kermit's 9th birthday
julien solomita
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  • Fox lunch anime Queen
    Fox lunch anime Queen

    Nasty boy birthday

  • Jia Koala
    Jia Koala

    Is it Kermit or Cermit?

  • Lets Meowz
    Lets Meowz

    3:35 it sounds like Jenna is making puppies

  • Jstarr524

    The one day of the year Kermit doesn’t have to fake an injury to get the level of attention his middle child self craves.

  • Raine Staer
    Raine Staer

    I watched the video where Jenna GOT Kermit, and I so wish I could comment: "He's so sad." Little did Jenna know... It was the first of a LOT of crying. Happy birthday Cermet le Dog!

  • Raine Staer
    Raine Staer

    They're gonna assume that the doorbell's chime means treats now

  • Emily Gleeson
    Emily Gleeson

    There was a video on my feed of Kermit getting an Irish Spring birthday care package and I'm just like Kermit is an influencer?!?!?!!? Kermit you're getting PR Packages!!!!

  • Trevor Mayfield
    Trevor Mayfield

    I know that this is late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY NASTY 🎂

  • summer & Crystal TV
    summer & Crystal TV

    Happy birthday to cremt♡

  • Chelsea Bear123
    Chelsea Bear123

    I ment Kermit

  • Chelsea Bear123
    Chelsea Bear123

    Happy birthday cermit by the way I know when his birthday is it is the 27 June

  • Gillian Rupp
    Gillian Rupp

    No offense but you look like my uncle that raped my cousin...

  • Mimas Music
    Mimas Music

    Today i have too Birthday (13th).

  • Thanos' wife Akima
    Thanos' wife Akima

    loving the Disney ariel singing at the beginning

  • Roxanne Morgan
    Roxanne Morgan

    Happy birthday kermit

  • schmidt schmidt
    schmidt schmidt

    Of course kermit is a cancer

  • Beth Meyers
    Beth Meyers

    One month later the paint is sratched off the door frame and the bell is destroyed.

  • Ashley The Band Nerd
    Ashley The Band Nerd

    The face that Kermit makes when Julien is holding him is literally what my phone sees all day😂😂😂

  • Maxx Ryde
    Maxx Ryde

    You guys love them more than my parents love me

  • mysticmajestic

    Going from this to the video when Jenna got Kermit, I'm like, almost crying.

  • Samantha Hirsch
    Samantha Hirsch

    Bunny is so sweet asdfhjsllk

  • T DMJ
    T DMJ

    I want a Cermit kiss!

  • Dubious Seed
    Dubious Seed

    Kermit's theme song is Pity Party and you can't change my mind.

  • AppleRaple

    Yiu should teach the dogs to touch a post stick note with their nose and then put it in the doorbell thing and everytime they touch it give then a treat and open the door. And slowly start to make the post stick note smaller. Would be much easier for them :)

  • Elizabeth Hogan
    Elizabeth Hogan

    I keep replaying the video to hear the "iz my birf" song.

  • Universe Milkshake
    Universe Milkshake

    When Kermit dies. We are ALL going to turn into Nasty bois!

  • anayah anthony
    anayah anthony

    Jenna marbles singing Happy birthday to Kermit reminds me when Betty sang Jughead happy birthday

  • Stephanie Awesomeness
    Stephanie Awesomeness

    Happy birthday Kirmit 🍰🎁🎂🎈🎉🕯️

  • Veronica L. Brümmer
    Veronica L. Brümmer

    Happy Bday Kermit🎂🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 We love you!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Beate Svenningsen og Liv Solemdal
    Beate Svenningsen og Liv Solemdal

    I love how happy marble is ❤️

  • SherryGaming

    Kermit needs to aim

  • grrrystal

    0:35 The entire beginning of the video, Kermit is just like, “Finally! It’s MY birthday!”

  • soggy cupacakes are still good
    soggy cupacakes are still good

    _i want to be your dog_

  • katie wence
    katie wence

    12:19 kermits face haha

  • Awkward_lil_ potter head
    Awkward_lil_ potter head

    This is the first video ever where Kermit’s not crying

  • Zara Suvi
    Zara Suvi

    Kermit is literally my spirit animal

  • Nick

    Kermit could have blown out the candle himself with his wheezing

  • into the mystic
    into the mystic

    How did I miss this?!!!

  • Jordy the meme man
    Jordy the meme man

    Her dogs are soo God damn cute

  • hhhnguh

    this sparked joy

  • Jaicob Perez
    Jaicob Perez

    The Meable airplane 7:27

  • OUSO OnTheBeat
    OUSO OnTheBeat

    9:00 No touchie must get snac

  • Kek Cat
    Kek Cat

    Kermit's like in his mid 50s now,,,,but he's been having life crises for so long

  • Morales R
    Morales R

    Omg kermit's birthday was before mine 😇😇❤

  • • Topaz • Indigo
    • Topaz • Indigo

    *he used to be the puppee of le family but now he ol man*

  • out side the box out side the box
    out side the box out side the box

    very good x

  • Teecup

    Is Kermits birth. Buys bunny toys.

  • Daisy Daily
    Daisy Daily

    This was posted on my birthday 🥳🥳

  • HemorrhagicPanda

    Jenna: “Is it your birth?” *mango and Bambi making out intensely behind cermit* Cermit: *cries*

  • Τίγρη Kogo
    Τίγρη Kogo

    Marbles has stolen my heart 😭❤️

  • Philippe Micheli
    Philippe Micheli

    Cant believe kermit is 9!

  • Sarah VanSickle
    Sarah VanSickle

    Happy birthday Kermit

  • Wilson Castillo
    Wilson Castillo

    You guys barely paid any attention to kirmet and it's his birthday not trying to be rude

  • Ana

    it's kermits birth

  • Braylon Gretencord
    Braylon Gretencord

    Is cermet going to grow?

  • saba

    watching dogs learn to do things by association is so cool

  • Nattyboo 06
    Nattyboo 06

    Thank God cermet didn't rip his face off

  • T Johansen
    T Johansen

    Why does bunny have 3 collars?

  • Zoe Beilfuss
    Zoe Beilfuss

    Watching the dogs successfully learn a trick is the most satisfying thing I've ever seen

  • •Nemo Draws•
    •Nemo Draws•

    Y’all need to get all matching outfits 😂 😆

  • gatcha jacy
    gatcha jacy

    Kermit looked like ninja That's why I clicked

  • Gummy's World
    Gummy's World

    Marbles? Where are u

  • africkso

    really want to congratulate jenna and julien on their fifth dog. hopefully some day soon it will have the confidence to come down form julien's upper lip.

  • Rodney’s World
    Rodney’s World

    I love the doggie door bell. We had dogs who scratched on the door and borked. So I am happy. That this is a thing

  • XxSamiulProXx Kermit The Frog
    XxSamiulProXx Kermit The Frog


  • Morgan Vincent
    Morgan Vincent

    bunny looks like a horse

  • Starrystart gacha Gacha
    Starrystart gacha Gacha

    Kermit still looks sexy and he’s still old

  • Luca

    I ser you've ben growing your Cermet

  • Luca

    Happy birthday Xaermat!

  • Melody Miller
    Melody Miller

    12:50 tries to remove hat Flashes back to when he tried to ripe face off

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