'KUWTK': Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian's Sexy Photos Impact His Soul
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On Sunday night's episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' we saw Kanye take issue with Kim's 'underwear' of a Met Gala look.

  • Ronald Bergonia
    Ronald Bergonia

    God change him

  • Sean Phelan
    Sean Phelan

    This is like an arrested development sketch taken to full value. Kanye is a black guy who they added for diversity and all the actors are rich and so far unrelatable now and they all have huge intillects and they defeat the dumb humor of the original to an absurdist nightmare

  • Mahbu335

    Kim doesn't talk about it as publicly as other members of her family, but she is a Christian who holds her faith close to her heart. Just because she doesn't express it as loudly as Kanye does now, doesn't mean that isn't her faith. But Kanye really revamped her life and image when they got together; I can understand where now that she's come into this strength (that he lavished so much praise and encouragement on in the beginning), him wanting to shift her image in another direction is frustrating to her. This is something they'll have to grow with on their own.

  • Russell Zimbwa
    Russell Zimbwa

    What episode is this??

  • mango peachie
    mango peachie

    I love Kim. Yes, I would love to see Kim dressed modestly, especially now that she has 4 kids.

  • Philip

    Kim get over yourself and respect your man

  • Philip

    I'd leave that Jezabel

  • Kay Mill
    Kay Mill

    This marriage will soon be over if this transition is real because...you cannot be unequally yoked.

  • 333jeannie

    She will leave him soon ...WATCH.

    • Darryl Brooks
      Darryl Brooks

      She needs him more than he need her

  • Dana Shaw
    Dana Shaw

    Girl respect your huzband lol

  • FranK Frankel
    FranK Frankel

    Ce sont les propos de kanye que je trouve ridicule, car c'est un honneur de porter du Mugler atelier

  • P. Adamson
    P. Adamson

    Life compels us all to choose. Choices made by Kim and Kanye brought them to this INEVITABLE crossroad. There's no turning back for Kanye. Kim's choices may be just as irrevocable, in the opposite direction. Miracles are the natural order of the universe... 🙏 !

  • YellowPeep KingSheets
    YellowPeep KingSheets

    You can't change a thot who doesn't want to! A family won't stop them! Just how kids won't make a man stay.

  • Jerry Davis
    Jerry Davis

    Oh this is going to great to watch unfold 🚂💢

  • Pa ca
    Pa ca

    Shit a wife so beautiful like that !! Makes any man going into a tripping mode !!! Regardless what she did in her pass !!! She is a real persian mermaid !!!

  • Lehigh Valley Credit Restoration
    Lehigh Valley Credit Restoration

    Kim needs to submit to her husband

  • Carlee Cotter
    Carlee Cotter

    even my grandma likes him now and that he’s spreading gods word

  • Rgirlcarla i
    Rgirlcarla i

    She is a woman,she is allowed to wear what she wants,like frick you bro.She is allowed to wear what she want,that's called jealousy,and telling her what to do.Like suck my toe bro.Yes I can see thats how any husband would react because thet love you and because of sometime we are all human we get jealous,but bro that's like you telling her what to wear she is a woman,she can show off her curves and what not,that's confidents in her body,and shows she doesn't give a frick what people thinks.

  • DanaGetFit

    I love how she spoke up for herself.. and how at the end they got through it without drama! Reality of relationships.. you won’t always like ALL of your partner’s decisions. Some you have to compromise, some can be changed, and some you have to be okay with. I love Kim.

  • Mr Crowley
    Mr Crowley

    So kanye hasn’t realized he’s retarded or maybe he’s becoming more retarded by the moment.

  • Karolina Siberia
    Karolina Siberia

    Kim is a hoe, you can't change that. 👌🏻

  • star Williams
    star Williams

    Cant save someone who doesn't want to be saved

  • Joji murad Salem terrortown
    Joji murad Salem terrortown

    This is why he thought about killing her

  • llshawn300ll

    The JBP brought me here

  • Ivan Meouch
    Ivan Meouch

    I don't know how long he will last with her with this change. She is no virtuous woman and obviously does not respect her husband. Kanye needs to man up.

