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this video was crazy!!
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  • Ben Azelart
    Ben Azelart

    Thank you for watching 🥰 seriously appreciate all the love :)

    • Alexa Macleod
      Alexa Macleod

      So fun and funny

    • Purko Development Trust
      Purko Development Trust

      @Ziyadh Ajam mlea

    • ZD - 05EJ - Agnes Taylor PS (1526)
      ZD - 05EJ - Agnes Taylor PS (1526)

      You guys have funny 😂

    • Rachael Logue
      Rachael Logue


    • Rachael Logue
      Rachael Logue


  • J Downell
    J Downell

    why does Ben lose in almost all of his own challenges on his own channel

  • Priscilla Martin
    Priscilla Martin

    Lexi ravera dont u play softball

  • Sandra Foulds
    Sandra Foulds

    Good job

  • Sandra Foulds
    Sandra Foulds

    Dom is going to win

  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks

    Looks fun

  • ReVeRS_ghoul45 Z
    ReVeRS_ghoul45 Z

    Like my comment when you see it it’s one Lexi 🤭

  • Anastyn Perez
    Anastyn Perez

    I hate derik

  • Big Choochoo
    Big Choochoo

    :Brent it’s cold. 0ne Second Later.... :Takes off shirt

  • Kk M
    Kk M

    didnt they realise i the semi-finals its was BB = brent and ben and DD = derek and dom

  • Matthew Morales
    Matthew Morales

    That’s exactly like FaZe Jarvis’s last to get dunked video 🤨😤 Jarvis is better he’s the goat

  • Ella Sels
    Ella Sels

    I ship Dom and Pierce :3 and Andrew and lexi :3 - and brent and Ben :p - Y'all know that this are jokes - only Dom and Pierce am srry :/

  • Richard Kendall
    Richard Kendall

    Happy birthday

  • lazer caids
    lazer caids

    Why girls always cheat when thair lossing

  • Ben Grant
    Ben Grant

    Do another one of these vids

  • Deb L
    Deb L

    Booooo bexi


    why did lexi leave early ?

  • maddie Rose
    maddie Rose

    i think it was kinda not fair for Andrew

  • B.Christopher Saren
    B.Christopher Saren

    Brent should’ve been against Pierson

  • Flxral_Nation


  • MilkyDrawings


  • Azra Mohamed
    Azra Mohamed

    Please tell andrew I said happy birthday and y cuz say love you guys

  • Baby Puppy
    Baby Puppy


  • Baby Puppy
    Baby Puppy

    Why is there two Lexie's

  • Blade_hade Yt
    Blade_hade Yt

    Literally the worst players went to the finals

  • Agustina Trinidad Perez Fuchslocher
    Agustina Trinidad Perez Fuchslocher

    ben you make me laugh

  • Imogen Goosey
    Imogen Goosey

    OMG lexi is so funny 😂

  • ranvijay singh
    ranvijay singh


  • rasha rasha
    rasha rasha

    This is my type of videos

  • Mahawix 92
    Mahawix 92

    Only the boys win And i love how andrew helped lexi hensler to get out he is a gentlemen WOW Like if u love andrew👍🏻

  • Bubzy Murrant
    Bubzy Murrant

    4:59 Brent swore

  • bianca dunn
    bianca dunn

    Shout me out

  • Kia Cameron
    Kia Cameron

    Where is Lexi R...

  • Kia Cameron
    Kia Cameron

    Where is Lexi...

  • Ezra gaming
    Ezra gaming


  • Lily Dugmore
    Lily Dugmore

    Sweet dreams are made of you Andrew

  • Lily Dugmore
    Lily Dugmore

    Hi Andrew I liked you

  • Jan Michael Salas
    Jan Michael Salas

    All the boys won but not derek and dom right

  • Maggie J.
    Maggie J.

    Who else is watching during quarantine? ⬇️⬇️

  • Kamsy I
    Kamsy I

    Brent is always on top🥇🥇🥇🥇

  • Logan Maggart
    Logan Maggart

    Anyone else notice that once Lexi R. went, she vanished and wasn’t in the rest of the video?

  • Aimee Beattie
    Aimee Beattie

    Yeahhhhh well done brent ❤

  • Amy Castillo
    Amy Castillo

    Aww I think Lexi Andrew dating Like if you think they are 👇🏻

  • Jamillia Jones
    Jamillia Jones


  • SophieSide

    Maby there was a ghost

  • Hana Hughes
    Hana Hughes

    We’re did Lexie go???

  • lilly salah
    lilly salah

    Well that game looks so much fun I think I know it it's a clown game that's so funny are you guys clowns😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm sorry if you're mad at me it's just for fun😢😢😢😢 and please don't get sad I really love you guys I was just joking please forgive me😊😊 and again sorry if you're mad💋

  • Monjurul Alam
    Monjurul Alam

    Ben you and Brent were the best ball thrower to me

  • Emily Wong
    Emily Wong

    Me repeating the part where Andrew carries Lexi h

  • Mister Swellow
    Mister Swellow

    I am sad for girl that have to change their cloth for nothing🌚🤧

  • Lisa Donald
    Lisa Donald

    I love how all of your friends that are girls look good, then we see you...... Also Andrew is like such a gentlemen for helping Lexi H 🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍

  • itsmejanis

    5:54 the car behind lmaoo

  • Imran Zayed
    Imran Zayed

    Andrew is so sweet

  • serenity Karina Aikens
    serenity Karina Aikens

    ilove you🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • حسن الاحمد
    حسن الاحمد

    Hi Alexi are you good how are you I like IT-my channel and I like you Tiffany and you're funny you're the best prank call

  • حسن الاحمد
    حسن الاحمد

    Hi how are you are you good I like your videos they also describe to your IT-my channel

  • حسن الاحمد
    حسن الاحمد


  • Parmawii Bawihtlung
    Parmawii Bawihtlung

    Where's Jeremy😓

  • Ana Barrera
    Ana Barrera

    Hi oak your

  • Flexible Bristol
    Flexible Bristol


  • Andrea Peterson
    Andrea Peterson


  • Burritosantoyo

    All the girls lost

  • Lareb Fatama
    Lareb Fatama

    Ben 👎👎👎👎

  • Angel Gurung
    Angel Gurung

    Pierson always try to be hot

  • Smoke

    Faze kay Copy

  • Leah Life
    Leah Life

    Love Brent's house so so much and your house

  • xayatii bint koshin
    xayatii bint koshin

    Brent is cheating ,his leg is on the pool

  • Julian Soto
    Julian Soto


  • Saffron Brett
    Saffron Brett

    I hate dom

  • Andy Knob
    Andy Knob

    It was the wind

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