Koe Wetzel - Good Die Young (Official Audio)
Music video by Koe Wetzel performing Good Die Young (Official Audio). (C) 2020 YellaBush Records, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment.

  • Lawrence Francisco
    Lawrence Francisco

    "Its hard to hurt something I love when the only thing I love is me"

  • Shartune

    This is now on my repeat

  • nw07025

    San Antonio ,Texas here!!! Where ya'll from?

  • Tyler Roberson
    Tyler Roberson

    Why ain't this song at a million yet???? Everybody sleeping on it but it's a BANGER

  • Lindsey Smith
    Lindsey Smith

    best country iv ever heard

  • Rick Brasuell
    Rick Brasuell

    He's the fuckin G.O.A.T

  • Joe Helton
    Joe Helton

    I love you

  • Redneck Ryder
    Redneck Ryder


  • Carter Stephenson
    Carter Stephenson

    See ya in February koe #blackhillsstockshow

  • Carter Stephenson
    Carter Stephenson

    Fuck the thumbs down people

  • Robert Montez
    Robert Montez

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-tZJNgidIWL4.html if you guys like it make sure to give it a thumbs up!

  • TxTimxT

    Holy f*ck .. #reallifemusic ....

  • Tanner Santo
    Tanner Santo

    What a boss

  • 4 aces guide service
    4 aces guide service

    Man I dont get the hype. This guy is trash lol

  • R. M. Gormley
    R. M. Gormley


  • Paris Jewell
    Paris Jewell

    This one's a good one fasho

  • MTB TX
    MTB TX

    Fuck yes!!!

  • Kc Kc
    Kc Kc

    Can’t wait for the album tonight or tomorrow!!!!

    • texas outlaw
      texas outlaw


  • Kc Kc
    Kc Kc

    A few more days and the album will be out!!!

  • Josh Pisarcik
    Josh Pisarcik

    why does he sound like upchurch not a bad thing either

  • Mariah Davis
    Mariah Davis

    I just lost a brother to suicide this week. I’ve been listening to this on repeat on apple.

    • Kc Kc
      Kc Kc

      Big prayers to you and the family koe will make it a little better!

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C


  • Alex ortiz
    Alex ortiz

    Thx a lot Johnathan for showing me this legend

  • Ashton Malloy
    Ashton Malloy

    jamming in the 970 to the 936

  • D Brn
    D Brn

    Damn this one hits too close to home

  • Hurley Cribb
    Hurley Cribb

    I'll be forever thankful for Koe🖤🖤

  • Clayton Mortenson
    Clayton Mortenson

    Going to see him in February in rapid city cant wait

  • Ross Bowman
    Ross Bowman

    When are we gonna hear Koe on country radio??

    • Ross Bowman
      Ross Bowman

      I reckon I’m due for a trip to Texas.

    • Cael Nordyke
      Cael Nordyke

      Went to Texas. Heard him on the radio. It was freakin amazing

  • Tavish Haycock
    Tavish Haycock

    Don’t fuck around bring a show to California.

  • Tiffany Blankenship
    Tiffany Blankenship

    Can’t wait to see you play in Maryville, TN ♥️

  • genia van noord
    genia van noord

    This freakin song....😍

  • Eric Montemayor
    Eric Montemayor

    I'm runnin' 'round like a fish with my head cut off I know, it don't make much sense to me either The sun's shinin', I'm still broke as hell But it's good to see the grass got greener My mama called to say she's prayin' for me And Jesus called but I wasn't there He left a message on my answering machine Just to tell me how much he cared And I don't want to think about tomorrow What if tomorrow never comes? Take me to a place without the sorrow The story's getting old where the good die young I've terrorized everything in my eyes And left them there to bleed It's hard to hurt something that I love When the only thing I love is me So call the doctor, run for the hills He's going insane, he's ran outta pills He can't be saved, he's too far gone Maybe I'm really alone But I don't want to think about tomorrow What if tomorrow never comes? Take me to a place without the sorrow The story's getting old where the good die young I don't want to think about tomorrow What if tomorrow never comes? Take me to a place without the sorrow The story's getting old where the good die young Where the good die young

  • Collin Gouge
    Collin Gouge


  • Amy Winstead
    Amy Winstead

    The best. As always. Love you bro

  • MrAggieman21

    This one is gonna be a thousand times better live! Can't wait to catch a concert eventually!!!

