Kid Cudi, Eminem - The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video)
"The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady" available everywhere now:
Music video by Kid Cudi performing The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • YT-Blunt_ Magic211
    YT-Blunt_ Magic211

    2021 yooo

  • nolymoly

    cudi's verse is miles better than ems

  • Alban G
    Alban G

    just click 1:51 for the beginning

  • taarif najid
    taarif najid

    Kid cudi killed this shit fr fr no one harder than the rager on his his own track big facts

  • AutistOG

    Everyone talk about Em,no disrespect to him...but my boy Kid killin it !

  • Randal Doney
    Randal Doney


  • Jeff LaBarge
    Jeff LaBarge

    We need a part 2 soon

  • Jeff LaBarge
    Jeff LaBarge

    Kid Cudi was like a kid on this track and Eminem is definitely Daddy oh my fucking goodness!!!!!!

  • The Realest One
    The Realest One

    This song is fire, y'all can not say otherwise. The beat, their flows, the visuals. Amazing.

  • lil SKI jay
    lil SKI jay

    Damn kid Cudi out did eminem in this one

  • chill - DX
    chill - DX

    The best collab ever..

  • Yusuf Orhan IŞIK
    Yusuf Orhan IŞIK

    I hated this song when I first heard it At the last day of 2020, Ive already listened it 300+ times

  • Esteban Hernandez
    Esteban Hernandez

    Mtbmb preview 7u7

  • Salman Khair
    Salman Khair

    It seemed like Eminem can go forever with the beat.

  • Rune 1ne
    Rune 1ne

    Trippy song

  • Phil Garrod
    Phil Garrod

    Em ruins this song. As much as I love him. Cudi spits better. The whole beat changes when slim does his verse.

  • Project Relax & Meditate
    Project Relax & Meditate

    Em is the GOAT for me but Cudi's verse is fire! Hitting that replay button like mad

  • Noah Gearhart
    Noah Gearhart

    Eminem may be the better lyricist but Cudi will always be the better artist

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    I been in amd how the 313 tf i get hit on six mile for b lmao

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Fuck it kill tree

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Ten shit paragraph ones lmao

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Lmao 25 mins on rap idk who i sent to oh 3 peat but instarted from the Bottom again like i havemt been in the 40 different songs 🤔 let me see how mich i even out on this shit Honestly

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Back to no sound type im right level up season my shit worse then the five so shady right So shad write ✍🏾

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    I need to not listen

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Lmao Thats slow right type

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Agree times ah ta be tree two trees Your breath might have ah Breeze Wait it do have a breezy About that mouse trapped up in his house Spot came in large still on his Search When em when on till emd then what now

  • Ofelia Michel
    Ofelia Michel

    Man I remember the first day this song released time goes to fast

  • Yousef jacmall
    Yousef jacmall


  • Ryder Riggs
    Ryder Riggs

    "(Fluoride) swish" his word play is another level

  • Mr. Oi
    Mr. Oi

    I enjoy slim shady this way , honestly

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Who wamts a response cuz no talk is all he wants

  • justin trees
    justin trees


  • justin trees
    justin trees


  • justin trees
    justin trees


  • justin trees
    justin trees


  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Fuck it im that seed

  • justin trees
    justin trees


  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Tree d

    • justin trees
      justin trees


  • justin trees
    justin trees


  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Lmao i just re read it huh

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Its switched up now top to bottom wow

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Back to the street shit

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Just lay up

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Just lie up

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Came to even be 🤔 🧐

  • justin trees
    justin trees

    Every sec ns towrds the street look who stamdimg tall i see how the miracle of me tree came to be even hospital s got the raps from bitches in the dmc ram over like ok six mile hot em from behimd so god that blind or what ever u think is one of a kikmd

  • TheYogi Singer
    TheYogi Singer

    When you try to sing to kid but your white

  • newtron inquiries
    newtron inquiries


  • Destiny Q
    Destiny Q

    This is sick

  • Noelsterrr

    There em goes getting political without offering any solutions, again. It's sad that he let his fame and fortune go to his head...

  • Ben M
    Ben M

    Eminems flow is top shelf, next to the Jameson and Jack Daniels.

  • Mister TwentySeven
    Mister TwentySeven

    RAAAGE :)

  • Cyle Farrar
    Cyle Farrar

    Love this song

  • mariothegamer123

    Who went harder doe?


    Snoop do your double. Thats 2 G's. Im just guessing a deeper meaning of this one.

  • Lord Crayzeus
    Lord Crayzeus

    Why isn’t this on either of their albums

  • IS Channel
    IS Channel



      Disrespectful but I mean

  • Mutee Zaid Mohammed
    Mutee Zaid Mohammed

    People don't realize em dissed snoop in this song

  • SNK.DS3

    I need Moon-man and Slim Shady in the Avengers

  • Joseph Tibio
    Joseph Tibio


  • Moon Jae-In
    Moon Jae-In

    Yes cause tupac is better and Tupac is lebron

  • Kelly Aesop Delete Your Gmail & Facebook & Twitter
    Kelly Aesop Delete Your Gmail & Facebook & Twitter

    It's unfortunate eminem is such a weak self hating white man. He's very talented.

    • Kelly Aesop Delete Your Gmail & Facebook & Twitter
      Kelly Aesop Delete Your Gmail & Facebook & Twitter

      @Keneilwe Rene’ Segwe he somehow comes off as more insecure than scott

    • Keneilwe Rene’ Segwe
      Keneilwe Rene’ Segwe

      Uh what?💀

  • Claude Chinyingi
    Claude Chinyingi


  • What No
    What No

    Eminem’s verse was fire

  • Flar

    lmao MOON MAN

  • Jayden Richter
    Jayden Richter

    Assassins creed 3

  • Avery Darrenkamp
    Avery Darrenkamp

    "Gotta little green, don't do weed, purp, nor lean. Thats tunci" 😂 dope ass line and referencing his boi at the same time.

  • Jeffrey Abreu
    Jeffrey Abreu

    Kid cudi bodied too 👏🏻 Very different flow from Day n Nite

  • Lova Miss.,
    Lova Miss.,

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  • kostas proios
    kostas proios


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