Klay Hits Playoff-Record 11 3’s | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game
In this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game, we look back at Klay Thompson’s CLUTCH Game 6 performance with 41 PTS! Stephen Curry added 31 PTS, 10 REB & 9 AST to force a Game 7
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  • Ben TheKeeshond
    Ben TheKeeshond

    @1:35, how could they rule the ball out of Westbrook? Somebody hit his right arm and that was how he lost the ball off his foot. The Warriors played so poorly and they didn't deserve the win. Westbrook was the best player in this game. Klay and Steph made a lot of mistakes.

  • Dee

    KD was rushing too much

  • Rhafiusk

    Nos ultimos minutos,,Russel e KD entregaram o jogo demais kkkk

  • Kv Daoen 25
    Kv Daoen 25

    Fucckkk Thompson!!!!

  • Big Daddy izzy
    Big Daddy izzy

    Why did KD join the okc he should have stay in the Golden state warriors o feel that the golden state warriors are no match with okc because they keep losing #LETGOWARRIORS

  • MC Gaming
    MC Gaming

    Although my thunder blew a 3-1 lead this is still my favourite non finals series of all time

  • KING

    Klay Thompson singlehandedly shut OKC's title window, and in the same fashion extended the Warriors.

  • David Savage
    David Savage

    Didn’t the warriors come back 3-1 just to have it happen the them in the finals. Am I mixing my years up?

  • Stephania Alexandria Ji Song
    Stephania Alexandria Ji Song

    It seems like the crowd is cheering for the Warriors since they are in blue shirts..😉😅💙💛❤

  • Joseph Anthony Ferrer
    Joseph Anthony Ferrer

    you know it after 1st half that okc are fucked up. why? strategy wise okc keeps on running iso play or a random iso play finding open guy randomly not open return to ball handler and iso, unlike gsw even tho they have TO and missed shot they keep on running the same system and plays until they machine get going. momentum wise okc had their hands on gsw but the struggling gsw keep it on striking distance, GSW just waiting them to be burnout and kd and wb teammates to lost their rhythm and confidence. thats 2 factor you will see that OKC will not win on this series or ever or any series with this type of system hahahahahahahaha

  • Josh Hunter
    Josh Hunter

    Is it just me who thinks the refs were a bit biased

  • Bert Delf
    Bert Delf

    why is the OKC crowd wearing the Warriors' color?

  • renato ranches
    renato ranches

    the home crowd cheering for the blue team!!!

  • eltano06

    1 2:54, 2 30:47, 3 32:15, 4 37:06, 5 47:17, 6 47:56, 7 1:14:43, 8 1:17:48, 9 1:20:09, 10 1:27:26, 11 1:35:18.

  • Judy Seager
    Judy Seager

    Klay is a splash bro no..11 ❣👍phenomenal player the way he stands and shoots the basketball 🏀and catch. 👿😇😘he's scary. ❤🙋‍♀️

  • 안재현


  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes

    If only OKC kept Harden, also Klay is probably better than Curry

  • Orna Varulker
    Orna Varulker


    • Orna Varulker
      Orna Varulker

      Vrehgd hdgegvscf

    • Orna Varulker
      Orna Varulker


  • SuYang Duan
    SuYang Duan

    ho gay see

  • ron burgundy??
    ron burgundy??

    @1:07:31 that was not a foul

  • BooBoo

    I’m anything but a Warrior’s fan, but since they’re without KD, I’d like to see them make a comeback.

  • shawn see
    shawn see

    hopefully no more NBA until 2025

  • Leon CatchMe
    Leon CatchMe

    This where 3-1 legend was born. 3-1 semi-finals and finals.

  • Y L
    Y L

    His 3-pointers are better than Curry's, and when both are on the court, it's hard to guard against

  • Mdautkreix -
    Mdautkreix -

    Worst 3-1 lead blown in NBA playoff his-

  • Tiffany Evans
    Tiffany Evans

    curry just make that half court at okc

  • Tiffany Evans
    Tiffany Evans

    curry just make that half court at okc

  • nsg shaun
    nsg shaun

    As yall can see kd lost the game not russ but go head blame em

  • Ed Vincent III Albano
    Ed Vincent III Albano

    Thank you for uploading this video!

  • Jake Morris-Knower
    Jake Morris-Knower

    10:30 left in the 2nd and Chris Webber says "Thompson is 3-for-10; they're going to need to find scoring from someone else" lmao

  • TTV- MurderKing
    TTV- MurderKing

    can we possibly get the full game of the Atlanta hawks vs bulls game 3 scf rose 44 points there’s no mvp rose games 😭😭☺️😩🥺😭😭

  • Leon Akhavan
    Leon Akhavan

    Durant really just choked and went to golden state


    One of my favorite player to watch!

  • Tooballer


  • Nkugwa Brick
    Nkugwa Brick

    Yo do dames game winner against OKC And also 2017 finals

  • Bảo kim Đoàn nguyên
    Bảo kim Đoàn nguyên

    Durant non

  • Ocie Bonney
    Ocie Bonney

    01:43:35 01:20:35 24:17

  • Lacey Byard
    Lacey Byard

    21:31 34:00 01:38:06

  • Daniel Haryanto
    Daniel Haryanto

    I cant believe draymond green was an all star. He is nothing but talk. Mr triple single.

  • bronzefighta

    bruh be blastin' the Delta Parole to them highlight this right of this time

  • Nik M
    Nik M

    Just a terrible, terrible execution down the stretch from KD & Russ.. They've lost it on psychology..

