Kevin Hart’s Biggest Accomplishment After His Accident
Kevin Hart returned to Ellen for the first time since his serious car accident, and discussed how he's embracing the road to recovery, and what his biggest triumph was while recuperating.

  • Olivier Gahungu
    Olivier Gahungu

    this boy deserves to be loved

  • Troy Boyd
    Troy Boyd

    What monsters thumbs downed this

  • Sherecca Frazier
    Sherecca Frazier

    Kevin interviews himself

  • FantasyNero

    Put video speed at 1.5 Kevin Hart's like singing Rap

  • Rick Rascon
    Rick Rascon

    Still not funny

  • Audillo Odilo
    Audillo Odilo

    Isnt it amazing Kevin stars in Upside with a person who is going through what he had to live in real has a unique way of teaching us the REAL life..Glad to have you well Kevin!

  • Phumi Motsamai
    Phumi Motsamai

    But who are these 590 thumbs down people??? 😦


    His son a savage

  • CIA- special Hacker
    CIA- special Hacker

    Kevin is someone that learns fast. He learned from life experience. Much much respect.

  • Touched. By:TaKaylaLynne
    Touched. By:TaKaylaLynne

    Touching. ❣

  • C P
    C P

    I’m so glad he’s doing okay. It broke my heart when I saw the news articles about his accident. ❤️

  • Valencia Dorado
    Valencia Dorado

    From facebook to here my Kevin😍😍😘

  • brenda diko
    brenda diko

    Ellen's outfit tho 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • AveolarD

    it was all Gods plan to give Kevin some well needed rest and remind him to depend on him and not self. God protects where he directs. God needed to speak and show himself to Kevin so that his new shift would be in alignment.

  • adamthesyko203

    Did anyone notice the pimple on Kevin harts forehead

  • mcatriana

    Ellen look so nice in this suit I am FEELING that color 😍

  • mcatriana

    Love me some Kevin 😍

  • Darlenne

    Kevin is a story teller which makes him such a great deliver of comedy ...

  • emilio

    DC V Marvel? isn't a video game

  • Sangay Chedup
    Sangay Chedup

    Those words are heavy . Nothing matters except your family

  • Lily Martinez
    Lily Martinez

    Thank our LORD JESUS CHRIST for a new chance at a better life with a renewed mind and a better perspective of what truly matters in life! Give God the Glory

  • Roslyn Davis
    Roslyn Davis

    I love Kevin he's an awesome person thank God he's okay and back in shape love you kevin😘😘❤❤❤

  • Fahtina B Urslf
    Fahtina B Urslf

    He talks too much. So glad he's better. He speaks with wisdom

  • Maria Sandor
    Maria Sandor

    I love Kevin Hart!! So glad that he is okay and doing so much better. I had major back surgery the end of July. When I heard about Kevin's accident, I prayed for him daily. It is truly a struggle and you literally have to get up everyday to fight to get back to some sort of normalcy. No doubt, his positive attitude and sense of humor were huge in his recovery. I always say, find something positive each day and hold onto it. I doubt he will see this but, I'm so proud of you man. I watched you a lot during my rough season and you made me laugh and forget about my pain and struggles for a while. God Bless you Man!!

  • Comedy Kings Network
    Comedy Kings Network

    "I think that there is something special about any journey" | Dream Best.


    Funny Kevin 🙏🏿

  • Chermonta Moore
    Chermonta Moore

    "GOD" always has a way of getting your attention some kind of way. Glad he is ok.

  • Oli Flores
    Oli Flores


  • Johnny Lachingas
    Johnny Lachingas

    Im dizzy and passing out from watching his hands moving to daem Much

  • onalenna thobega
    onalenna thobega

    I found this so relatable. Being sick leaves you at your most vulnerable space. And it’s not nice asking for help for such small things. I was at a point where I lost my gait after I was diagnosed with brain aneurysm. Recovery wasn’t easy for me and my mom and aunts wanted to wash me and do everything for me. It was proper frustrating - that I’d literally push myself to do things in the state I was in 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Adrienne L
    Adrienne L

    first time i ever heard kevin hart say anything serious...woah

  • Shubham Shekhar
    Shubham Shekhar

    Kevin hart is just awesome..

  • Meka Jackson
    Meka Jackson


  • jeandiai tonyyeyo
    jeandiai tonyyeyo

    🧠👌🏽 your good

  • Collins Mujocho
    Collins Mujocho

    I got my socks “on” come on Hart😅😅😅 greatest achievement

  • Ojor Tuedon
    Ojor Tuedon

    Break his back in the game too 😂

  • gold T
    gold T

    I could listen to him talk ALL day ❤️😍✨

  • Lisa Belcher
    Lisa Belcher

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m so glad he is okay🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Ogle Afrique
    Ogle Afrique

    Wow !!!! Kevin

  • Jayraj Pareek
    Jayraj Pareek

    His palms are so white..

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  • wtrbb

    Me too Kevin I really like you.

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  • wtrbb

    Lol so wonderful

  • wtrbb

    Oh wow

  • wtrbb

    Lol yes right

  • wtrbb

    God bless you

  • wtrbb


  • wtrbb

    Thank you so much

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  • wtrbb

    You are so loved kevin

  • wtrbb

    I am so sorry

  • wtrbb

    Yes omgoodess 🙏🕊💜🤙

  • wtrbb

    Oh no

  • wtrbb


  • wtrbb


  • wtrbb

    Hi Kevin? Lol

  • T R
    T R

    I completely understand what he’s saying! I had a total hip replacement 4 years ago; and the recovery was really rough. It wasn’t done properly, and now I’m looking at a possible revision. I also have suffered with sacroilitis for 6 years now. I couldn’t get the proper diagnosis for a long time. I’ve tried just about everything for pain including injections, PT, acupuncture, and chiropractic. It’s really hard when you are in so much pain and have difficulty doing basic thing; like he said. I get the sock victory! I laughed, but it’s SO TRUE!! He inspires me to keep trying, and to not give up. Also to learn that it is OK to ask for help. That’s tough sometimes, because we want our independence. Kudos to all the nurses and aides or therapists that help people recover!! You men and women don’t get the credit sometimes. The doctors do the surgeries; but they aren’t there for the recovery part. In some ways, that is the hardest part. The nurses are in the trenches with you, so to speak.

  • Amal Alnimer
    Amal Alnimer

    i bet that if this guy ever made a drama movie i'd walk out of it crying

  • I Do Yarbrough
    I Do Yarbrough

    I am a fan of his an God is so good for healing him.... I just have a question tho is he a Christian or does he have a belief cause his faith would be amazing in whatever it is

  • Angie Xoxo
    Angie Xoxo

    Whats up with ellens hands, her fingers twitching ??

  • Natasha Marie
    Natasha Marie

    I broke my back in 2016 from flipping my car down a hill, so I understand what he's going through. Even standing or sitting for a certain amount of time is hard to deal with especially when you just want to do things and your back is telling you no. It's not easy emotionally or physically to deal with.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name


  • Karla galan
    Karla galan

    Can we thank the amazing wife he has for everything she probably had to do to help him get back on his feet! Physically, mentally, and emotionally!

  • Falis Aden
    Falis Aden

    They tried to get rid of him before he got .more bigger just like the others begore him who made big but his time wasnt up yet...only God can take a soul whether its accomplished its purpose on earth or not....God bless you my brother✊🏽

  • mathabi.m

    😂 i love this man. i'm sorry he had to go through that ☹️

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