Last to Survive Abandoned City wins $10,000 - Challenge
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Skeppy and Dream joined us for the craziest Last to Survive Minecraft challenge!

IMPORTANT: if you win a challenge and you’re under the age of 18, you must have a parent ready to talk to us so we can send you the money!

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  • John Benedict
    John Benedict

    Its like a zombie apocalypes where dream's team is the survivor while mr Beast and skeppy is the zombie

  • Jaden Skillman
    Jaden Skillman

    1:24 when your friend does something cool and you wanna know how to do it too

  • クリスピーチキン」「Kurisupichikin

    BadBoyHalo's there too yey

  • Kason The dude
    Kason The dude

    Every single time you guys do one of these Chris mean to my karl so stop

  • Skiishi Le Depressop
    Skiishi Le Depressop

    Chris, The AC130 Gunship AKA The Angel Of Death Is Now On The Map

  • Martín González
    Martín González

    If he’s with skeppy the players are kids

  • Martín González
    Martín González

    If he’s with skeppy the players are kids

  • MYST Drix
    MYST Drix


  • Someone with Nothing to do
    Someone with Nothing to do

    Mr Beast entering the minecraft scenario is one of the best things that could have happened

  • John Huskey
    John Huskey

    I got an ad for the fastest way to be a millionaire and my first thought was it’s to compete in mr beast challenges

  • Ally and Baylee's studio
    Ally and Baylee's studio

    Parents - having fun yet Me - 11:18

  • Van Faizerbb
    Van Faizerbb

    I like your Ayo

  • Soocy

    skep: *wordedit* everyone: *confused praise*

  • Isiac Hollen
    Isiac Hollen


  • Ray Alkhudari
    Ray Alkhudari

    4:59 someone screenshot that and edit Karl’s face into the teletubies sun XD Btw I can’t edit I’m terrible at it:/

  • William Leverson
    William Leverson

    Anyone else Siri go off at 5:43


    karl is so garbage lol

  • Avoyaki • - •
    Avoyaki • - •

    I somehow didnt see badboyhalo....

  • Nova 79
    Nova 79

    lol you should get 1k sub and not Million couse you're noob

  • Laureen

    MrBeast: Skeppy you're too kind Skeppy: * kills players * MrBeast: Shame

  • Wilber Mejia
    Wilber Mejia

    Yea I think the same that dream is better than technoblade dream is not God at pvp but tech is but dream has like 1 million IQ and can outsmart tech

  • Maximusz 0325
    Maximusz 0325

    It:s just an idea hide and seek where the hinders are blocks and every five minits every body teleported to a random place

  • Rayan x legend
    Rayan x legend

    Sloppy good lol

  • Joshua Beck
    Joshua Beck

    im the 3 666 999th view idk how

  • Leif Rideout
    Leif Rideout

    8:41 Is that guy in the background flying?

  • Corbin Wages
    Corbin Wages

    You guys are so mean to Karl

  • Thehider 1234567
    Thehider 1234567

    Ew why would you play with Skeppy Disgusting.

  • Spider General
    Spider General

    Carl is probably my favourte guy here


    Am I the only one who noticed the guy who won his name was questionable

  • Louis Gabriel Quintana
    Louis Gabriel Quintana


  • Mr. Electric
    Mr. Electric

    I feel bad for Carl I want him to win

  • Stepknee The Bluebell Engine
    Stepknee The Bluebell Engine

    its sad baldboyhalo got no notice

  • wolf_ assassin78
    wolf_ assassin78

    That deep "run from me"scared me 5:32

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Chris is a fuck face

  • Jonathon Scott
    Jonathon Scott

    Who's Skeppy

  • Jacob Broussar
    Jacob Broussar

    You can see through Chris head

  • The Monster
    The Monster

    Mrbeast you are to mean for dream

  • Foox

    poor bbh didnt get noticed by mr beast

  • TheTrollKing

    BBH is a bit harsh as he fished dream into lava like if you agree

  • P_AllenYT

    Skeppy! Haha

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones


  • Angus Leslie
    Angus Leslie

    Best trio boy Jedi big c and dream

  • lol lol
    lol lol

    GaleN1994 = galeN***

  • Leo Chan
    Leo Chan

    Put subtitles at 7:11

  • HillDoesYoutube


  • Alexis

    they really pulled an outer banks

  • Manas Shrestha
    Manas Shrestha

    Fuck you

  • Ayden McLain
    Ayden McLain

    You guys hate Karl

  • The Homing Bomb
    The Homing Bomb

    After months of torture by spifey, skeppy has gone mad and gone into extreme murder mode.

  • DefenitelyNotJosh

    0:31 Carl looks like hes on drugs in that photo lol

  • Lil Bay
    Lil Bay

    I am going to see if people are mad in the comments

  • ChickenBruh

    Bruh. How did no one notice what the winners name says. Iykyk

  • Spookymelon03

    Add technoblade and dream and skeppy in a pvp like map and do a pokemon go fight or something like dat 😆

  • Kenan Musugi
    Kenan Musugi

    Did know one notice that his name is GaleN1994

  • Juex Ajax
    Juex Ajax

    The winner had the n word in his gametag

  • ngcoralmountain

    Do a challenge w/ skeppy, dream & technoblade

  • turkey

    Why cant i join the discord

  • Katherine Boardman
    Katherine Boardman

    I❤Karl ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • TheFirst One
    TheFirst One

    dReAmS vOiCe iS aDoRaBlE

  • Jerewel YT
    Jerewel YT

    How does dream get full brightness even if there is dark no torches please tell me

  • Lone Gamer
    Lone Gamer

    bro hi Mr beast pls do reply bro i am a crazy big fan of urs

  • Ski Melon
    Ski Melon

    Do a last to survive hunger games

  • Ian Leary
    Ian Leary

    Dream should’ve won especially if they had drop inventory on

  • Travis Lenard
    Travis Lenard

    I wish i have minecraft

  • Professor_V

    When i try to join the discord it says the invite is either invalid or expired?

  • // Karma \\
    // Karma \\

    Moment of silence for best muffin, BadBoyHalo, who just get's ignored the while time

  • Emily Warren
    Emily Warren

    F in the chat for BBH who got ignored.

  • galaxygacha898

    All of my favorite IT-myrs combined in one vid

  • Victorino Reyes
    Victorino Reyes

    Skeppy suck

  • Hunter Novak
    Hunter Novak

    Is anyone else having problems joining Mr. Beasts discord?

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