Liam Payne Talks 'LP1', Harry Styles' 'Adore You' & #CapitalJBB 💽 | FULL INTERVIEW | Capital
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On the day he dropped his debut solo album, Liam Payne caught up with Capital Breakfast to discuss brand new music, and seeing Harry Styles perform live for the very first time.

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  • Becca Goodes
    Becca Goodes


  • LOLLIPOP something
    LOLLIPOP something

    he lives in sUrReY

  • lauren

    it’s not adore you anymore it’s a 🚪

  • Yasmine Goudriaan
    Yasmine Goudriaan

    Liam: has a kid Louis: has a kid Zayn: is almost father Niall: Horan Harry: is gonna marry a fish

  • Erika

    I love LP1😍😍😍

  • Krista Mathew
    Krista Mathew

    capital fm gets some of the best interviews TY

  • Savanah Garcia
    Savanah Garcia

    lIam talks so fast!

  • ofry zaid
    ofry zaid

    a 🚪

  • Sophie Kelly
    Sophie Kelly

    "WatEr MelOn LovEr"

  • COCONUT_ 222
    COCONUT_ 222

    Liam: has a kid. Louis: has a kid. Niall: has a piano. Harry: has bread. Zayn: malik. Hotel: trivago

  • Lol G
    Lol G

    i'm so proud of him

  • Reya

    A door

  • rat chan
    rat chan

    "a friggin snake"

  • Ellebelleby

    ‘Adore you’ I only know ‘A Door’

  • PJ AB
    PJ AB

    Liam 2019: I haven't heard Adore You. LP act 1 at home concert: I love a door. Oh wait is it adore you?

    • PJ AB
      PJ AB

      @Hrisi B Haha yesss🤣🤣

    • Hrisi B
      Hrisi B


    • Matilde Micallef
      Matilde Micallef

      Bhahaha yesss

  • Ah Ah Ah
    Ah Ah Ah

    2:28 Harry Adore you You're welcome

  • Kaiya Keyes
    Kaiya Keyes

    liams the most supportive ever i love him🥺

  • Emily A
    Emily A

    now we need to know if harry and liam talking at the jingle bell ball

  • Cassie

    why did i think LP1 stood for like Long Play as in vinyl/record

  • Halle O sullivan
    Halle O sullivan

    Liams way too funny😂

  • Tubxlartozier _
    Tubxlartozier _

    Can someone ask Liam how his mum reacted to rude hours pleaseeee!!!!

  • runawayfae ?!!
    runawayfae ?!!

    Okay but Muppets Christmas Carol is awesome.

    • One Sassy Direction
      One Sassy Direction


  • Harry’s Angels
    Harry’s Angels

    when he said die hard i literally screamed JAKE PERALTa

  • Deresco1

    Ugh “Both Ways” is his favorite? Worst song on the album.

  • May Ko
    May Ko

    Pleeeaaase complete the band by inviting Zayn 😭❤️

  • skm 05
    skm 05

    what would be your biggest fear liam ‘snakes’ me ‘are you sure about that’ 😂🥄

  • chloeolivver x
    chloeolivver x

    i love liam

  • Megan Duffy
    Megan Duffy

    ‘me and harry haven’t spoke in a long time’ cry

  • isitcalsamic

    Nobody : Liam : my biggest fear is snakes Me : Are U sUrE? Liam, we all remember the SPOONS

    • shahaf beck
      shahaf beck

      He is not afraid of spoons 😭

    • Alana Croucher
      Alana Croucher

      i was thinking doing the washing up from dinner because of the spoons

    • kiera rose
      kiera rose

      i thoght he was gonna say spoons

  • Lucy

    they really know what to put in their titles

  • KrystyLaFloof

    A child doing all of those amazing things? Get out of here! But I know, listen, puppets on people's hands do exist! Bruce Willis is bald and amazing!

  • butterfly

    He’s talking a bit different, giving me some weird but cool vibes, idk liam was never like that, is he tired? Ugh I don’t know how to explain it, he seems focused i guess?

  • K G
    K G

    ugh stop why is he beautiful, and perfect, and aghljhgf help Im having an existential crisis

  • Mia Pileggi
    Mia Pileggi

    OHHHH so he wears strips nowwwwww

  • Elizabeth Danelek
    Elizabeth Danelek

    Capital is awesome

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith

    Liam actually looks like a younger version of the brilliant Aussie actor Joel Edgerton ...

