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Serie A
In occasion of Juventus - Inter on Friday, here some of the best features from the past between Juventus and Inter in the Derby D'Italia | Serie A
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  • Fabio Locci
    Fabio Locci

    I don't know how but you clearly messed up the 2002 team. There was no Peruzzi, the goalkeeper was Buffon already. Trezeguet was the number 17 and the 10th was Alessandro Del Piero, not Padovano.

  • Nina Hermawan
    Nina Hermawan

    Juve & mafia referee

  • Miroslav Janu
    Miroslav Janu

    Calciopoli juve

  • Adi Alfariz
    Adi Alfariz

    Juve dari dulu selalu dpt pinalti pantesan sering juara

  • José Correa
    José Correa

    2012 was conte not Lippi lol

  • Italians do it better
    Italians do it better

    The golden era of Serie A 🔝👑

  • Talib Hassan
    Talib Hassan

    2012 Juve manager was conte, not Lippi. But anyways nice compilation.

  • Taziah Slentiller
    Taziah Slentiller

    Juventus has 12 players on field against Inter has 11 in 97/98 season. its very disgrace to see these. 2006 was a year that their dirty been stop ever since. What can Juventini proud of??? Thats something called Burglars of Italy.

  • Hussain Al masbhi
    Hussain Al masbhi

    Del Piero vs Ronaldo rivalry was amazing

  • zhbvenkhoReload

    When Italian teams had actual Italians (not blacks born in italy) they were truly competitive as a league

  • jhon sen
    jhon sen

    Time when Seria A have got both Zidane and Ronaldo.

  • Ecilo

    Sorry Juve, We are treble Winners -Inter Forever-

  • Rhafa x.eruption
    Rhafa x.eruption

    0:40 That was a proof of Luciano Mogi

  • Mey Haqim
    Mey Haqim


  • Zahid Mustafa
    Zahid Mustafa

    Seedorf the GOAT of Long(est) Rang goals

  • Eoin Mac Raghnaill
    Eoin Mac Raghnaill

    Javier Zanetti, Mr.Endurance.

  • Stormtrooper4 j
    Stormtrooper4 j

    Il Fenomeno! R9 🖤💙 Inter's legend!

  • Trumpet Music
    Trumpet Music

    Juventus vs Inter 2060 Gigi is still playing goalkeeper.

  • Aleef Mohammed
    Aleef Mohammed

    Italian Football in the 90’s and early 2000’s were full of legends. Amazing era

  • Zine Le Seldjoukide
    Zine Le Seldjoukide

    Forzaaaa juveeeee!!!!

  • Aldo Spinello
    Aldo Spinello

    è sbagliato! deschampes ha lasciato la juve nel 99. Come è possibile che sia li nel 2002?! The squads are all wrong!

  • Richard Mailangkay
    Richard Mailangkay

    1997-1998 moments 🤣🤣🤣 i think inter was the champion 💪

  • livelove &laugh
    livelove &laugh

    Del Pierro😍😍

  • rona ang
    rona ang

    padovano number 10 before alex ? cmiiw

  • Виталий Хемий
    Виталий Хемий

    Только не Бокшич. Не было в 2002 году Бокшича у Юве

  • Widi Harumici
    Widi Harumici

    W masih bocah

  • hfanti

    You can see the quality declining throughout the 11's.

  • YRJ 88
    YRJ 88

    A match from 2018 you called classic match. Where is juve victory 3-0 in 2003?

  • G F
    G F

    Ma quanti campionati hanno regalato ai gobbi...!!!

  • L

    90's Serie A🔥 2000's Premier League🔥 2010's La liga🔥

  • Dmitriy Vorgulev
    Dmitriy Vorgulev

    Inter BRAVO!

  • Mora Kano
    Mora Kano

    referee fc VS inter milan

  • Football Fan
    Football Fan

    That thumbnail though. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Made In Sicily
    Made In Sicily

    la formazione della rubentus nella patita del 9 marzo 2002 e' sbagliata!

  • David Denteh
    David Denteh

    Take me all the way back to those Seedorf strikes!! What a time for football, players on show wow just wow

  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C.

    That was a huge penalty on Ronaldo!

  • Fabyo8226

    Juventus GOAT: Referee

  • Luìs Ito
    Luìs Ito

    Ma quante info sbagliate in un solo video???

  • Prithu

    It is sad how many great performances and critical games get ruined by egotistical and moronic referees, even now with assistance from VAR.

