Lions Slaughtered by ZEBRAS & Bad Calls
Lions Slaughtered by Bad Calls: NFL Refs Wrong Again! Monday Night Football saw the Green Bay Packers defeat the Detroit Lions after two Trey Flowers hands to the face calls went against Detroit. This gave Aaron Rodgers several chances to win despite dropped passes from all of his receivers.
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Mason Crosby kicked the game-winning field goal on MNF. Detroit started this game with a 13-0 lead, but had to settle for 5 Matt Prater Field Goals. Jimmy Graham, Aaron Jones, and Darrius Shepherd all dropped Rodgers TD passes. Jamaal Williams had a big game, but the refs, the NFL officials made several bad calls. Trey Flowers never put hands to the face, and they missed an easy pass interference call on the Packers defense. Philip Rivers and the last place Chargers tried to fight the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football. Can Sam Darnold fix the New York Jets? It looks like the Dallas Cowboys are pretenders losing 3 in a row. The San Francisco, next to the Saints may be the most complete team in the NFC. That’s Good Sports reviews the bad calls and late football games.
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  • plmoknty

    Officiating is pretty bad lately.

  • D Marzouq
    D Marzouq

    After that game the refs ruined the morale of this underrated lions team their confidence is shot and havent been playing the same whats the point no matter how good they play the get DICKED

  • RApollos

    Were the calls bad? Yes they were horrible. Are they to blame for the Lions losing? In a way. Could the Lions have still stopped the Packers in spite of the bad calls and won the game regardless? Yes.

  • Mike Nike
    Mike Nike

    You wanna get rich....? Next time the lions play the packers take every last dollar you have and put it on the packers.....its a guaranteed investment

  • Jordan Harris
    Jordan Harris

    Will you please watch my videos? I freaking like every video of yours! And you know I'm subscribed on two accounts. And I tell all my friends about you! Maybe you could leave my video playing on a iPad or something? I would really love some view ;) Oh and this is me playing a little bit of Rust. Just a quick taste of more to come.

  • Martin Elliot Edwards
    Martin Elliot Edwards

    Ok hold on the lions shot themselves in the foot. Don’t forget the lions are the shittiest franchise in the nfls history for a reason. Seriously would the nfl feel any different if the lions didn’t exist?

  • Your Name Here
    Your Name Here

    Replace all the NFL zebras with Foot Locker employees. They would call fairer games. There are only Foot Locker stores in Milwaukee so those zebras wouldn't be as criminally loyal to the team in Appleton whose citizens view Milwaukee as a blemish on their state. If anything, the Foot Locker zebras in Wisconsin would penalize Rodgers for even breathing and give victories to rivals. There are more Bears fans in Milwaukee than Packers fans anyway.

  • Passtime Videos
    Passtime Videos


  • R Dm
    R Dm

    Its all about odds&money

  • nuclearskull

    Its a scripted event & the Commissioner openly has said "Its Entertainment like wrestling & movies"....SCRIPTED.

  • Shaun Sweeney
    Shaun Sweeney

    The NFL doesn't have a Ref problem, the Refs are doing exactly what Roger Goodell tells them what to do and they are rigging games accordingly to the script. The NFL is not owned by owners, the teams are part a part of a 32 Cooperation. The NFL is listed as Entertainment and not pro football! By law the NFL can script any out come of any game. More proof that the NFL is rigged!

  • Gilbert Woodward
    Gilbert Woodward

    Seen the Lions get bad calls for 35 years, once i see a questionable call, and I've seen many, i know the fix is in. I just change the channel.

  • Freddie D .Richburg Jr
    Freddie D .Richburg Jr


  • Mystic Legion
    Mystic Legion

    Um, duh. The problem is you sheep will still be watching.

  • Just Chillin
    Just Chillin

    The NFL is turning into the WWE

  • Ablestar Official
    Ablestar Official

    The NFL is more fixed than the Epstein case.

  • turtletrade

    Packers cheat! Go Bears!

