Kevin Gates - Walls Talking [Official Music Video]
Kevin Gates - Walls Talking
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  • kevingatesTV

    I'M HIM out now: On tour now:

    • Octavia Twitty
      Octavia Twitty

      @Gabrielle Roach )lhf

    • Jones Jones
      Jones Jones


    • lil big brother kudi
      lil big brother kudi

      did you seem em talkin to you😂

    • Steven Lipinski
      Steven Lipinski

      Miney mouse kitchen

    • Kevin S.McEver
      Kevin S.McEver

      54l4554l4t4ll4444tl4l4tl444l4l444l54tl44t44554⅘ the t to 44 the 5 to 4tt45544tl55l4l4l4 the 444444 to 445555544545554554445 the y 444 4 they e

  • Sage Brady
    Sage Brady

    This song describes me to the fullest. I'm definitely a prisoner in my own mind. Ran away from home after losing my mom to cancer at 17. Much respect to Kevin Gates for makin this track.

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter

    With these ear buds in.. this beat bout to slap my mf brain out

  • Jamie Palafox
    Jamie Palafox

    Learn to focus on your self too dont forget.

  • Demetri Rivers
    Demetri Rivers

    Favorite lyricist kevin gates 2012 2019 2020 nigga

  • Von Boles
    Von Boles

    I feel u😔

  • MUZIK mind muzik Official
    MUZIK mind muzik Official

    I'm him

  • ghostVENOM BC
    ghostVENOM BC

    Dude got a clone he aint rhw same gates on caint be the only one go look see what i see clone

  • Sam Kutz
    Sam Kutz

    I cant make u feel the way I feel head up i got great ideas ill die for you if I care for you imma ride for you never change up love. If u can relate to that u are one of the realest on earth and have the power to be something great.

  • kyrel's garage
    kyrel's garage

    is he still muslim?


    This housy got a nigga feeling some way man 🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • andrew kotowski
    andrew kotowski

    Good song but......."I was young when my momma had me"........makes no sense wtf.

  • 99 GNG BOYZ
    99 GNG BOYZ

    Mood this year 😂😂damn

  • Joseph Espinoza
    Joseph Espinoza

    Did you know if u tap the like button it turns blue don't believe me try it yourself-Typical gamer

  • Zach Cramer
    Zach Cramer

    This has been my favorite gates song since I got my heart broke

  • Jaimeson Sales
    Jaimeson Sales

    Fuck with this shit. Video on point

  • Stellan Phinazee
    Stellan Phinazee

    Me in quarantine: prisoner in my own home

  • Anthony Stout
    Anthony Stout

    1990 grad.. The 90's were the GOAT. Best time of my life.

  • Aubrey Holland
    Aubrey Holland

    I love u be in the 702 when u feel it

  • Aubrey Holland
    Aubrey Holland

    A if the wall talk when your sober what's the med other then man the fuck up????? Lol

  • JJ Rockstar Sly
    JJ Rockstar Sly

    damn, I feel this shit

  • Rider2006 1
    Rider2006 1

    Who’s here before 50mill vews

  • Krux GG
    Krux GG

    Everything about this video the song is genius trying to get to the state of mind that your in really can't wait to achieve that

  • Lyricalhealer Sufficient
    Lyricalhealer Sufficient

    I’m a prisoner in my own .. I need help @iamkevingates

  • Morie Evans
    Morie Evans

    Walking down walking down

  • A W
    A W

    This song hits harder when you've done time in prison.

    • Kenny Clegg
      Kenny Clegg

      Spent 15 years flat on a 20 90% was at Telford unit in new Boston Texas

    • Kelsie Metz
      Kelsie Metz

      I got out when I was 15 and I was too volatile to attend school so I’ve been alone open till eight months ago when I met my girl in Louisville dog I’m fucking mad they fucked me up bruh

    • Kelsie Metz
      Kelsie Metz

      Age out** MAD

    • Kelsie Metz
      Kelsie Metz

      “ I can’t make you feel the way I feel” I remember being more scared of the guards beating my ass when I was at Mountain View at 13 years old lol most of the people there were from Memphis and they were legitimate dead ass project babies but they were all adults, 18 1920 because you don’t eat out till you’re 21 I’m so fucking bitter about it they took three years of my fucking life between Woodland Hills and Mountain View I’m fucking mad

  • Bizzo Wiggin
    Bizzo Wiggin


  • Frederick Kleinsmith
    Frederick Kleinsmith

    I’m wit cha!

