Keegan-Michael Key Is Finding Optimism In Signs of Unity
The Late Late Show with James Corden
James Corden welcomes Keegan-Michael Key to the show, and James asks Keegan about his perspective as the country reacts to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. After sharing his feelings of frustration and optimism, he shares an analogy to illustrate why the response of "All Lives Matter" is wrong.
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  • Anny Seur
    Anny Seur

    Everyone needs to realize that these individuals are not susceptible to metaphors. That requires thought. We keep trying.. year after year. either way.. love your work

  • w s
    w s


  • ___ SIGNS ___
    ___ SIGNS ___

    I heard a rant from the prick Murray, who was mocking James corden for reaching out to the black community, Dauglas Murray really is a racist prick, "George Floyds death was disgusting but" until pricks like DM either understand or stfu nothing will change, George Floyds death was disgusting full stop, change must come even if it sets America on fire

  • Angelinas crystal universe
    Angelinas crystal universe

    As a european living in Scandinavia, police violence is not seen often. Our mentality is another. We are not so aggressive. when that is said. No matter what a person has done, will never justify a police officers behaviour. They come off with a very short fuse. Over reacting and totally ungrounded. There is nothing normal about it.We are in 2020. Not 1600 although that behaviour was not acceptable either. I wonder if they would like their own treatment. The police in America is as bad in their behaviour as they are in China.

  • Jeffrey Epsteinworldwide
    Jeffrey Epsteinworldwide


    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba


  • eblman

    I’m glad Keegan and hopefully Peele are speaking up!! I love the way they appropriately show the flaws in our system often through comedy/satire and the way people treat one another. If anything all I would say is we need more from both of you gentlemen on this topic! Now more than ever. As you say if your ‘house is on fire’ than please tell all America how, why and what we all need to do to stand for better treatment of minorities in our society. To help America know it’s own flaws/faults to ultimately heal itself and create the beautiful land that we all dream/know that it can be. “..With justice and liberty for all!”

  • Nezhada Lalzad
    Nezhada Lalzad

    That is right what he's saying. It is just terrifying that we still have to fight against racism. It is also correct that black lives matter because "their houses are on fire". But the problem is that not just "their houses are on fire". Just couple of days ago Iranian cops burned afghan refugees alive. And that is not the first time that afghans are being treated like that. Not just that. There are people being killed all over the world but no one absolutely no one recognize it or when they recognize it they do not take any actions against it. People all over the world are protesting against racism in America. What about the cruelty that is happening in Afghanistan for example? No one says afghan lives matter. And why not? Their lives are also "on fire" . I am an afghan. I sometimes have to deal with racism and also my people are being killed everyday. It just hurts. What can WE do to stop our people get killed, because over the years we learned that the world does not really care and now we can see that. So ALL LIVES MATTER refers to that. I'm saying this to raise awareness so that people can also support the afghan lives or all lives matter movement to end any kind of abuse and violence being used to kill innocent people all over the world.

    • Nezhada Lalzad
      Nezhada Lalzad

      Please please share this. We need a change.

  • allen kuester
    allen kuester

    Yep there's another Canadian comedian idiot gang cord on fat blue,,, illegal immigrant,,,, non American citizen,,, no green card,,, leash,,,

  • erupter76500

    While I agree with Keegan on nearly everything he said. I really wish people with a platform would be more out spoken about the looting and rioting. I understand that people are frustrated, angry, and are just trying to find an outlet, but I really think doing such things not only hurts the movement as a whole because it undermines the actual productive protests going on, but also hurts small business owners as well. Some of the businesses that have been looted are owned by African Americans and forgive me if I just don't understand how that is productive. Violence just breeds more violence. I know this comment will just get lost or get some hate and for that reason I don't normally write comments on social media as a whole I just felt I needed to put my opinion out there this time.

  • 趣觅火鸡岛

    Federal Reserve Bank--the professional looter that really matters in US

  • Susan Wright
    Susan Wright

    Oh my God! When he implied that the companies and their tendency to rake in billions while underpaying employees is the real looting.....the man is right!

