'KUWTK': Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian's Sexy Photos Impact His Soul
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On Sunday night's episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' we saw Kanye take issue with Kim's 'underwear' of a Met Gala look.

  • M. E. B.
    M. E. B.

    Kanye is right. He is a husband and he wants a wife.

  • Beatrice Desire
    Beatrice Desire

    She got a few sex tape out and you tripping about a dress get over yourself kanye 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Kath Ng
    Kath Ng

    I’m on his side . He is right . They. Cute cute couple in anyway 🌹🌹🌹

  • Kath Ng
    Kath Ng

    Cute couple

  • Black Ambassadors
    Black Ambassadors

    Speak up Kanye It is good for the relationship. You speaking your opinion is necessary you are her husband.

  • Andisa Magopeni
    Andisa Magopeni

    2:20 the hardest bar I’ve ever heard from Ye’

  • Ebube Modebelu
    Ebube Modebelu

    Kanye is so jealous but it is kind of hot

  • Gauge Bur
    Gauge Bur


  • BORED At HOME Shenannigans
    BORED At HOME Shenannigans

    What he wants is honorable

  • Hikmah King
    Hikmah King

    It's messed up that they didn't show the whole thing, even on the show. He was referring to her dress having buttons to resemble her nipples. Kim said herself that he had previously mentioned to her that he didn't approve because it was too realistic looking. She ultimately agreed obviously, because the final version of the dress did not have that feature. Please stop trying to make the poor guy look controlling.

  • Olivia Busuttil
    Olivia Busuttil

    I agree with kanye

  • Wheelie 619
    Wheelie 619

    CR7 Siii

  • Frida Etsha
    Frida Etsha

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-q3CzWobxqAI.html. Thanks

  • photopix9 S
    photopix9 S

    Is that dress sexy 👀

  • Tnemom Hurb
    Tnemom Hurb

    “I like the hoe stories I like the hoe shit” Kanye West 2018 😕

  • Eden R
    Eden R

    Hes a sicko

  • T M.
    T M.

    he literally did marry a beauty/sex icon, and being a rapper im sure he talks about sex and such things in his songs, that dress wasnt even too sexy it was very beautiful and a work of art, kim herself has matured and toned down with the super revealing photo shoots anyways , and she was extremely excited for this dress , she was in the right here for sure. if he has issues with too much revealing clothes theres a time and place for that discussion but this event was really the wrong time to being it up.

  • GiGi Gerbing
    GiGi Gerbing

    I love Kayne's smile when he or other people talk about Kim. You can see in his face and hear his tone that he really loves and adores her. And when he says he loved her from the first time he saw her...awww!!!

  • Anise Marion
    Anise Marion

    He’s growing up, she’s still attached to fame and everything that comes with it, can’t serve 2 Gods!

  • DJ

    She seems like a boring person who only cares about clothes. Not interesting at all

  • DJ

    She dressed like that when he married her

  • DJ

    I have no idea why he married such a vapid creature addicted to plastic surgery

  • buster hyman
    buster hyman

    Kanye will be coming out soon. He gay asf

  • Sylvia Accime
    Sylvia Accime

    oh kanye

  • Misssluluize

    I think Kanye should grow in to spirituality where there is nothing threatening neither unholy in being a woman owning and from that place expressing her sexuality.

  • Sinem E
    Sinem E

    He said that she watched the tape so many times and even jerked on it and also said his one of the biggest aim is to get married to a pornstar. Lol?

  • Judy Ivie
    Judy Ivie

    Made for drama

  • Persian Violet
    Persian Violet

    What's the point of all that surgeries, all we knows about it. It's not real sexy anymore.

  • Zane M
    Zane M

    Can't make hoe a housewife

  • Niki T
    Niki T

    It was because the dress initially has droplets directly on each nipple, that was his concern. Not the dress.

  • Zane M
    Zane M

    She is gona dump him sooner or later! Mark my words

    • Esther Aidoo
      Esther Aidoo

      That will be her lose, it will be very difficult for her to find someone who will love her as he did

    • Esther Aidoo
      Esther Aidoo

      That will be her lose

  • Elisabeth Fanfan
    Elisabeth Fanfan

    Im with kayne on this kim has four kids shes not 21 any more shiw off your body sometimes but not all some other celeb rappers would not care at least he's caring


    isn't suks life we are living,am i wrong if i say Muslims have to be more happier!!?

