LeBron James Reacts To JR Smith Signing With Lakers & Zion Williamson Cover Athlete For NBA 2K21!
LeBron James Reacts To JR Smith Signing With Lakers & Zion Williamson Cover Athlete For NBA 2K21 PS5!
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  • Ricardio Khowja
    Ricardio Khowja

    U a hater

  • Vertical Official
    Vertical Official

    Thing he means like the time when JR Smith held the ball. He still pissed 😂

  • Brennon LaCombe
    Brennon LaCombe

    Yo u hating on zion

  • Ya Boy2k
    Ya Boy2k

    Plz do 2k parody again

  • Maridel Dilag
    Maridel Dilag

    Why does his voice sound like Giannis

  • kobi

    Just chill he did a mistake once then everyone hates him

  • Ricch Jeans
    Ricch Jeans

    This video was some fucking shit

  • Dylan Boyle
    Dylan Boyle

    Zion as the cover athlete, it's a marketing strategy bro, hype sells so 2k will make more money off the game

  • Joe Montrell
    Joe Montrell

    You reaching

  • joshmadesmk Smk
    joshmadesmk Smk

    He said why rookie be on a cover but not knowing ja morant is a rookie😭😂

  • Llama Lag
    Llama Lag

    I think the cover should have been Luka they should have pounced on him before EA did

  • Keith Tarsau
    Keith Tarsau

    Its a marketing stitch - hype sells - just how well it sells is yet to be seen!

  • live big
    live big

    You such a hater. always get fooled into watching your stupid videos

  • Ryan Abordo
    Ryan Abordo

    Too much salt in here.. like come onnn folks! Let the dude (Jr S.) redeem himself. Smh

  • BlackMamba 0824
    BlackMamba 0824

    I’m pretty sure LeBron is already moved on from what JR did back in 2018. Dude with a weird voice, you’re talking like u know what’s going on in LeBron’s mind just be thankful that they got a solid replacement for Avery and just look forward to a fresh start.

  • Tristen Riley
    Tristen Riley

    Zoin signed a contract with 2k ronnie2k said it on his live stream

  • Nicky Pylican
    Nicky Pylican

    Shuta f up if it's true he's on la now and he help lakers then that's all that matters so just shut up

  • Gabriel Sims
    Gabriel Sims

    Get Kevin love

  • Adidas King
    Adidas King

    Niggas mad

  • TMacandKobe4real

    That 2k choice is trash tho......I’m getting the Kobe one.....I’ll make one hell

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore

    Man who cares how they left off, they're back together now. 🤔👍🏾

  • Manuel Ochoa
    Manuel Ochoa

    Bro you’re not in his heart! Don’t don’t know his heart. He says that cause he’s family. You keep repeating yourself. If he didn’t belong he wouldn’t have been signed. He was going to be signed right before Covid. Lot of players are hot and cold players JR isn’t the only one.

  • papa smurf
    papa smurf

    Youre voice is annoying as fuck

  • Bernard Tyler
    Bernard Tyler

    Man, who's this clown

  • bronzefighta

    Over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time

  • King Javian
    King Javian

    What about trae young

  • Predatory Mistress- TAP ON MY PHOTO
    Predatory Mistress- TAP ON MY PHOTO

    😂 🙃 💪

  • Predatory Mistress- TAP ON MY PHOTO
    Predatory Mistress- TAP ON MY PHOTO

    👻 💜 🖤

  • Predatory Mistress- TAP ON MY PHOTO
    Predatory Mistress- TAP ON MY PHOTO

    go on 🌎 ☄ 🌜 ⚡

  • Team AP10
    Team AP10

    Ja marant for rookie of the year!


    Well said bro . . . Hype can suck these ballz , thats unfair especially to the boys that been ere for awhile

  • Gregory Weeks
    Gregory Weeks

    So zion still good dome

  • Isaiah Woods
    Isaiah Woods

    LeBron probably sad asf inside lmao(Damn he’s back😞)

  • Tawanda Namb
    Tawanda Namb

    One mistake and jr is a bad player are u guys okey he is solid role player that will providing spacing

  • Rom C
    Rom C

    Poor analysis bro, shut it!