  • tim martin
    tim martin

    you wanna end racism ? all lives matter

  • S B N
    S B N

    Good example, the one with the house on fire. I agree, stop saying all lives matter in response to BLM. It's unintelligent and childish

  • MrAlex3132003

    @02:15 "Your house is NOT on fire" BRILLANT!!!!!

  • SpiralCee

    I love Keegan's voice. I think he should do audio books or meditations. :D

  • Gina

    Wanda Sykes called for white people to protest and pointed out that this is our problem also. She is very correct. While I detest racism, I did not think of it as my problem. I will gladly make a point to be more involved in this issue. I don't put up with bullying and this is the ultimate form of it. To all the good cops out there, they need to take charge of this issue within their departments and be examples of how to serve and protect the public, whether or not any laws are put into place on this issue! Call the corrupt ones out on their shit!

    • Lalasha Yarborough
      Lalasha Yarborough

      The problem is that white people are incoherently racist not on purpose but it all lies within the upbringing whether it a uncle a teacher or a friend of the family same goes for asian culture the children were taught that dark means bad or unclean or poor and as they get older more and more is pushes into the white culture to assume that people of color are bad so saying im not racist and it has nothing to do with me because i didnt do it wont work white people have to constantly. Work on coherency and practice anti racist practices to retrain everything they taught even if they dont know they were like example why worry about accidently saying the wrong thing its because thats generations of things being programmed into there minds its not a bad thing to educate ones self even if you've never particularly did anything to a black person its just the right thing to do for all people so everyone can be at ease and stop the hate

  • Kris G
    Kris G

    That house on fire analogy is brilliant.

  • Victoria

    The house fire analogy is very good

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis

    Britain has the worst human rights record of the entire history of the world. They have killed concurred taxes and in slaved more people than any country that ever existed! Go home and complain to your queen.

  • Wesley Allen
    Wesley Allen At the five minute mark he smirks cause this idea he is about to share is very powerful... people are focusing on looting as the enemy, but let's also focus when companies, corporations, and people in power are looting their employees...

  • Markus Andersson
    Markus Andersson

    check the statistics, actually other houses are burning even more

    • Rene Joehnke
      Rene Joehnke

      What statistics, Markus? :)

  • D Volle
    D Volle

    Hey we you tonite on another show check out my son's non profit he helped his students start he teaches high school. "Regeneration Against Destruction" or RAD for short

  • mainmanmaindude

    the american morality is so fucking dumb. Police officers shouldn't hug it out with the protestors. Policing needs an overhaul

  • mainmanmaindude

    Dude still running the neo-lib b.s.

  • karon mcgregor
    karon mcgregor

    I agree that black and brown lives matter - but where are the Native Americans in all this?? How are things going to change to help their lives on Reservations? They also need to be a high priority now.

  • ¡No Pasarán!
    ¡No Pasarán!

    White people understand perfectly what their racism is. And they love it. Without it they feel themselves weak and threatened.

  • George Yanez
    George Yanez

    Wow! the analogy of the house burning and all the other houses telling the firefighters “all houses matter”, yes that’s true but this one right here is the one that’s burning now... made so much sense to me

  • timmystatistics

    I love this man I agree with everything he’s saying

  • violetbabygirl

    Keegan on HOT ONES is halarious

  • Clint Hammer
    Clint Hammer

    Why is 'a white guy kills a black guy' is much more worse than a 'black cop kills a white women' or 'black men kills black men... many times in the inner city'? I want to know which one of these ad-wizards came up with the map on that?

    • Sarah Sheikh
      Sarah Sheikh

      Please stop talking. Go read and educate yourself.

  • DevinC12

    1:56 Thank me later peeps..

  • RR 40 RR 40
    RR 40 RR 40

    It is happening today because the left traffics in hate and race bating , his analogy about the fire department is moronic , stop committing crimes and just protest

  • Durak Ironhyde
    Durak Ironhyde

    Let's protest violence by creating other acts of violence. But its OK because they need those things? Some really faulty logic right there.

  • Reading Turtle
    Reading Turtle

    Love the house analogy. Another one I've seen is "All lives can't matter until black lives matter."