  • Sphephelo Nombika Ngcobo
    Sphephelo Nombika Ngcobo

    Kanye is the best example of a repentance of a sinner

  • C.L. Samuel
    C.L. Samuel

    Pray for Kim that she may come to know our creator

  • Aiden Morrison
    Aiden Morrison

    Kanye is so hypocrite ! Omg, the man is addicted to porn, he watches naked women all the time, and he thinks kim is to sexy? He should be ashamed, I mean he knew who she was from the beginning, it is her business ! Moreover, it is her body, he doesn't have to forbid her anything, I'm shook by all these backward comments! Just because he believes in god now doesn't make him a saint, he's far from perfect.

  • Kaitlyn McDaniel
    Kaitlyn McDaniel

    His feelings matter but he had literal months to say something. He should’ve shut his mouth the NIGHT before the MET.

    • Kaitlyn McDaniel
      Kaitlyn McDaniel

      New World Grover there was literally nothing to be done about it, at that time. If he really cared he would’ve said so before. He was smart to just walk away because nothing he said would change anything and it would’ve been better to just not say anything until after.

    • New World Grover
      New World Grover

      Tell your husband to shut up when you get married, lol. Trust me that doesn't work.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    am a metalhead but I have respect for Kanye

  • 💖💖

    Y'all are so deceived. LMAO when the Antichrist comes y'all are gonna be the ones to be lead to the fema camps with microchips selling y'all should right to Satan! Good luck with that!

  • 💖💖

    How many personalities does he have?!? One minute you're talking all proper and like speaking very carefully as if you're reading a script! Then the real you is like "if sex appeal was a book then she be the motherfucking dictionary ya know what I mean" now that's the real Kanye! I love Jesus but Kanye is fronting he's only fooling the blind! It's like the blind leading the blind!

  • Rayne

    Kanye is 100%!

  • Alia Tubri
    Alia Tubri

    I don’t get it. So many people supporting him on this. I mean sure it’s nice he wants to “honor” his wife, but it’s kind of ridiculous that he gets to decide her image. When he wants her sexy , she’s sexy, but when he’s “found the lord “ he wants her to be modest? What if her image was based on what she wants in life instead of letting someone else control her body??

  • Arthur Bostic
    Arthur Bostic

    This video makes me think Kanye his coming to YAH'UAH. YAH'UAH changes everything about a person when they turn their heart to Him. YAH'UAH's Ten Commandments become ten expressions of love. Praying brother Kanye West grows on Messiah YShUO's path to YAH'UAH.

  • Traveller 09
    Traveller 09

    'My girl needs to be just like the other girls showing her body off' .... Seriously? She is one of the biggest reason girls nowadays show their body off too much 🤦‍♀️

  • Musiciscool AZ
    Musiciscool AZ

    Ok for kim I ask this question. Would you want your kids to dress like that? Kids watch what parents do an how they act and sometimes follow after them an repeat mistakes. Or worse. I ask what type of example are you setting for your kids? is it modesty? Is it at all Godly? You do relieze that more kids an girls on social media follow after the example you set before them because you have influence on them. God is speaking to your husband through the bible. I pray you do the same.

  • Rohanna Nova
    Rohanna Nova

    He's got a right to feel that way, he's her husband. We all agree! Anyways, being naked is so overrated and is everywhere, cheap and trashy. Modesty is actually more shocking these days and adds value to the simplest of women. I would love to see a modest Kardashian for once!! Lol!

  • Bladimir Cruz
    Bladimir Cruz

    Shit if theres one thing I agree with Kanye is that Kim should put some clothes on . It's easier these days to call her a slut lol

  • Aieshoo 1234
    Aieshoo 1234

    I smell a divorce coming.

  • Pam M
    Pam M

    Poor Kanye. Kim is so married to the world. Sexy is what she is all about. Sad since her looks will fade and then what? What will it take for her to REALLY look into a mirror to who she is in Gods eyes.? ONE day she will see him face to face and he will not care how sexy she is.

  • Lucy Belay
    Lucy Belay

    As she said it you encouraged her to wear the way she has been and she became the kind you wanted her to be. Now you changed and your eyes opened. Just like no one made you to open your eyes for the truth but him, you can’t make her. Just pray for eyes to be open. He is the ONLY one who can open the blind eyes.

  • ArjenRobben Mr.Wembley
    ArjenRobben Mr.Wembley

    Damn Kim is ice cold. She said fuck that & screw you. Poor kanye he has enough shit on his mind.

