Letting The Person INFRONT order my Food + Mukbang
Bretman Rock
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  • Bretman Rock
    Bretman Rock

    BTW sorry about them plastic straws...... I promise I saved the straws

    • Leah Montealegre
      Leah Montealegre

      Bretman Rock lol it’s okay but on this is app called Tik tok and they ask people when there useing straws they say “SAY THE TURTLES!”

    • Bea Collado
      Bea Collado

      @Bretman Rock can you please do a mukbang with your sister and cleo please

    • Maritza Estrada
      Maritza Estrada

      Bretman Rock we Stan sis

    • Flying Potato
      Flying Potato

      It’s ok cuz the cup is plastic anyways

    • L!M3


  • Cierra Callahan
    Cierra Callahan


  • Arron Asido
    Arron Asido

    Today i went to school, but there were no classes so i went back home and i forgot its holiday....

  • Sammy sam
    Sammy sam

    😂😂😂Love y’all she said want me to walk back hahahahaha love it!

  • G M
    G M

    Omg! BRETMAN! Hilarious!!!!!

  • One.pro.slimes Inco
    One.pro.slimes Inco


  • Eve Kelso
    Eve Kelso

    you should’ve gave the drinks out yk ? Nvm I just got to the part where y’all said you’re giving the rest to family . 😂

  • Beth'AngelsTv

    We love you princess and bretman 😍😍😍

  • Godess keyy
    Godess keyy

    Lol so lets just sing then lmaooo!!!

  • Nevaeh Payne
    Nevaeh Payne

    princess : how bout you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead

  • Ceejay Babii
    Ceejay Babii

    How did they order x2 and get 7 freeze drinks?

  • Nikki Jean Antonio
    Nikki Jean Antonio

    I love you both!!! 💙💙💙

  • microARGInism

    I pronounce it as "frap" as a shortcut of "frappuccino" since it's the 1st syllable. 😂

  • Dalida Elali
    Dalida Elali

    Omg Bretman makes the food looks so good when he eats it❤️❤️❤️🤤

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    I either say frappé or frapachino

  • MEG B
    MEG B


  • Kiley Lozano
    Kiley Lozano

    I say all

  • diana meltsin
    diana meltsin

    I’m gonna sound dumb but is Agatha their cousin?

  • Abigael Faigao
    Abigael Faigao

    Bretman is mabait kay princess when hes high. 😁😁😁

  • jamie lee waihi
    jamie lee waihi

    I woke up and cleaned the house and now im suppose to be getting ready for work but im watching this instead🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Official Andres
    Official Andres

    AMAZING 🤣🤣 6:07

  • フィンランド人ジャスパー

    Wth she have over 700k and like 5 videos😂😂

  • SweetCupcake

    “What do u mean I’m so fake, when did I start being real to u” lmfaooo dam

  • E Banana
    E Banana

    Today I woke up starving, went into the kitchen, and realized I don’t know how to cook

  • Tniya Collins
    Tniya Collins

    I love when Bret & princess make videos together & princess is so pretty with her thicc self 🤪💯

  • Tenzii Kenny
    Tenzii Kenny

    Today I watch ur most of videos n love the sibling vibe ...

  • casey vu
    casey vu

    Today I.... woke up at 12:30 and went on IT-my and watched this video.

  • ERiCk Fourtinity
    ERiCk Fourtinity

    It's frap-pey

  • Dess Ssy
    Dess Ssy

    Law law na dede ni princess ilan na anak nyan?

  • Deliriøus Girl
    Deliriøus Girl

    Today I woke up, took a shower... I then fell in the shower... Breaking my finger😀

  • Abby Rodriguez
    Abby Rodriguez

    Please subscribe to my IT-my channel, thank you☺❤️

  • BiG cHeEsE
    BiG cHeEsE

    Today I watched this video.

  • Sophia Tisbe
    Sophia Tisbe


  • Anne Cruz
    Anne Cruz

    Being a man for 24 hours challenge plsss

  • Jaeden Atondocan
    Jaeden Atondocan

    Bad ass! 😂


    Love you very much much

  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel Marie

    “The fuck what do you mean I’m fake yeah bitch I know”

  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel Marie


  • Jaina Sosa
    Jaina Sosa

    Princess is me tryna make a joke I only understand.😂🙂

  • Eyy ThaoThao
    Eyy ThaoThao

    Idk y but their laugh always kills me😂😂😂😭😭

  • Isabel Ehuan
    Isabel Ehuan

    Bret becomes a different little person after smoking lmao. I LOVE IT and I totally get him 🤣😌❤

  • Guadalupe Cesario
    Guadalupe Cesario

    I say it like princess 😂😂💀

  • marie Dolan collins
    marie Dolan collins

    Today I slept till 5 pm got me some new buds and carts and then stuffed my face with ice cream

  • Lamour De Books
    Lamour De Books

    I say Frappuccino or Frappé (frappA)

  • Exzaf

    How does he have so many ads considering he cusses all the time?

  • Naya Samman
    Naya Samman

    Did anyone see the cat in the beginning run out the door?? Hahaha I was dying

  • Adventures with La
    Adventures with La

    Why princess cover her mouth when she eats?

  • Pink Pegasus
    Pink Pegasus

    Today l.....

  • asmr is king
    asmr is king

    Today I spilled tea

  • aime

    i say frappe idk anyone who says frap LMFAOOO

  • Joshplays808

    Today I.. went on my phone and watched this video

  • kayla n.
    kayla n.