  • Sandra Thomas
    Sandra Thomas

    You cant. Do the aex kitten things and want change when you. Do

  • Sandra Thomas
    Sandra Thomas

    He need to do like Prince find that us Gods Child. You should have spoke to God

  • Konad B
    Konad B

    She has been like that way before he married her. Cartoon! You marry her because of her look right? Don’t complain. Just ride with her. 😃😃😃

  • vivian gathecha
    vivian gathecha

    8 months! For a met gala look 😂

  • Ajowan

    Wow ye really respects her

  • Ericka Toles
    Ericka Toles

    She looks terrible ! That butt is totally disgusting! She ruined her look she use to be beautiful back in the day but all this plastic surgery on her face and body does NOTHING for her ! If she thinks that looks good she’s WRONG!! And I don’t care who she is I’d tell that to her face !

  • Jan Psillos
    Jan Psillos

    Don't know if he really feels that way. But nobody's getting in her way. He might like that. Being objectified keeps her in the spotlight.

  • Smile Maker
    Smile Maker

    Her Body talks more than her mouth. What would you do if your wife was like her?

  • Sasha Alladin
    Sasha Alladin


  • _iibhff

    Kim has a point tho like what’s the point telling her that you got a problem with the outfit the DAY before the Met Gala like what she meant to do go shopping ? Or start stitching up a new outfit ? Like even I’d be confused but I see Kanyes perspective tho 😂

  • 09277595352 Jumao-as
    09277595352 Jumao-as

    Kanye is just being a good husband

  • DS Be it G
    DS Be it G

    She totally busted out the ever infamous baphomet slave pose! I'm sorry, she may have worked super hard those eight months, and her and her family are attractive people, but that dress looked like sequins drizzled over nasty greasy grizzled chicken.

  • Myra Sarmiento
    Myra Sarmiento

    KANYE IS 43 YEARS OLD!!??🤯🤯🤯🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣

  • Penny Herrera
    Penny Herrera

    Another words them Bible. Words don't mean nothing to her

  • Josh Mullins
    Josh Mullins

    1:05 Typical hes pouring his heart out to Kim and shes on the fucking phone

  • Ashley Young
    Ashley Young

    I just don't understand her desire to be like this.

  • Ashley Young
    Ashley Young

    The way kanye walked out lol he is so funny

  • Sofia Marmolejo Vargas
    Sofia Marmolejo Vargas

    She doesn't have to ask him how to get herself dressed. I'm sorry but Kim's body it's just Kim business...

  • faniama kusumawati
    faniama kusumawati

    Kanye is a man!!! A gentleman!!!

  • Mia Hazard
    Mia Hazard

    Yessss kim!!!

  • Ümit Mustafa
    Ümit Mustafa

    He married a left over girl.

  • Tamara Davis
    Tamara Davis

    Lol imagine marrying Kim Kardashian then getting mad that she takes sexy photos. It's been how many years now? Suddenly it's a issue like what lol

  • Nat Gran
    Nat Gran

    He new how he married

  • The deep BlueSea
    The deep BlueSea

    Keep it praying Kanye!

  • julio luna
    julio luna

    There is a saying....you cant make a...

  • Emma Isabella
    Emma Isabella

    Many singers used the site *(AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M)* for views, but i'm not sure that Kanye West used it or not.

  • Bryan Bryan
    Bryan Bryan

    He has his option and she has hers! I’m glad she decided to dress the way she feels fit. If he doesn’t like it he can always leave I’m pretty sure she will be just fine without him.

  • Pet Lover
    Pet Lover

    Why is Jonathan Cheban in the room?

  • manzanaverde

    I wonder when she farts if her butt shakes ☠💩🙀

  • Dawood Sedeqi
    Dawood Sedeqi

    He is not man , Kim is insane . That’s it . They are believe on sex. She with him for sex , she doesnot know about love , things are very clear .

  • Natalie Terrazas
    Natalie Terrazas

    Well i understand him but then hes gonna be by her side though but wow the way kim says you brought me up and all to be the way i am

  • Rizchelle Simbillo
    Rizchelle Simbillo

    You go girrrl

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee

    that dress was sooo ugly sorry Mugler

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee

    Kanye is right

  • Amanda Manga
    Amanda Manga

    Ncoooo! I loved it when he said" you are my wife"

    • Chris G
      Chris G

      Her excuse is yes but I'm not ur property even tho we're supposed to be one now, I can still Express myself despite how u feel based on how I feel, basically belligerent of his feelings other than hers

  • Savia Toumar
    Savia Toumar

    We had same problem with husband in the end of the day..hahaha

  • Jasmine Poole
    Jasmine Poole

    Helll she dressed that way before he got with her? 😂

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