letting you in on the truth about MTV, depression + a life update
Tana Mongeau
i love you.

  • Martha Vosnak
    Martha Vosnak

    BITCH, you a queen! Thank you for your courage in sharing your story. It honestly helps those that go through it to just understand they are not alone and they are worth it. You are way younger than me but you are wiser and braver than me. Keep on keepin' on girlfriend!

  • The FA Nurse
    The FA Nurse

    Best life motto that I share with people is “Your past does NOT define your future!” Always maintain the control over your artistic passion. Get out of Hollywood!

  • Heather Hall
    Heather Hall

    onlyfans.com/u47911245 trying it.

  • tap._. water
    tap._. water

    Finally she noticed she a cockroach we did it boys

  • Jana Valentine
    Jana Valentine

    Honestly when I watched your wedding vlog I felt like you were super lost... like you were acting.. pretending that you were happy when deep down you were struggling and at war within yourself.

  • sabine xx
    sabine xx

    youre doing great honey

  • Theresa Zackary
    Theresa Zackary

    Who was the best friend that died? Sorry y’all, Ive been binging her videos for the past 2 days. I never really knew much about her before now if you can believe it or not.

  • Shawnesse Shaeffer
    Shawnesse Shaeffer

    This whole message I can relate to I didn’t realize how much we have in common until now and my heart breaks for you because I know what I’ve gone through and to know you’ve gone through the same thing with parents and drugs and wanting to die seriously breaks my heart but the fact your so strong and can come on here and speak about it all so it can help other people is seriously amazing it speaks volumes on your character so much ! I don’t care what negative shit anyone says about you because watching this and all the other videos I’ve watched for the last 3 years of you have seriously been the most raw and most relatable life experiences! Your not fake and your a good humble person ! Your not like the rest out here I legit look up to you ♥️

  • Lauren Jack
    Lauren Jack

    We are so scary similar. I was also raised in Vegas, and struggled with xanax. I’m proud to say I have been clean for almost 2 years now. No one understands how hard it really is. I had multiple seizures from trying to quit in the past, and that’s when it’s really scary; when you don’t even want it mentally anymore but your body is just flat out physically addicted. I felt this video so much girl. Just know, if you were ever addicted to some shit like that, it takes a strong ass person to quit. Most ppl that go down that road don’t. Thank you so much for your honesty. Up until this point, I really didn’t know what direction to take my channel. It’s a really new channel and I just felt like I didn’t really fit in to any particular niche. But after seeing your videos I truly just relate to you so much and as corny as it sounds it makes me feel better knowing i’m not alone. love you Tana! maybe one day if my channel takes off we’ll meet in person, just manifesting it now ya know 🤪

  • R. Bray
    R. Bray

    Oh honey do your nails!

  • Sam G
    Sam G

    The new and improved Tana didn’t last long.

  • Madi B
    Madi B

    wow . I totally can relate to everything you said , I’m a recovering heroin addict and I totally understand the fact that no matter how many people die around you and how fucked up life gets you still choose to get high bc you don’t wanna FEEL that pain. My sister passed away from a heroin overdose 3 years ago and I still chose to do the one drug that killed her and that’s how cunning and baffling this disease is. I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this comment but this is for all the people out there struggling with addiction, just know you’re not alone and I’m here for you 💕 thank you tana for being such a huge inspiration ilysm

  • Qasim Sajid
    Qasim Sajid


  • Katie Merrick
    Katie Merrick

    Tana check into a dual diagnosis treatment centre. Hope you continue to feel better

  • Pink Eyeball
    Pink Eyeball

    All I heard was my parents this my parents that she needs to stop blaming her parents for her actions and move on from the past I know it’s not easy but she needs to try and let go. If she can’t handle her gigs then don’t let her do them. I actually like her but It’s always excuse after excuse with her.

  • Thea Subda
    Thea Subda

    When you said pickle I was like I need to eat some

  • Amanddarina

    i rlly like you tana. i truly do, i think and appreciate how honest and raw you are, and i truly think that you are a good person, so keep your head up, and i hope that your life from here on now goes up hill!

  • You Biscuit
    You Biscuit

    i'm 33 and i'm pretty sure this girl is more emotionally mature than me

  • brissk

    When it comes to deperession.. God is giving mankind the guidence in the Quran to avoid depression... Quran Chapter 20 Verse 123.. "Whoever follows My guidance will neither go astray [in the world] nor suffer [in the Hereafter]". Verse 124 "And whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind."

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith

    I haven't watched your videos since mtv but this makes so much more sense now, proud of you

  • Mary Beaudry
    Mary Beaudry

    We love you, thank you for posting this, being honest and vulnerable

  • Mya G
    Mya G

    that major depressive episode u mentioned? sounds like it might be related to withdrawal symptoms from xannys/pills.. pls be careful..

