kermit's 9th birthday
julien solomita
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  • Kaitlyn Nguyen
    Kaitlyn Nguyen

    peach, ceramic, and yes : *learn to ring a bell to go outside* j&j: woooow! marbles : *jumps once* j&j : KUVHIJFJAGSGIHIHFEGIWUH

  • Harry Potter Fan 0022
    Harry Potter Fan 0022

    Your an Kermit is going to grow

  • izabelle thompson
    izabelle thompson

  • Mayra V
    Mayra V

    What camera do you use?! Its amazing!

  • Angelo DiMeo
    Angelo DiMeo

    The doggy door bell should just be Kermit crying

  • Typical Alien
    Typical Alien

    Family consists of 2 humans 1 rock 1 hairless mutant rat 1 horse And 1 dog *figure it out*

  • misery blossom
    misery blossom

    At least he didn’t do the demonic mouth thing again this year

  • 混乱Jeans

    Guys stop for a minute Kermit is gonna be dead in 3-5 years

  • Noey Electro
    Noey Electro

    You can tell cermet loves being picked up. It helps cermet grow.

  • Morgan Becker
    Morgan Becker

    please what song is playing at 2:46 I need it

  • Nerazzurri Arcuri
    Nerazzurri Arcuri

    Good job Mibton . Number one Chihuahua boy

  • Juicy Lucy
    Juicy Lucy

    Anyone here October or November?

  • Exil Edits
    Exil Edits

    hopefully he wont claw his face off like last time.

  • haha funny yes
    haha funny yes

    3:40 did jUlen just make a melanie martinez reference?

  • haha funny yes
    haha funny yes

    why does cermet kinda look like Ninja in the thumbnail?

  • friarpark

    Half of this video is Peach absolutely her mind 😂

  • Kredenc

    9 YEARS?? The little man looks like he's 3 tops! What a handsome boi

  • Betty Ramsland
    Betty Ramsland

    can anyone tell me why they keep bunny in a cage? disclaimer: I'm not coming after them, I'm just curious

  • dead memes for bekfest
    dead memes for bekfest

    In dog years he is 63

  • Ab Citrus
    Ab Citrus

    Is he a Gemini like the rest of the dogs or is he a cancermet

  • MajorOctofuss

    Deadass thought the outro music was kermit crying

  • Nicole Rodas
    Nicole Rodas

    Why do you put bunny in a Cage?

  • Kekai 5evah
    Kekai 5evah

    Ugh I hope my boyfriend is my julien🥺❤️❤️

  • openotaku

    Did not expect bunny to fit in such a small portion of her cage lol

  • Cloud Croissant
    Cloud Croissant

    *WhErE WaS hIs IriSh SpRInG*

  • Jöergen

    5:51 bday drool

  • Alimah Jalloh
    Alimah Jalloh

    “Hit the bell” “Come on just hit the bell” Every IT-myr Ever

  • LadyX666


  • SCB9088

    So please tell me they are married or engaged bc her ring is throwing me off. I love them together so much so it needs to happen!!!

  • Paige Harrison
    Paige Harrison

    no one:: Julien::do you have a second to talk about our lord and savior Jesus

  • MetaDragon39

    is the doggie doorbell still on their door?

  • Sara Michelle
    Sara Michelle

    These videos give me life! I watch them cuddled with my furbaby Mia. ❤

  • Sam Ashbloom
    Sam Ashbloom

    It's his birthday he'll drool if he wants to~

  • josie schleicher
    josie schleicher

    Happy birthday Kerm-JENNA GOT A DOGGY DOORBELL

  • noni poots
    noni poots

    6:45 kerm and weech have become eels

  • Lilith Eden
    Lilith Eden

    The little boy is getting old. Eleven already... He’s doing great for his age and he ‘s a movie star ! Being part of your little family must make him one of the luckiest bois in the world.

  • aREDSerenity

    No one saw peach in the back at the end? Lmaoo

  • Yee_yeet

    When I get older I want to work at maxwell dogs just so I can see the iggys

  • Tequila_wine03

    It's been a good 9 years so far! IDK how many years a cermet can live soo ye happy birthday cermet!

  • Salt powered Meme
    Salt powered Meme

    Cement is having a crisis

  • Raevanon

    One of the most handsome nasty bois out there.

  • LuAnn G
    LuAnn G

    That is the cutest fuckin pet store! I love the fresh made cookies, I wish my dogs had a store like that close by.

  • Chibi Xox
    Chibi Xox

    I need more an Ceremet content

  • Brandon Witt
    Brandon Witt

    very wholesome

  • Fern Beyor
    Fern Beyor

    Kermit. I’m only being nice to you slaves because it’s my birthday

  • Mary Claire Feimster
    Mary Claire Feimster

    Should have named this video "the nastiest of birthdays"

  • Ki Briers
    Ki Briers

    Hi Jenna l wrote an poem about kermit to day love you're videos 18/9/2019 i would love get send out

  • Ali

    so Kermit is a gemini... that explains a LOT

  • The Sweet Escape
    The Sweet Escape

    Go gooooo 😂

  • Emily Christian
    Emily Christian

    Peach and Bunny: 👅💦💧💧💦💦🌊💦🌊👅💦💦💧💧🌊💧💦🌊💦💧🌊💦💦🌊💧🌊💦🌊💦🌊👅💦💧💦💧💦🌊💦🌊👅🌊💦💧💦💧💦💧🌊🌊💦💦💦💦🌊💧🌊💧👅👅💧💧🌊💦🌊💦🌊💦💧👅👅👅👅👅💦💦💧💦🌊💦💦👅👅💧💧💦💧💦🌊 Jenna: so cute!!!!!!!!

  • Paige Mericle
    Paige Mericle


  • Jennifer Steffen
    Jennifer Steffen

    If Jenna and Julien ever have children.....💗💗💗😍

  • Josh Black
    Josh Black

    Happiest of birthdays to one of the most adorable dogs in the world

  • Marco Jacinto
    Marco Jacinto

    OMG, forget the effing new dog for five minutes! It's Kermit's birthday! Jk, Kermit deserves it...

  • Randomanimals 38
    Randomanimals 38

    The people working at that store know everyone in their family at this point.

  • abbie.

    **cermet rings dog doorbell at 3 am**

  • Kaydin Greenwell
    Kaydin Greenwell

    imagine wearing leggings over your heals like jenna does, what a fashion statement .

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    5:30 marbles broke my heart

  • Argi _
    Argi _

    Que no os engañen, que es el cumpleaños de illo Juan


    Kermit deserves best birthday next year, HE'S GONNA BE TEN. HOLY SHIT.

  • Laney Gabriel
    Laney Gabriel

    You can tell how much Kermit loves being sung to. It’s so cute

  • Jorge

    Does the dog have scoliosis? He looks like a lower case n

  • TheFirstNobody

    Considering how sickly that dog is, and how much he hurts himself, he probably won't live for too much longer.

  • Mimi

    U have such interesting names for ur dogs and my dog is just named lucas 😂

  • Amanda Pennings
    Amanda Pennings

    Is Jenna wearing a wedding like ring on her left hand ring finger at 11:43?!?

  • A am a Lama
    A am a Lama

    Yaayyyy me and kemit are the same age

  • Josef Volker Förtsch
    Josef Volker Förtsch

    Omg happy birthday nasty boy !

  • Gladys Mastrapa
    Gladys Mastrapa

    Based on your birthday videos I convinced my parents to cook a whole ass steak for our dog

  • nick arkells
    nick arkells

    Julien looks like Henry dommer

  • artehou no
    artehou no

    The voice you guys give Kermit is Russian and I love it

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