  • Pop song with angel
    Pop song with angel

    Yes black people and muslims people are angel forever

  • Katherene Wedic
    Katherene Wedic

    There is no American dream, there is only American materialism. The American dream was hype to get immigrants to come to this country to workand then later to sell the American populace a bunch of crap. Do not gauge worthiness and rights on materialism. Human rights the right to exist the acknowledgement and regard for one another is God-given and up to us to activate.

  • Mariah Pacheco
    Mariah Pacheco

    There WAS unity in this case. No one disagreed that the officer's actions were disgusting. NO ONE.

    • Madison Grace
      Madison Grace

      Except if the video hadn't gotten out, then it was going to be written off as "medical complications during arrest", instead of murder. And even when it WENT public, if nobody had protested, then the charges would not have been what they were.

  • Iago

    I think one of the legs of the problem is the fact that there are so many arms on the US. That amount of guns allow the police to act much more agressively than they would in my Country (Spain) or in so many other countries where owning a gun is not very common.

  • Larry

    I love the the way that Keegan touched on some of the other issues that have people already frustrated before the George Floyd incident, and how they compounded to create an explosion. I don't think that rioting and vandalizing business owners is acceptable or will help the cause though. I also think that there is some misunderstanding when people say "all lives matter". When I say that I am referring to Yes, black lives matter as much as every other life and if they are not being valued and treated the same, then there is a problem. It's not meant to minimize BLM , it is used to say that we should all be equally valued in today's society.

    • Melissa Lee
      Melissa Lee

      I am sure a lot of the people who say “all lives matter” are not trying to minimize but the fact is that it does diminish the message. I totally agree that we should all be equally valued but the reality is, we currently aren’t. We need to point out that black lives are being taken senselessly, that they are receiving a disproportionate amount of mistreatment and injustice, that their lives are not being valued the way they should. That’s why Black Lives Matter is such an important statement. We can’t say that all lives matter until there is change that shows that black lives matter.


    It's just being filmed now, yes but hate crimes have increased in the Trump era, too.

    • w s
      w s

      You mean fake hate crimes.


    n's fire dept analogy is the best explanation I've heard. I will use it.

    • Natalie Zayas-Bazan
      Natalie Zayas-Bazan

      Mike Corder it wasn’t Keegan’s invention, it was a meme that was going around.

    • Mike Corder
      Mike Corder

      WIDE AWAKE comedians have a way of wording complexities that give us a better or another view point

  • Peggy Gibbons
    Peggy Gibbons

    I totally disagree with the looting. That defeats their entire message. I understand No Justice No Peace, that should mean block roads to be heard, not burn businesses and steal stuff from a business owner who might be hanging on my the skin of their teeth. Even on Scared Straight, even BEFORE the cops killed anyone, these punks say No, I don't have a job and I don't WANT a job, If I want something, I will steal it.

    • lilbolssom

      Ignorance isn't an excuse for you anymore. Your given evidence, thoughtful discussion, and heartfelt pained experiences. Yet your more worried about property. Building and goods can be rebuilt and replaced. Lives can't. "These punks, before cops killed anyone.." cops have been killing people from day one. It's just know on your tv, thts the only thing that's changed. If looting defeats the ENTIRE message for you then you wasnt listening anyways.

  • Rebecca Elliott
    Rebecca Elliott

    We need to be aware that the easiest way for the rich white leadership in america to disempower the protests is to orchestrate looting. So people who might support the protests otherwise, won't. We can't be distracted from the issue

    • retread01

      I don't blame looters under these conditions. There's nothing the public can do to discredit themselves in my eyes right now. The looting is the response to intolerable conditions. Rage and destruction are a natural reaction

  • Rebecca Elliott
    Rebecca Elliott

    Also important to point out white people are looting too as well as black people.

    • Maddy Beaulieu
      Maddy Beaulieu

      I guarantee it's way more white people. I'm guessing black people are alot more concerned with how they look in the media and white people are like fuck it I can loot no one is going to kill ME.

    • Frame Of Mind
      Frame Of Mind

      Look at the ratio it's like 90/10

  • K Webster
    K Webster

    great analogy!!

