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Serie A
In occasion of Juventus - Inter on Friday, here some of the best features from the past between Juventus and Inter in the Derby D'Italia | Serie A
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  • guz shdws
    guz shdws

    Bar bar njeer


    Ronaldo Luis Nazario

  • Irwanto Ali
    Irwanto Ali

    We blatantly see how Juve mafia works in the very 1st match of this compilation video

  • Jay J
    Jay J

    Message to the editor: Why would you put the text to go at the same time as the player scoring a goal? If people focus on what the text says, they miss seeing the goal and only manage to see player celebrating, but if they keep looking at the goals being scored (the reason they clicked on this video) they will have no idea what was the message that just went away!?!?!!? Think a little.

  • Χρήστος Νίκου
    Χρήστος Νίκου

    Inter +Ίντερ...

  • hari kasbia
    hari kasbia

    Back when Italian football was king 👑

  • Marcello Internullo
    Marcello Internullo


  • Ardian syah
    Ardian syah

    2002 number 8 must be conte not deschamps

  • Eugenio Conti
    Eugenio Conti

    Collina's attitude... even the referee was legendary in legendary serie A

  • Simon Forrest
    Simon Forrest

    Those 2 goals by Seedorf for Inter were ridiculous btw

  • Herda Bagas
    Herda Bagas


  • Eric Wong
    Eric Wong

    Del Piero is the king of Derby Italia...

  • array s
    array s

    Anyone who thinks calciopoli is a hoax should watch the first game 😂

  • The Plastic Metalhead Shitposter
    The Plastic Metalhead Shitposter

    2:24 That's the legendary referee Pierluigi Collina.

  • Gilang Pamungkas
    Gilang Pamungkas

    Referees are always helping Juventus.

  • r Jati
    r Jati

    Serie A fans till today, other league especially EPL was trash

  • cjewelz

    That Juliano foul on the legendary Ronaldo will live in infamy for eternity.

  • cjewelz

    Hahaha... They got the line-ups wrong at 1:00. Buffon was the goalkeeper. Thuram was the right-back. Deschamps was long gone. Zidane was gone. Boksic was long gone. I don't think Jugovic and Padovano were at the club either. Is anyone quality controlling this or did they leave it to a bunch of amateurs?

  • Emano

    Suspicious refereeing, to say the least

  • King maker
    King maker

    Man when you put Ronaldo’s pic in the thumbnail you have to show something about him.you can't play us like that!!!

  • sw 080
    sw 080

    Ювентус и Аньели лично купил всех судей футбольных уже 10 сезонов назад. Все 8 чемпионств Юве это картон. Только в третий дивизион и все 8 отнять.

  • MarcyyD

    Seedorf is soooooooo underrated its funny.

  • Big Tone
    Big Tone

    Seedorf bangers!

  • Big LeBAUSki
    Big LeBAUSki

    0:23 What an atmosphere such matches reached...

  • herman syah
    herman syah

    This is the big prove when Calciopolly actions 😊😊😊😊👍

  • Diarfitri Zulkifli
    Diarfitri Zulkifli

    Wow that 99 United team beat both these teams..

  • yassine oug
    yassine oug

    When serie a was Serie A

  • о_О Норм
    о_О Норм

    Судьи что-то слишком часто судят против Интера.Ну или наоборот за Ювентус....

    • Andrey Antonov
      Andrey Antonov

      Это происки Кремля) Ну а вообще, всякое бывало. Бывает и наоборот, но мы обычно замечаем только одну сторону событий -- ту, которую лично мы готовы принять) Так уж устроены люди

  • Antonio Martínez
    Antonio Martínez

    #FinoAllaFine 🦓🏴🏳️

  • H A
    H A

    That Juve line up though 🔥🔥

  • ZPSBestProfileName

    Juventus were punished a decade ago for buying off referees.

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B

    Everyone knows juve buys the league 😒

  • vinnyvasquez

    That Ronaldo penalty is the most obvious penalty decision not given in the history of football. When all the calciopoli business came out it is now 100% obvious that referee was bought for that game. A disgrace.

    • vinnyvasquez

      @Monly96 That incident wasn't in this video. The fact you didn't disagree speaks volumes. Inter were not proven to be involved and stayed in the division without a points deduction but you personally convict them? Right. Lol.

    • Monly96

      Same for West on Inzaghi in the same season, the penalty was clear but the referee didn't give it. After knowing of the Inter involvement in calciopoli (prescritti cartonati), it is 100% clear that Inzaghi's penalty wasn't given due to the referee's corruption by Inter

  • Stephen McKenna
    Stephen McKenna

    This match was rigged to bits everyone knows that.

