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  • makenna eh
    makenna eh

    i think the biggest problem about justin’s yummy was that there wasn’t any walugi “waahs”

    • George Iveson
      George Iveson


    • Skylander Enthusiast
      Skylander Enthusiast


    • Tara Farrell
      Tara Farrell

      your comment blew the ef up

    • vxnilla mxcaron
      vxnilla mxcaron

      ( ノ╹ヮ╹)ノ "waaaaah!"

    • Luxembourg

      Waluigi is my son

  • Indy_ Playz
    Indy_ Playz

    *If you play the beginning 0 or 1 second it sounds like Danny's saying "whats a gregga hoe.* Me.

  • Fear The Unknown
    Fear The Unknown

    Why does no one talking about drew making clothes for Justin

  • Qays

    eat babies lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Tiffeney Stratton
    Tiffeney Stratton

    Why was Danny song better then Justin’s song!?!?

  • Lauren Bianca
    Lauren Bianca

    I like Danny's verson and it makes me want jelly beans

  • Greg Kramer
    Greg Kramer

    10:58 he wants to eat the babys

  • Greg Kramer
    Greg Kramer

    1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00

  • phantom _abyss
    phantom _abyss

    11:00 he wants to eat all the babies

  • Stars Magic Alien
    Stars Magic Alien

    So is your song for Laura?

  • Elsin

    ...Sweet Bod by Lemon Demon.

  • ibis otter 273
    ibis otter 273

    Ok so stallion is a slang term for a y’all and beautiful woman

    • ty1298

      Well it shouldn't be.

  • Tay & Cam!!
    Tay & Cam!!

    he needs to look at the actual music video (not the 2 animated ones, 2 fan ones, lyric video, and food fight) look at 2:20, slow it down, and look at his chin 😳 •dont look at 2:20 on dannys video look at it on the music video•

  • Jocelyne cupcake
    Jocelyne cupcake

    Danny Gonzales should do a video with Morges2 some time. I collab with each other, reacting to something like this. They both dug deep into what Beiber did wrong. I think they make a good team

  • Logan Plourde
    Logan Plourde

    I thought it was abt eating pussy

  • Candyqueen _
    Candyqueen _

    I think the Horse tried to become Santa and committed Murder. (The horse didn't become santa saddly)

  • The Tussler
    The Tussler

    Wow they make the Danny Gonzalez clones and Justin Bieber clones in the same factory I didn't know

  • Alyce

    I think Justin's song is pretty bad, but Danny's parody is chef's kiss.

  • Candyqueen _
    Candyqueen _

    My Name is now Greg.

  • Alaina Wheeler
    Alaina Wheeler

    2:33 is what my sleep paralysis demon does in the corner of my room

  • Stavroula Panaritis
    Stavroula Panaritis


  • Unscriptablee ee
    Unscriptablee ee

    Did he just make a parody of a serious song about children being abused 😒

  • Rudyard Kipling
    Rudyard Kipling

    I think that yummy yum supposed to mean some tasty PU$$y

    • Unscriptablee ee
      Unscriptablee ee

      @Rudyard Kipling 🤢

    • Rudyard Kipling
      Rudyard Kipling

      @Unscriptablee ee biebers verion of his girls yum yum

    • Unscriptablee ee
      Unscriptablee ee

      It's about children being abused & stuff what are you on?

  • BeyondTheSurface2

    You know it's like Bieber fans are trying to do what kpop fans do for every comeback. The word "comeback" is a kpop term and the streaming thing is also a kpop fan trend. Kinda funny tbh

  • little cream puff yoongi
    little cream puff yoongi

    Ok but your song is bomb

  • Dara Kelly
    Dara Kelly

    what law did this horse break?

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma

    If u know the meaning U would nvr make fun of this song.... I wish luck and success for Justin bieber.....he is brave to put a song on such a controversial topic and exposing them...

    • Unscriptablee ee
      Unscriptablee ee

      yeah, it's a serious song and he just made a parody of it. He has millions of subscribers and didn't even take the time to research about the song.

  • Rohn Heppner
    Rohn Heppner

    Please go back to the update corner

  • sky siegers
    sky siegers

    Part of me wants to listen to the song, the other part doesn't want to give him the view

  • Tripti 29
    Tripti 29

    Fun fact= his wife is a male horse and...... jb looks like a female 🍭 yummyummmyumm yuuummmmy

  • Carolina Candy Apple Red
    Carolina Candy Apple Red

    The song's about pizza gate. He exposes pedophiles. Also that's why he tries to get his song on no. 1.

  • Sofi Cake
    Sofi Cake

    Why is Danny's song so much better than Justin's song and Justin is a professional. Lol

  • Wise

    Yummy radiates Help Me Help You vibes

  • Rachel Patman
    Rachel Patman

    Justin could maybe get away with a lyrics video,dance, and maybe behind the scenes?

  • ఌOfficial Lyricsఌ
    ఌOfficial Lyricsఌ

    Well I know what song I’m gonna make Lyrics to know

  • Not your girly Girl
    Not your girly Girl


  • Skylar Scribbles
    Skylar Scribbles

    I genuinely think we should make this hit the top of the charts just cuz it would be kinda funny

  • Oh.Xhoney Bee
    Oh.Xhoney Bee

    Justin Bieber: “ you got that yummy yummy-“ Me: wait- what does he mean- DOES HE MEAN Oh lord no He means her pus- Doesn’t he?! Ahshshenkdhdbejehsbs No no no no ✝️😨🖐🏻

    • Unscriptablee ee
      Unscriptablee ee

      * inhales * no it's about child abuse & stuff...

