Kids Build AMAZING Water Slide Around Their SECRET UNDERGROUND HOUSE !
Kids Build AMAZING Water Slide Around Their SECRET UNDERGROUND HOUSE !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Kids Build AMAZING Water Slide Around Their SECRET UNDERGROUND HOUSE !


  • Willow Erickson
    Willow Erickson

    He needed a friend and I can't blame him

  • Louisiana Jones
    Louisiana Jones

    Azzy react to 123 go animation

  • Joseph Wright
    Joseph Wright


  • Triple Heart
    Triple Heart

    These people have as much skill as Azzy is kind

  • Random Things
    Random Things

    It’s real close to 500

  • MintybeeXx

    Loads shotgun- who pressed that dislike button

  • David Buchebner
    David Buchebner


  • David Buchebner
    David Buchebner


  • Rosie Benn
    Rosie Benn

    Maybe a lot of things is better with a friend but having a annoying friend at your house with a headache is not better with that friend!

  • Hashtag Siri
    Hashtag Siri

    Wow azzy so good

  • Reine Bechara
    Reine Bechara

    Everything is better with AzzyLand

  • Cara Copeland
    Cara Copeland

    Those are`are not kids

  • DD - 03JR 860953 Roberta Bondar PS
    DD - 03JR 860953 Roberta Bondar PS

    Hahahahahha I’m dying when she says ahahah I’m the .boss

  • Joe Carolan
    Joe Carolan

    Azzy dude the word 'secret' water park...

  • Miley Zambrano
    Miley Zambrano

    some times not cuz maybe they do what they want

  • MrBiggie2006


  • Juno Aroste
    Juno Aroste

    I love you azzy.

  • Chloe Sowerby
    Chloe Sowerby

    i whatched this and i love animmals but WHY WOULD THAY TAKE WILD EGGS AND EAT THEM!!! humans do not care :( *my mind:if my friend did that i would save them*

  • Hossein Samadzadeh
    Hossein Samadzadeh

    WOW 😍!!!

  • tia elliott
    tia elliott

    to that comment that said it was his birth day happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉 I hope you had a great birthday

  • Kristen Kurk
    Kristen Kurk

    azzy if you really put your mind to something you can do it i beleave in you biled the best house ever

  • LowkeySammy

    This is how much sand peices they got in their eye 👇.

    • Cara Copeland
      Cara Copeland

      Haha typical

  • fire fox
    fire fox

    More like a gold digger

  • Betty Pasley
    Betty Pasley

    I love azzyland

  • Millie Winner
    Millie Winner

    Hey who is Recording him makeing it

  • Rob Daoana
    Rob Daoana

    LoL i watch this in my grandmas house when i was six

  • Davish Jones Martin Salazar
    Davish Jones Martin Salazar

    I love et

  • Mÿ båth wåtēr ïś čøłd ïš å pøłītė čåt
    Mÿ båth wåtēr ïś čøłd ïš å pøłītė čåt


  • Tania Tetlow
    Tania Tetlow

    azzy is so nice ;)

  • Ms. Morales
    Ms. Morales

    "Bambo shoot" you learned that from animal crossing. LOL!😂

  • KEKEY Kekey
    KEKEY Kekey

    Nani 😎 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Og PiLLz
    Og PiLLz

    they don't have a towel

  • Ashy Kitty
    Ashy Kitty


    • Jennifer Strickhouser
      Jennifer Strickhouser

      It isint rude she said it it would be a good idea tho

    • Death Buchanan
      Death Buchanan


  • lydia Anderson Anderson
    lydia Anderson Anderson


  • Sofia and Santiago Islas
    Sofia and Santiago Islas

    Yes yes

  • Laurie Glenn
    Laurie Glenn

    I built one of those like it was Nick a huge slide if you want to come over then come if you want to

  • Isabella Rylatt
    Isabella Rylatt

    Are you sisters or something

  • Éile Geoghegan Hayes
    Éile Geoghegan Hayes

    I LOVE EGGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳

  • Benjamin Goodyer
    Benjamin Goodyer

    I’m the guy doing the work and by the way I’m always the one he does that with my friends

  • Gabby and João Zavala
    Gabby and João Zavala

    Everything is better with a friend-Azzyland

  • Shadow Taky
    Shadow Taky

    You are the best IT-myr I love your channel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Imogen Harris
    Imogen Harris


  • Zoe Margella Rios
    Zoe Margella Rios

    hahahahaha azzy the first thing u watched is from the Philippines

  • Alyssa Morgan
    Alyssa Morgan

    So 😎 cool

  • Margaret Moriarty
    Margaret Moriarty

    Come on get this to 500k I want to see her try and make something in the wild.

  • Kimberlee Blankenship
    Kimberlee Blankenship

    Can you make more of these videos they're so fun to watch please I love watching you reacting to these funny videos or cool videos too 🥺

  • Mia Brayton
    Mia Brayton

    I love Azzyland

  • Joel Johnson
    Joel Johnson


  • Joel Johnson
    Joel Johnson

    how long did it take 🤔

  • Wanda Mooney
    Wanda Mooney

    Bruh, If I Saw Eggs I Would Leave Them Alone. Who Would Throw Away A Real Egg To Eat?? Not Me, Ill Eat It. But Those Eggs Probably Was A Birds Egg You Killed, Wtf?!?!! 😣😣😣😣😫😫😫😫😱😱😱😱😡😡😡😡

    • T5 Trendywolf
      T5 Trendywolf

      Okay I don’t care just take a chill pill

  • Jonte Playz 2020
    Jonte Playz 2020

    Welcome to dirttube

  • Kayla light 2o
    Kayla light 2o

    If the guy had 500000000 friends 😂😂😂

  • Genesis S.
    Genesis S.

    Were do they use the bathroom?

  • TippyJJPlayz

    Hey azzy there is 4 people in this I am the 3rd one and u r the 4th one 😂

  • Even Sorby
    Even Sorby

    the bamboo cleans the water

  • Ashvin Diez
    Ashvin Diez

    Did the worm look a bit like a snake? No just me

  • Memsey McCarthy
    Memsey McCarthy

    Azzy : to afraid of worms crawling around to dig a shelter me: looks for worms in the summer on a hot day

  • hearts and fire
    hearts and fire

    Dat was cool

  • Stacey Perez
    Stacey Perez


  • Isaac Hiebert
    Isaac Hiebert

    make me sad :(

  • Isaac Hiebert
    Isaac Hiebert

    how dare you insult Minecraft

  • Stefanie Botelho
    Stefanie Botelho

    With the napping person in the working person I’m think I’m a both person well when you go to sleep I think I am a more of the working person because I would be feeling bad but then when I’m asleep it’s over I’m sleeping I’m done where until it’s morning I’m not waking up until there’s this if there is a bang or something I will wake up

  • Tracy Muckley
    Tracy Muckley


  • Andres Cueto
    Andres Cueto

    80 thousand more likes! Come on guys!

  • Cecilia Gonzalez
    Cecilia Gonzalez

    Me to

  • Jill McConachie
    Jill McConachie

    Azzy I’m sorry but their not kids

  • Guanlan Xu
    Guanlan Xu

    I love Minecraft

  • Mbuzeli Yawa
    Mbuzeli Yawa

    They are not kids azzy land they are man

  • Jasmina Ogorevc AKAMBA
    Jasmina Ogorevc AKAMBA

    who else its here 2021

  • Jasmina Ogorevc AKAMBA
    Jasmina Ogorevc AKAMBA

    azzy its ok you have 13.M just for 3.M bigger

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