  • Marz_1up

    you can see steph is hurt i dont care what you say

  • Berke Güney Boz
    Berke Güney Boz

    KD choked this series.Too much hero-ball.And that move to the Warriors came at the worst time.No one actually gave him credit for his domination in the 2017 NBA finals because everyone knew every player apart from KD raised their game for OKC.Westbrook was efficent lmao.That says it all.

    • AK KD
      AK KD

      Nah, they played hero ball cause the other 3 players can't make their own shot even once.

  • Brandon Mojica
    Brandon Mojica

    an amazing series with a sad ending. 3-1 lead blown, kd leaves russ, and russ will probably never win a ring :(

  • ate pamee
    ate pamee

    The two bandwagon guys behind steph and klay interview😂😂😂😂

  • 420protoman

    i love the splash brothers... i never really was a warrior fan cuz i'm canadian and you know... lol go raptors... but honestly i felt bad for them at least not having klay in that finals vs raptors .. it just wasnt' fair... i dont' give a shit about snake Boogie or snake KD tho lol... i'm kinda glad KD left to brooklyn, him and kyrie better do good . they got levert and a really good team already.

    • AK KD
      AK KD

      So is Kawhi a snake for leaving the Raptors after only one year?

  • borges23

    surprise, surprise, Westbrook at his best when distributing, with Durant scoring the ball(2nd Quarter)

  • Gabriel Lara-Viorato
    Gabriel Lara-Viorato

    47:44 here go klay

  • Shravani Hirve
    Shravani Hirve

    what do people scream for golden state warriors? plz reply

    • Shravani Hirve
      Shravani Hirve

      @Rei Escobar i was asking what do people scream to cheer gsw

    • Rei Escobar
      Rei Escobar

      Shravani Hirve they are cheering against them most of the time but there are still a good amount of warrior fans on the arena

  • John Curry
    John Curry

    looks like FIFA world cup crowd

  • moon lounge
    moon lounge

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  • Zeke Landowner
    Zeke Landowner

    6 Klay 🌨🌨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Paul Montes
    Paul Montes

    damn this game was amazing.

  • HelgeStrichen

    Man, that's some vintage westbrook antics. Top notch, blunderGOAT

  • Kalos

    The woman shouting “OH MY GOD!”😂😂 1:38:25

    • Slime


  • Sadie Laubenthal
    Sadie Laubenthal

    West brook looks like a frog


    The most classic game of this warriors dynasty

  • Yo Aris
    Yo Aris

    I see a lot of comments about Russ and KD choking , but maaan, this okc offense is trash and predictable. They rely on only two players to create while everyone just stands and watches. They run NO motion offense, KD doesn’t post up , hardly comes off screens, it’s just PnR or ISO. That is easy to guard! Warriors weren’t even worried about anyone on the thunder lol All the while GS is playing great D and making okc work on D. Russ is NOT a true point guard. Russ and KD should be posting up and coming off screens, and moving. Look at okc’s cast on offense lol Roberson , you don’t even have to worry about, same for Adams , waiters , you live with him shooting threes lol ibaka just stood on the perimeter like he’s a deadeye shooter lol. I don’t think Russ and KD choked , they just lost to a better and complete team, who is more unselfish, better leadership, better coaching, and they never cared who took the last shot. This is was still a legendary series. Klay is one of the most underrated two players in the league. Crazy how he’s never made an all defensive team. Also Draymond outplayed all of Okc front court players. Curry not being clutch is a big ol lie.


    That's the game that makes KD decide to join!

  • Judy Seager
    Judy Seager

    Klay is my favo🤤rite player he relentless the way he shoots the ball. In the hoops..💯🔥💞

  • Raf

    Those Iguodala strips destroyed the Thunder in the last minutes.

  • Jack Liu
    Jack Liu

    Klay is a beast. Extremely underrated and clutch. He can be a top 5 player if he wanted to. I'd take him over Harden and Butler as the best Shooting guard.

    • HelgeStrichen

      I love klay, but 80% of his shots are catch and shoot. Gotta have a little bit more in your arsenal to be a top 5 player

  • curt sacdalan
    curt sacdalan

    KD's spaced out in this game. particularly in the 2nd half.

  • richuk69

    Controversial hot take but when the lights are the brightest I trust Klay more than I trust Steph Who is the better overall player Steph or Klay? I'm going team Klay

    • Designz R Us
      Designz R Us

      Warriors Dynasty #3x Championships #Swept LeBron you a damn lie. Klay only has a few games like this. Check curry elimination game stats dude

    • Warriors Dynasty #3x Championships #Swept LeBron
      Warriors Dynasty #3x Championships #Swept LeBron

      Klay is better because Hes more clutch. He has a more killer instinct and better in elimination games. The others who say Curry are just bandwagons, not real dubs fans.

  • Hanurag Reddy
    Hanurag Reddy

    klay and steph are godly

  • Ibnziyad Tariq
    Ibnziyad Tariq

    Damn Curry clearly injured on that left knee and still managed to bring value, we can notice that he holds it from time to time and he has awkward finishing to avoid landing on it, he even traveled to avoid jumping off of it...Curry is a warrior and 2016 was still his greatest year, playoffs included, cuz with one Leg he still brought GS to the finals in 7 games.

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S

    Durant absolutely CHOKED in crunch time

  • Leska Sexxx
    Leska Sexxx

    Curry and Klay are literal gods

  • OscarElite

    Russ couldn't win with those cats

  • Mihael Kolman
    Mihael Kolman


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