  • George Iveson
    George Iveson

    8:12 you could call him a neat-picker

  • fakos7

    You’re a genius Danny haha

  • Kat Kosta
    Kat Kosta

    The song is about child abusers

    • Unscriptablee ee
      Unscriptablee ee

      yeah and he made a parody out of it and didn't care enough to research.

  • Kai

    guys danny's playing with his green screen again

  • anthony Rain
    anthony Rain

    Pizza gate. Dam people. Start thinking out the box. Jeffery Epstein showed us that these rings exist

    • Carolina Candy Apple Red
      Carolina Candy Apple Red


  • AirWick

    15:13 Why does someone screwing dishes of food come to my mind when I see that pic combined with the lyrics “hit it from the back”

  • Lost child
    Lost child

    The reason why he’s so desperate to get this song to #1 is because of the message from the video. It’s spreading awareness about pedophilia in the music industry! The video has nothing to do with his wife, it’s exposing the pedophiles that are out there trying to harm young celebs..

  • Mrs. Mom Next Door
    Mrs. Mom Next Door

    I didn't get this song or video either when it was first released. BUT now I am thinking there are actual serious meaning hidden in the original video and why he posted baby pics.

    • Mrs. Mom Next Door
      Mrs. Mom Next Door

      ​@Carolina Candy Apple RedYES, Its really sad to think this stuff goes on, and that Justin has been apart of it in some way! Now I totally understand his desperation to get the song streamed, in hopes of spreading the message. That is why the food was gross in the video and all the baby pics posted with # yummy! Their was a promotion of Yummy written in "pizza" lettering AND SO MUCH MORE! SAD!

    • Carolina Candy Apple Red
      Carolina Candy Apple Red

      Exactly! He basically confirmed it by posting the pictures. It's so disturbing..

  • El Deportado OFICIAL
    El Deportado OFICIAL

    isnt his team trying to make him #1 because thats what the music industry does? they squeeze the famous out of them, then they get rid of them by staging a fake "accident" its the end of bieber perhaps, if u took me seriously and it happens, i didnt know anything

  • PinkiethePanda

    THIS GUY SAID THE JACK PAULERS WERE THE STRONGEST FAMILY ON IT-my! it-my.com/watchvideo/video-5QYpD428hAQ.html

  • bobby lilley
    bobby lilley

    being honest this yummy is better than jbs yummy

  • Sofia Carrera
    Sofia Carrera

    I'd never listened to Yummy by Justin Bieber when it came out and a friend had shown me Danny's without telling me it wasn't Bieber's, so I genuinely thought Yummy wasn't that bad

  • Tazamo

    Justin likes to eat babies and thinks they taste good

    • Unscriptablee ee
      Unscriptablee ee

      No it's about child abuse that's why he posted it :(

  • NerdsZumbis

    can we do the spotify on repeat while we sleep so this get bigger than the original version ?

  • Nadege Callier
    Nadege Callier

    I don't know who said you wrote justin's lyrics. Seriously your lyrics on all your videos are 100× time better yeah it's funny but your lyrics make sense and some have truth.

  • shivansh khanna
    shivansh khanna

    thets why they call me daNEAT GONZALEZ !!!!!

  • PowerOfTheC

    "Body like a dead fish" is a compliment to botw players.

  • Blushing Neko
    Blushing Neko

    I am so sorry for Hailey Bieber. Although... I m a g i n e m a r r y i n g J u s t i n B i e b e r

  • Sierra Woolever
    Sierra Woolever

    8:48 he sounds like what of those yanderes that force you to promise to love him

  • Vivvie Mav
    Vivvie Mav

    Someone should tell Danny about the kiwi music video by Harry Styles (food fight)

  • Pratham Dave
    Pratham Dave

    Bro your song was straight FIRE!

  • FlipFlop

    This song is better than the real Yummy

  • Juliett Dreams
    Juliett Dreams

    Why.....is he near.... a tiny door ....💂‍♂️

  • Hadassah

    2:30 wow, I'm genuinely insulted. Man, why do kids like that so much???

  • Emma Bath AndBeyond
    Emma Bath AndBeyond

    Korea has a word for what Justin is trying to do, its called “sasaegi” and basically means chart manipulation.

  • Felicia Jhonson
    Felicia Jhonson

    I'm listening while sleeping.

  • Da_ Sloth
    Da_ Sloth

    The song is about him eating out his wife. I never realized

    • Unscriptablee ee
      Unscriptablee ee

      No, it's about child abuse and pedophilia so please stop.

  • Livia Mageste
    Livia Mageste

    “ooo baby got a body like a dead fish”

  • Chloe

    Danny's remix is literally the best song and should actually be recorded and released!

    • Chloe

      I mean like the radio

  • Dazzo Fishall
    Dazzo Fishall


  • Puja Tripathi
    Puja Tripathi

    *my teacher said if she would catch her daughter listening to this,she'll steal her phone from which she was listening to and make her dog vomit on it.*

    • Unscriptablee ee
      Unscriptablee ee

      This is a serious song about child abuse and pedophilia please stop making these awful jokes :(

  • Katie Matthis
    Katie Matthis

    This video was posted a day before my birthday :3

    • Katie Matthis
      Katie Matthis

      @Des. Thank you Des

    • Des.

      Happy late birthday!🥳

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