  • Maddy G
    Maddy G

    the camera angle though, I felt dizzy watching 😂

  • 0nly1. Rixnna
    0nly1. Rixnna

    Did nobody peep the cat run out @0:39

  • brisa wackk
    brisa wackk

    He wants to save the turtles but he’s using straws :/

  • Laiza Diaz
    Laiza Diaz

    They should do a big seafood mukbang

  • SP ‘s Life
    SP ‘s Life

    😂😂😂 why you build like that

  • Krisela Cipiku
    Krisela Cipiku

    Agatha looks 21

  • Shania WalksOverIce
    Shania WalksOverIce

    You try so hard to please us thank you

  • d burls
    d burls

    bret: princess what did u do today? princess: i woke up got dick, just kidding lmfaoooo i love them 😂😂

  • David Ray
    David Ray


  • Bryana Martinez
    Bryana Martinez

    Wow 😯 That’s Amazing 😉😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ash LDN
    Ash LDN

    Frapp-ayeeee is right

  • Kookie'sJustinSeagull143

    I honestly like him more than James Charles

  • Precious Althea Villaver
    Precious Althea Villaver

    Today I eat alot of foods

  • Jennifer Altamirano
    Jennifer Altamirano

    But if it wasn’t for princess in brets videos he wouldn’t have so many views , they’re funny together . Not just him . So it goes both ways , she’s a positive addition to his channel .

  • Sied Ney
    Sied Ney


  • Bianca Morales
    Bianca Morales

    Woah Bretman didn't do something to her sister like hit her head or something terrible😆

  • Trinity Myers
    Trinity Myers

    Today I sat my lazy butt in the house

  • Des_A_Mess

    Princess:omg I don’t eat this! Also Princess: (grabs fallen nachos from her cleavage) 😂💕

  • MayAnnBangz Vlogz
    MayAnnBangz Vlogz

    Today I just sleep

  • Emily Barron
    Emily Barron

    I say frappe

  • Riley Guerrer
    Riley Guerrer

    Princes forgot this week 😔😮

  • yvonne ramirez
    yvonne ramirez

    Omg love you guys but chew with your mouth closed and don't talk with your mouth full

  • 엑소레래싱

    No one gives a frappe

  • Elizabeth Avila
    Elizabeth Avila

    The way bret laughs at princess


    Today i... Woke up... Washed up... Got pizza... Ate pizza... Swam... Showered... Watched till 10:49... Commented... Submitted comment... Continued to watch till 26:39...

  • Lorena Guzman
    Lorena Guzman

    I did dat school today

  • Suenique Suckoo
    Suenique Suckoo

    Brent: what did you do today Princess: I woke up today, yeah I woke up today And we all wonder why Brent always treating princess like she dumb

  • Taylor Aiu-Horie Hummingbird
    Taylor Aiu-Horie Hummingbird

    I did my makeup 💄 and watching IT-my

  • Akina Hiroki
    Akina Hiroki

    Frappe, or Frappechinno

  • Jiminies_Pabo Pabo
    Jiminies_Pabo Pabo

    I know at least some of this went to waste, it would have been nice of you to go out and give it to some homeless people who could've really used the meal :)

  • Itunu Imade
    Itunu Imade

    😂😂😂😂 this is how many times princess is going to post every Friday before she stops posting 👇🏽

  • Jazmin Ochoa
    Jazmin Ochoa

    I say Frappuccino

  • Kelcy Lovato
    Kelcy Lovato

    Today I did is I went to the pool

  • Thanu Padma
    Thanu Padma

    It’s black like your armpits 😂😂😂😂

  • Jastina Rikat
    Jastina Rikat

    Let's just say can I get 2 of every thing that the bitch in the fuckeing front ordered.............. Mhmm.......ok.........ok.......BITCH WHAT..........OH MY FUCKING GOD BITCH THE FUCK.........UHHHH!!!!! A bitch be like.......at the end......... I want to return all this mother fuckeing food......ummmm............ And can I get my money back........

  • iiXxii aEsthetic
    iiXxii aEsthetic

    It’s pronounced frappey but it’s spelt Frappe

  • Hm?

    I say "Frappé" instead of "Frapp"

  • Citlali Montano
    Citlali Montano

    Today I walked 15 minutes to the library to find out they are close then I went to the store to get Takis and a mango 😐

  • Lois Mensah
    Lois Mensah

    How cute n smiley is Bretman when he’s high?

  • Arche Legaspi
    Arche Legaspi

    I love you Princess Mae!!! Your the best dumbass biatch...!!!!

  • Kateee Kimberlyyy
    Kateee Kimberlyyy

    in the beginning of the video he said they were gonna go everywhere but since their taco bell order was so much they couldn’t 😂😭

  • Jordyn Henley
    Jordyn Henley

    Princess: Bretman, you’re so fake.. Bretman: Bitch I have never been mother fucking real to you. Why would I start now.. you say I’m fake like yeah bitch I KNOW. Princess: ....

  • Jordyn Henley
    Jordyn Henley

    Bretman *hits blunt* Bretman: I’m getting really hungry..

  • Jordyn Henley
    Jordyn Henley


  • Jordyn Henley
    Jordyn Henley

    Today I versed my parents in Trouble x

  • Jessica Blanco
    Jessica Blanco

    He’s nice to princess when he’s high😂😂

  • Gawbringer

    As if the fatty was full after 5 mins :D she just wanted the video to be over so she could eat everything :P

    • Savannah Alvarado
      Savannah Alvarado

      It's literally people like you that cause people to hate their bodies, such a shitty thing to do. Like fr what are you getting out of posting that hateful comment? Fuck out of here

    • Savannah Alvarado
      Savannah Alvarado

      Shes not fat you're crazy

  • Expert -fortnite
    Expert -fortnite

    I say it frap PAY NOT FRAP

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