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Kumail Nanjiani is best known for his Academy Award-nominated film The Big Sick and his role as Dinesh on HBO's Silicon Valley, now in its sixth and final season. He also stars alongside Dave Bautista in Stuber, which is set to hit theaters on July 12. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the comedian discusses tech bros, breaks down his favorite video games, and explains his obsession with The X-Files. Not only that, but he becomes the first guest in Hot Ones history to dine with a knife and fork.
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Season 9
Episode 7
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    What's your favorite episode of Season 9 so far?

    • The Mark Craig
      The Mark Craig

      Aubrey Plaza snorting milk is just flat out funny.

    • Mike Elbow
      Mike Elbow

      @CayleD He would never do it.

    • Mike Elbow
      Mike Elbow

      Aubrey Plaza episode. What an amazing and funny woman she is. I love spicy food. But it makes me sweat when things get heated. I once ordered 'Camarones a la Diabla', which can be translated as, The shrimp of the Devil's Wife. The waitress asked my friend in Spanish, "OMG, is he ok?!?" Good times, but I further punished myself because I was going to be working for another 12 hours and was hungry. Never again... It was novelty heat. I nick named them lava shrimp. I love spicy food too much to say no because I sweat too much. But Camarones ala Diabla has never been ordered since. I even had the pleasure of watching an avid hot food eater suffer as well, but I warned him it wasn't funny. God bless spicy food and delicious hot sauce.

    • CayleD

      Get Joe Rogan on here!!

    • Tanner MacDonald
      Tanner MacDonald

      this one

  • Umair Farooqui
    Umair Farooqui

    Marshal Mathers please!!!!


    Kumail's watch looks so great!!! anyone know what brand that is? really wants to have one

  • jim Gould
    jim Gould

    That was awesome! I watch Silicon Valley for him.

  • totally krossed out
    totally krossed out

    Please have either Danny trejo or keanu reeves💯

  • matt smenos
    matt smenos

    Kumail looks yolked these days.

  • Ace Jameson
    Ace Jameson

    “I’m just gonna check my face real quick...”

  • fangirlfray

    All I can hear is him in adventure time man

  • Ketoonandoff

    His forehead is trippy!

  • dumb thicc wizard
    dumb thicc wizard


  • Drew Peisner
    Drew Peisner

    Kumail looking up pictures of Evil Lyn and refusing to accept that she has white hair is more confirmation that he’s a nerd than him getting that question right could ever be

  • geoffrey peterson
    geoffrey peterson

    I uderstand monitizing your channel but damn

  • Chelsea Dickens
    Chelsea Dickens

    Does Kumail or Sean feel comfortable with a Trump campaign ad running with this episode?

  • Fetish Funhouse BeBe Grant
    Fetish Funhouse BeBe Grant

    king of the douche bags.

  • Fetish Funhouse BeBe Grant
    Fetish Funhouse BeBe Grant

    ugh... awful. the no show king at it again.

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty

    He interviews like the coolest cat in this world. He's the dhali lama of interviewers and yet has the most random things in common with celebs. Smart conversations, always 🤘

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty

    Fork and knife??

  • Piele 27
    Piele 27

    Yo, it's prismo

  • Continue Save Retry
    Continue Save Retry

    Before I watch this video I need to know if Kumail knows who Ryback is or not. Thank you very much I look forward to your timely response.

  • Robert Schmidt
    Robert Schmidt

    Stuber was lilarious

  • CrystalLake84

    Betty White

  • iviz nice
    iviz nice

    Get jamie foxxxxxxxxxx

  • Neal Sjaaheim
    Neal Sjaaheim

    Get Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, Robert Oberst, or Nick Best. Strongest men in history


    His watch looks mesmerizing and so does he

    • Shaaranya Mishra
      Shaaranya Mishra

      which was is thatttt :O

  • Foxtrot Delta
    Foxtrot Delta


  • MH5tube

    nice Patek

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan

    Hahaha! There's nothing better than Sean asking a question and having the guest look him right in the eye and say "Fuck You, Sean."

