KING CRAB SEAFOOD FEAST & Sake With Adam Richman & Binging with Babish
Strictly Dumpling
It was such a pleasure to have my #food heros Adam Richman and Binging with Babish (Andrew) to chow down on an extravagant #seafood feast. We are slated to open Karne Steakhouse in Houston, Texas, and these items with the exception of the cheesy pasta and #sake pairing will be on the non-BBQ part of the menu. Today was the first time our chef cooked these items for a private tasting with the #seafoodandsake sponsored by JFOODO. It was great getting to share a meal with these great food lovers and get a sense of how they like our menu and pairings.
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  • mecnec 50
    mecnec 50

    total crap fest get a real job

  • nate smith
    nate smith

    Ide rather be placed into a bath of boiling water then steamed slowly wtf.

  • Rebekah Yoder
    Rebekah Yoder

    What a good son Adam is , to take his mom to Isreal ♡ .

  • vena309

    Awww I miss watching Adam Richman on "Man vs Food".

  • Taylor McGee
    Taylor McGee

    Where can I buy your hot oil????

  • kieran439

    Adam: please don't turn that into a gif. Internet: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Amanda Gilhooly
    Amanda Gilhooly

    I’ve never craved seafood more in my life

  • Amy Yates
    Amy Yates

    “Your favorite country for food.” Me: “Japan and Italy!” Handsome guy in the middle: “Italy and Japan.” Me: 🙌🏻

  • SeanDaNerd

    Andrew could hang out with Post Malone. Post loves Olive Garden

  • AOE Player
    AOE Player

    Not being mean but Babish+Mike=Adam Reply if you understand Hehe

  • QOQ-ASMR Kyokyu 쿄큐
    QOQ-ASMR Kyokyu 쿄큐

    Food is always delicious when eaten together💕 It's more delicious to eat while talking to your favorite friend🦞💕

  • Xern

    Wait your opening a restaurant?!??

  • Pedrxn

    why do they keep saying exquisite wtf

  • Orion Wade
    Orion Wade

    Bro 3 of my favorite people in the food culture, in 1 video..... I am jealous yet happy.

  • Yiskah Léah
    Yiskah Léah

    Adam looking hella yum yum 😋😋😍😍

  • DatBoyPanda

    Top 10 best anime crossover right here!

  • Marilyn Ho
    Marilyn Ho

    This episode is awesome. Thank you for mentioning Singapore. Welcome back anytime. 👍🤗

  • Satyr Satyr
    Satyr Satyr

    9:50 Babish changing mind about using fork and knife when he see the other two eat with their hands is the cutest thing ever

  • TheShecorena

    No you are amazing No you are Litteraly you are my favorite No you dont know, I love you man

  • Abbie Kubota
    Abbie Kubota

    Did Adam Richman say he was Jewpanese or am I hearing things

    • Jesus Guzman
      Jesus Guzman

      Yup. Jewpanese is the new trend

  • Manbha Khongjee
    Manbha Khongjee

    Three of the food God's together. It's like seeing Zeus, Poseidon and Hades together.

  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion

    Conversation got more awkward the drunker they got.

  • ChimCham

    I like how it starts off like a normal food review but then it becomes weird like how babish shows his tattoo, adam sucks a crab leg, and mike well his underpants

  • Brandon Flores
    Brandon Flores

    10:03 Adam is checking to make sure the other guys are gonna lick their plates too lmao

  • Buba Schones
    Buba Schones

    My favorite Fb food guy, my favorite tv food guy & my favorite youtube food guy all in the same place 😲😲😲 someone needs to make this into a show...........& DAMN Adams gotten swol, i miss Man vs Food.

  • stormanator01

    Screw man vs. Food adam at this point is man vs. Gains. Hes pretty swole

  • Joep Stolze
    Joep Stolze

    De best of IT-my say it now

  • 1987MartinT

    I don't know which country's food I like the most. Different countries do different things great. I will say that I really like German food. It tends to taste good, and it tends to be hardy. It often feels like you're really filling up.

  • Damingo54


  • nrew eel
    nrew eel

    funny that singaporeans go to malaysia for good

  • Nadine

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  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion

    Can't tell if Adam fell off the wagon again or turned into a unit.

  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion

    Aquaman is the bad guy?

