Lindsey Stirling - Til The Light Goes Out
Lindsey Stirling
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Directors: Stephen Wayne Mallett & Lindsey Stirling
Production Company: Green Glow Films
Choreographer: Jillian Meyers
Stunt Coordinator: Nate Lee
Editors: Lindsey Stirling & Stephen Wayne Mallett
Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves Mallett
Producer: Hans Boysen
Cinematographer: Niels Lindelien
Head of VFX: Daniel Craven
VFX By: Alex Bradley, Mitch Reaser, Steve Gallant
Colorist: Loren White
Rep for Stephen Mallett: Laure Scott
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  • Mr Music
    Mr Music

    I love this and I love you x

  • Ariadne Salcedo
    Ariadne Salcedo


  • Jenny Thériault
    Jenny Thériault

    It might be a Tribal song

  • Mynor Ordoñez
    Mynor Ordoñez

    but i love the 2 of them

  • Mynor Ordoñez
    Mynor Ordoñez

    much people just put dislike of the video but the music is also important

  • Mynor Ordoñez
    Mynor Ordoñez

    i love your videos

  • Literally Nobody
    Literally Nobody

    ആരുമില്ലേ ഇവിടെ?

  • Sasho Kostadinov
    Sasho Kostadinov

    I love the Bulgarian elements in the song, great job overall!

  • Сергей Дрожжин
    Сергей Дрожжин

    Привет малышка,спасибо тебе за музыку!С кайфом слушаю ее.Скрипка это камертон души)

  • RJ Eddystone
    RJ Eddystone

    Lindsey, have you heard "Stray Italian Greyhound" by Vienna Teng? Every time I hear it, I just think of your violin and dancing and how perfect it would fit. Anyway, I'm sure you're plenty busy already with all this great stuff, but, I guess, check it out if you haven't and if you're interested?

  • Kitti Turi
    Kitti Turi


  • Sapphire Dragon
    Sapphire Dragon

    your songs would make amazing beat saber levels

  • Latavia Norris
    Latavia Norris

    Kandee Johnson?? Is that you?

  • fraundeil

    Just AMAZING !!!

  • Ali Hou
    Ali Hou

    I'm really liking this, the less dubstep the better. I can focus on your art much better this way. Beautifully shot video as well. I really think this track is one of your best!!!

  • Małgorzata Adamowicz
    Małgorzata Adamowicz


  • Małgorzata Adamowicz
    Małgorzata Adamowicz


  • Christian

    Reoccurring tribal within each one of eachother

  • Daniel Wilkinson
    Daniel Wilkinson

    Of course the music is wonderful. Where was this recorded? I would like to visit the spiral rock formation if it is somewhere is southern California.

  • Steve Hayward
    Steve Hayward


  • сага Волкоа
    сага Волкоа

    классно на скрипке играет очень красиво

  • Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday
    Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday

    Proudly wears elf/ orc ears , bows and arrows, and magic LARPing in her videos because - SHE CAN On behalf of the fantasy gaming community - Thanks for staying cool Lindsey I love your music!

  • Iris De vries
    Iris De vries

    Heei Lindsey is this going to be on Spotify?♥️🌹♥️

  • Antonina Bulka
    Antonina Bulka

    I Love Artemis. This a great. 🥰😍😘💝💖💗💓💞💕❣️💔❤️

  • Leo JRC
    Leo JRC

    The Goddess of the Hunt 🌙

  • Margarita Sanchez-cortez
    Margarita Sanchez-cortez

    She should make a song called "Shield Maiden"

  • Jennifer Murnan
    Jennifer Murnan

    Absolutely incredible!!!

  • person does Art
    person does Art

    This is awesome! It looks like both a trailer for a really cool game and a movie at the same time! Keep up the great work! :)

  • яяσłłєя ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    яяσłłєя ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Esta canción es increíble, me encanta ❤️👌

  • Heidi MacLeod
    Heidi MacLeod

    she's like a human embodiment of Artemis or Diana - not just in this song, but in all of them

  • Stream DJim_TV
    Stream DJim_TV

  • Equinox Moon
    Equinox Moon

    cool vid, id love you to do another dubstep tune, that song got me into dubstep lol. awesome tunes

  • matthias gehlhaar
    matthias gehlhaar

    Wieder was wundervolles von Lindsey!!!!

