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  • Schneider Schneider
    Schneider Schneider

    me after my crush asks me out

  • Mate Face
    Mate Face

    Their voices are so soothing and satifying

  • Melisa Lopez
    Melisa Lopez

    Me a horse in the bed room

  • NOAH sensei . . .
    NOAH sensei . . .

    Rip chadwick boseman

  • SCP- 096
    SCP- 096

    Bruh gay and straight and any LGBTQ+ Gonna be simpin him

  • Donovan Douglas
    Donovan Douglas

    Chadwick Bodman? ): RIP Chadwick Boseman-2020

  • Nbc Ygf
    Nbc Ygf


  • World Domination
    World Domination

    Chadwick Boseman Rest in peace

  • Samurai Jack
    Samurai Jack

    Mom: Don't act stupid! My annoying ass: 1:38

  • bry reed
    bry reed

    “Chadwick Bodman” :(

  • Amora Isonguyo
    Amora Isonguyo

    this song is still fire

  • YaBoiGeorge

    who else came back after 2 years

  • LiShangIsBae

    Hearing “Chadwick Bodman” and knowing that Chadwick Boseman died just a week ago hits on a whole other level of pain..

  • Saber_009

    R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman

  • Jaden Baker
    Jaden Baker

    Rest in peace Chadwick.

  • Makyo

    Rip Chadwick Bodman

  • big bry
    big bry

    i wanna hear cody to spit a verse

  • Certified Entertainment 254
    Certified Entertainment 254

    RIP Chadwick Boseman

  • Brando

    rip chadwick

  • Elliot George
    Elliot George

    That Chadwick Boseman joke will come back in a negative way prob

    • dank frank
      dank frank

      yeah thats what i was thinking :/

  • Leo Da Rasta
    Leo Da Rasta

    Rest In Peace to the real Chadwick Boseman

    • Zerick Carter
      Zerick Carter


    • MA Atabong
      MA Atabong

      i was looking for this comment!

  • Benificial TV
    Benificial TV

    Im from lansing mi too

    • jekanyika

      *Great news!*

  • SoundSheep01

    Duh der duh der 😏

  • tommy jimbo
    tommy jimbo

    isnt the middle contestant all of a sudden some dude named kirby jenner or am i trippin bruh

  • Madeline Park
    Madeline Park

    I miss the 90s :(

  • Andrew R
    Andrew R

    Still slappin

  • Kyla’sNailTutorials

    the song = fire the vid = wtf

  • Hana Ahmed
    Hana Ahmed

    I just remembered this song

  • Bộ Tộc Mèo
    Bộ Tộc Mèo

    hay thế nhở

  • Kamimi

    What is Bianca’s socials??

  • Regina Morgan
    Regina Morgan

    Who still like this

  • Father Dae 9
    Father Dae 9

    When he start 1:11 edit1 when the girl start 3:15

  • Jinjojous

    um jammer lammy destined return

  • itzookaa

    coming back again, year 3

  • Nimo M
    Nimo M

    Kyle slaps hard and he is so underrated

  • 여자예쁘다

    To the ppl saying that they wouldn't pick Khelani... stop lying to yourself

  • James K
    James K

    Bit disappointed that I have just come across this. Oh well, great tune!

  • Gavyn DeO
    Gavyn DeO

    who is bianca though?

  • JCT 99
    JCT 99

    love this song

  • jesus chiprez
    jesus chiprez

    My favorite song

  • Ariana Ramirez
    Ariana Ramirez

    Take me back to 2018 PLEASE😫😭 because 2020 is the worst year EVER

  • Kiseolsdramas

    3:15 3:16

  • Elijah Pittman
    Elijah Pittman

    @cherizer ong

  • Freddie Muston
    Freddie Muston


  • Fetta Wayzz Athena Athens
    Fetta Wayzz Athena Athens

    To blessed to be stressed

  • Zach Hollis
    Zach Hollis

    A summer without a Kyle Banger in not a summer I want to be apart of

  • Melissa Downer
    Melissa Downer

    2017: iSpy *disappears* 2018: Playinwitme *disappears* 2019: Hey Julie *disappears* 2020: yow KYLE wya?? It's summer

    • Jr Parham
      Jr Parham

      July 17th... 🤫

  • 서용훈ū ū
    서용훈ū ū

    1:10 music start 노래 시작 부분

  • Matt Batson
    Matt Batson

    This song brings back so many memories 😢🙂

    • Alfiebolt Action
      Alfiebolt Action

      Bro 2018 summer

    • Jim Grasy
      Jim Grasy

      some how i feel like i heard this before but i dont think i dint

  • darionna granger
    darionna granger

    who feel like this song came out and hour ago

  • Cobbie Thiong'o
    Cobbie Thiong'o

    Awesome song

  • shoespeak

    "Chad, aka, Is Your Sister Single" i say this all the time to people hahaha

  • The Good Bob
    The Good Bob

    Ain’t nobody talking about my boy Cody huh smh

  • Ton Palacios
    Ton Palacios

    BAElani, facts

  • TJK Kyo
    TJK Kyo

    It took me 2 years to realize that Drake is @2:00

  • Cdeduos


  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Most underated singer 😂 no cap

  • Christian Valencia
    Christian Valencia

    whist bianca's @ ????

  • tofusimmer

    Who's here in 2020?

    • Jim Grasy
      Jim Grasy

      i never heard this song?

  • Trebor Balintucas
    Trebor Balintucas

    Last mag like nito loadan ko 50 gusto ko lng e share yung ayuda ko😊

  • Paystree

    just realized that's kirby jenner

  • Claudeo Dick
    Claudeo Dick

    "From the back" 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Sagittarius Ninety
      Sagittarius Ninety


  • Thirush Pirapuram
    Thirush Pirapuram

    Everyone is talking about kehlani but hb kyleee!!

  • Joie Manning
    Joie Manning

    girls will be so gay but not want to confront that part of them so they just end up fucking my head up

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana

    God I love this song

  • Asia Palmer
    Asia Palmer

    "You don't even like girls" I felt that

  • 여자예쁘다

    Currently waiting for Kyle to come back with another song.

  • 여자예쁘다

    The 90s vibes in this are immaculate

  • XxElle_Da_IdiotxX

    Damn Kehlani's voice is 🔥

  • Steven Teeters
    Steven Teeters

    Is that a Kardashian?

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