  • Mike Litoris
    Mike Litoris

    The 2002 formations are all wrong

  • Donny Pancakusuma
    Donny Pancakusuma

    the author must be interisti...

  • woot3979

    1997-1998 was my fav season especcially top scorers competition : Ronaldo ,Del Piero ,Bierhoff ,Batistuta , Baggio

  • Tolga 2020
    Tolga 2020

    Nowadays the thumbnail is worth at least 500 million Euros

  • QQHoki Bola
    QQHoki Bola

    bandar bola? depo pulsa 5rb dapat 10rb hanya qqhokibola

  • vlad roman
    vlad roman


  • Steven Quang
    Steven Quang

    I just like to watch juve and as roma play

  • ch e
    ch e

    Giusto cosi campioni inter feccia del mondo

  • warriorprince101010

    The referee won most of these matches.

  • Yadi Interisti
    Yadi Interisti

    King of pinalti = juve

  • Artificial Neuron
    Artificial Neuron

    Back when serie A was a top league with many of the best teams :D

  • Elvis Di Maggio
    Elvis Di Maggio

    Se guardi il bilancio complessivo di vittorie/sconfitte tra le due ti trovi di fronte ad un dominio esagerato della Juventus. Questo ti fa capire quanto siano false le pretese di equiparazione tra le due realtà e di quanto non siano obiettivi gli interisti! 🇮🇹 ⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️💪🏆

  • Husein Abdullah
    Husein Abdullah

    Juventus is troll of Italian football

  • Саша Бугров
    Саша Бугров

    Ё... Ный интер.

  • muhammad Alfath
    muhammad Alfath


  • Inter Per sempre
    Inter Per sempre

    In questi highlights si possono vedere due furti da parte della rubentus

  • twincammike83 16v
    twincammike83 16v

    Seedoff was outstanding and Ronaldo.. Both teams had world class teams really..

  • Alexander Kazakov
    Alexander Kazakov

    1:02 derby 09.03.02 How did Zidane played this match when he was already in Real Madrid since 2001????

    • Егор Старков
      Егор Старков

      And Deshamps, And Torricelli and Jugovic and Di Livio and Boksic

  • Angga Saputra
    Angga Saputra

    00:02 at those moment, juventus logos not be like that.. you can see the horse and wall in old juventus logo..

  • Ono News
    Ono News

    All legends

  • Santi Santino
    Santi Santino

    Hahahahaha...la famosa partita derubata all Inter dalla solita Juventus..

  • Angus Scrimm
    Angus Scrimm

    absolutely Golden Years of Serie A. ...AND this is only squads of Inter and Juve ! dont forget all the other great players on /and teams AC Milan, Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina, Parma, Udinese, Palermo, Atalanta.

  • kimmkroo

    back when seriea was great a long time ago

  • R G
    R G

    Its nice to read captions while goals are scored

  • No Name
    No Name

    You got some lineups wrong

  • Ega Tri Wijaya
    Ega Tri Wijaya

    03.11.2012 coach Marcello lippi . Are you kidding me 🤔😅

  • بابک درگاهی
    بابک درگاهی

    .my hurt Ronaldo and inter

  • カモちゃんカモちゃん

    Serie A of this era was the best league in the world. However, it is now in the trash.

  • Tommy Boykin
    Tommy Boykin

    Zidane, Deschamps, Conte Inzaghi...4 coaches on one squad! Lippi is one of the most overlooked coaches in history! Everlasting brilliance on the players who played for him. Champions League, EPL, World Cup, Serie A trophies just as coaches!

    • Jefferson Huang
      Jefferson Huang

      Lippi is not overlooked at all. He's a face to recognize in China before departing.

  • Sergiy Petrushko
    Sergiy Petrushko

    Bring the real Juventus logo back!

    • Domenico la7
      Domenico la7

      MaskedHero oh sorry 😐

    • Masked

      @Domenico la7 It was just a troll and a bit of banter man, relax. lol

    • Domenico la7
      Domenico la7

      MaskedHero But this was many years ago, their Changed the Logo about 3 years ago

    • Masked

      @Domenico la7 That doesn't come for free, as a Juventino you should know that. For a fee, I will shut up.

    • Domenico la7
      Domenico la7

      MaskedHero pls shut tf up

  • Maddoxx

    0:39 calciopoli, how many inter punters were lost because of that.. It was during the period of inter trying to win the scudetto but refs decision always unfavorable to them.

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