  • Spooky Carrie
    Spooky Carrie

    Keegans energy is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis

    Yes it time for James Corden to leave show business and the USA. Britain is still a nation locked in denial. If you point out basic facts about the British Empire - that the British deliberately adopted policies that caused as many as 29 million Indians to starve to death in the late 19th century, say - you smack into a wall of incomprehension and rage. This is just Deaths in Indians . Think about all the other deaths that they were responsible for as they tried to rule the world. At its height, Britain was the largest empire in history and, for over a century, was the foremost global power. By 1913, the British Empire held sway over 412 million people, 23% of the world population at the time, and by 1920, it covered 35,500,000 km2 (13,700,000 sq mi), 24% of the Earth's total land area.

    • K Webster
      K Webster

      I think if you cant be outraged with what is happening today because your heritage suggests it has happened in your country, then none of us can protest. We destroyed the native americans here. Most likely you can find organized racism in almost any country at one time or another.

  • Ani


  • zocalo befive
    zocalo befive

    "All Lives Matter" is this a slogan for brain-dead people? people in irreversible coma? cockroaches? poison snakes? mosquitoes?

  • Texas Rebel AKA Teaspoon
    Texas Rebel AKA Teaspoon

    Key is one of the most racist people on earth! Every video he makes is a racist slap in the face!

  • Copernico Felinis
    Copernico Felinis

    As an European, not subject to police violence, I have to admit that before the era of the omnipresent camera it would have been easy to dismiss reports of police brutality with a shrug and a thought on the lines of "he must have done something to deserve that". This is no longer possible now. Evidence of unwarranted police brutality in the US is undeniable and overwhelming. It is beyond appalling that this has not been addressed before.

    • Copernico Felinis
      Copernico Felinis

      @Lalasha Yarborough you should have read better what I wrote: "yes, there have been cases of unwarranted violence and cover-up attempts, but they are rare, not systemic as they appear to be in the US". And in fact you had to find cases from 2005, 2006 and 2009. None of which, by the way, involved blacks or minorities and all of which led to the prosecution and jail time for the police involved. The excessive militarization of the police and their nearly total impunity is endemic to the US and is not shared by the other Western democracies of Europe (your gun laws play a major role in that, methinks). If you think it is all the same as in the US on this side of the pond you are deluded.

    • Lalasha Yarborough
      Lalasha Yarborough

      @Copernico Felinis since you think you know so much btw i didnt need 3 names just one and to say it doesnt happen there is a lie i have actual facts that beg to differ like i said educate yourself

    • Lalasha Yarborough
      Lalasha Yarborough

      @Copernico Felinis Rasman was found handcuffed, hands behind his back, iron wire on his ankles, several wounds and marks from "gagging with total or partial blockage of the mouth, carried out with a lanyard or something similar," experts wrote. France: Father-of-five takeaway rider killed during an inspection After George Floyd's death, in several French towns - where youngsters of Arab and African ethnic background are twenty times more likely to be stopped and searched - thousands took to the streets in memory of Adama Traorè, a 24-year-old black man who died at a police station after being chased and arrested. The latest legal report on his case came out four days after the Minneapolis incident. It found Traorè might have not died of asphyxiation but from cardiac edema. His family has ordered another report which they commissioned from a private doctor. Another recent case, which is even more similar to Floyd's case, is that of takeaway rider Cédric Chouviat. He was tackled and held down by three officers until he lost consciousness. He got stopped because officers saw him holding a phone while on his scooter, which had an unreadable license plate. The immobilisation technique used by the police was the same as George Floyd. He was brought to hospital where he passed away, 48 hours later, on January 5, 2020. According to the autopsy, he died of asphyxiation and had his larynx fractured. The four officers involved hadn't had their hearing until June, according to Le Parisien. In France, other recent deaths include Lamine Dieng - who died in 2007 after being arrested and put into a police van in Belleville - and of lorry driver Wissam El-Yamni, who arrived at a police station in Clermont-Ferrand after having lost consciousness while being arrested for hurling stones at a police vehicle in 2012. Spain: Mbaye had a heart attack after running away from officers "The United States has got a long history of police abuse and racism," said Jennifer Molina, spokesperson for the African community in Catalonia, where thousands took to the street last weekend. "Racism in Spain is even greater because it is there but there's not a great deal of talk about it". One of the victims of police brutality that local activists paid homage to was Senegalese hawker Mame Mbaye. He died in 2018 after running away during a sting operation, the victim of "institutional racism," according to his friends, compatriots and colleagues, who occupied Madrid's Lavapiés square for days after his death. Despite the allegations, the verdict said his cardiocirculatory arrest was not related to the police operation, as there was no proof the officers did any wrongdoing. Mbaye hadn't been able to regulate his position of immigrant for ten years. "His death sparked a debate on the conditions of people who are irregular immigrants in Spain," El Diario wrote. Mbaye's name has resounded on Spain's streets in recent days. Protesters gather at Nelson Mandela square in Madrid's district of Lavapies on March 16, 2018 during a rally in memory of Senegalese street vendor Mame Mbaye OSCAR DEL POZO / AFP Belgium: Protests in Anderlecht over 19-year-old Adil's death Adil, of Moroccan origin, died in Brussels on April 10 during a police chase in Anderlecht, one of Brussels' poorest and most troubled neighbourhoods. According to local media, his motorbike crashed into a police car coming the opposite way as it was trying to overtake a van. A journalist has alleged the police car entered the opposite carriageway. There were no signs of hard braking on the ground, which may help prove it was the police that actually crashed into Adil instead. The investigation is still open.