  • Kellyn Barnes
    Kellyn Barnes

    Pakistani Denzel!

  • Ash Collins
    Ash Collins

    Love that ‘creature of the black lagoon’ shirt! Haha!!

  • RetroMeme Naga
    RetroMeme Naga

    What's the background music at the beginning??

  • mersy

    I KNEW he sounded exactly like Reggie from Season 2 of Telltale The Walking Dead...

  • Brandon Cluff
    Brandon Cluff

    Get the McElroy brothers on here

  • Nick Eton
    Nick Eton

    I would love to see Taika Waititi on this show.

  • ayu ida riani
    ayu ida riani

    Please invite Gashi. I want to see him eat spicy foods. 😁

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    My favorite future guest is Yung Gravy

  • James Nese
    James Nese

    I loved Kumail in Stuber, now I'm obsessed lol.

  • Gut's Hub
    Gut's Hub

    Kumail's my kind of nerd

  • Zak Warmann
    Zak Warmann


  • Avara Veda
    Avara Veda

    When hes tearfully describing biriyani 🙈 I felt that

  • Xuraiis

    One of the best episodes

  • Pete Westhoff
    Pete Westhoff

    I couldn’t love this guy more. I love him more.

  • adeneka crossfield
    adeneka crossfield

    I would like to see Jason Statham on hot ones... That would be so lit

  • ecmjr

    14:09 --> LOL!!! I love this part!!!

  • Nitish Mehta
    Nitish Mehta

    kill the slow jazz

  • Mani C
    Mani C

    iko shoutouts!

  • Piyush Arora
    Piyush Arora

    More desi as he gets through the wings

  • Kam B
    Kam B

    Real pussy :)) maaan... just man up

  • aledanniel

    The jerking off scene is iconic.

  • Remo Brown
    Remo Brown


  • Slim


  • Steve Kenton
    Steve Kenton

    Fuck the plug. I'ma prove you wrong on that hair color...

  • rae rose
    rae rose

    "I look like I am currently being water boarded" I spat water all over my computer. I'm at work.

  • Fat guy Falling
    Fat guy Falling

    Subscribe, or you've taken your final dab.....bitch.

  • Koffee Preeto
    Koffee Preeto

    Kumail is soooooo hot.

  • Uniqe Beet
    Uniqe Beet

    Kumail was really fun to watch. 🇵🇰🇵🇰♥️

  • MrBrightsideXVI

    Did they skip chocolate plague!?

  • siddhesh pillai
    siddhesh pillai

    I disagree that video games are better it just full of microtransactions and lootboxes and dlc that was cut from the at launched

  • peter ban
    peter ban

    Will smith keanu reeves. Get me rammstein frontsinger till lindemann on this shit

  • lamyam19

    nine club hoodie at the end! shout all my skaters shout out CRob shout out bagley shout out kelly!!!

  • DuoLingoHasMyFamily

    subscribe or else what?

  • Donna Tsundoku
    Donna Tsundoku

    ooo the intro has a sexy beat. I like.

  • jesus perez
    jesus perez

    Sean I am a nobody but would love to be on the show. Would you consider bringing in a nobody onto the show? I am not famous but I am an interesting character and good on camera. I believe I can be very entertaining. Please reach out and I will send my info.

  • Victor Funk
    Victor Funk

    I say give him a half point for that last question, the character in the movie had black hair

  • Turbo Nutter Bastard
    Turbo Nutter Bastard

    This guy over Kevin Smith....seriously...

  • Kryspi Ox
    Kryspi Ox

    "Hot swap"

  • Alexander B.
    Alexander B.

    What's the name of the song at 20:35?

  • Secret Shopper
    Secret Shopper

    he said "subscribe or else"... ok then subscribed lol

  • Raquel Hughes
    Raquel Hughes

    so sad he's checking his face a few times

  • Gina Z
    Gina Z

    Is this bad for Sean health? I feel he needs a new show n hot ones needs a new host cause I'm concerned about his stomach ...geez

  • Gina Z
    Gina Z

    Dean, I hope you use things to protect your stomach, like Pepto or Tums or milk of magnesia

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