  • Caleb Toner
    Caleb Toner

    yes the signature saying from adam richman OH MY GOD OH MY GOD i missed it so much since his travel channel shows

  • Anak Anda Jenius
    Anak Anda Jenius

    Wow... Adam is buff now...

  • Summer Sands
    Summer Sands

    No dessert?!?! How

  • Emma Strausser
    Emma Strausser

    Babish quickly checks to see if the others actually lick their plates

  • jean premier
    jean premier

    Babish?! Oh I'm gonna love this episode

  • Sloat H
    Sloat H

    Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! KING CRAB SEAFOOD FEAST & Sake With Adam Richman & Binging with Babish fountain that once gushed and sparkled in the sunlight. It was the sort of view that might command a slight premium during gentler, more prosperous times, but would be most undesirable in times of conflict, when it would be squarely in the path of heavy machine-gun and rocket fire as fighters advanced into this part of town: a view like staring down the barrel of a rifle. Location, location, location, the realtors say. Geography is destiny, respond the historians. War would soon erode the facade

  • StarrPhototype

    three of my favorite foodies of all time in one video? are you kidding me?

  • Sue Yazzie
    Sue Yazzie

    Homemade underwear Booger hooks Interesting conversations over delicious looking food!

  • Tyrion Lannister
    Tyrion Lannister

    I believe they were supposed to lay the tuna and caviar toast on the plate with the sauce, letting it sit for 15-20 seconds before cutting it into 2-3 bite sized pieces, just an observation. p.s they need to up their oyster shucking game, you should never encounter shell fragments at a professional establishment. Loved the video.

  • Thomas Bolin
    Thomas Bolin

    When I was a kid, I watched A-team. Guys stuck in a building taking logs, fork lifts and some form of pressurized container making a log shooting fork lift tank. Now, in my 40's I watch guys making and/or eating food. I consider that progress!

  • Brittney Newcomb
    Brittney Newcomb

    All this time I thought Adam was a foodie frat guy, when he’s actually Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh Am not disappointed in the least

    • The Net Gamer 2.0
      The Net Gamer 2.0


  • theevileone1234

    I see BABISH!!”

  • Steffany K
    Steffany K

    Just sitting here, waiting for dessert.

  • Steffany K
    Steffany K

    I tried to google "Karne Steakhouse, Texas" and didn't find this place. does it have another name?

  • Hazardbone

    Those are the smallest oysters I've ever seen

  • George Zultanky
    George Zultanky

    3,000 dollars. Really? I watched hoping all three of you bastards choked on it. You could have fed a lot of hungry people with that money. I hope you all die hungry.

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn

    I love the bromance. 😂

  • Divvij Chandna
    Divvij Chandna

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE'S A SPURS FAN. I feel for you bruh

  • lulu

    I love how Babish is just eating. Like, he spoke a bit, but he was just way too into the food

  • Kezia Jiao
    Kezia Jiao

    Andrew silently eating

  • Kezia Jiao
    Kezia Jiao


  • DJReferee

    This is the perfect episode for me my three food idols all at the same table

  • Haze Limon
    Haze Limon

    He looks like a bald Ryan Reynolds. Lol

  • Hagen34

    IT-my. Foodie. Starpower....

  • Anna George
    Anna George

    What we learned: Mike needs to grow a beard

  • elchasai

    for some reason when adam richman speaks it sounds like the tape is slowed down

  • wawawho18_adventures

    u opening in houston? does that mean more opportunity to see u!?!?!? yayyyyy

  • Chibi Bro
    Chibi Bro

    3 of my favorite food personalities in 1 video!! Just amazing!!

  • William Hoskins
    William Hoskins

    Your other channel peps are missing you dude...please talk to us too .😥

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    J JJ

    Only the best

  • Johnston Steiner
    Johnston Steiner

    Thought richman became a vegan after his mvf pigouts

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    i wonder on your link for you andrew channel seems like not to exist

  • cold_rain


  • ohsnapitssuz

    That was $3000 worth? O_O

  • Marc Puno
    Marc Puno

    No raw fish no oysters no sushi that's how most Chinese are. Ocean spit is the better type of spit. Now go try sushi. Hot oil the sushi if you have to.

  • SuzyBunny316

    Adam is such a pro

  • Julian Tellames
    Julian Tellames

    All three legends in one place! Awesome collab.

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