    • Lalasha Yarborough
      Lalasha Yarborough

      @Copernico Felinis Their lives are considered less important," Italian lawyer Fabio Anselmo told Euronews. "That's another form of racism, if we intend racism as a lower consideration for those arrested due to their background. Talking only about racism against black Americans is, to us, an easy way to avoid taking responsibility when such things happen." Anselmo is the lawyer for the Cucchi, Aldrovandi and Magherini families. Their stories are well-known in Italy: three young people who died in prison while the State was taking care of them. And there are other similar stories in Italy which are much less well known but no less tragic. Other countries in Europe are by no means immune to this problem, either.

    • Lalasha Yarborough
      Lalasha Yarborough

      @Copernico Felinis The reverberations from George Floyd's death in Minneapolis are being felt well beyond the borders of the US. As protests continue to sweep cities across the world, in Europe, the spotlight is beginning to be shone on institutional racism and police brutality.As in the Floyd case, excessive force used by police is often targeted towards society's most vulnerable: those of an ethnic minority or with a disability.Their lives are considered less important," Italian lawyer Fabio Anselmo told Euronews. "That's another form of racism, if we intend racism as a lower consideration for those arrested due to their background. Talking only about racism against black Americans is, to us, an easy way to avoid taking responsibility when such things happen." Anselmo is the lawyer for the Cucchi, Aldrovandi and Magherini families. Their stories are well-known in Italy: three young people who died in prison while the State was taking care of them. And there are other similar stories in Italy which are much less well known but no less tragic. Other countries in Europe are by no means immune to this problem, either.If we look at the list of the episodes that have caused the biggest protests of the past twenty years in many European countries, we notice that belonging to a poorer social background - involving poverty and marginalisation, and, in some cases, disability - is a common factor. Although the debate on race and white privilege has begun, the continent still has a long way to go in tackling these issues on mainstream debate platforms. Italy: Sapia, Ferrulli and Rasman cases prove Europe is not new to racial profiling In 2014, in Italy's southern region of Calabria, 29-year-old Vincenzo Sapia died after being pinned to the ground during an arrest. The man suffered from severe psychiatric disorders. The police officers placed their knees and feet on his back, Italian newspaper il Manifesto reported. The trial hasn't come to a conclusion years later, and the family are still seeking justice. Prosecutors first investigated whether Sapia had had a possible heart attack, but the man didn't have any special cardiac conditions. Then the judge for the preliminary inquiry (GIP) decided to investigate more into the operative procedures regarding the arrest of people affected by psychiatric conditions. Michele Ferrulli's story is similar. The 51-year-old labourer had minor crimes on his criminal record. He died in Milan in 2011 after suffering a heart attack while handcuffed on the ground. The four police officers involved were charged but were later acquitted. Ferrulli's family believes he died because he had been beaten. Another case with a mix of police violence, social exclusion and psychiatric troubles is that of Riccardo Rasman, a street cleaner. He had psychological problems and died of asphyxiation in Trieste, northern Italy, in 2006 after police broke into his house. Three police officers were found guilty of "excessive self-defence" in 2011. The Corte di Cassazione (Italy's highest civil court) rejected the appeal of family members asking for higher compensation than the €1.2 million that the first two trials set, RAI reported