  • Kurniawan aguz
    Kurniawan aguz

    Dirty vecino

  • diane mohamed
    diane mohamed

    Juve from the ancient time they buy the referees

  • Adnan

    Forzza Juveeeee Sono uno capitano,AD10!!! FOREVER

  • Luca Resconi
    Luca Resconi

    Full of wrong lineups

  • Sane Man
    Sane Man

    Sunday afternoon... Channel 4... Football Italia ♥️

  • Vincent de Oliveira
    Vincent de Oliveira

    Classic Rubentus!

  • BbIK

    top composition JUVE 98)

  • amine mansouri
    amine mansouri

    Rubentus mer**

  • Seiijuro Gby
    Seiijuro Gby

    What about 2010 !!!!! It was a huge game for Inter and Maicon scores a great goal !!

    • E X
      E X

      The IT-my channel is seria a, and uploads serie a matches. In 2010 Inter Juve 2 1 with Maicon goal was in coppa Italia.

  • Donny the legend
    Donny the legend

    MOST CORRUPTED GAME of the 90's

  • Alberto Marzani
    Alberto Marzani

    La prima e l'ultima della serie, le partite della vergogna che provano quanto la squadra di Torino sia una associazione a delinquere

  • Francis Couch
    Francis Couch

    Ref was definitely bought in this game.

    • Aleks Nash
      Aleks Nash

      @Давид Ристић Yeah, like they were the ones relegated for cheating. Thieves be thieves, and rube is a proven cheater.

    • Давид Ристић
      Давид Ристић

      yeah i agree inter was always cheating with referees but still coudn't even take one win 😂

  • Der Misanthrop
    Der Misanthrop

    Del Pierro was a Killer

  • Twe Foju
    Twe Foju

    mid 90s and the early 2000s were the craziest of Italian football, look at how many legends during those 1 decade.

  • Sh M
    Sh M

    1:02 The line-up was INCORRECT for 09.03.2002.

    • MrOemolotrab

      @Shozab Amir nobody mentioned Zidane... read again

    • Shozab Amir
      Shozab Amir

      @MrOemolotrab nope zidane played for madrid in 2002

    • MrOemolotrab

      Yeah. Shirt numbers are right though. It is Buffon, Iuliano, Thuram, Pessotto, Birindelli, Conte, Zambrotta, Davids, Nedved, Del Piero, Trezeguet.

  • Jalu Andida
    Jalu Andida

    inter..?? Lol

  • Mark

    Is Serie A still rigged?

    • 5680 1389
      5680 1389


  • A T
    A T

    Inter e juventus sempre un furto


    Juventus fan since 98/99 because of del piero, Zidane also.

  • José Diaz
    José Diaz

    Cuando la liga italiana era la #1, ¡que partidos, que equipos por Dios Santo!

  • Football Always / كورة دائمًا
    Football Always / كورة دائمًا

    0:43 Antonio Conte

  • Sami Azil
    Sami Azil

    0:00 i was hoping to see the old juventus shield lol


      I got it on one of my old home shirts.

  • Bang Geger
    Bang Geger


  • Recyclops

    Amazing content

  • Pietro Pes
    Pietro Pes

    Used to watch these matches as we had Football Italia on channel 4 in the UK back in the day - Serie A was the best league in the world then - so many quality players.

    • Simon Forrest
      Simon Forrest

      Wow..I remember those days.. Used to religiously watch that programme

  • The Hh
    The Hh

    So many current managers lol

  • Riccardo Verde
    Riccardo Verde

    Ronaldo loses the ball - and then collides with defender. No penalty.

  • M K
    M K

    Football back then was amazing

  • Agent J
    Agent J

    0:10 Del piero what's that skill??

  • Anoniem

    All Juventus matches are paid off

  • david henry
    david henry

    I remember this time so many decisions never went against juve and juve got all sorts of decisions, especially the first game you showed. This whole era we found out later was 100 % rigged. Juve had refs and all sorts of officials on the payroll. Unfortunate

    • hbe421

      neither of those 1st 2 were pens tbf.

  • Le Nerazzurri
    Le Nerazzurri


  • Simon Phoenix
    Simon Phoenix

    Juve's line up at 0:58 seems wrong. Zidane was at Real Madrid in 2002. Just sayin

    • magnumcornetto

      Jugovic, Boksic and Padovano? That sounds like the Juventus from 1996/1997.

    • cjewelz

      This is what incompetent amateurs get paid handsomely to do while blocking other people from having an opportunity.

    • handrey zalfitra
      handrey zalfitra

      And the goaly should be buffon, peruzzi was in lazio..

    • Gringgo

      Padovano wearing number 10. Probably its the 1996/1997 line up.

    • Bayu satrio
      Bayu satrio

      and Zinade wore 19 lol😅

  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran

    0:21-0:36 truly mafia???

    • Fatah5

      Many more..

  • Юрий Антонов
    Юрий Антонов

    Forza Juveee!!!

  • Pol Daniel
    Pol Daniel


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