  • ghostVENOM BC
    ghostVENOM BC


  • Joey Acevedo
    Joey Acevedo

    Idk if u see this Kevin gates I would really like to talk to u about this song I feel it from the heart been thru the same my brother, I'ma fan on ur words and how u say them, it's on how u say things I got u fam wish I could meet u brother

  • h3llo kimmie
    h3llo kimmie

    I feel this too damn much ouch

  • Jeffery Lilly
    Jeffery Lilly

    Talked about behind my back by my family members

  • R R
    R R

  • Deandre jackson
    Deandre jackson


  • John Quick
    John Quick

    I'm a prisoner in my own mind everyday

  • Xavier Gamboa
    Xavier Gamboa

    Better to talk than to listen

  • lil big brother kudi
    lil big brother kudi

    ian one them


    One of my fav kevin gates song 👍 up if you like this song to

  • Jamell Rice
    Jamell Rice

    I fucks wit GATES!!!!

  • Madison Jackson
    Madison Jackson

    Kevin Gates Google Google Google you look like do the girl you look like my dad Kevin

  • Tab FC
    Tab FC

    Love this song

  • Perry Ward jr
    Perry Ward jr

  • Adam Torre
    Adam Torre

    I feel like "I'm Him" talking to "Me"!

  • Jessy Pierre
    Jessy Pierre

    Dis Fuckk nigga sliddd🔥🔥🔥😳

  • Paul Couget
    Paul Couget

    Say Mike

  • Patricia Laakonen
    Patricia Laakonen

    Fav song from Kevin Gates! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Aubrey Holland
    Aubrey Holland

    GAWD wins I thank GAWD every day about it

  • Aubrey Holland
    Aubrey Holland

    I am glad we won't end in the pit of hell

  • David Dumas
    David Dumas

    Kevin Gates bro put me up in a jet for your show, special guest nobody ain’t got shit on me straight up! Detroit Michigan

  • Germaine stclair NevadaswabySwaby
    Germaine stclair NevadaswabySwaby

    I am me my name is Germaine stclair nevadaswaby

  • Germaine stclair NevadaswabySwaby
    Germaine stclair NevadaswabySwaby

    Tell at be is sl

  • Aubrey Holland
    Aubrey Holland

    Thanks for not calling me yet but either u got my love respect and loyalty there's always real trust and honor when it all comes together

  • Charles Larry
    Charles Larry

    Hell yeah


    follow my

  • Jessy Gentry
    Jessy Gentry


  • crashHypnotize

    I’m liking the growth in the music and scenery. Loved the hood Gates but definitely feeling this too where the attention grabber is lyrics and energy.

  • crashHypnotize


  • Nette Crumpton
    Nette Crumpton

    I feel like theses walls talking to me I’m 13 and listening to this should I feel guilty as hell excuse my language

    • Nette Crumpton
      Nette Crumpton

      Nikki Thompson thx

    • Nikki Thompson
      Nikki Thompson

      Dont feel guilty, music can speak to any age

  • Satai Lee
    Satai Lee

    Soooo anyone else think this is a clone ooor?

  • David Dumas
    David Dumas

    Nice song

  • Jake Hart
    Jake Hart

    I was young when my momma had me think I ran away from home bout the age of 15. He’s saying his mom only got him during his younger years and she hasn’t gotten the chance to know the new version of him.

  • The K&J Family
    The K&J Family

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  • The K&J Family
    The K&J Family

    Sometimes you gotta relive the past in order to heal from it‼️💯🖤🔥

  • Dustin emmons
    Dustin emmons

    Love you

  • Coby Simmons
    Coby Simmons

    Love the song but "I was young when my momma had me" just dont make sense

    • Crystal Hayes
      Crystal Hayes

      He was young when he was in the custody of his mama....

  • Richard Lundquist
    Richard Lundquist

    Richie Rich sends his love. I never forgot about you

  • Aubrey Holland
    Aubrey Holland

    A know u know my past u still down???!?

  • Aubrey Holland
    Aubrey Holland

    A my CODOC is 155934 its done yet it is what it is

  • Aubrey Holland
    Aubrey Holland

    That's on my blood banya on every side

  • Jerry Ann Anderson
    Jerry Ann Anderson

    My walls talking says we paying you 900 million dollars a second

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