The Los Angeles Lakers clinched the #1 seed in the Western Conference as they defeated the Utah Jazz, 116-108, in Orlando. This is the first time the Lakers have clinched the #1 seed since the 2009-10 season. Anthony Davis led the Lakers with 42 PTS and 12 REB, while LeBron James added 22 PTS, 8 REB and 9 AST in the victory. Donovan Mitchell paced the Jazz with 33 PTS.
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  • Manuel Dizon
    Manuel Dizon

    Ang ganda Naman first time nanalo sa magaling na taem Ang lal

  • dru jonsun
    dru jonsun

    The brow haha

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    The Woke NBA has sunk below WWE in ratings. #swoopfilms #hardtobeleive (NBA bans fans from putting #freehongkong on jerseys!!)

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  • Deana Rupe
    Deana Rupe

    Screw the NBA 🖕

    • Torin O'Connor
      Torin O'Connor


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  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    Nba recreation khelbo, pro recreation

  • cblizz730

    The new graphics on the PlayStation 8.

  • The Fun Fact Guy
    The Fun Fact Guy

    Utah don’t know how to play basketball 😂

    • The Fun Fact Guy
      The Fun Fact Guy

      Torin O'Connor Utah is underrated af so no they don’t

    • Torin O'Connor
      Torin O'Connor

      They are an NBA team of course they do

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson

    Let's go Lakers!!! I love the L.A Lakers!!!

  • Mamaw haha smashmout
    Mamaw haha smashmout

    lakers is forever wild in game

  • A M
    A M

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  • UTraceBeats

    Anyone watching this to forget about okc

  • Diego Bonaventura
    Diego Bonaventura

    how come no one has been talking about how trash JR Smith has been playing???

  • Liam Chow
    Liam Chow


  • LiL MoCo
    LiL MoCo

  • Reese Dollas
    Reese Dollas

    I thought it was 2k, at 1st lol

  • Camorree Tinsley
    Camorree Tinsley

    Royce O'Neal just gave up 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • dante blackwood
    dante blackwood

    How the hell did Jordan clarkston grow braids that fast?

  • ka kee
    ka kee

    1:14 on repeat

  • Zian Zhou
    Zian Zhou

    Is it just me or is the video quality kind of bad

  • Chase Davis
    Chase Davis

    When Howard and Waiters came in it was OVER.

  • ramiroabuan

    When are they going to change the name National Basketball Association to Divisional Basketball Association? Sports associations were established to unite our great nation. BLM cult is there to divide our great nation. Goodbye NBA. It will be soon communist basketball association.

  • Richard Appletree
    Richard Appletree

    Look! It's the same fans of nba jam! Lol!! Boomshakala!,, Head fake,,

  • Chris Ayala
    Chris Ayala

    1:28 brroooo that landing scared me 😭

  • GayJew


  • Richard Agadjanian
    Richard Agadjanian

    Something about the Lakers is so cringe to me haha idk why. Just the way the team is put together makes me laugh

  • Richard Agadjanian
    Richard Agadjanian

    Why didn't they show Donovan Mitchell's 4 point play right after Davis's in the end...?

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Labum is going to fold. He doesn't have a Killer Instinct and ever will

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    tejaswini jakhotia

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  • henrich ramirez
    henrich ramirez

    lakers killed jazz using pick and pop. Lmfao

  • Shounak Ghosh
    Shounak Ghosh

    Lebron is the assist leader in the league... as a small forward... at age 35 Let that sink in

  • Andy Volcy
    Andy Volcy watch the golden state warriors defeat 🏀 everyone they are put against. Check it out here:

  • Shaheda Quraishi
    Shaheda Quraishi

    2:27 that looks familiar to the 2016 nba finals game 7

  • Light Work
    Light Work

    Haha i think its fucking hilarious all these major companies now are saying black lives matter just to not get sued and have there nice players not play so they cant make money lol. Ratings down so much for all the bs we watch for sports not for political reasons

  • rebjiii

    the NBA is making a big mistake by putting messages on players jerseys and the floor of the Orlando courts. The Players names should be on their jerseys, not BLACK LIVES MATTER.......nobody watches NBA games for political messaging. I watch sports to avoid political messaging. I watch MSNBC and Fox News when I want to know learn more about politics......the TV ratings on NBA Orlando Bubble games have been terrible so far because of the messaging on the court and players jerseys.....Black Lives Matter is a disgraceful organization - just read their disgusting and hateful mission statement and goals on the BLM website.

  • Aim Crazy
    Aim Crazy

    Man Davis is so unique

  • Arabian FatAss
    Arabian FatAss

    Gobert looking lazy next to davis

  • Tercero Omar
    Tercero Omar

    This is like having the YMCA deliver to your TV screen lol

  • Dagz ALS
    Dagz ALS

    Dion needs more minutes. I see him valuable in the playoffs


    Well I’m i’m glad Gobert and Donovan Mitchell are able to like get along and shit that’s good ...I mean I’d be pissed if he was my teammate

  • Shag W
    Shag W

    LeBron without a doubt is the most complete player I have ever seen.

  • Ignuz

    Lol, a bunch of grown men being paid for being ABSOLUTELY useless. Nice.

  • Lupe Uribe
    Lupe Uribe

    I could care less about the NBA. But this BLM BS did it for me! Fuck LeBron!!!

  • john arcenas
    john arcenas

    lakers needs a very powerful athletic small or power foward in the paint that can run up and down the court ?

  • Mike

    This os a video game

  • Kaptin Clouds
    Kaptin Clouds

    Fucking jazz have made so many terrible trades.

  • Owen Haider
    Owen Haider

    Why does kuzma look like Jackson mahomes

  • KingOwens 3
    KingOwens 3

    Deon waiters need to start, dude’s a straight bucket.

  • Carly Edwards
    Carly Edwards

    This is gonna b a good playoff series go Lakers

  • Shmoop

    Wow NBA went down hill

  • Ali Sobh
    Ali Sobh

    the refs are so bad they need better ones u know how many times these people traveled

  • JackyDKnows

    Help the Philippines

  • Michquan McKnight
    Michquan McKnight

    Idk about y’all but number 23 for Utah stay getting beat 1 on 1

  • E. Fabian
    E. Fabian

    Every team Lebron has been on reminds me of the Justice league... he is the Superman of the team everyone turns to him to save the world ... but for some reason he would much rather have Batman take over Instead

  • DrakathDrago


  • Andrew Berry
    Andrew Berry

    The virtual fans keeps distracting me. It just looks funny.

  • Aaron J. Brooks
    Aaron J. Brooks

    Good win and clinched the top seed👍🏾

  • Bryan Richardson
    Bryan Richardson

    I know it was scary to play against Rudy Gobert...

  • Wallace Rich
    Wallace Rich

    I’ll be the first to say it Dion looking nice out there he look like a whole different man

  • 崔老师


  • Bobby Padilla
    Bobby Padilla

    James fires from 3......puts it in!🤗

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    Expanded Music Group

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  • Brian Kruse
    Brian Kruse

    all that money and only one eyebrow.😂🤣

  • Jay Parrish
    Jay Parrish

    None of these hypocrites lives matter send them to china to play. In the blm league.

  • Dagga DaGahd
    Dagga DaGahd

    Im a let it be known now I dont care what no one thinks vince Carter is my favorite player and unless we talking prime Jordan then im taking prime Vince over any other guard.

  • Cumar Mohamed
    Cumar Mohamed

    Damn they did my boy Dudley dirty 😂😂😂 he came in the last 5 secs lol

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