  • Christina Bugatti
    Christina Bugatti


  • kenny B
    kenny B

    Shut up dude please

  • Kast Awaits
    Kast Awaits

    Shut the fck up bitch. Why are you trying to stir shit up

  • Ako to si Neb
    Ako to si Neb

    nigga u chinese?

  • Johnathan Strozier Jr
    Johnathan Strozier Jr

    You just want views... you never played an organized sport... y’all gone hold that game 1 over JR head like he hasn’t won LeBron any big games. Why would they sign JR without LeBron knowing and you the only person who looked at it like right back where we never left

  • imstilloscar

    Thst was the most awkward outro ever😂 and I’m out!

  • Ethan Pellegrini
    Ethan Pellegrini

    Click bait

  • Zoey Monyepao
    Zoey Monyepao

    They used zion because the game is mostly bought by kids who idolize zion, and thats why

    • Zoey Monyepao
      Zoey Monyepao

      And because, he had all the hype and people nowadays are attracted to hype like moths to light

  • Johnny savage Juicy J
    Johnny savage Juicy J

    Lebron never got a super team now he had to go to be 24 instead of 23 to get a super team because bulls didn’t want pay Jordan an pippen member the documentary

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    If Lebron didn't want JR to be on the lakers, he wouldn't be. Lebron was literally seen biking around LA with JR weeks before JR was signed. Lebron wanted this to happen. This is going to be another redemption arc.

  • Orlando flores
    Orlando flores

    Hater 👎

  • Zephyr

    Lebron: im not passing you the ball JR: thats fine i dont want the ball

  • Nosleep 32
    Nosleep 32

    Yeah! should of put Tatum on cover he dunk on LeBron in eastern conference finals

  • Ic Blood
    Ic Blood

    I'm happy for Zion, cant think of a better selling cover lol.. dude looks like a super hero and such a mean 2k intro i'd buy it for sure

  • Dan Albino
    Dan Albino

    I think Zion will blow your mind. He lost a lot of weight and he looks more like LeBron now. Trust me he deserves to be in the cover.

  • Shawn William
    Shawn William

    I seriously was waiting for more content

  • Shawn William
    Shawn William

    you talked trash

  • Jayquan Sherman
    Jayquan Sherman

    I hate click bait ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • R Jordan23
    R Jordan23

    You realize they could’ve left on good terms and it just wasn’t in the media spotlight, right?

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    Hol up, as far as I know Kobe is gonna be the 2k21 cover.


    Sane thing is gonna happen again

  • Unknown

    This video is full of bitterness.. Sharing it instead. BULLS#IT

  • info 111
    info 111

    If lebron broke his hand thats his stupidity

  • Michael Roberson
    Michael Roberson

    He the one that got him on the team. Lebron got enough power to act as the owner. Don’t be surprised.

  • Big SiLLY
    Big SiLLY

    Jr smith #HennyGod

  • Kyllie Alcantara
    Kyllie Alcantara

    Why not the cover be kobe?

  • Dereck Meriton
    Dereck Meriton

    i was wondering the same thing about the cover of 2k21 like...don't we have like a bunch of other youngsters, the future like they more deserving?

  • Jaylin Meeks
    Jaylin Meeks

    Rs why tf is zion the cover of 2k and not Damian they giving that boy to much hype with out earning

  • Bio Enzyme Plus
    Bio Enzyme Plus

    past is past LOL


    In the finals lakers vs bucks jr smith boutta mess it up and ima cry

  • A.j Jones
    A.j Jones

    I rather have swaggy p

  • Vush

    They could not give luka a cover. Luka signed with EA that’s why

  • Ashok Raju
    Ashok Raju

    Y'all don't know Lebron and JR friendship way above that one incident.

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro


  • Eric Mancia
    Eric Mancia

    If LeBron didn’t want jr here, he wouldn’t be here stop bugging

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