  • Rick Lively
    Rick Lively

    It’s all fixed follow the money. Just watch the Simpsons they have 100% In picking the winners

  • jwayne2k

    Mabye we can use AI to officiate games impartially

  • Phore Whoresman
    Phore Whoresman

    Can't wait till finally a player spears an official for a blatant bad call that affects the Bottlegate Browns vs. Jags

  • i gumby
    i gumby

    You can't blame the refs when the Lions can't get the ball past their goal line.After several attempts they could only muster field goals.i guess that was the refs fault too.You had the Pack pinned down in their own end and couldnt make anything with those.Fumble recoveries no t.d. What did ya all just watch the last quarter. GO PACK GO!!!!

  • Peter Bruno
    Peter Bruno

    I understand bad no calls. If the ref didn't see it, no call. What bothers me is when they call a penalty that didn't happen. How could they see something that didn't take place?

  • sunnycorax

    "Are their eyes broken or are their brains broken." Why not both?

  • Brandon Walters
    Brandon Walters

    Last few seasons it’s beginning to look like nfl is rigging the system.

  • Timothy Gray
    Timothy Gray

    Excellent show. Keep it up!

  • . . . 1or2there . . .
    . . . 1or2there . . .

    the NFL is now the NOL: O 4 Oficiatng . . .

  • Johnny G.
    Johnny G.

    NFL is WWE wake up people ,high paid athlete actors.

  • Charles Day
    Charles Day

    Too many pussies today. Pathetic. As for CA libs are stingy greedy asses.

  • John DeF
    John DeF

    Steelers Ravens game was a joke. Bad calls on both sides. Every game Ive watched this year has had head scratching officiating.

  • adam park
    adam park

    During the Niners game I was screaming at the TV because the ref was fucking WALKING the ball in from the sideline while the Niners are going psuedo hurry-up. Both teams are literally standing there waiting for Johnny Hustle to hobble his old ass over to place the ball. A few plays later a play is blown dead after the snap because, why? Because the wrinkly balls Line Judge wasn't in position because he decided to take a leisurely, backward stroll into the Niners tailback while the ball was snapped. The NFL needs professional, full-time refs who get performance reviewed and canned when they seckass. Oh, and Goodell needs to be butt mauled by a pack of radioactive hyenas.

  • certain archangel
    certain archangel

    Aaron Rodgers is a slimy little ****

  • We2

    I just stumbled onto this video by chance! But by doing so, I now know where all of the idiots are hanging out!

  • Rebel-TM PSN
    Rebel-TM PSN

    I'm happy this happened to the lions. Great game.

    • Bobafatty 111
      Bobafatty 111

      Okay Satan

  • Mark Hall
    Mark Hall

    NFL/ Roger Goodfella & Vegas..are two peas in a pod.

  • whatsyurprob ?
    whatsyurprob ?

    Helmet to Helmet Roughing the QB The NFL has allowed SISSIES to literally change the way the game is played which is why I rarely even watch it anymore. It also paved the way for RIGGING the game a lot more easily.

  • Owdeez Strauz
    Owdeez Strauz

    GO PACK GO!!! ☝🏾

  • Sammy LiffDaddy
    Sammy LiffDaddy

    Imagine if refs could be fired mid game

  • rob jones
    rob jones

    this always happens to the lions, this wasn't even the worst called game I've seen, it was just on monday night so everyone saw it

  • Harry Mills
    Harry Mills

    And here I was expecting a herd of striped horses stampeding over tawny big cats.

  • Andrew Pleva
    Andrew Pleva

    Please stop going balls deep, please.....

  • imnotabotrlyimnot

    It's almost as if the nfl is testing just how much cheating the public will accept, isn't it?

  • Doug Stadtmueller
    Doug Stadtmueller

    Where was this outrage when this shit got called on the Packers the week before taking away an int and giving Dallas the ball on the one as for the pass interference that would never get call he hand checks him takes his hand of and the makes a play on the ball.

  • Eleazar Quezada
    Eleazar Quezada

    Detroit had 3 td opportunities that came short as 3 pointers, ref can't win against 21 pts in the scoreboard.

  • MrFlo87

    5:53 to 5:55 flowers slaps Bakhtiaris facemask with his right hand.

  • CanadianThatGames

    Any words for how the NFL is fining players for criticizing officials on social media?

  • Ian Geller
    Ian Geller

    My favorite ref call was the 4th down phantom touchdown by the lions.