  • Dalan Brown
    Dalan Brown


  • Zach Long
    Zach Long

    Loving the new stuff! 🤘🏼

  • Benito FN
    Benito FN

    Wow bro Koe never disappoints

  • Jay

    100/10 missed your voiiiice!!😣

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    Fucking killed it again Koe!!

  • Alec Beal
    Alec Beal

    Just found out my best of friends was shot in the head ... No one knows anything and no suspects #justiceformajor he was so loving and caring , now he is in a coma and odds are severely stacked against him

    • Adan Garza
      Adan Garza

      Prayers man. God sees everything!

    • Alec Beal
      Alec Beal

      @Timothy Park bohnham texas

    • Timothy Park
      Timothy Park

      Sorry to here about that buddy where did that happen

  • Zeth Williams
    Zeth Williams


  • Aaron Tucker Prank T.V
    Aaron Tucker Prank T.V

    koe wetzel great song brother

  • David Ornelas
    David Ornelas

    Good O’l guy from Pittsburg

  • Clayton Wells
    Clayton Wells

    Bad ass song

  • K James
    K James

    This is good shit. Stoked for the album

  • Eli Adams Music
    Eli Adams Music

    A well-deserved artist who always lives up to the hype! Not all artists take risks and succeed and he’s the example that you should play the music that makes you move and hope people respond! Great song for what’s going to be a badass album.

  • silkyworm

    Ready for the album

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown

    Hell yeah!

  • Faith Goodell
    Faith Goodell

    Yesss thank you !!!!

  • Amanda Rodriguez
    Amanda Rodriguez

    😍😍😍 never disappoints!!! Come back to Lubbock already, it's been 3 months 😂 We'll be ready for you!

  • Shawn Mitchell
    Shawn Mitchell

    gotta love sum koe!!! love the new music

  • Luke Huskey
    Luke Huskey

    Fuck you if you don’t like Koe Wetzel

  • daddy jay
    daddy jay

    Just got the name from Kolby Cooper album The Good Ones Never Last, Kolby still the king!

  • Adam W
    Adam W

    Been waiting for this voice to say something new.

  • dago barrera
    dago barrera

    love koes voice, every song i love by him

  • JoHn JaCkMaN
    JoHn JaCkMaN

    Hell yea son

  • SCAR


  • Christopher McLaury
    Christopher McLaury

    Koe I met you a couple months ago in Hochatown Oklahoma. It was your third year at our cabin Deer Crossing and BLUE BASS. Love your music... would like to write a song with you.

  • Jack Burnette
    Jack Burnette

    Koe has been killing it

  • Alisha Black
    Alisha Black

    Just casually dropping new music in the middle of the night 🌙 🤪

  • Nick Mata
    Nick Mata

    Fuck koe wetzel


    Heck yeah 72 comment not bad for a artist

  • Nick Jackson
    Nick Jackson

    It’s good to see the grass got greener

  • Spencer Uhland
    Spencer Uhland

    This gave me chills

  • J Fitzer
    J Fitzer

    I'm Koes dad. Thank you for your support everyone.

  • MTB TX
    MTB TX

    Fuck yes!

  • Jacob Wilhelm
    Jacob Wilhelm

    Yes sirrrrr

  • Ryan Fitzgerald
    Ryan Fitzgerald

    Can’t wait for the album to drop right when I get back from the ship gives me something to listen on the way home

  • Carson Sorrells
    Carson Sorrells

    Not my favorite song by him but still rocks🤘🏻

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