King Cid Girlfriend GET$ INTO !T W/ Dymondsflawless After She Pops Up @ his Crib (Part 2)
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King Cid Girlfriend GET$ !NTO !T W/ Dymondsflawless After She Pops Up @ his Crib (Part 2)

  • schemauri henry
    schemauri henry

    Did he really rap a Kodak song and Kodak done hit his girl 🤣🤣💀

  • Jade A
    Jade A

    lol bitch said she too classy to fight but pouring oil on her head n trashing her car...🤔 a female like that only say she don’t fight cus she know she can’t😂

  • Trippy Fl0wer
    Trippy Fl0wer

    She’s too pretty to be dealing with this

  • Im_ Wavydj
    Im_ Wavydj


  • NeaNea All Day
    NeaNea All Day

    Like I totally understand they fighting but he could’ve asked her brother to get off the property. He was only following actions of his sister he just a lil kid.

  • Shelly Ann Smith
    Shelly Ann Smith

    Me dont like that


    Lol ha😂 now she cheated on him clown

  • Life with Ash official
    Life with Ash official

    She can't fight

  • Rossana Soria
    Rossana Soria

    I know that this sounds stupid but why did they were feuding in the first place and why did Dymond pull up to Jason's house

  • cold water
    cold water


  • Vibewithnique

    King CID gf talking abt she ugly but diamond pretty then her like his new gf eyes like 👁 👃🏾 👁

  • Rushan Blackx
    Rushan Blackx

    King CID a pussy can a dis the catty pon live...waste man

  • Char

    She rlly changed, I used to watch her back in like 2016/2017 and she was such a sweet girl but now she’s changed

  • Char

    She talks like 40 year old language arts teacher 😂

  • Char

    I haven’t watched these two since like 2018 and I come back to this woww

  • Char

    Omg wtf happened to her?!

  • Ruth Elliott
    Ruth Elliott

    Wow she have something wrong with her

  • Talia Simpson
    Talia Simpson

    King cod girlfriend ugly and a wannabe

  • Dallas Dancer
    Dallas Dancer

    She ain’t get into shit all she did was pour water den walk away like she did sum

  • Sequoia Patterson
    Sequoia Patterson

    You a bum king and you ugly man and girl

  • Debra Velasco
    Debra Velasco

    King cid your girlfriend ugly asf you know diamond cute and got more ass

  • Nygeria Story
    Nygeria Story

    She xrazy 😂

  • juan rodriguez
    juan rodriguez

    What is this GARBAGE??? This is entertainment?. Ppl need to get real damn lives!!! Dont promote this crap.!

  • Latoya ks
    Latoya ks

    Idk Why y'all Still Messing With DYMOND🤦🏽‍♀️ she started this Whole Thing By Lying Bout gio✌🏼

  • Stoned Cold
    Stoned Cold

    Diamond is beautiful cid is fucking pussy

  • 27 27

    Imagine being ugly inside and out that girl is absolutley disgusting and king cid is an off spring of the devil and she not in the wrong that messed her property and harrassed her.

  • Spanish Queen
    Spanish Queen

    i think his new ''girlfriend'' is fake.

  • Spanish Queen
    Spanish Queen

    King cid is a piece of garbage. He abused Dymond Flawless, and called her bad names. No women/person should be treated like how she was. He ''escorted ' Dymond's little brother off of his ''block''.I bet you he is doing the same thing to Bre or whatever his girlfriend's name is. I bet ya, he still has feelings for Dymond Flawless. Team Flawless :) My thing is tho, Dymond's little brother shouldn't have been there, he is only 12 years old.

  • A Rose
    A Rose

    This is not funny.

  • Rhondi José
    Rhondi José

    King who the fuk you are...grow the fuck up dude

  • ysabella. tf
    ysabella. tf

    That's fuck up he should have went out there by himself to talk to her the girlfriend shouldn't get involved she wasn't apart of there relationship so she messy 😤

  • ItsDaMaura Boyd
    ItsDaMaura Boyd

    There’s so much going on how can you video🥶🤭😱

  • A girl with a Phone
    A girl with a Phone

    His new girlfriend is doing too much

  • wilsob15

    Girl u never let a nigga..... never mind they don’t listen 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Pretty Unique
    Pretty Unique

    His new girl is ugly dymond is cute she a boss she makes money at a young age she has a car makes money for herself she dont need no nigga periodddd

  • Ms Sharell Tiahna
    Ms Sharell Tiahna

    Why y’all bashing cid & his girl like dymond ain’t come to HIS house to start trouble. Depressed or not, what tf y’all want them to do?

