Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO: 914hp Hoonitruck on China's Most Dangerous Road; Tianmen Mountain
Some feared 2018’s Gymkhana TEN marked the end of automotive’s largest viral video franchise, but Ken Block is back with the second installment of the acclaimed series’ spin-off Climbkhana, presented by Toyo Tires, Forza Motorsport and Omaze. This time, Block and the Hoonigan Media Machine traveled to one of the world’s most dangerous roads (located deep in China’s interior) with his 914 horsepower Ford F-150 Hoonitruck to film Climbkhana TWO: Tianmen Mountain.
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  • Hoonigan

    Check out our fresh Climbkhana TWO gear here!

    • Biking with JP
      Biking with JP

      "Real Men Race Downhill" - Ken please do downhill in Japan next, Hachiroku! Decent-o-khana doesn't have the same ring but that's because huge balls don't ring.

    • joey dubbs76
      joey dubbs76

      That was great boys 👍🍻👍

    • Otaku Plays Games
      Otaku Plays Games

      You should do something in Canada

    • Armin Gianni
      Armin Gianni

      I look forward for Climbkhana 3 pescadero colombia

    • Emil Kovachev
      Emil Kovachev

      It's dumb people saw that for one video you do 1000 takes, and in the end it's all edit .. Ken is the most overrated slob in the world

  • Boomphoenix kaboom
    Boomphoenix kaboom

    Ken Block is GOD end of stroy

  • Foxx

    His wife probably makes him ride shotgun

  • Antares

    This man has to have some sort of disability, when he's unable to drive in straight lines

  • TheSilent Tiger
    TheSilent Tiger

    Oh look it's the 6.2k jealous idiots of the IT-my community again 😴

  • James Dean Cory
    James Dean Cory

    Too bad he can't hoon on the Tail of The Dragon in Tennessee/North Carolina 319 turns in 11 miles!

  • KhenpoDub

    And I can't even park properly

  • Shrifter

    Damn I love that truck. That was such a sick run, but it makes me want to see him run it downhill as well. Climbkhanna 2.5?

  • Андрей Ка
    Андрей Ка


  • Vitally Lis
    Vitally Lis

    Когда утром просплю , то так же дочу в школу везу .

  • Jahlil Gore
    Jahlil Gore


  • Architude

    No new tricks. Same shite over and over and over and over and over. Surly he can jump a car out of a hot air balloon or SOMETHING. This is just hot air going cold very quickly.

  • Subhan khan
    Subhan khan

    If he was my dad I'd never be late for school

  • Rob Gibson
    Rob Gibson

    You should do this in the streets of Hong Kong, maybe outside some university.

  • Руслан Светлаков Анна Колесникова
    Руслан Светлаков Анна Колесникова

    вот это нива валит!

  • BASMACH wwr
    BASMACH wwr

    На Ниву похожа

  • justin lloyd
    justin lloyd

    facking INSANE!!!! beautiful placw to drive tho no doubt!!! lol

  • Fikitupper

    Inertia drifto>?

  • Codiola

    how much CGI is in these videos

    • J V
      J V

      @Codiola There's no cgi in this clip or any other gymkhana/climbkhana videos.

    • Codiola

      J V the one where he drives up pikes peak has plenty especially the shredding machines he slaloms

    • J V
      J V


  • C. Wes.
    C. Wes.

    Probably the most dangerous road in China because they think Concrete barriers with likely no type of retainer works just fine at preventing people from having accidents and being thrown over a hundred feet to their deaths.

  • Valentin Campi
    Valentin Campi

    I'm 80% sure that most of these shots are fake. Special effects can be seen in some of the air shots...

    • Valentin Campi
      Valentin Campi

      @J V I follow corridor digital, and believe me that some of the shots look like CGI (drone shots mostly)

    • J V
      J V

      80% sure that most of the shots are fake? What if I told you none are fake? What makes you believe there are fake shots?

  • Lewis Archer
    Lewis Archer

    EDIT: unpopular opinion Are we at some point going to see a Hoon-E-Truck or car?

  • Aidan W
    Aidan W

    "Come over, my parents are in Hong Kong."

  • Aidan W
    Aidan W

    Next time: Bolivia's Most Dangerous Road.

  • Alexandr Benedikt
    Alexandr Benedikt

    1:00 i think this was not real capture, i think maybe CGI or something like that ?

    • J V
      J V

      @Alexandr Benedikt I've seen the shot. It's not cgi. Maybe you're watching it on a tv with some weird smooth motion setting?

    • Alexandr Benedikt
      Alexandr Benedikt

      @J V IDK but its look like animation, look at it properly and more times

    • J V
      J V

      No cgi. Just a regular turn. Why would they make this cgi?



