Juventus 2-1 Lokomotiv Moscow: Champions League Recap with Goals, Highlights and Best Moments
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All the action as Juventus came from behind to beat Lokomotiv Moscow 2-1 in their Champions League clash in Turin, courtesy of some brilliance from Paulo Dybala.

  • Frank Lampard 8
    Frank Lampard 8


  • Kryptic Blnkz
    Kryptic Blnkz

    is it just me or is ronaldo asking for an offside after dybalas 2nd goal

  • Jonathan Thornton
    Jonathan Thornton

    I said he was world class 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • male11nov

    Second goal touch, pure talent. I love this game......

  • Elias Chase
    Elias Chase

    Ronaldo wasn't excited at all when dybala scored those goals 🤣

  • Muna Alharazi
    Muna Alharazi

    So y’all telling me y’all lost in the last couple minutes

  • bkny.gotthesmoke

    More goals for dybala less for ronaldo🤭

  • Fercules V
    Fercules V

    Ronaldo seemed a little disappointed that Dybala got to the rebound in the second goal before him lol

  • Jody Johnson
    Jody Johnson


  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez

    nice play by juv at 2:39

  • Ratch Etsnug
    Ratch Etsnug


  • Angel Guerrero
    Angel Guerrero

    Was ronaldo calling offsides on that last goal. Wtf why did he do that for. If its not him scoring it doesn't count of what

    • Luca Peluso
      Luca Peluso

      he was celebrating

  • Abul Hasnat
    Abul Hasnat


  • elmer perez
    elmer perez

    Never forget Dybal against Barcelona, he is a great player

  • Sweeneytv

    some of those kicks from distance were weak as hell haha

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian
    Book of shadows contributor Brian

    512th comment 🏪📸🎥

  • Alpha Jalloh
    Alpha Jalloh

    Dybala: you had me in the first 70mins not gonna lie 😃

  • Yoseph A
    Yoseph A

    lovin la joya hes on his peak 👏👏

  • Nate Cruz
    Nate Cruz

    Higuain to csl or mls soon. Include Oliver giroud in there to lol

    • Luca Peluso
      Luca Peluso

      he is playing great

  • Juan Borda
    Juan Borda

    Cuadrado ! crack!

  • MrSimmer17

    Prem league licking their chops in admiration of dybala joining their side.

  • MrSimmer17

    The simple fact that dybala performs this good with minimal playing time almost absolutely solidifies that he will be in prem league sooner than later.

  • Rusty

    Lol and Juve was trying to sell Dybala during summer. Lmao. Would've lost this game without him

  • JP11

    3:58 i thought Ronaldo was calling for offside 😂😂

    • JP11

      Rusty i had to go back to have a closer look to realized it was a closed fist 👊🏽 lol but my first impression was like “what! Why is he asking for offside” 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Rusty

      Ronaldo always does that to check if the goal counted

  • Lucky B
    Lucky B

    CR7 actually thought about going for the rebound for a second while he was like a mile offside😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joaquin Rodarte
    Joaquin Rodarte

    Dybala could have had a hat-trick.... great game!

  • Joel Araujo
    Joel Araujo

    La Joya 💎🔥

  • Glad Skills
    Glad Skills

    Cr7 is the best.. 3 defenders followed him the whole time ! Haha

  • Norcal

    There were some fantastic strikes this week the the champion's league, including from the underdogs.

  • Evy


  • Fucking Epic
    Fucking Epic

    Ronaldo I guess is time to make history in mls.

  • Yazmin Leal
    Yazmin Leal

    Me molesta ver a Dybala en la banca , El es un jugador que tiene que ser titular en cualquier equipo , me harta 😤 que Juventus no tenga un cuadro base , siempre es diferente

  • Skylar Polek
    Skylar Polek

    How does Dybala not play for Argentina

  • UnoMaster23

    Where’s Ronaldo

  • Joule Esene
    Joule Esene

    That slide was amazing 3:58

  • Maruf Huseynzoda
    Maruf Huseynzoda

    guys WHo is the Commentator ???