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez


  • Sydney Armitage
    Sydney Armitage

    I love you tana it takes so much to share something like this with the world

  • Moët Po
    Moët Po

    Thank you for zipping the hoodie up I literally heard nothing until you zipped it up 😂

  • angelique jasmine
    angelique jasmine

    when imari came in with no pants and brought her food😣 i love that man

  • angelique jasmine
    angelique jasmine

    i love you tana and i def gave you the benefit of the doubt regardless of your show or how it displayed your life. those things are never 100% accurate and you can’t believe everything you see because so many things are so edited and people don’t care about anything but themselves these days... they just want immediate satisfaction regardless of who it hurts. i’m sorry that your worst moments were broadcasted and that you were so mentally exhausted and so tired of life to the point that you didn’t care if you disappeared. thank you for opening up and for helping us because you don’t understand how much you are an escape from our worlds. in your own words, “without you i’m just in too deep, i’m losing touch of everything. i cant even fall asleep. i cant get high without you..”

  • makkfrost

    this video reminded me of the OG Tana and the reason I subscribed in the first place

  • Miss Nomer
    Miss Nomer

    You're on a journey & following your heart & there's no shame in that. I didn't feel like you were being horrible at the Dr.; and anything that you may have said (to Jordan or any one else) that maybe was rude; most all of us (including those you interface with) know you have good intentions & just want to be happy. You also want others to be happy. I resonate with the difficult childhood you have to reconcile with as a maturing adult because I too have had to play catch-up and can never forget the years of emotional abuse (& subsequent trauma) I received at the hands of my parents. You're young & you're learning & as long as you're trying to Do the Right Thing; you don't owe anyone an explanation. Just try to continue to build good relationships and hopefully you'll be able to make sure you can take care of yourself. Your youtube channel and celebrity is Clearly part of your souls' mission. Thank you for your contributions!!!

  • bonnie grant
    bonnie grant

    im so glad u hit ur rock bottom because i know how good it feels to re-meet yourself u know what i mean? the second we stop numbing were reborn and it;s liek u look in the mirror and ur like oh hey i rememember u! ur TANA! and tana? this was SO BEAUTIFULLY SAID. u were born for this career, u are one of the finest role models that exhists and u know what? even when u were high and fucked up i saw this tana inside of there. but i am so happy she;s come full circle and is center stage now. and doesnt have to escape anymore. THE WORLD NEEDS TANA MONGEAU. also can i just say its fucking insane how this just ppoured out of u, ur mind is so clear and ur thoughts are so clear. so well spoken. well said. this video is EPIC. i needed to hear this, u are an inspiration! and u truly are the BEST YOU RIGHT NOW. and i only hope to be half as brave as u. because i can see how happy u are now and i am honored when u share that journey with me and all your huge fans! ur a freaking goddess!!!! continue growing and dont be afraid of change. ur blossoming into the most LOVELY human being and i want to be just like you. for real. I love you tana. stay YOU. stay healthy and dont stop treating yourself awesomely. UR THRIVING!! and I LOVE YOU. love, bonnie grant ( reeeeally hope u;ll see this)

  • Corey Holt
    Corey Holt

    I said some horrible shit I didn't mean and was a terrible friend when I was at my worst mentally. now i've learned (and apologized, profusely). can't imagine having that part of my life immortalized in a show...

  • Corey Holt
    Corey Holt

    tana, i've on and off followed you for years, and for a while I sort of just deeply worried about how you did the same avoidant/numbing shit I do when i'm struggling but to an extreme. I actually lost a cousin to drugs for a similar reason. so it's incredibly moving to see you in such an empowered, self-aware and healthy headspace. showing your growth in such a raw way is really fucking cool. you're dope. big love

  • Gracie H
    Gracie H

    Omg Tana your like that 6ix9ines new song ~your mad I’m back ahahahaha

  • merrbearbitch3

    Tana, I’m so happy for you. You’re strong, your mind is strong, you have a greater purpose in this thing we call life. You go girlfriend! I believe in you’re authenticity and I’m sure many of us watching you do too. It’s okay to fall like you did, I’ve been there too.. I used to be homeless on drugs getting physically mentally emotionally abused, and now I’m 3 years clean and going to college, but lucky enough to not have been under the public eye like you were. Anyway, thank you Tana. Congratulations!!!

  • Rishi B
    Rishi B

    you'll never see this. But im 23 and you have no idea how much I feel this. I love you and I appreciate your real ass funny blunt ass crazy ass self. Love you

  • Yes I’m Charlie Brown
    Yes I’m Charlie Brown

    Wow I thought u changed and I’m so happy to see authentic tana back🥺

  • Heather Loveday
    Heather Loveday

    I love tana..the good..the bad..the ugly...loook qt her livin her life..so beautiful.! Her geowth from lil tana back in vegas to this Tana being so open...even though shes already real about so many things.! Just shows how humble she is.! #goTana #tanatanatan#girllookatthatgrowth.! Love ya Tana.!

