Vy Qwaint
Surviving this Hot Tub for 24 Hours Straight feels like lava!
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After Chad Wild Clay made CWC vs HACKER in FLOOR IS LAVA CHALLENGE for Project Zorgo Ninja Gadget, Vy Qwaint created I GOT CAUGHT Going UNDERCOVER as a HACKER GIRL at PROJECT ZORGO MEETING and Daniel uploaded CWC vs HACKER in RACE to SENSEI to Upgrade Project Zorgo Ninja Gadget to the Exposing Project Zorgo IT-my channel, CWC & Vy rescue PZ4 after an epic ninja battle royale vs hackers. PZ4 thanks Team CWC by showing the safe house. PZ4 challenges the spy ninjas to Don't Trust Fall Into The Wrong Pool Mystery Box Game. Gross! If they win, Chad, Daniel and VQ earn the safe house and mystery box. After the challenge, spy ninjas discover clues PZ4 is wanted by Project Zorgo with a $10,000 reward. Chad and Vy go undercover sneaking into a secret meeting to save PZ4 and learn Project Zorgo has a powerful new ninja gadget. Vy Qwaint takes the ninja gadget from the hackers in another ninja battle royale. Vy Qwaint delivers it to the old wise man named Sensei. However, in order to upgrade it, they must complete the 24 hour Last To Leave Hot Tub Wins $10,000 at 3am. Hopefully, the spy ninjas win the mystery box in the lava slime pool! Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Hi Spy Ninjas! Can we survive this hot tub as hot as lava? #KickBump

    • Chandra Heggsr
      Chandra Heggsr

      Hi vy I love you

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      Kimberly Robinson


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      marta mohanty

      I think I know you watch all of it

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      luz Barias


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      ahmad farman

      OliviaAndFriends 1 lsowoososoziszoaokwooskdjuwm

  • Celine Garcia
    Celine Garcia

    Btw the hot tub was bubbling because there are jets inside of it but I still love the Spy ninjas even though I exposed them

  • Samantha W. A. Nalukturuk
    Samantha W. A. Nalukturuk

    What singer PZ4

  • korey banduff
    korey banduff

    Please can I have a kick bubp t shirt

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    semaj Stewart

    I will be there 👍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 😊😊😊 😊😊 😊😊 😊😊 😊😊 😊

  • Chris Werhan
    Chris Werhan

    In Project Zorgo Did You Know Its 10,000$ To rank Up?

  • Francisco Mendez
    Francisco Mendez


  • MP Pokhrel
    MP Pokhrel


  • Aayan Likey
    Aayan Likey

    Cwc are bad

  • Alexis Russell
    Alexis Russell

    GET your hands off ma box

  • Angelique Moore
    Angelique Moore

    I've stayed up for almost 48 hours

  • Wong Stevie
    Wong Stevie

    Is disliked video

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    Kick bump

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    Oliva Casillas

    What time is itkjobiujhkhgyipguoguyig

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    gretchen sabado

    Can i get a kick bump shirt

  • gretchen sabado
    gretchen sabado

    I want a merch

  • Vylet

    Did anyone notice that there is someone in the safe house

    • Francisco Mendez
      Francisco Mendez

      Can you 👍🏼to me please

  • Indigo Rose
    Indigo Rose


  • Nizarul Aqil Nasrul Anuar
    Nizarul Aqil Nasrul Anuar

    Chad crazy when hes in cold water

  • Fred Cimino
    Fred Cimino

    Just lay your head on the button

  • Navreet Dhillon
    Navreet Dhillon

    Regina is the sensei because she were's Van's and the sensei finger's were super skinny and Regina's finger's are super skinny as well so think the sensei is Regina like if you are with me:)!!!!

  • Gillian

    I stayed awake for 24 hours 3 times in my life

  • 1000 Subscribers With No Videos?
    1000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    You’re not the one that I want you in

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee

    There is a safe vy you should pretend to join prodgect zorgo

  • Isaiah Shortland
    Isaiah Shortland

    See they won

  • Isaiah Shortland
    Isaiah Shortland

    Pz4 name is Regina

  • Isaiah Shortland
    Isaiah Shortland

    Yes you can win the hot tub,.

  • Ninja krasniqi Krasniqi
    Ninja krasniqi Krasniqi

    I think the safe code is 10,000 because Vy Cave the dollars to project Zargo

  • marissa lachney
    marissa lachney

    Freaky girl

    • marissa lachney
      marissa lachney

      Hey girl you could do it

  • Isaura Gatica
    Isaura Gatica

    Wait vy aren't you scared of water

  • Youssef Tarek
    Youssef Tarek

    Why why can’t see this teenager man?

    • Nithor Ghosh
      Nithor Ghosh

      'L'm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm parler maintenant

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    Paul Whiffin

    What about the drench drink 🍷

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    Rany Chen

    Yes I do

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    abel sanchez


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    Kasandra Miedema

    Yes you should

  • Swim kid Lark
    Swim kid Lark

    I think for the safe number it is 2019 for 2019

  • DeEtte English
    DeEtte English

    yes i love your videos you guys are awesome you can do it

  • jessica thomas
    jessica thomas

    Chad,Vy,daniel go on google for zorg'o ceriel

  • Rup Timsina
    Rup Timsina

    the safe code is pz4

    • Akki Atkoord
      Akki Atkoord


  • Khoa Đặng
    Khoa Đặng

    14:22 Vy didn’t press the button

    • Relaxing slimes Travaline
      Relaxing slimes Travaline

      Khoa Đặng meanie

  • Jennifer Biron
    Jennifer Biron

    Disbalance the camera on the button

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    Pat Jackson


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    Miguel Trejo

    By can you please be my friend please plese

  • Jamie Miller
    Jamie Miller

    You can just put water in it

  • Jamie Miller
    Jamie Miller

    Girl power!👩🏻‍🦰

  • Anthony Baum
    Anthony Baum

    I'v stayed up 72 hr.

  • Steve Guttridge
    Steve Guttridge

    Yes 👍😄😅😇😍😍😍😍😎

  • Steve Guttridge
    Steve Guttridge

    I Love 💘your video s

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    Dewellyn Thomas


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    Kate Wolbers


  • Roman De Angel
    Roman De Angel

    Sensei has a mask

  • angelique miranda
    angelique miranda

    Can we be friends vy

  • sammy boy
    sammy boy

    Vy qwaint I love your name and Chad I can kiss you every day and Chad I was not jokeing about miss you

  • Андрей Жданов
    Андрей Жданов

    I. love. you

  • Guccie Gang
    Guccie Gang

    Love you chad and vy Danyboy

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    nazmi osmanollaj


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    Lori Milovac

    We're is Regina in the video

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    Lailanie Corpuz

    you can,t dow i,t

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    The Tyler Fam

    A hacker is in your house

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    Martinez Streamz

    I LOVEEEEEEE you 👫👬👭

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    Adyson Latzke

    You shouldn’t hold the button

  • Suhana Shishodia
    Suhana Shishodia

    Roses are red Violets are blue If your a spy ninja ⬇️Make this button blue

  • Dacanay Marylyn
    Dacanay Marylyn

    That means yes

  • Dacanay Marylyn
    Dacanay Marylyn


  • Simone Gauci
    Simone Gauci

    Yes you guys can do is we love you

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    Luke Morath

    We’re is pz4 in this video and that are in here safe house

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    Rima Stemeliakiene


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