  • L L
    L L

    Is Ronaldo even trying

  • Grease Sum
    Grease Sum

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  • Sander Contreras
    Sander Contreras

    Dybala is coming back

  • blux

    Loko ppl

  • Lucas Lopez
    Lucas Lopez

    All of these are staged not kidding

  • Cristian

    CR7 jealous AF!!!

  • AngeKerr

    This is one hell of a champions league start Mbappe and sterling getting hat tricks if dybala got a hat trick I would’ve been done

  • RushyTz

    Wtf the English commentary is so boring and is it only one person????

  • dimple rupani
    dimple rupani

    cristiano Ronaldo is the best on Juventus

  • Strong Willed
    Strong Willed

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  • Sean Wright
    Sean Wright

    Since when did Dybala become one of the best goal scorers in the world

  • Benjamin Belony
    Benjamin Belony

    De ligt needs to go on loan somewhere for real

  • Frank Champion
    Frank Champion

    Dybala rescued Ronaldo and Juve

  • Griffin Roberts
    Griffin Roberts

    good job Piemonte Calcio

  • Byron James
    Byron James

    Soo happy for Dybala!!

  • fino alla fine
    fino alla fine

    Dybala my 🐐

  • Cantzy

    Wow soccer is so cool I love FIFA other games suck

    • Cantzy


  • Chrisjoas Nica
    Chrisjoas Nica

    Los tres fueron golazos como de una final de Copa

  • Oğulcan Turhan
    Oğulcan Turhan

    00:53 Merih Demiral > De light

    • Vegeta Sama
      Vegeta Sama

      Por su culpa les metieron el gol

  • Shafi Subhan
    Shafi Subhan

    Having Ronaldo, Dybala and Higuain...that is a scary team.

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man

    Dybala to real Madrid!!!

    • Luca Peluso
      Luca Peluso

      lol no

  • Baptiste Sillieres
    Baptiste Sillieres

    Ronaldo offside

  • FifaMessi010

    Excellent performance but I can never get over how ugly Juve’s jerseys are this season

  • ZekieNYC13

    Di maria tevez dybala higuain all to blame for Argentina’s losses yet they lift troféus with the goat cr7 .... interesting

  • Arturo Perez
    Arturo Perez

    Shouldn’t the second goal been ruled offside because Ronaldo made an attempt to play the ball and he was offsides even though dybala was the one who struck the ball at the end ?

  • Manny Films
    Manny Films

    Why is Ronaldo always mad he can’t score? Then when someone else scores he doesn’t celebrate!

    • Jon Doe
      Jon Doe

      Because he’s selfish and arrogant

  • Arion Armeniakos
    Arion Armeniakos

    Could watch Dybala’s second on repeat all day 🤤

  • lean on me
    lean on me

    2:27 What a move?

  • Joel Ramirez
    Joel Ramirez

    Honestly, Dybala is so loyal and faithful to juve but he doesn’t even start. He deserves so much better. Always proving himself.

  • Bryan Ramirez
    Bryan Ramirez

    At 4:10 Cristiano calls for a offside on his own teammate. Is he that freaking SELFISH???????

    • Luca Peluso
      Luca Peluso

      he's celebrating...

  • Geri Hithi
    Geri Hithi

    Dybala is not going anywhere he’s our Del Piero Jr . Lol jk no one could replace the legend but I’m sure Paulo isn’t gonna turn his back on Juve any time soon

  • Matthew Krebs
    Matthew Krebs

    How far Ronaldo was offside on that juve second goal...

  • Steven Romero
    Steven Romero

    My goodness cuadrado ruined that defender... only if he went for the lob pass instead

  • deshawn bowens
    deshawn bowens

    What’s the commentators name?? Somebody pls help

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