  • Obby

    Just so you know, the American Dream only exist for the fortunate few that can afford it. Those in control. i know that sound conspiratorial, but that is the issue we will all come to realize together. We do NOT have control of our own systems. It is more than just systematic racism, it is also power struggle.

  • Obby

    Keagan had a decent analogy here. But the misrepresentation the BLM movement has doesn't do it any favors. It seems phrased as "Only Black Lives Matter" or "Everybody else is excluded". And that's when I understand the response. But most of us know that isn't the message behind BLM. We just need better communication.

    • Obby

      @K Webster I think you'd be surprised how many people would agree that they wouldn't run out to a fireman and ask them to water their house. I still think my original point was missed. This analogy only holds is people knew what BLM even meant. BLMToo should be the message, as people can interpret it too many ways. If we want progressive change, we have to make sure people understand, or else there is more race disparity.

    • Obby

      @Kaylen Davis I'd be careful what we blame on other people and start working together. The more we start calling people by their appearance, the worse this situation gets. AND, I'd like to add that I am very much aggreeance with many people that responded. Things are being misrepresented, BUT could be clearer and kinder. Asking to be educated IS a form of communication. Anything we can do to help people feel included on a well intended movement.

    • Obby

      @romxxii That sounds like a better slogan, tbh.

    • romxxii

      @K Webster white supremacists have this conspiracy theory that black people and other minorities are trying to supplant them, so yeah, to them black lives mattering is a threat.

    • K Webster
      K Webster

      I agree with the other two responses, BLM is certainly not and has never been about only blm. People who read it that way are probably white and defensive and probably fearful. I love the analogy here of houses. All houses matter but we are working on putting out the ones on fire. Noone runs out of their house when the firemen got to a house 3 blocks away and say why arent you at my house?

  • kerzandy schwartz
    kerzandy schwartz

    I am not surprised if the oppressors stated the looting to take away from the purpose and the message of the movement. To make the black man\woman out yet again to be the bad guy. To make the movement a mess riot out of peaceful protest. the woman who killed Botham Jean look at what they charged her with look at the punishment they gave to these officers for a MURDER CHARGE

    • S B N
      S B N

      @Lalasha Yarborough agreed!

    • Lalasha Yarborough
      Lalasha Yarborough

      @S B N there are alot of imposters among the protesters that create trouble that makes the black protester look bad alot of things are set up that way but the fact remains the white supremacist are trying to kill off black people

    • Lalasha Yarborough
      Lalasha Yarborough

      Thats exactly whats going on and meanwhile there using the corona virus to kill off more of the black community if you seen any of those videos of black people getting tested they came back positive when they weren't before or they go into the hospital for unrelated things just to get subdued and force to take shots just to make them sick with the corona inside the syringe

    • S B N
      S B N

      I agree with you #Kerzandy Schwartz. I think some people are paid to bring chaos to this and the reason is to make the protestors the bad guyz. US government use this tactic every where

    • LyricalDJ

      @Ludwig van Beethoven Nope. It depends on the circumstances. Look, I am a European caucasian heterosexual male. I am not used to protesting. I am definitely not happy with looting. That doesn't mean you can just judge them without looking at the context. Without looking at how they are being treated. I do not believe most people are easily roused to anger and revolt. But kick a man enough times when he's down and he'll start to resist more and more. So, no, the looting isn't pretty. It isn't good in itself. But it is not the main problem. It is a reaction to the problem (or problems). Therefore, simply painting the looters as the problem misses the real problem. It fails to look at where these people come from. Why they have resorted to this. You should seek to understand in order to help fix your societies problems.