  • Lexi W. Chayer
    Lexi W. Chayer


  • Lexi W. Chayer
    Lexi W. Chayer


  • Rose

    If he doesn’t feed her ego, she’ll eventually say, NEXT! She’s a typical narcissist and Kanye’s a control freak.

  • Vegan With Love
    Vegan With Love

    May the Lord touch Kim’s heart as well🙏🏻🙏🏻Praiseeee the Loooord. 😍😍❤️❤️❤️🕊🕊🕊💖💖💖let’s pray for Kanye❤️❤️it’s really difficult to have a public conversion

  • Pandore LDR
    Pandore LDR

    Never seen sooo much slut shaming in a comment section 😦 this. Is. Crazy.

  • Mimi YouYou
    Mimi YouYou

    God help him.Stuck with that situation.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    The man has a very hard road a head of him, not only is he going through a personal transformation but now he has a family that will either follow him through it or they won't.

  • Ms BeautyBoss
    Ms BeautyBoss

    He met her wearing nudist sexy clothing and now since he found Jesus he want her to change. Oh okay Kanye. Smh

  • Friends Don't Lie
    Friends Don't Lie

    I think they should just turn off the comments cause it's just turning into a religious war zone

  • Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason
    Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 the ♊ who i'm dating does the same exact thing & i'm ♎ smfh...♊gets too annoyingly controling sometimes..♎means nothing by how they dress, we love to look & feel gd😒🤦🏽‍♀️

  • davis metro
    davis metro

    I agree

  • R. Clark
    R. Clark

    Kim looks like she has no teeth when she bites her lips.

  • Jesus Is- Lord
    Jesus Is- Lord

    I love you Kayne West keep standing for Jesus, God and righteousness

  • Angel Lewis
    Angel Lewis

    I completely agree with kanye however to tell kim a night or 2 days before the gala was wrong hopefully after that she will honor her husband and not go nun but dress a little more modest

  • joyinjesus

    Good for Kanye! I agree with him 100% Modest is hottest. Keep it clean and Classy!!

  • Devon Parker
    Devon Parker

    Man fuck that! You went all Christian... Cool story. But Kim MAKES HER MONEY OFF HER LOOKS! If she doesn't have that, she doesn't have anything. That's why they all got surgeries. To make dat shmoney! I ain't even a fan of Kim (or Kanye) but he needs to realize that if he tells her to cover up, he's also telling her to end her career. And she ain't gonna do that. She'll divorce you before she does that shit

  • HowlBeast

    I wouldnt be happy if my gf or wife dressed way too revealing it would make me serious uncomfortable..

  • Pacifist joy
    Pacifist joy

    Nowadays, wherever Kanye appears in worldly channels, there I see GODFEARING PEOPLE seriously commenting😁 let's Keep praying for kanye🤗

  • chris georgallis
    chris georgallis

    Kim he wants you to be respectable. Tone it down. I get what hes saying.

  • okmnjiuhb

    I smell divorce. He is a born-again and she still wants to be who she has been... idk that itll work out

    • Lindsay M
      Lindsay M

      okmnjiuhb I see what you’re saying, but God hates divorce, and I think Kanye knows that. I believe Jesus has the power to work in Kim’s heart just the way He did for Kanye. They are stronger together, and their staying together would be a greater testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit ♥️

  • Kevin Putra Chandra
    Kevin Putra Chandra

    Im on KIM side 100% Kanye just saying this after he wanted kim to be sexy before. Very hypocritical

  • Belletaina

    Kanye knew what he married! It's been 5 years, and the HO is still not a housewife! What a FOOL. Kim's sex tapes and nude pictures have been impacting lots of men's souls before she trapped him with marriage and four kids.

  • Ƙíղց ΠΣLSΩΠ
    Ƙíղց ΠΣLSΩΠ

    What wrong wit Kanye eyes lol

  • Ms. StressLady
    Ms. StressLady

    She can tone it down for her husband but he could have sid something before the event

  • Alexa Diaz'Johnson
    Alexa Diaz'Johnson

    He does have a point

  • cromerbeach

    These are vile, attention seeking , self absorbed morons . As for the dress and her look it's disgusting and what kind of message is sending to her children dressed like a blow up doll

  • Jesse Antale
    Jesse Antale

    “They hate you because they hate me”

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