Lil Tjay - 20/20 (Official Video)
Official video for "20/20" by Lil Tjay.
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  • Dominic Collins
    Dominic Collins

    That’s bslime

  • Bewary

    You can tell how happy he was making this video

  • Alanna Rose
    Alanna Rose

    Is this just me or is that ynw bslime


    I remember seeing this man open for a Juice concert in Atlanta last year... Damn, brazy how shit changes.

  • Prodromos Michael
    Prodromos Michael

    So underrated this deserves more love who agrees?

  • treydot 1
    treydot 1

    Corona in 2030:damn he going to his moms catch up Lil tjay in his head :Gotta make it home so my moma dont cry

  • Nicky p
    Nicky p

    bslime on the piano !!!1

  • JEMO

    2:14 to 2:52 lit asf

  • яєтгιgє


  • ydnservin

  • Take That
    Take That

    I been holding demons inside I cant lie so if you don't wanna die so don't try.

  • A Teaks
    A Teaks

    Like if lil tjay the best rapper

  • Melans Goated
    Melans Goated

    Hi I’m a bot this is trash

  • Samxxt GG
    Samxxt GG

    Baby goat

  • Ephraim Makisibwani
    Ephraim Makisibwani

    I love lil tjay

  • 7 Power
    7 Power

    Still hoping for the best 2020 🙏🏿

  • YAF Bucketss
    YAF Bucketss

    Hey people, first off I hope everybody and their family are healthy and safe. I also make music and it would be very kind of you to check it out and to share it with your friends.

  • Swaays

    Broooo Lil Tjay hits differently

  • Danny Constant
    Danny Constant

    Am I trippin or is YNW Bslime in that video playing the piano btw #FreeMelly

  • Luis playz
    Luis playz

    I beg you Tjay, please take care of yourself, without x and juice, life has been harder for me, and I don’t wanna lose you either😭, I can’t let anymore legends pass

  • ZFare

    DAMN lil tjay's voice is an instrument

  • Chakim King ogar
    Chakim King ogar

    I'm just to real thats how they made mee 👊💯💯

  • Gaming is life
    Gaming is life

    "fuck having feelings" Facts

  • Joyful_Ops2k

    bslime isn't playing the piano.No hate BSlime+LilTjay=GOAT

  • Titn

    2:04 who else thought that was a different person rapping there



  • Eli Walendziak
    Eli Walendziak

    actually died when I saw YNWBslime on the piano

  • Lia Rey
    Lia Rey

    i love you

  • gaming with ty tykeiahorsey
    gaming with ty tykeiahorsey

    If you ain't ready to die den don't try

  • Danae Teacherou
    Danae Teacherou

    this hits different tho

  • Jayden Kolasa
    Jayden Kolasa

    We all thought this year was the year but it is not😥

  • Basketball Pro
    Basketball Pro


  • Moritz Koehler
    Moritz Koehler

    How tf does this song still only has 7 million views??? Underrated af

  • Pereira Luca
    Pereira Luca

    "Living in the moment where i wanted this for years" that really got me , Lil Tjay is the best

  • Ja'Varion Walker
    Ja'Varion Walker

    Dis Shiii HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cliff Popi
    Cliff Popi

    lil tjay soon will be the greatest...........(GOAT)

  • Peanut FTW
    Peanut FTW

    Beat hard asfkk 🔥🔥

  • Fear The Tiger
    Fear The Tiger

    YNW BSlime bro playing dat piano

  • Jayden Quair
    Jayden Quair

    Playing the piano

  • Jayden Quair
    Jayden Quair


  • Jayden Quair
    Jayden Quair

    Is that YNW BSLINE

    • YBG TJay Drip
      YBG TJay Drip


  • Sasuke itachi
    Sasuke itachi

    2:14 to 2:52 in my opinion is the coldest part of the song

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans

    I just want my name to be around when i hear

  • Team Eclipse1k
    Team Eclipse1k

    Tjay a goat follow me on insta@skeezer._seth

  • xtinct clan
    xtinct clan

    Who here before 1M subs

  • Prodromos Michael
    Prodromos Michael

    @Lil Tjay I'm a big fan of you man every song you make i feel you 😔 just please keep doing what you are doing man honestly congrats, stay safe out there everybody and god bless you all 🙏 WHERE ALL MY TJAY FANS AT? #true to myself

  • Lexi Candy
    Lexi Candy

    0% use of authentic views website 5% mumble 5% bad lyrics 10% naked girls 80% good music

    • the tank master
      the tank master

      no 5% on mumble or bad lyrics

    • Monique Lopez
      Monique Lopez

      There was no 5% bad lyrics or 5% mumble

    • Moritz Koehler
      Moritz Koehler

      I don’t hear them 5% bad lyrics

  • code tora
    code tora

    I thought that kid was bslime at first


    yo my lil tjay is the goat

  • Jojo Martinez
    Jojo Martinez


  • Harmonie Monfils
    Harmonie Monfils

    Im on repeat

  • CrazyBat

    Why’s that bitch next to him got sideburns lollll

  • Crazie Sotos
    Crazie Sotos

    Kanenas ellhnas?

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    We must protect this guy we can't afford another amazing rapper to die. R.i.p xxx and juice

  • Carter Kleis
    Carter Kleis

    Anyone else miss the " If drew didn't film t then it ain't filmed right " lmao

  • Andrew Hendrix
    Andrew Hendrix

    They need to do a Bslime remix

  • Zurqz

    Shit Doesent Start Till 0:37 😂

  • Zurqz


  • im_ zanny.
    im_ zanny.

    this shi go harder during quarantine deadass

  • f*ck you
    f*ck you


  • A4RON


  • Edusane Gaming
    Edusane Gaming

    *bslime:* ayo its my turn *tjay:* sit yo ass down n play the piano.

    • Zerk Kaden
      Zerk Kaden

      fuck you stealing someones comment

  • Mark steven
    Mark steven

    No, This track is not going through *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D0T C0M* while Lil Tjay killed the beat!!!Thumbs up who agrees

  • Ronaldo _pohlodko
    Ronaldo _pohlodko

    Do a calab with roddyrich

  • Ryans Vlogs
    Ryans Vlogs

    Lil tjay x youngboy. We need that

  • ISG Doodoo
    ISG Doodoo

    When it got 6.9m views😏

  • Noah Elrod
    Noah Elrod


  • Mr. 100k
    Mr. 100k


  • POIRENG 19
    POIRENG 19

    Like it if u love this song just like me

  • Daylan yates
    Daylan yates

    4.2 btw

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