  • Cali Codes19
    Cali Codes19

    Is this bitch crazy


    I coulda sworn I heard cid girlfriend asked can she spit on dymond 😳gurl I- tht child shoulda juss stayed in the house cuz she rly harassing dymond n tht shit not even cute

  • Manya Magruder
    Manya Magruder

    Kingcid your a scary cat who has a Security guarddumb ass

  • Melanin Divas
    Melanin Divas

    God made my mom have a mental breakdown and get sick and she went to a mental hospital and he was talking to her and testing her trust for him cause before that my mom had lost her mom so she was real depressed and was drinking and smoking and then god had helped her. She's a nurse and she loves helping people and she goes to church and reads the bible everyday. God comes in different ways.

  • Stunner1k

    Did anyone else notice how he said “you on my property I COULD TOUCH YOU” then corrected himself saying that his girl could touch her? He definitely did something to dymond. She was fine before their relationship. Something is definitely off about king cid. I hope dymond gets help.

  • Wendy Blake
    Wendy Blake

    She wants back king cig

  • Shawnese Jones
    Shawnese Jones

    And like I don’t like his girlfriend like that and now that like I heard dymond and cid broke up I stoped watching cid

  • Shawnese Jones
    Shawnese Jones

    And dymond didn’t say nothing to her

  • Shawnese Jones
    Shawnese Jones

    Ok but ur girlfriend started the shit so dymondfwaless not just going sit there and let her do that

  • Kaylene English
    Kaylene English

    I'm from the Caribbean so ik I can beat her ass king Cid omg your girl didnt need to do her car that I really feel bad for her

  • Kaylene English
    Kaylene English

    If it was me wow it would have get down bcz someone is dieing plus look at her ugly ass what do king Cid see in his girlfriend

  • Kaylene English
    Kaylene English

    I feel bad for dymond why didnt she beat his girlfriend ass

  • Bloody

    Holy shit

  • PapiRelle

    As a man, that’s one of the most bitch made things you could do. Not only did he degrade her and have his girl vandalize her car, this man also put his hands on her little brother. CID is a bitch and he knows he put his hands on her simple.

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John

    When I saw cid was live I joined and all I saw was a girl standing on top of a car shouting didn’t even know that was dymond I feel bad for dymond

  • clair baer
    clair baer

    Hes an ass

  • lia singz tv
    lia singz tv

    King cid is so fucking stupid i don't care what they got going on ha brother dont got shit to do wit it and he dont need to be putting his motherfuckin hands on her brother and she didn't need to make em walk they dumb asff🤷🏾💯💯

  • Tia Joy 1111
    Tia Joy 1111

    Father I ask that you put your hand on your child, Amen. She's not crazy she's hurting. May she heal and find peace😊💛

  • Blanca Rosario
    Blanca Rosario

    Frist of all king you don't have a block you just a annoying ass personality and rude ass girlfriend

  • Blanca Rosario
    Blanca Rosario

    king cid isn't no king he need to Cid down cause him and his side kick ain't cute and that's on period

  • Jay Henry
    Jay Henry

    Dymond on drugs

  • Nia Nichole
    Nia Nichole

    The fact that his girlfriend thinks it’s funny shows how small minded some women are. If anything I would’ve went outside and talked with her. Yes she’s wrong but the situation shouldn’t have escalated.

  • Jerome Crockett
    Jerome Crockett

    Evrybody fucking depressed no excuse for doing stupid shit

  • Xx Xx
    Xx Xx

    Imagine fighting over a boy 🤮🤮🤢🤢💀💀 never

  • Xx Xx
    Xx Xx

    Shes crazy asf if he “raped” you and “abused” you why would you be out side his house acting like a jealous bitch she probably made it up cause she hurt that he got someone else and don’t want her no more

  • MiniMari

    Dymond shouldn’t have pulled up on them, I’m honestly disappointed in who she’s becoming. She’s making it worse for herself.

  • Jessica Watt
    Jessica Watt

    Lol okay now I’m finally starting to see why everyone saying something is wrong. Hope mama gets the help she needs🙏🏾

  • Free movies and tv shows
    Free movies and tv shows

    Diamond: justice this is what I have to do for justice Me: Bitch what Justice

  • Free movies and tv shows
    Free movies and tv shows

    Man she fucked up in the head

  • LaKesha Badger
    LaKesha Badger

    Lol she should have stayed home 🤭

  • Neha Bhangu
    Neha Bhangu

    It’s like 30 against one just tell her to leave this was all too much man

  • Shaniyah Knight
    Shaniyah Knight

    Why she talking like her dad

  • Shaniyah Knight
    Shaniyah Knight

    Dymond is sick in her head what justice does she wants she needs to get her head checked

  • Rood Olivier
    Rood Olivier


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