LaMelo Ball vs Lonzo Ball 2nd Meet! Rozier 43 Pts! 2020-21 NBA Season
Chris Smoove
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  • Velson The Gamer
    Velson The Gamer

    Lamelo is the best ball brother💯‼️

  • TyJamar

    The Ball Brothers will have some classic matchups.

  • John Dave
    John Dave


  • Bliss Ventura
    Bliss Ventura


  • Eddie Wright
    Eddie Wright

    Terry balling 43

  • Tommy Holsworth
    Tommy Holsworth

    Yo that Hornets announcer was so over the top. He needs to chill the f out.

  • edgar olguin
    edgar olguin

    Lonzo you have 5 years at nba and your rookie brother is better.

  • Angela Spell
    Angela Spell

    Lol Lamelo is already way better. Gonna be 10x better

  • Slam Dank
    Slam Dank

    St. LaVar - 3/3 kids made the NBA, Jorbum - 0/2 kids made the NBA - checkmate boomers!

  • King Ragnar Lothbrok
    King Ragnar Lothbrok

    Battle of Balls

  • Trash Boat
    Trash Boat

    Remember when lavar said they would all be playing on the lakers

  • cynthia nuamah
    cynthia nuamah

    Jesus Christ is coming and Jesus loves you let’s turn to Jesus

  • TanTan10

    LaMelo leaning at the end of the video about LaMelo? That’s some CHEESE

  • Royal Me
    Royal Me

    Lavar is the GOAT.

  • Marco Rodriguez
    Marco Rodriguez


  • LaMelo Ball
    LaMelo Ball

    gelo at home sitting on the coach crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  • ItzYaBoyTwan

    Imagine Pelicans and Hornets in the NBA Finals.

    • LETHAL P
      LETHAL P


    • George Idan
      George Idan

      That would be cool but pelicans idk if they will make the playoffs

  • dolce gabbana
    dolce gabbana

    LaMelo's shot is so weird, how does it go in ?

  • Pablo Herrera
    Pablo Herrera


  • Kelly Oubre Jr.
    Kelly Oubre Jr.

    Wenyen Gabriel dirty for that @0:35

  • The Fun -_-guy
    The Fun -_-guy

    Scary Terry dropping 43 and Alexander-Walker shooting a half court buzzer??? THATS SOME 🧀!

  • SmugAcrobatic


  • MalRulesAll


  • MasterHepburns

    0:44 maybe if that hornets guy guarded alexander. They might have a better chance. Lazy ass bum!

  • Itzboss101

    Your commentary is junk.

  • Fam0us_Nate2kk Natefire
    Fam0us_Nate2kk Natefire

    Rozier is underrated

  • WHY

    Chris smoove been the goat for a while now

  • Constable Kennedy
    Constable Kennedy

    Is it fair to say that both Lonzo and LaMelo can Ball?!... 👀. 🏀

  • Kenneth Tiangco
    Kenneth Tiangco

    Lavar so proud right now

  • Stan's MGE
    Stan's MGE

    damn they got balls brothers

  • Nykole Hudson
    Nykole Hudson

    Lol no cap

  • Mac 'N Cheese
    Mac 'N Cheese

    0:43 Did the shot count? If it did, it's all monk's fault

  • Javien Elmore
    Javien Elmore

    Lamelos teammates failed him besides terry and PJ, look at the stat line. Maybe if bridges was out their it would be a different story but where was he. Hornets coach is trash!.

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown


  • theReal JayZ
    theReal JayZ

    They both overrated

  • Steph Chef Curry
    Steph Chef Curry

    Lamelo x Bridges

  • Steph Chef Curry
    Steph Chef Curry

    Lonzo vs Lamelo on Mother’s Day The ball fam was in for a treat 🔥

    • Komo Räikkönen
      Komo Räikkönen


  • Mitchh Phreshh
    Mitchh Phreshh

    0:45 loved how the pelicans, ALL put 3's up simultaneously

  • Κωνσταντίνος Μουστάκας
    Κωνσταντίνος Μουστάκας

    Terry please come back we miss you. We'll make you your favourite desert

    • LyG


  • Joh p
    Joh p

    Battle of BBBust

  • 03 Sevi
    03 Sevi

    nobody: HAYES: *IM ON YO HEAD*

  • Aidan

    1:25 Roy defense?

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant

    Gelo just chilling at home whilst his brothers are going at it in the NBA 💀

    • Mow Bimpson
      Mow Bimpson

      @ItzTriMax he’s just joking bro😭, it’s a saying

    • ItzTriMax

      @LagTag96 ?