  • Андрей Регеша
    Андрей Регеша

    Блок - красавчик! Отличный заезд, трасса живописная!:)

  • ISecureLondon

    Kinda clip that you watch every second and don’t skip 👀

  • JK Low
    JK Low


    • J V
      J V

      What do you mean?

  • FalconerPhoto

    The truck joined the Me Too Movement after Ken returned to the US.

  • akeshi Onimuza
    akeshi Onimuza

    This track Should be wrc special stage in the game

  • a3t3a

    1:30 milliseconds of timing to make sure that tire doesn't bump the end of the barrier. Shit could have been lethal

  • ethan Burkholder
    ethan Burkholder

    Dude Perfect Panda

  • Я Шварцберг
    Я Шварцберг

    very danger!!!

  • Achilles 137
    Achilles 137

    Me when I hit the snooze button too many times on a Monday.

  • Achilles 137
    Achilles 137

    Watching this makes me want to finish my AE86 build.

  • Danny Dee
    Danny Dee

    Thank You man, for doing all this dangerous staff for us!

  • George Booth
    George Booth


  • Bongo Fury
    Bongo Fury

    I feel sorry for the tyres...

  • Rishab Sharma
    Rishab Sharma

    With all due respect, Range Rover Sport with 340 horsepower climbed the 999 steps too, after the 99 turns, so.. ☺️

    • J V
      J V

      If you mean it made it up the steps while tied to a wire then sure.


    Still looks safer than the Bruce Highway. TMR should go over there learn how to build roads.

  • Colton Jones
    Colton Jones

    Next go to Bolivia and drift on the death road

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis

    Have you ever thought of doing Dragons Tail in the south?

  • Игнатий Огнепер
    Игнатий Огнепер

    Хули вы хотели , это обычная нива на Кавказе.

  • Underdose

    5:05 i thought i was having an acid flashback for a second

    • i like frogs
      i like frogs

      Its happening now here too how strange .

    • C-rude

      Underdose I noticed it too! But it doesn’t seem to look the same again.

  • James White
    James White

    Khana the tail of the dragon (tn129)

  • Rafael Martinez
    Rafael Martinez

    The chinese version of tokio drift looks awesome... Now seriously this is amazing!!!

  • Nexus Eight
    Nexus Eight


  • Luca Meier
    Luca Meier

    My god that road is a motorcycle heaven 🔥😍

  • Thomas Haahr
    Thomas Haahr

    looks EASY!!

  • Bashful Bones
    Bashful Bones

    same shit different places

  • MJ Gaming
    MJ Gaming

    I like u bro😊😊

  • Ashmaker

    This video made me poop a little. Not gonna lie.

  • Roberto

    This machine its mostruous😨 wow

  • jonathan burdett
    jonathan burdett

    just me or does that sound like a 914hp weed wacker/chainsaw? DOPE AF, not a dig just saying

  • tim orre
    tim orre

    GO FORD!!!!

  • krazed0451

    "So what do you do for a job?" "Oh nothing special, I just ride a Segway while taking a terrified shit in a panda suit."

  • TheFredricktatum

    More drift than Eric Seegers

  • GruntWork

    2:05 Too bad it wasn't Winnie the Pooh. Get on it people. You have a civic duty to the Internet.

  • schnooka007

    Guided by those for every corner from the speaker in his helmet. I'll ride 3.22 or 2.73 gears all day with a six speed with 600 hp in front

    • J V
      J V


  • Hazedwonder The
    Hazedwonder The

    When she lives on top of a mountain... but dtf.

  • xkrkro

    I like the part when he looked like Moe from the Simpsons driving.

  • MegaDoctor2012

    Half road with straight wheels.... He is fucking new here.....

  • T B
    T B

    Now I have to play need for speed & try for weeks to beat his Time😩😂😂😂

  • ZeroBoostBuick

    Why call it F-150 when not even 1 part or even 1 bolt is from a F-150 truck ???

    • Hoonigan

      Because it is...

  • Jose Antonio Civitato
    Jose Antonio Civitato

    Que tratan de demostrar?no le encuentro ningun sentido y no es ninguna alluda para evitar la polucion.

  • saszeta

    1:30 Eurobeat intensifies. But seriously. Now let's give Ken AE86 and other amazing drifter give RX7(yellow). Take them to japan and climb Haruna Mountain(Akina).

  • Mike Kunze
    Mike Kunze

    Ford Mondeo couldn`t stand it...........

  • Dominik Dürrmeier
    Dominik Dürrmeier

    Ken block . Boring

  • j4uznev1mc0

    6:05 What that box they hit?

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