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion

    Yes, there are many races of people protesting. But, the media likes to put the camera on the Black man with the stolen TV who is not a part of the protest. I like your analogy of the BLM versus the ALM.

    • Obby

      I have only seen every kind of appearance looting.

  • Deon jaystar
    Deon jaystar

    Keegan is wonderful stay positive smile...

  • Zulphy Senior
    Zulphy Senior This is happening again?

  • Renzoh’s Club
    Renzoh’s Club

    Who is here before 1000 views?

  • Mer Kin
    Mer Kin

    Civilians have to arm themselves with smartphones - so they can observe public space 24/7/365.

    • Gina

      Great idea! This is a way to hold people accountable before they even start down that slippy slope because they will know everyone is watching.

  • Jabez Sembegere
    Jabez Sembegere

    A man tried to buy a pack of of cigarettes with a $20 he doesn’t even know is counterfeit.. so the police kill him for 15 mins. It’s really sad that there’s still racial arrest during the protest. They keep arresting Black African American men.. But most people who are protesting are white Caucasian males.

    • tim martin
      tim martin

      first off these men are not african american , they are american unless they were born in africa , second they are arresting plenty off white men as well but the news wont show you that , they want you pissed off right now an thats not what anyone needs , liberals are such racist assholes they brainwash you into thinking they're way an if you disagree with them ,then u are a racist according to the media

    • Jabez Sembegere
      Jabez Sembegere


    • Michael Morrell
      Michael Morrell

      You clearly are seeing what you want to see. Good luck with that

    • J Baldwin
      J Baldwin

      Women are out there too.

    • My Opinion
      My Opinion

      @TheproGamer _ Went over your head, huh?

  • Thanh Mai
    Thanh Mai

    It’s definitely important to be hopeful in finding unity in times of chaos and unrest. I appreciate his positive energy and optimism 🙌💯

  • April Gabriella
    April Gabriella

    I love Keegan. I love looking at his face.

    • sbmphr

      @J Wrong time and place for bullshit comments.

    • J

      @sbmphr Loving a face doesn't make someone shallow. How presumptuous.

    • Sunethra


    • sbmphr

      So shallow NO JUSTICE NO PEACE 🔥🔥🔥

  • Noplay

    They didn't put much wall street criminals in jail when they looted the economy billions of dollars, where is the outrage of such injustice? Let's be fair when we judge both sides.

    • Timothy Vaschu
      Timothy Vaschu

      Lol. Judge both sides? Do you know what you are actually asking? Remember Anonymous? No? So, stop thinking like a useless revolutionary and focus on #BlackLivesMatter ... Yes, I said useless revolutionary because of what happened to Anonymous.

  • Jason Lancaster
    Jason Lancaster

    All lives do matter 100% I just hate that everyone is rioting over this and tearing down those businesses that make the country grow and making us rebuild what we already had built. We don’t need this violence and everyone should be equal enough to all get the same wage at any job that way everyone is happy by getting paid the same as anyone else would and we need unity so much right now and everyone should all get along with each other instead of tearing people down not only for race but for everything like let people be who they want to be and don’t judge those that may make you mad about things that make you mad and let people live how they want to live. If we want change in the world we must be able to come together and be nice to one another like good people should be like God would want us to be. #bringpeacetotheworld

    • K Webster
      K Webster

      The looters are looters. The protesters are protesters. There is no rioting.

    • Samihah Yasmin
      Samihah Yasmin

      You do know all lives can't matter until black lives matter first right? Know one is saying that all dont matter, but black people are being treated like animals and dirt so first black lives matter first

    • Mercury Angel
      Mercury Angel

      NOT everyone is 'rioting over this'. Sheesh, did you even listen to this interview or research what the protest is about? You really are clueless, what have you done to #bringpeacetotheworld?

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    Random_Girl 19

    Wow! I’m 40 to like this video ! ❤️🤩😱

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    Save The Drama

    5th! Aren't you glad I told the truth.

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    M5 master

    Lets go keegan

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    Jason Lancaster

    Love Key & Peele!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Keegan is the best🔥🔥🔥

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