    • LagTag96

      @ItzTriMax y’all ain’t shit 😂😂😂😂

    • detroit jayy
      detroit jayy

      he in the g league

    • Mow Bimpson
      Mow Bimpson

      @ItzTriMax LMAOOO

  • Swervoo Hoops
    Swervoo Hoops

    2024 Finals Charlotte vs New Orleans

    • Arion


  • dnnkrstr7

    Ball steals the ball from ball

  • Trevor Minyard
    Trevor Minyard

    It makes me sad how these crazy half court/beyond half court shots just aren’t as crazy anymore because we see them every night

  • Quick Chess
    Quick Chess


    • Kloreone

      That’s a foul way to fall 😂

  • Mohammed Haider
    Mohammed Haider

    Sup smooce

  • Daffy duck
    Daffy duck

    Lamelo wayyyyyyyyy wayyyy better than lonzo

  • Bryceis Togoated
    Bryceis Togoated

    Oooooooooo terreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy humdideeeeee 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Grosby Thomas
    Grosby Thomas

    1:10. When Chris smoove tries to cook em everytime he plays against them so he can only laugh

  • YDV !
    YDV !

    Rozier’s talent is always getting swept under the rug coz all the talk is about lamelo

    • Filipo Faulua
      Filipo Faulua

      Lamelo a rookie, rozier supposed to be putting up those numbers

    • Seth Howard
      Seth Howard

      @Esteban Montero I don’t have none of that . IT-my is a larger platform for the masses .

    • Esteban Montero
      Esteban Montero

      @Seth Howard youtube is bullshit it will always be lamelo but that day when pj got 42 he was the topic on ig and tw but youtube doesnt count because is all for views so dont expect other than lamelo, lebron, luka and zion because that is youtube. But in social pages outside youtube that day was PJs

    • Seth Howard
      Seth Howard

      @MegaGio ppl watch every team .... over exaggerated comment

    • MegaGio

      @Seth Howard ain’t no one watching no damn hornets without lamelo

  • K F
    K F

    1:26 smoove says five minutes to go while the clock says 9 and a half minutes. Give that guy a manual

    • NBA Guy
      NBA Guy

      @Lucas what are youuu doinggggg

    • Ayomide Odutuyo
      Ayomide Odutuyo


    • Lucas

      try 1:25

    • Lucas

      give that guy a timestamp

    • Mohammed Haider
      Mohammed Haider


  • OGGOAT_ _
    OGGOAT_ _


  • haisoj Tran
    haisoj Tran

    who saw Jalen McDaniels do the splits😂

    • Mal 36
      Mal 36

      @Pablo Eskobar nope

    • Pablo Eskobar
      Pablo Eskobar

      Well the guy he dunked on grabbed his leg, holding it on the way down. I wonder of there were techs for either of them

  • dubois stewart
    dubois stewart

    Breh, that's tuff! Imagine being able to say to your kids your brother was your rival in the NBA! You could say they both played "Ball"

    • l L
      l L

      @klimundas1 similar fighting stance😂

    • Calvin Jr
      Calvin Jr

      Absolute Bonkers

    • kp j
      kp j

      @Goat Status J it could be health rivalry. Not all rivalries are negative

    • Kevin

      Currys, Lopez's

    • Goat Status J
      Goat Status J

      Tbh I honestly don’t think most brothers would ever consider themselves as rivals, regardless what situation could be

  • Avoid Drewski
    Avoid Drewski

    Always a competitive game with these 2🖤

  • Nikola Jokić
    Nikola Jokić


  • thriller008


  • D.M.E S
    D.M.E S

    Give that man some ROTY along with some *cheeese*

  • Bauke Bormans
    Bauke Bormans

    Lonzo couldn’t let lil bro dominante him

  • john haran
    john haran


    • Loyola Memorial Chapels and Crematorium
      Loyola Memorial Chapels and Crematorium

      L.Ball is better

    • Amir Musiclover
      Amir Musiclover

      can't argue with that

  • a sad Falcons Fan
    a sad Falcons Fan


  • KawhiLowry-Gaming

    Lonzo and Lamelo took it back to the backyard for a hot sec

    • saz19s8

      I bet Lavar was loving it

  • Nikola Jokić
    Nikola Jokić

    Liangelo was punching the air the whole game 😂😭

    • J4 Genius
      J4 Genius

      @Eli Booker Even if he is it must be tough, imagine being him right now...But if he's smart he will use his opportunities to do sthing for himself instead of sitting in a corner and watch them shine.

    • Eli Booker
      Eli Booker

      He can’t be happy for his brothers ?

    • Dezron

      @G lol

    • G

      I forgot to laugh 💀

    • Musix

      Classic middle child😂

  • Nikola Jokić
    Nikola Jokić

    They went from teammates to hustling the ball from each other

    • Burco Presents
      Burco Presents

      @YDV ! stop, even Lonzo and LaVar said LaMelo is the best.

    • Semiauto

      @YDV ! hell no

    • Buisness Pays
      Buisness Pays

      @YDV ! hahahaha

    • YDV !
      YDV !

      @KawhiLowry-Gaming lonzo is better all around

    • KawhiLowry-Gaming

      Lamelo Better

  • Sinds93


Prossimi video