LAST TO LEAVE the GIANT SNOW GLOBE Wins $10,000! (Trapped for 24 Hours with Game Master Inc)
Matt and Rebecca
Matt is tricked into a last to leave challenge inside a giant snow globe.
After Rebecca Zamolo was in GIANT SNOW GLOBE PRANK ON BEST FRIEND CRUSH! (24 Hour Challenge on Roof), Matt along with two other agents take off their blindfolds. They realize it was a trap and now have to compete in challenges to see who can last the longest. The first challenge is don't choose the wrong drink. That is when Rebecca's cousin joins because she is a broke college student. Agent R drinks all of his drink and it was another prank because it is full of milk. Just like on his first date with his crush he now is farting again. Next is the finish the lyrics challenge were they make up new lyrics to famous Christmas songs. Finally they have the heat challenge and Rebecca along with her best friend Alice join them. Alice has such a good time she remembers her name. Is this finally a name reveal? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca

    What should we do to get Rebecca and her best friend back?

    • Isaiah Pauley
      Isaiah Pauley


    • Isaiah Pauley
      Isaiah Pauley


    • Isaiah Pauley
      Isaiah Pauley

      prank call at Starbucks and Alice is not working for you

    • Mal Mon
      Mal Mon

      I love you guys

    • pqsakolhdjdi6dirifsj8hogudg7ou Cemal
      pqsakolhdjdi6dirifsj8hogudg7ou Cemal

      Matt and Rebecca matt

  • Kyle Shepherd
    Kyle Shepherd

    Alices name is probably aaliyah

  • Shelly Bell
    Shelly Bell

    I think Maddie is going to win

  • Shell E
    Shell E

    Stay out

  • xxcookies loverxx
    xxcookies loverxx

    When Rebecca threw the money I said make it rain 😂

  • Jasmine Madueno
    Jasmine Madueno

    Not go in please

  • Mariah St.Clair
    Mariah St.Clair

    Go in

  • vince bayeh
    vince bayeh

    When AR farted he farted in the corner and the other players were in that spot

  • Mayah-Rae Vaughan
    Mayah-Rae Vaughan

    I think Matt is gonna win

  • Kelly Radebaugh
    Kelly Radebaugh

    Say to Alice that she that she can't be your best friend no more because she's betraying you guys she's on the

  • Lauren Leath
    Lauren Leath


  • ꨄ Musica ꨄ Music ꨄ
    ꨄ Musica ꨄ Music ꨄ

    I hate agent r I almost threw up I hate this video I like the other ones but not this one

  • Reggie George
    Reggie George

    Put lound music

  • ꨄ Musica ꨄ Music ꨄ
    ꨄ Musica ꨄ Music ꨄ

    On the fist day of Christmas my true love gave a partridge in a pantry I gave up it was to long

  • Reggie George
    Reggie George

    Omg that's so funny he he he

  • Dustin Rodgers
    Dustin Rodgers

    Maddie I think she is going to win

  • Nat yang
    Nat yang

    Maddie's going to when!

  • Ayesha Khan
    Ayesha Khan

    I think matt will win

  • jaylan rawr
    jaylan rawr

    I love you Murch

  • Michelle Thai
    Michelle Thai

    Get a nice gifts for Rebecca and your Best Friend?

  • Kevin Swanton
    Kevin Swanton

    Prank Rebecca

  • tulay aaia Sis
    tulay aaia Sis

    Yes I loved the boys are actually sleep because the air I just say yeah that's cool I always say tomorrow's court maybe I'll text you when I answer youseriously I don't like school because I can't text you or see you are dancehall you message you all text love you.

  • Tiffany Dodson
    Tiffany Dodson

    Matt a

  • Issebella maisie
    Issebella maisie

    Alice is a trader I hate Alice

  • venom Dennis
    venom Dennis

    !)) [$ /&÷? ×>,

  • Kylie Canton
    Kylie Canton

    Her name is amanda

  • Isaiah Pauley
    Isaiah Pauley

    Abcdefu jk

  • WaDana Gibbons
    WaDana Gibbons

    I bet you 1,000 million dollars agent r stinks

  • Sam Garib
    Sam Garib



    Maddie Maddie

  • Mal Mon
    Mal Mon

    I love you

  • Beverley Afuye
    Beverley Afuye

    Her name is Amanda

  • Ines abazi
    Ines abazi


  • Timothy Agurle
    Timothy Agurle

    Just sleep duh

  • Lizzy my name in rolbx is Rainbow_doggy0135 Schmidt
    Lizzy my name in rolbx is Rainbow_doggy0135 Schmidt

    Maddie is going to win

  • Mo Musa
    Mo Musa


  • Minaxjhhc Berisa
    Minaxjhhc Berisa


  • gary rickwood
    gary rickwood

    Ruby. Rickwood I. Love. Maddy. And. Rebecca

  • Gacha life Studio
    Gacha life Studio

    I think Matt will win

  • fam chan
    fam chan

    How many people think that the agent should do a race reveal

  • Christian Viveiros
    Christian Viveiros

    Agent r

  • Annabella Vuong
    Annabella Vuong

    Don’t trust alice

  • Maja Górska
    Maja Górska

    Stay out

  • Ninja H2
    Ninja H2

    All ave them

  • Wayne Mcmahon
    Wayne Mcmahon

    L ,,lol,oop

  • John Mcniven
    John Mcniven

    What should we do to Alex and Rebecca because we are just trapped it in our agent S Maddie and Max

  • Dylan Mak
    Dylan Mak


  • Erica Giraldo
    Erica Giraldo


  • Dogi Craft
    Dogi Craft

    O my gosh

  • London Rauth
    London Rauth

    I think Maddie is going on

  • Erica Miller
    Erica Miller


  • Field Hockey
    Field Hockey

    I don’t know who is going to win

  • Devalera Steyn
    Devalera Steyn


  • Rj Thompson
    Rj Thompson


  • Olivia Esquivel
    Olivia Esquivel

    I think Manny is going to win

  • Alexis Kinsey
    Alexis Kinsey

    Maddie Becca Matt & GMI are cool have fun

  • Victoria Williamson
    Victoria Williamson

    🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩Sam fam

  • Victoria Williamson
    Victoria Williamson


  • galaxy gal
    galaxy gal


  • Addison Perkins
    Addison Perkins

    you should make them do gymnastics


    U shoud play Langit lupa


    And matti


    Agent r and agent s

  • Cecilia Cruz
    Cecilia Cruz

    Agent r

  • Kaley Molina
    Kaley Molina


  • Leslie VanBeusekom
    Leslie VanBeusekom

    Can you do more videos with Alex

    • Leslie VanBeusekom
      Leslie VanBeusekom


  • mary joy canas
    mary joy canas


  • Manaialee Thompson
    Manaialee Thompson

    I think you.should record that Christmas song they made up

  • Manaialee Thompson
    Manaialee Thompson

    Maddie will win

  • Isaac Saldana
    Isaac Saldana


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