Landing A Helicopter In My Backyard!
Danny Duncan
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

    31 cities in the US and Canada! Tour tickets now available at !! see you guys soon

    • Christopher Finn
      Christopher Finn

      Danny Duncan I understand the poem perfectly.

    • Krishna Kumar Nayak
      Krishna Kumar Nayak

      @Younes Hoj $¤££¢¢√√

    • pozie

      Danny Duncan is Toronto one

    • SYN


    • iNoahh

      Aye ur coming to Pittsburgh

  • FoCo WebDesign
    FoCo WebDesign

    well shit. turns out i like this channel. That was some funny shit with the tower, and the ending with that wierd wall thing.

  • Kevin Parsons
    Kevin Parsons

    1:30 looks like cover art for GTA

  • Chris Newman
    Chris Newman

    No tour in Indiana......

  • Fallout 4
    Fallout 4

    His name almost sounds lie the nature character I forgot though

  • Kenna Bailey
    Kenna Bailey

    Nobody: Danny: One day Im gonna be the best IT-myr ever. His wish came true

  • lawrence lopez
    lawrence lopez

    6:35 "ima young C.O suge yeah yeah yeah"

  • Tyler Brask
    Tyler Brask

    That was fucking intense

  • Nathan Cuellar
    Nathan Cuellar

    How does Danny play every sport so good

  • La Lil Goat
    La Lil Goat

    1:48 i was so into the show that i almost clicked to next video thinking it was over 🤣🤣

  • Scott Browne
    Scott Browne

    Danny u dont kno me obviously..but I'm promoting u up here in CT.. I love the videos and yur sense of I'll live my life on my own terms..Yur a great endorser of inspiration for the younger generation.. I'm a bit older than yur demigragh but I still appreciate all you do to make us laugh and appreciate daily life. Keep up the good work! u have no idea how u brought me and my son together again after a divorce from his mom.. I owe u. AND no I'm not a stalker lol.. Asshole! a 48 old man who can appreciate yur sense of humor..Virginity Rocks!

  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher Finn

    Danny Dumbass Duncan, you almost kicked a very cute woman in the face!

    • Christopher Finn
      Christopher Finn

      Although it would have been equally her fault because she was lost in Facebookland.

  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher Finn

    If Danny Duncan played a musical instrument and was at expert level one could only imagine what kind of music would come out of that.

  • Treezy

    U should do a vid where u make people think that ur changing the color of the building by magic and have one of your friends change the color

  • Treezy

    Sick thumbnail!

  • Jorge Romero
    Jorge Romero

    oo cca?

  • Ian Stephens
    Ian Stephens

    "I don't have the ba- courage to do it"

  • Cj Moore
    Cj Moore

    Can you buy me the iPhone 11?

  • vhox.

    oh thats hard.

  • Logan Beam
    Logan Beam

    My battery percentage is an 69 😃

  • Stepdad

    I feel like he has lived a million lives with that old Asian woman

  • Mashdaddy70

    Dude nice ak 47

  • jamesy derlero
    jamesy derlero

    I'm just tripped out


    real wack job first 30 secounds

  • uriel morales
    uriel morales

    His helicopter rich lol

  • Alex Helderman
    Alex Helderman

    Danny dog, wear a belt with dress pants got damn 😂

  • Trap Star
    Trap Star

    Que bulto sobrino diria coski 1:33

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett

    Virginity Rocks

  • Devonte DoesIt
    Devonte DoesIt

    Listen bitch gimme my money back

  • Devonte DoesIt
    Devonte DoesIt

    When he started singing💀💀

  • Devonte DoesIt
    Devonte DoesIt

    4:02 wooooo fuck u

  • Jonny Olson
    Jonny Olson

    No Tennessee stops?

  • Braxton Roberts
    Braxton Roberts

    That is not how you run at the low ready with a rifle I learned that from being slammed by my drill sergeants

  • Feels

    I don’t think Danny understands that the poet called him a clown, a fraud, and a thief,

  • Feels

    That poem is actually a fucking brilliant criticism of his brand of IT-my. Wow.

  • Derek Huisman
    Derek Huisman

    I felt so bad for that ladies husband, Danny is Mr steal your girl

  • Fzy plu YouTube
    Fzy plu YouTube

    He hasn’t even got the earphones in his phone 13:08

  • Chance Reams
    Chance Reams

    When will Danny become a Hollywood actor?

  • Elena Rivera
    Elena Rivera

    My social anxiety is quaking

  • Dade Kane
    Dade Kane

    I just bought a virginity rocks shirt from my local zummiez

    • Rebeca Velazquez
      Rebeca Velazquez

      Dade kane vlogs same

  • Thomas Kiehm
    Thomas Kiehm

    Does anyone else wonder what kind of drugs Danny has to be on for him to have this much energy and confidence💯

  • Tay tay Ross
    Tay tay Ross

    Who just here because u see every one else prompting hom

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes

    I love so fuckin much dude

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes

    "Danny fuckin duncan, the fuckin movie. Pussies"

  • Atomii

    0:22 war never changes

  • Martinez Man
    Martinez Man


  • Ryb0jo

    That poem was shit lol

  • Kaia Heath
    Kaia Heath

    I love u

  • Nova_Hyena 4
    Nova_Hyena 4

    5:39 I’m dead

  • skyler n
    skyler n

    danny never fails to make my day

  • Buttson

    that intro made me gay

  • Sean Durnell
    Sean Durnell

    im trying not to piss my pants as you sing jibberish with the asian lady

  • Vr Gee
    Vr Gee

    The part where he was singing killed me😂🤣😭

  • Juan F. Salas.
    Juan F. Salas.

    MAKE A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!

  • Kashy so
    Kashy so

    Fucking dope

  • Akeyse Rice
    Akeyse Rice

    Lowkey kinda racist mocking the Chinese 6.55

  • MoRB_HD


  • out of this world joe
    out of this world joe

    9:15 mexican andy also met that girl and she got offended bcuz of what ppl where telling her in the chat 😂

  • Ya boi Eth
    Ya boi Eth

    Ur the only youtuber that can make me laugh. Everyone else dry asf. Keep doing u Danny. Love ya man

  • life of slav
    life of slav

    You dond know how stupit you look

  • Alex stacks
    Alex stacks

    What kind of camera was used for the scene

  • Regulators

    It’s pretty crazy how talented he is athletically

  • kyra

    bro i love just watching all the old videos

  • Bailey Litto
    Bailey Litto

    nobody is gonna say old man was running the suge train in reverse

    • Ian

      the trolly can't turn around, theirs a driver/attendant on each side of the train cart

  • K6 Krizz
    K6 Krizz

    Wait that guys name is sasuke

  • Blake Ciesielski
    Blake Ciesielski

    You should play NBA cause your real good

  • Jack Ohman
    Jack Ohman

    6:47 I was dead man🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Caden _ FLY
    Caden _ FLY

    How did you change the tower lights I’m confusion 🤔🤔🤔🤯🤯🤯

    • Matthew Krasin
      Matthew Krasin

      It was just a color cycle and he got lucky with what they requested it to be

    • Pumpkin

      App called Spireworks

  • Kellan Gibson
    Kellan Gibson

    This is so awkward

  • Hudson Smith
    Hudson Smith

    do you eat ass

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