  • Aditi

    His smile is so beautiful😍😍😍

  • TessTPWK

    Yes Liam did open, but Harry kinda sorta stole the show😂

  • Micaela Clifford
    Micaela Clifford

    Thank you for putting that in the Title 😂👏 Love, from Directioner since 2012

  • Skylah Creekmore
    Skylah Creekmore

    He has the sweetest smile

  • Fairy Queen
    Fairy Queen

    Snakes in surrey = Harry Potter fanfiction

  • Bob F.
    Bob F.

    He needs subtitles ..he talks too fast and chops all his words off

  • Lyndzy Alicia
    Lyndzy Alicia

    when liam says both ways is his favorite 🤮

  • Ellie Hernandez
    Ellie Hernandez

    Is this the interview that Harries say he shaded Harry? Because I must've missed the shade Yall are just to delicate and want to attack all the other boys.

    • Carolyn Castle
      Carolyn Castle

      Ellie Rose Hernandez Wrong interview

  • CM Laki
    CM Laki

    "Die Hard" is everybody's favorite Christmas movie - haha.

  • Jade Lauren
    Jade Lauren

    Haha yesss Liam, I also appreciated whoever was running Roman's insta!

  • princess Guanco
    princess Guanco

    liam harry and luis maybe diecide someday to join together perform in concert without zyan

  • Alexand Pierce
    Alexand Pierce

    0:28 AaaaaaaaA♪ 😂

  • Saba .p
    Saba .p


  • Bernadette Piano
    Bernadette Piano

    *who here is proud that the directions are still the strong group they are 😭*

  • Gina Misola
    Gina Misola

    Liam opening the gingle bell ball! Harry gonna be there to. The both of them

  • Judith

    2:26 it’s when they talk about Harry

  • Lorn Moulinie
    Lorn Moulinie

    The fact that he is claiming both ways is his favourite yet it is the one that's causing the controversy

  • Tahira Abbasi
    Tahira Abbasi

    The album was dissapointing, was expecting something better. By far the worst debut by a one direction member

  • ilomilo directioner
    ilomilo directioner

    No one's talking about that little Lirry talk? My directioner heart! I wish they would be rocking stage together 😭

  • fly high
    fly high

    Wen they mention HARRY 💓💓💓💓 my hearts beats so fasttttttt

  • xdeadboyzz

    he's disgusting

  • Connie K
    Connie K

    It’s evident which kid is mom’s favourite

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    The fact that he hasn’t seen Harry live 🥺 hurts my heart

  • L B
    L B

    LP doesn’t seem too into H. He seems passive aggressive. No one is destined or required to be friends.

  • Emilia Gottfridsson
    Emilia Gottfridsson

    So y’all stanning a man who fetishing bisexuals, isn’t comfortable with harry baby sitting his child because of the way he dresses and started his girlfriend when she was a minor....great.

    • xdeadboyzz

      he's disgusting

  • Rowanne Curran
    Rowanne Curran

    why is no one talking about ITS A SNAKE HABITAT TURN AROUND???

  • Pretty buoy Jones
    Pretty buoy Jones

    Liam has the cutest smile..

  • Rahma Dea Andini
    Rahma Dea Andini

    liam: non stop talking😂 harry: thinking while talking louis: full of "yeah...yeah..." niall: "hahahahaha" zayn: malik edit: THANK YOU FOR 1.1K, GUYS!

    • Stacey Vlogs
      Stacey Vlogs


    • Elvira Martin
      Elvira Martin


    • Jissa Joseph
      Jissa Joseph


    • Ariadna Serrano
      Ariadna Serrano

      Zayn: malik

    • at 1D we love love
      at 1D we love love

      Zayn : ""

  • katefoll

    Muppet Christmas Carol!! It is not Christmas in our home until we watch that!! ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚

  • Cha Or Whatevah
    Cha Or Whatevah

    i loveeee

  • Joselyne López
    Joselyne López

    Mi bebé se merece todo lo bueno de la vida😍😭

  • dil piikle
    dil piikle

    All this content on my birthday

  • Kelly Horan
    Kelly Horan

    Proud of U Liam ❤️

  • jsloveya

    he is so sweet, i love him so much ❤️

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