Last to Fall Asleep Wins Challenge! (Found our Missing Memories) Game Master Network
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Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays with cousin Maddie stay awake in this last to fall asleep challenge!
Rebecca recently played a giant clue game in real life to save rz twin, Matt Slays tried to save Rebecca's twin in a game master escape room. Now is taking care of his crush and Rebecca, Maddie and Matt all need to get their memories back. Each takes turns in the reactivator chair watching the vision. Rebecca's has a nursery rhyme by cocomelon while Matt remembers ninja skills and Maddie has a wedding of Matt and Rebecca. In order to remember the game master said they need to stay awake. Best friend Rocky says they should do the last to fall asleep challenge. Do you think we can remember or will the memories be missing forever?
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  • Amena Farhat
    Amena Farhat

    You’re watching beauty and the beast Rebecca

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    Eclipse Bloodmoon


  • Divinia Nichols
    Divinia Nichols

    I love you guys so much

  • Nicole Lucero sosa
    Nicole Lucero sosa

    Go to clue irl video after the Queen dies to see what matt does with her clothes

  • Adriana Rubi
    Adriana Rubi

    Ahileny fjsiekkqkvwoq$

  • Toxic Peach
    Toxic Peach

    Movie is be our guest

  • Blue The Cat
    Blue The Cat

    I love moose tracks they are delicious

  • Dayis Hernandez
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    Rebecca is cheating

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  • Sarah Fagan
    Sarah Fagan

    Hi Rebecca and matt

  • Sarah Fagan
    Sarah Fagan


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    Levi Bartschy

    Xhxhdhs Xhxhdhs

  • Levi Bartschy
    Levi Bartschy

    Rjfh Fhcdhfy💖🌞💞👁️👄💤💤

  • Nangzi Wadamkong
    Nangzi Wadamkong

    Why does Rocky not be in your videos and not help you

  • littlemisscupcakes

    I think Ribera usd it bifor

  • Jadier Fermin
    Jadier Fermin

    Matt's : Memory is when he did the Fruit Ninja video.

  • Stephanie Somers-Baran
    Stephanie Somers-Baran

    The movie is Bell

  • Janice Smith
    Janice Smith

    Disney princess is Cinderella

  • Bogdan Gavdanovich
    Bogdan Gavdanovich

    I want Rebecca and Madde to follow me on tic tomorrow

  • Michael Donofrio
    Michael Donofrio

    My favorite princess is Cinderella

  • Kristin Cherry
    Kristin Cherry

    I am E I’m not sure what to say but include her in my life she made a deal with Mr. X not made a deal with Mr. X he could get in with with his cane through the tunnels but he gave the last of her canister ex and he used his cane to it I think he bring her

  • Kira Austin
    Kira Austin



    All the best

  • phimilou carpina
    phimilou carpina

    Maddison memory that was she looks like when she is hypnotized on the wedding

    • Ashleigh Crawford
      Ashleigh Crawford

      Yep your right maddies memory was herself

  • Danah Pizza
    Danah Pizza

    Guys put sleep cloud to the gm so you can know who is the gm

  • Christine Harris
    Christine Harris

    Beauty and the Beast

  • thegloomykid

    You Can’t trust matt

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    beauty and the beast

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    Rinisha Patel

    Someone name is Maddie Zamfam

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  • Carolynn Tortorella
    Carolynn Tortorella

    Matt gave mr. x the queen of gems

    • Carolynn Tortorella
      Carolynn Tortorella


  • Shauana Robertson
    Shauana Robertson


  • Inaaya Sanger
    Inaaya Sanger

    REBECCA’s memory ring around the Rosie Madies memory something about Rz twin MATT’s memory fruit ninja

  • Irving Palma
    Irving Palma

    My favorite is the sleepy beauty

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    Zone' Ackermann


  • Amanda Zellmer
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  • Natalie Yesbick
    Natalie Yesbick

    matt is a lair matt is a liar!

  • Natalie Yesbick
    Natalie Yesbick

    matt did not throw the queen of gems clothes away he gave them to Mr.x

  • Gisela Pastor
    Gisela Pastor


  • Itz totally C
    Itz totally C

    Did anyone realise at 9:38 in the background on the rose?It must have been set up for when Rebecca watches the beauty and the beast movie

  • Sharon Spiteri Lucas
    Sharon Spiteri Lucas

    Omg Matt is lying he gave the clothes of the queen of gems to Mr X

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    H B

    This is how many people love Rebecca and Maddie💕

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    xD tonta madi

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    Sleeping beauty

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    Evie Gravener

    When mat said 65 degrees that’s freezing its boiling

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  • Lee Zay Vern
    Lee Zay Vern

    Can Matt unmsk game master

  • Sheen Capz
    Sheen Capz

    Matt is lying

  • grasiela _thequeen
    grasiela _thequeen

    tell redeaca to do a face revel on gamemaster

  • Elephant Squad
    Elephant Squad

    Erfcf M Bccfffg

  • Adam Morgan
    Adam Morgan

    Guys all your vissons are things that are going to hapenn

  • Dark moon wolf playz
    Dark moon wolf playz

    Mat is always upset lol

  • Swidal Vaz
    Swidal Vaz

    Mat input the queen of gents clothes in the garbage gave it to Mr X

  • Alyse Smith
    Alyse Smith

    Its not rebeccas wedding its the queen of gems thats you

  • bob mcc
    bob mcc

    👍I have headphone‘s on 🎧

  • bob mcc
    bob mcc


  • Alyssa Adams
    Alyssa Adams

    it was maddie at mr,x and the queen of gems wedding i think

  • Ashi alyah De leon
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  • Officially Emma
    Officially Emma

    Who els saw a black cape from the queen of gems 💎 in back round

  • Grace Washington
    Grace Washington

    Do you know you can get the reactivated ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻At Walmart

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    Matt gave the queen of gems clothes to mr x don't trust him😎😎

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    Love You

  • drawing sketching and more
    drawing sketching and more

    Rapunzel and Elsa

  • Avneet Shoker
    Avneet Shoker

    All of them

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    Robert Hetz

    it was Ring around the Rosie

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    I think it is ring around the rosy🌹

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