  • MAW Μάρτης
    MAW Μάρτης

    Olny from y boobs

  • Alison Fero
    Alison Fero

    I felt this whole video on such a deep level 🖤 been struggling with very similar issues and can sympathize with your struggles🖤🖤 hang in there

  • Robdissidy


  • Katie Skye
    Katie Skye

    Tana, just from this video I can relate to so many parts of your story. Right now I am coming out of the same kind of mental darkness you were describing. I respect you and adore you so much for admitting and talking about this in the way that you did in this video. I know in my soul how hard addiction and depression/suicidal thoughts are to endure. This proves that no matter where you are in life this kind of stuff does not discriminate. Thank you. Thank you for being you and staying so raw and real. This touched me so much and I know for a fact this video is possibly saving the lives of people who've suffered through the same pain as us. Stay strong, stay real, and never give up the fight. Sending all the positivity and good vibes your way

  • laken lowry
    laken lowry

    This is my first time on IT-my

  • Liza Melamed
    Liza Melamed

    I just watched this and I know u probably won’t see this but I just want u to know that ur not alone and u r so inspirational

  • r⃰e⃨m⃰i⃨i⃰

    1800662HELP national 24/7 mental health & substance abuse hotline.

  • dmitri young
    dmitri young

    this video gave me a whole new perspective on tana. mtv portrays her terribly so it’s nice to see this side of tana that i admire very much.

  • Jessica Jezierski
    Jessica Jezierski

    I've been near death plenty of times because of addiction. I also have a horrible relationship with both my parents unfortunately that's severaly toxic. I now have 2&1/2 years sober and keep my relationship with my parents at a healthy distance and I've never been happier or healthier! 💙😊 So very happy and proud of you Tana! 💜💯

  • Ayden Serrano
    Ayden Serrano

    But did I quit smoking

  • MJ G
    MJ G

    💜💜💜 proud of you girl. STAY STRONG 💜💜💜

  • Bla Ba
    Bla Ba

    I am so proud of you

  • farah alyssa
    farah alyssa

    i literally love you so much tana and i always have been supporting you even through all of the scandals and the whole mtv thing. you’re amazing 💖

  • Greta Jambard
    Greta Jambard

    I love that you think of mental healthcare but maybe you should focus on yourself self reflect, take a spa day, relax, make a video about how you've changed

  • Lil Make- Up Lover
    Lil Make- Up Lover

    I am so glad you are back Tana. I watched you so much in the beginning and then last year I did stop because it did seem you were caught up and it was hard to watch.. I am so proud of you. Doing what you have done and coming back from hell is amazing.... God Bless

  • Sven Hen
    Sven Hen

    Bro This is why I love tana

  • Afro Donkey
    Afro Donkey

    nipple piercing

  • Danielle

    I hope you stay on a path of happiness and be the healthiest physically and mentally because it's truly beautiful to see this better version of you. This Tana can also help so many more people dealing with similar issues.

  • Stephanie Bodkin
    Stephanie Bodkin

    You are amazing. I related to this so much. You spoke everything beautifully, idk how I just saw this

  • chanel croley
    chanel croley


  • Hannah S
    Hannah S

    tana, i love you.

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown

    Tana, this video is the real you. Level-headed, intelligent, well-spoken, self-respecting. This is the you that you can be without trying. This is the you that’s going to get you the love you deserve. Please, stop trying to be wild and just relax into the you that you were born to be.

  • Caitlin

    I am so proud of tana and trevor for cleaning themselves and i wish you guys the best during your recoveries :)

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana

    This is why I love Tana and will ALWAYS support her.

  • Emily Marshall
    Emily Marshall

    who else was bothered by her nails coming off and some still on?

  • quetzali hernandez
    quetzali hernandez

    wow i love you 🤍

  • Wiktoria Knowles
    Wiktoria Knowles

    when you don't care if you're alive or not, that's the scariest feeling in the world but at the same time, you don't care.

    • Maria Eduarda
      Maria Eduarda

      Wiktoria Knowles ig gets scary after you're out of that place

    • El Comedy Rogue
      El Comedy Rogue


  • Diana Christinee
    Diana Christinee

    you made me realize so many things watching this and I’m crying. thank you

  • Lidya Samuel
    Lidya Samuel

    Who else whatched the whole thing?PS I Freakin love you TANA💓

  • Kendall Stearns
    Kendall Stearns

    i love you tana

  • Thomas Bruns
    Thomas Bruns

    I totally understand this I can relate to tana a lot


    Who are you?

  • Lorelei Elizabeth Sings
    Lorelei Elizabeth Sings

    to know that i’m not the only one who feels like this feels like relief

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