polanco

    the guy in the green smaket his shit

  • Heaven Leigh
    Heaven Leigh

    The n world 😬

  • iSxce

    Bruh they teaching them like they some special Ed students

  • brenn AG
    brenn AG

    What a crybaby😂

  • Prettyboyleem

    Julian fight funny asl

  • Israel Ramirez
    Israel Ramirez

    Bro as shit a Julian Newman’s fam is Id rather have his parents :(

  • gaming beast
    gaming beast

    Loyalty 123... Emanuel leaves prodigy prep 😭😭

  • LouisLoother

    Julian Newman is the tiniest little bitch in basketball. He was raised by a joke & hes become a joke 💯💯💯💯💯 He had to go to nowhere to start lmao

  • riverfront01!

    Kids a punk ass

  • Ruben Tauoa
    Ruben Tauoa

    Half ass apology

  • Fizzy

    I see why he doesn’t take the girl serious bc WNBA players don’t make as much but he still shouldn’t do them like dat

  • KingsKid2002

    it seems like julian newman got a “Short” temper 🤣🤣🤣

  • Reymond Araño
    Reymond Araño

    bubu nmn mag laro kaumay

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    The guy in the green I feel bad for him he barley did anything to Julian

  • Terrell Drewery
    Terrell Drewery

    The Entire school goes in the conference room for class

  • Kevin Y
    Kevin Y

    They wanna be like lavar and lamelo so bad😂

  • DanReacts

    “Im better than them” BUT THEY TALLER THAN YOU BOI thats still a bye bye for you

  • Rexki

    :Reply:if u like Julian Like:if u like Mikey better

  • Nicholas Mendoza
    Nicholas Mendoza

    Bro Julian Newman one of those the dude wasnt even trynna fight do that and his teammate was holding his arm like dude was going too far that’s why he ain’t gonna make it to the nba and he gonna fall off on some lame oversea team

  • Keegan Gildea
    Keegan Gildea

    The Newman’s want to be what the ball family is

  • Nguyen Hoang
    Nguyen Hoang

    That background music when they sit down and talk so hilarious 😂 like they’re gonna kiss and make up

  • Othmane Jaouder
    Othmane Jaouder

    The apology gave it away

  • bigjtaxi taxi
    bigjtaxi taxi

    he didint mean it

  • Shameer Abbass
    Shameer Abbass

    Julians father eyebrows looking like a mcdonalds logo

  • Aqwauu Uu
    Aqwauu Uu

    rather fight at practice instead of in school

  • F13

    He can't fight

  • Matzz Gaming
    Matzz Gaming

    Whos watching this sept

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul

    Did he just say the n word 3:31 😲

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Imagine not whooping Julian

  • PIZZLOW 0502
    PIZZLOW 0502

    Bruh I love how old are you laughing at Julian

  • Chandler Miller
    Chandler Miller

    Ain’t nobody gone talk about him saying “the Kobe with a better jumper”? THE BLASPHEMY

  • Terpent Fc
    Terpent Fc

    julian actually has to grow 🤦🏾‍♂️, it’s sad how I’m a 7th grader taller

  • Anthromorphic DJ Anomolists
    Anthromorphic DJ Anomolists

    is julian black? i honestly don't know

  • Eazy_100s

    This dude is complete ass didn’t they loose by 40 points once

  • Ridamjot Singh (478RidSing)
    Ridamjot Singh (478RidSing)

    Bruh their stupid dad is getting in their life, let them be guy

  • Ronald Young
    Ronald Young

    I only watch this for comedy

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes

    New drinking game: take a shot every time Julian says bro

  • Toro Davis Jr
    Toro Davis Jr

    Julian can't fight like a girl

  • Ray Dela Cruz
    Ray Dela Cruz

    You better what? Lol

  • Nuggets 4 Life
    Nuggets 4 Life

    This is the great way, the new way, the Prodigy Prep way baby. Or it the 4 way intersection with trains running at the same time way

  • Caleb Arocho
    Caleb Arocho

    Julian got anchered in his jaw bra he threw a weak ah punch

  • DissTooEasy Clesca
    DissTooEasy Clesca

    Julian was about to rock his shi* fr

  • Jeriel MF
    Jeriel MF

    Julian will be another Westbrook more fight less ball

  • John Alvarado
    John Alvarado

    Aww daddy has to wake you up i bet they tuck him in at night to

  • mcgee mcgee
    mcgee mcgee

    im only waisting my energy to say this, this kid is NOT going to make it... being a celebrity and all that, is different than being true champion athlete. i kinda feel bad for him

  • 동현김

    3:22 When I saw a mosquito flying in my room🤣 #I luv newman getting fucked up😂😂

  • Ti-annthedoll

    Why tf he say ‘nigga’ like dat?! 💀💀 he sound stupid.

    • Ti-annthedoll

      I woulda had to square up just for his saying dat like it’s nun💀💀

  • Dolphinreacts

    The moment emmanuel realized he needed to get the hell outta prodigy

  • Tyler


  • Edward Griffin
    Edward Griffin

    Sorry about the comments, but this guy Jamie is making it too easy.

  • Edward Griffin
    Edward Griffin

    Dallas she needs to get a life too uses some hanger on nerd

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