LET'S PLAY LUCKY/UNLUCKY BLOCK ROULETTE! | Minecraft (w/ Gorillaphent)
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  • Christian Doria
    Christian Doria

    Ik what u meant in the beginning but was there a camera this cuz you were doing a prono?

  • puppet 2139
    puppet 2139

    AND we'll be right back 13:24

  • Franklin Vollmer
    Franklin Vollmer

    denfly unlucky

  • Hadi Almlk
    Hadi Almlk

    Corona time 6:58

  • Mathew Ledesma
    Mathew Ledesma

    Yea yea

  • lachelle hodges
    lachelle hodges

    Sorry headphones users 13:25

  • Stratton Crane
    Stratton Crane

    Hey cartoonz how did you build your casle and how long did it take

  • David Ycaza
    David Ycaza

    If you get this you're still my man

  • David Ycaza
    David Ycaza

    Oh you got blowed up cartoonz

  • David Ycaza
    David Ycaza

    Is this good or bad bark if it bad

  • mazaya maya
    mazaya maya

    10:17 I laughing really hard untill my stomach hurt

  • Micah Madison
    Micah Madison

    13:26 got me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • jcman jcman
    jcman jcman

    Burn squeals tree sown

  • Ricky Runner
    Ricky Runner

    I go away from my phone for 5 seconds and this is what I see 10:31 😐

  • Angelica Tapia
    Angelica Tapia

    gorillaphant sounded like edris Elba when he ate a spicy chicken wing bro at 6:58

  • Divinity0112

    the last two is. death mode. and cute mode

  • Paula Cabel
    Paula Cabel

    Did you forget to kiss the guards

  • Braydee Cordero
    Braydee Cordero

    T.N.T. AC DC (1976) Love Them!

  • Puppy Games
    Puppy Games

    I think when you open a lucky block and a big lucky block spawns you should have to open it since you already opened one,

  • dodo koky
    dodo koky

    I love you mister segul and I love your screems

  • dodo koky
    dodo koky

    That screem tho 😂😂😂

  • Goatskull Gamer
    Goatskull Gamer

    i like how he says to not run but gorila runns from all of them and cartoonz dosnt say anything about it

  • Noah Cochran
    Noah Cochran

    Cartoonz: *says king toonz* Me: did he say kink toonz?

  • Chicken_go_Moo

    The pic was mini usecode moo and someone from vanossgamings server

  • Darlene OBanner
    Darlene OBanner

    Pooooooooooooooo,,kookoookk. Randy is your number and you

  • Å imon Károlyi
    Šimon Károlyi

    10:25 What your toilet see's whan your listening to good music.

  • GG_BJQ •
    GG_BJQ •

    A minecraft video but every microphone breaking scream cartoonz does makes my cat go insane

  • Cyclone

    13:25 I lost it 😂

  • Emiley Greenhaw
    Emiley Greenhaw

    My jaw hurts from laughing

  • Alyssa Molano
    Alyssa Molano

    He screamed like a biatch LMFAO😂😂😂😂😂

  • ZaChArY SyLvEsTeR
    ZaChArY SyLvEsTeR

    2020 btw

  • Dragon Rider819
    Dragon Rider819


  • Amanda Learned
    Amanda Learned

    Why just why

  • Amanda Learned
    Amanda Learned

    My name is Xavier don't kill me😔☹️😥😢😖😣🤬

  • James Hymer
    James Hymer

    Seagulltoonz always make me laugh

  • Jelly Squid
    Jelly Squid


  • Tony L
    Tony L

    20:46 carma 🤣

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    1:16: What! the!? No! Xavier, why!? XD

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    0:51: Nice, very clever! XD

  • Shaundra Toney
    Shaundra Toney

    i just relized dogs have armpreats

  • Yocoub H A
    Yocoub H A

    13:25 when your mom walks into your room with a belt 🤣

  • EAZY_ Editz
    EAZY_ Editz

    When he started twerking I died 😂😂😂

  • Monster gamer YT Robo craft
    Monster gamer YT Robo craft


  • Judith Biggs
    Judith Biggs

    Hey wi can you make a bed aot of you crtins 💋💋💋💋💋👍

  • Alexis Grooms
    Alexis Grooms

    Rip Juice Wrld

  • YTRustyaxel1977

    13:25 scream seahawk confirm

  • nadiralee

    More Minecraft please

  • Christopher Low
    Christopher Low

    We did something without them if you know what am saying..... I thinking sorry?

  • Tech Wolf
    Tech Wolf

    I like how Rilla says no running, yet he digs out of every trap

  • Bay_ Jay
    Bay_ Jay

    13:25 when step bro comes in

  • Indie

    When cartoonz got kicked from the server that was f*cking hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ZenZedah

    I never realised that my mask looks like Cartoonz.. fuck

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best

    "Part of the crew, part of the ship" - Xavier (probably)

  • Mini Toast
    Mini Toast

    whats the modpack

  • kashae young
    kashae young

    Most of those blocks were unlucky.

  • YTRustyaxel1977

    13:26 we'll be right back

  • Kaylib Willier
    Kaylib Willier

    So you know how he says he will give is what he wants? What if we want his ass does he have to give us that?

  • Miguel Cordero
    Miguel Cordero

    I love how gorilla tells cartoonz not to run from whatever comes out of the lucky block literally 10 seconds later runs out of the punisher from the lucky block lol

  • Drag0n Emper0r
    Drag0n Emper0r

    2:43, OMG SPITFIRE!!!! FROM MLP!!!

  • Dreamcatcher Shadowflame
    Dreamcatcher Shadowflame

    7:50 I'd draw FanArt for you, but I cannot draw for shit. Still, keep up the good work.

  • Isaac Turner
    Isaac Turner

    You have a mod wolf so u feed it cake to stay alive!!!!!

  • Lucina Moonlight
    Lucina Moonlight


  • MrKarnator

    Toonz the Seagull.

  • Claire Deer
    Claire Deer

    wat teh hell u sound like a god damn fukin giagantic flock of sea gulls

  • Claire Deer
    Claire Deer

    BeAcOn BiTcH

  • Danny Donut
    Danny Donut

    I'm a pirate but I would never Rob you my loyal king.

  • Lori Mystic
    Lori Mystic

    CaRtOoNz what your sexual? bisexual or straight?

  • Theseus Espinosa
    Theseus Espinosa

    Each time I feel down, or stressed I watch this video for the screams !! so much better after those screams internally. Thank you, King toonz

  • Dr. Rockso
    Dr. Rockso

    Tryna trade snaps hmu

  • Chara Alter
    Chara Alter

    13:26 to 13:28 your screams are going to be my bedtime music, I am going to enjoy listening to the PURE TERROR IN YOUR VOICE AS I GO TO SLEEP EVERY NIGHT FROM NOW ON......ON REPEAT. MUWHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAA

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