Lil Yachty x Rio Da Yung OG - "1v1" (Official Video) | [Prod. Enrgy Beats]
Rio Da Yung OG
Lil Yachty x Rio Da Yung OG - "1v1" (Official Video) | [Prod. Enrgy Beats]
Lil Yachty
Rio Da Yung OG
(Official Video)
[Prod. Enrgy Beats]

  • prod. trxsh
    prod. trxsh

    why dis nigga boat never post none of his flint collabs

  • Demere Henderson
    Demere Henderson

    i can honestly say Yachty got off, RIO still talk crazy doe

  • Jeremiah Ansley
    Jeremiah Ansley

    Yatchy snapped on this btc

  • L3aFy JaY
    L3aFy JaY

    No cap I fw'd Yachty tough when lil boat the mixtape dropped. Like all them songs was fire so seeing him level up in Michigan with Flint is refreshing #MurderMitten

  • A1 Pdot
    A1 Pdot

    Everything on this song was on point rio da goat shout out Lil Yachty

  • Greasy Boyz
    Greasy Boyz

    this too hard

  • grabman

  • Jamal Burch
    Jamal Burch

    He shoulda added tee griz on this joint as well

  • Dustation

    bro i thought lil yachty fell off but really he doing this stuff glad i found it

  • Max Gardner
    Max Gardner

    Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you it’s a gun on me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Talkin wet

  • Yung Jung
    Yung Jung

    Like its 2030 Pull Up With A RAY BEAM

  • BDD

    Almost poped her in her liver 😭datttt nigga went crazy asf 😂✊🔥

  • Yungeen Zay03
    Yungeen Zay03

    This song Has me moving my body in positions I never knew my body could do

  • Trev Szn
    Trev Szn

    boats best flow ever

  • Yungeen Zay03
    Yungeen Zay03

    Video dope asf

  • Prod.Jmisk

    Gotta get this bitch on streaming🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • R.G DaGeneral
    R.G DaGeneral

  • Carla Reiss
    Carla Reiss

    these bars so outta pocket 😭😭

  • The Nameless Demi-God
    The Nameless Demi-God

    Yatchy went stupid on this

  • callet

    Yachty really went hard on the last verse 🔥

  • Josiah Goins
    Josiah Goins

    I know all the words to every song lol that's how 🔥 he is

  • Spound Slime
    Spound Slime

    And they were all hating on my boy lol Yachty 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jerome Strickland
    Jerome Strickland

    Claim your before 1 mil ticket here

  • Angel P
    Angel P


  • Stvnnaa

    Gangster friends???? DELAWARE ON DEE WAAAAY

  • TwohandLagoon006

    Sada baby Icewear Vezzo Rio Da Yung OG Chief keef been fuckin lit in 2020

  • Miguel Trevino
    Miguel Trevino


  • Nazaii azmeere
    Nazaii azmeere

    This ain’t Yachty, this Lil Boat

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎

  • Bekayrandom

    So happy I found these Detroit rappers , only shit I been bumping lately 🔥

    • Dee M
      Dee M

      Lol Rio is from FLINT

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎

  • Damien Williams
    Damien Williams

    We gonna let this one slide Rio. we know damn well you and lil Yatchy can do waaay better than this. Come on no dawg.😑

    • seedz of synn
      seedz of synn

      This shit go hard tho...

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎

  • Kingg DRaww
    Kingg DRaww

    Put number on your head like nick saeban

  • iNeverSell

    2:16 yachty slid

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎💨

  • Cornell Brown
    Cornell Brown

    yachty go crazy on michigan beats

  • Shawn C.
    Shawn C.

    Y’all can’t say Yachty didn’t run it tho

  • Tnig The Man
    Tnig The Man

    Rio needs to change his name to rio the goat

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎💪

  • jharris187

    Lil Yatchy is officially a Flint Resident

  • Shelovekari

    Rio first verse been playing thur my head all dayy

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎💪

  • Micc Iah
    Micc Iah

    This the legendary gas station Rio recorded shit talking 💜😔

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎💨

  • Peezo 24
    Peezo 24


  • Mar

    Lil Yachty Stay going Crazy On a FT

  • grabman

    "That shit be fun to me..."

  • kevin Guevara
    kevin Guevara

    Rio da goat 🐐

  • Wang Gang
    Wang Gang

    bruh if i was chillin with yachty id put buddy hip to so many detroit rappers and songs lmaoooo

  • SoloGrxxns_-

    Rio ripped yatchy

  • Mobley Mcfly
    Mobley Mcfly

    Location pin: in the ghetto lol

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎💨💪

  • Robert Fannon
    Robert Fannon

    Man Yachty and Rio be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep checking for new tracks like 👀💯

  • Jordan Pollard
    Jordan Pollard

    Boat last verse crazy 🔥

  • Tony Ferguson
    Tony Ferguson

    this some of rio’s best work no cap idk how this not at a million

  • Charles A. Show
    Charles A. Show

    🔥 Michigan got lil boat snappin lol

  • J C
    J C

    Beats been crazy af to

  • Derome2005

    told yachty we mite have to run I got some dope on me, took em onna high speed in flint that shit be fun to me, oh yeah I forgot to tell u Its a gun on me 😂 🙌🏾 tru noc

  • Trillest Lee
    Trillest Lee

    Grindhard E pulled up with the hoes call him midget mack 🤣🤣😭

  • Robert Page
    Robert Page

    Put scooby do on a track with Rio n make scooby famous rapper..😂 disrespect to lil boat tho 😂 💯...

  • Killa

    Boat came wit it on some 2015-16 hungry shit

  • Prince Gaming
    Prince Gaming


  • Ali Bazzi
    Ali Bazzi

    Bet he won’t like this

  • Errah Dak
    Errah Dak

    i be hearing tik tok found rio...why y'all let em?

  • hustla ty
    hustla ty

    yachty look like somebody uncle wit dem big ahh chrome jean

  • Downers

    Used to tote ARs now a nigga tote a sig now. Downtown Detroit my phone trippin aint no signal🔥🔥🔥

  • Tearrill Holmes
    Tearrill Holmes

    I usually dont fw yachty he been snapping recently

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎

  • LowNslowELIGH_

    Here before TikTok

  • Foiid

    Banger 🤩

  • Eric Rob
    Eric Rob


  • NDF_Rich PS4
    NDF_Rich PS4

    Why Budd stop rapping 😭😭😭

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson

    He said he forgot to tell you it’s a gun on him. Bruh why would you withhold that information?

    • Crenshaw Grizz
      Crenshaw Grizz😎

  • LifeIsBLACK_1992

    Yo this nigga Rio snappin 😤😤😤

  • Messiah Federchni
    Messiah Federchni

    lil Boat hard as fuck! Yachty dead now lol

  • tommy skannal
    tommy skannal

    Lil Yatchy helping people

  • Trim Water
    Trim Water ✅MATE YOU LATE

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