Lil Skies - Breathe [Official Video]
Lil Skies
Lil Skies - Breathe [Official Video]
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  • bevonforsenate dotcom
    bevonforsenate dotcom

    This is how I feel campaigning for US Senate.

  • Alex Valencia
    Alex Valencia


  • Braelyn Underwood
    Braelyn Underwood

    love helps me breathe when its not fake

  • dpolww dw
    dpolww dw

    [Lyrics] Oh, I can't sleep (I can't sleep) Your love helps me breathe Oh, I can't sleep Your love helps me breathe When I wake up, want you next to me Don't give a fuck what people think Ayy, ayy Plug just hit my phone, he said the pack is on the way Said I would stop smoking then I take one to the face I'm a lonely stoner but for her I made a change I don't want somebody who gon' put me through the pain When the rain stops pouring, everything comes out Girl, you're way too gorgeous to be stuck in the house I would give you everything, fuck what he talkin' about You know you not my number two, girl, know you my boo, girl Oh, I can't sleep Your love helps me breathe When I wake up, want you next to me Don't give a fuck what people think Ayy, ayy Droppin' ashes on my denim She say she love me and she wish she never met him Know this life is crazy but I hate when you play victim Own up to your mistakes and all of your bad decisions I know you get mad and try to blame it on me You can't play it phony I would never turn fake, that's extra salty Now your life been sideways 'cause you lonely Now it's on another page, another story, yeah Oh, I can't sleep Your love helps me breathe When I wake up, want you next to me Don't give a fuck, what people think

  • Emil Castagnier
    Emil Castagnier

    you know what they say a lil skies song a day keeps the doctor away

  • Kool-aid man
    Kool-aid man

    Yo listening to this with max volume with 2 earbuds in makes it so much better

  • / Lockuhma
    / Lockuhma

    This song helps me breathe

  • Loko Gaming
    Loko Gaming

    XXX hair

  • Cloudz

    Can I use this song in my video? Fire shit man love your music

  • GSB 805
    GSB 805

    Those af1's ruined the video. Naa but osrs those kicks is hella played

  • SGfolse

    I can’t sleeeeeep

  • Me Okamy
    Me Okamy

    there is only one breath for me. and its PRODIGY

  • Debb3rod

    I loop it cos the song's not long enuff, luv luv luv Lil Skies!

  • adrii lopez
    adrii lopez

    Thise is so fire

  • Olivia delgado
    Olivia delgado

    I love his music

  • Chris Culberson
    Chris Culberson

    "Don't give a fuck what people think." #Lonely

  • Chris Culberson
    Chris Culberson

    "Your Love Helped #ME Breathe."

  • z GamingCF
    z GamingCF

    I dont give a fuck what people think

  • Roberto Morales
    Roberto Morales


  • oiBane

    Makes me think how much a love her


    Omg i love this song.


    Game of Thrones in the tags? LMFAO

  • Mxntxr


  • Isaiah Junior
    Isaiah Junior

    Shouldn't Lil Skies do a collab with juice wrld

  • Mrs Hanner
    Mrs Hanner

    I love this. The vibe, the visuals, the sound. Awesome song 🔥

  • Julio Villela
    Julio Villela

    Still waiting for a Juice Wrld collab

  • Dev Sonar
    Dev Sonar

    Voice so lovely

  • Justyna P
    Justyna P


  • magicalblade420 Noahgod
    magicalblade420 Noahgod


  • Andrew Loner!
    Andrew Loner!

    🗣️Thats knockin fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪

  • jestemslabawwymyslaniunazw


  • Alton Rodgers
    Alton Rodgers

    Bruh I usually just listen to the song it's dope but I finally decided to watch the video and wow this shit is deep

  • MFB

    Захар, иди нахуй !

    • MFB

      @Shaunus1 не не не

    • Shaunus1

      Ты чорт, понял?

  • Sinai Marín
    Sinai Marín

    Yeah! 🎶🎧❤

  • Juan Mejia10131
    Juan Mejia10131

    Hope IT-my puts back his rude video🤧🤧🥺🥺🙏🏼

  • Brandy George
    Brandy George

    My daughter s name is shellie

  • Grizzly3778

    When lil skies gonna be in a movie

  • Imkhalib

    Idk y but the instrumental kinda sound like woah mind in awe by x

  • Javi 30
    Javi 30

    “ but I hate when you play victim , own up to your mistakes and bad decisions, I know you get mad and try to blame it on me “ felt that 🔥💯

  • Milky Boi
    Milky Boi


  • Clarence Kennedy
    Clarence Kennedy

    Your love helps me breathe

  • Zayden Pike
    Zayden Pike


  • Arash Andrei Amiri
    Arash Andrei Amiri

    Whos better lil skies like x comment

  • adrian langseth
    adrian langseth

    So fire song and video🔥🔥🔥 well done👌🔥

  • zoe youngman
    zoe youngman

    you know your not my number 2 girl no your my boo girl. I need someone in my life to say that to me

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon

    Your hair looks so good Lil Skies.

  • lauren Ray
    lauren Ray

    This song is best on the ablum, also I, and name and the sand

  • Roberto Ramos
    Roberto Ramos

    México apoyando a Lil Skies desde sus inicios. 🔥MX ❤

  • Not Cosmetic
    Not Cosmetic

    Skies and x got that haircut

  • Sepi838

    This guy takes it up the arsehole. Gotta feel sorry for the fools who listen to this generation of young tryhards who try do it without decent style... This guy is a pathetic joke. 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Danielle Mill
    Danielle Mill


  • gameboy3000

    Happy bday to the best artist ever to live. Aka Lil Skies 🌹

  • Jumpman 18
    Jumpman 18

    Happy birthday

  • Virginia Huacon
    Virginia Huacon

    Happy birthday

  • mc gúù oficial
    mc gúù oficial

    Musica tooppp de maisss lil skies king

  • MintyBeatz

    This is how many like whores are in the comments 💪🏼 🔥 👇🏽

  • Arely Pizano
    Arely Pizano


  • Eysi Onee
    Eysi Onee

    Fuck Teamm!😎

  • Jaritza Feliciano
    Jaritza Feliciano

    Lil Skies is such a versatile artist 👏🏾 and he fineeee 🤤

  • Hyper Bon
    Hyper Bon

    I hate this comment section. Ruining the song to the fullest.

  • eBAZ Team
    eBAZ Team

    You are best raper/singer on world

  • meme lover
    meme lover

    Why wasn't Lil Skies in the XXL Cypher but lil mosey was?

  • venom 663
    venom 663

    The first lame lil skies song red roses to i all songs were lit this songs missing energy

  • Anna Lamar
    Anna Lamar

    Why it is not gaining views

    • karol czaja fan 69
      karol czaja fan 69

      Because its not good

  • -KIN G-
    -KIN G-

    This a 🔥 ass song

  • Jorge Tapia
    Jorge Tapia

    I am going to sing This song to my girlfriend

  • Ingo Weißdorn
    Ingo Weißdorn

    Shelby has so unique vibes; loved it

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl

    This song puts me in a zone 😍

  • Wyo. tre
    Wyo. tre

    Dam I remember listening to this song in class 😢🦋

  • Davon Major
    Davon Major

    Bump lil skies while passin the blunt

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