  • ds9wormhole

    Perfect blend of music, costume, choreography, & chant. I want more of this. It's just wonderful. Never use other individual artists for singing on your tracks, it ruins your special style of music.

  • Didenko Play
    Didenko Play

    Wow, love you Lindsay 😍😘

  • 연결고리

    너무 너무 좋아요!

  • charles Spurlock
    charles Spurlock

    Another masterpiece from LINDSEY

  • karmaa ehab
    karmaa ehab

    Giving me percy jackson and the titan's curse vibes which artemis and her huntress was in the book most of the time

  • Billy S.
    Billy S.

    This is absolutely the best video EVER! Fantasic music! That crossbow tho!😳

  • Clea Forsell
    Clea Forsell

    Great song and stunning vid as always. Would love a series/movie for the story

  • Antoinette Willis
    Antoinette Willis

    Me and her belong to the same church and my church bishop knows her


    Цифра в 12,6 миллионов долго висит, нужно Африку и Полярную станцию подключить:)

  • zeid shahbazi
    zeid shahbazi


  • Insomiac

    Vert good as always :)

  • Marysia Juszczak
    Marysia Juszczak

    The video and musik are amazing!

  • jessica Fincher
    jessica Fincher

    This is insanely good

  • Yann Say
    Yann Say

    i love yours performances !!! ღ ღ ღ

  • Dima Drug
    Dima Drug

    Дякую за чудову музику та неймовірні кліпи, котрі дивишся як на витвір мистецтва. З любов'ю з України!

  • ann charlotte
    ann charlotte

    SHABALAISH 🎼❤️🔥🙏💋✨

  • michelle isker
    michelle isker

    Amazing job all of you. Very captivating. Wish it was a movie. I enjoy everything you produce. Thank you

  • Axel Campos Pro DMX
    Axel Campos Pro DMX

    es la mujer que yo sueño pero no tengo por como puedes tener solo para ti a una bella alma como esta solo para ti

  • Brrenda Baldwin
    Brrenda Baldwin

    See girl simon doesn't know everything you knew back then you had something and look at you now never settle .great job .justsayn

  • That Guy Levi
    That Guy Levi


  • Chandraline Berry
    Chandraline Berry

    Hope will always conquers evil....I get it!!! 😌

  • Aaron Tarvin
    Aaron Tarvin

    The cinematics on this are absolutely STUNNING!

  • Canay

    truly amazing

  • Tom Roberson
    Tom Roberson

    Lindsey's music and dancing is amazing you can see she is sharing her all feel very happy she did

  • rabidcatmato

    hi im a small youtuber who just started but ive been a fan of yours for so long. i just wanted to ask permission if i could use your music in my videos to make an intro or for other purposes

  • GodlyGhostMC

    Go play Tchaikovsky

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson

    Such art! 💐💝

  • Tommy Magnusson
    Tommy Magnusson

    Dang so amazing video and music 🎧 🎼🎶🎵👍🙏🧡

  • Lorna Audley
    Lorna Audley

    Wow this is amazing 😍❣️

  • Torvard

    powerful like allways 👍

  • Stefan Collett
    Stefan Collett

    Awesome music video

  • Жрец Цукиеми
    Жрец Цукиеми

    Музыка хорошая, танцы, идея, все замечательно, за исключением постоянного акцента на самой Линдси. Это раздражает, хочется увидеть всю картину, а не только самого исполнителя. По ходу буду только слушать, а не смотреть.

  • Nafisa Anjum
    Nafisa Anjum

    Mesmerizing!!! 💙💙💙

  • Brandon Lighter
    Brandon Lighter

    This really needs a seizure warning :(

  • Руслан Свист
    Руслан Свист

    Да ты права я никогда не научусь любить

  • Michael White
    Michael White

    showed them didn't yah ;)

    • Michael White
      Michael White

      and @2:45 best drop ever I love it so much!! still givin me goose bumps :)

    • Michael White
      Michael White

      @1:07 ROAR :) LUV IT!! grr :)

  • Matheuszh Lech
    Matheuszh Lech

    I consider Lindsay Stirling to be the best performer of the 21st century. The supermega is talented.

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