  • bullit73r

    Baker Mayfield got a 12,500$ fine for sayin the refs were awful 😆

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks

    For years, all I heard was ‘same old Lions’ and thought that was wrong. Now I know for certain. The new mantra of Lions fans: “Same old refs!”

  • floxy20

    Things are only going to get worse. I stopped watching a long time ago when the games started exceeding three hours.

  • joseph keeney
    joseph keeney

    No problem there doing what they'r\e paid to do. Control the points .

  • TheWildIbby 1
    TheWildIbby 1

    Around Detroit, you see as many steeler fans as piston fans lol

  • Clown Shoes MMA
    Clown Shoes MMA

    My Ex is one of your Patreon supporters. You didn’t give her a big pussy shout out.

  • Lee Joel Beasley
    Lee Joel Beasley

    yet the replacement ref was somehow worst for same Types of calls

  • Neto young
    Neto young

    Raiders get this on a weekly basis...!

  • Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson

    As a bears fan, I can tell you stories of packers/refs love that would curl your hair...

  • washburnbilly

    I don't know who this guy is but I love him! Lol!

  • robert bailey
    robert bailey

    When is the NFL gonna start holding the refs accountable!!?

  • Bill D
    Bill D


  • piss off
    piss off

    This is a jewish propagamda channel disguised as a sport show Yes he's a jew.

  • Brother Coyote
    Brother Coyote

    Maybe investigate the refs for fixing the game?

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen

    hello, conspiracy brother here. yeah, man, we all know pro sports is fixed, so you can't fix something when the fix is in. outside of the rabbit hole: without a doubt the refs f'd the lions right in the starfish.

  • brucemercer

    (1) Going for the Ball? You can CATCH the Ball with your Helmet? Are you SURE you know what you are talking about? Agree not a Targeting. But not "Going for the Ball" based on the Definition either. (2) Not enough contact for Pass Interference... you are asking for a Terrible call to be made. And the Referees RIGHTFULLY did not make that terrible call that you want. (3) The Lions Lineman CLEARLY rakes the Facemask of the Packers Lineman at the start of your clip... that is Hands to the Face clear as day. Plus... just because the Rule is called Hands to the Face does not mean the hands must touch the face as defined by the dictionary. It is defined by the glosary of the rules book (if not within the rule itself). Hands on the Neck count. Then you clearly SHOW the contact... but refuse to believe your own lying eyes. (4) AGAIN... WRONG... PLAYER SAFETY. You make calls due to PLAYER SAFETY and that definition is broadened every season due to the Players Associations and Rules Committees. A HAND on your ADAMS APPLE pushing into it is dangerous making that a legit call and proving once again you don't know what you are talking about. (5) Unsportsmanlike is the penalty usually called for REPEATED behavior and often referred among Referees as the F-Bomb Penalty. How many ties during the broadcast could you hear what the players were saying during the game? Because I will guarantee the Referees hear what they said (and are not allowed to say because it could start a fight... which means ejections and each team being handicapped from suspensions in their following games). So after what I assure you were repeated warnings the Refs did what they could have done with NO WARNING because the players are supposed to KNOW how to act on the field. (6) Join your Local Officiating Organization and ACTUALLY LEARN the RULES. Get out there on those PeeWee Games and work your way up to Middle School and see if you can make it on the Varsity Crews. It pays better than whatever you are doing Part-Time right now. And is a better (more fun) way to stay in shape than whatever you are doing at the GYM. Most of you will never survive your 1st season. But if you have the fortitude to make it through you will no longer be the Smart Guys who THINK YOU KNOW like you are right now. You will be 1 of the few and the proud who ACTUALLY KNOWS the RULES of FOOTBALL. But more than that... you will understand the Officials Mechanic's Manual and how to APPLY the Rules... not just to hear some Announcer stumble through them. You will learn that your High School Coach didn't know the rules (8 or 9 times out of 10) and that you don/t know the difference between High School Rules, College Rules and NFL Rules that make you WRONG and the REFS RIGHT when you are too busy yelling while drunk.

  • brucemercer

    Why can't you show the 13 players on the field? Is it because it didn't really happen? Are you SURE that you know HOW the players are counted? I am only asking because I didn''t see it myself and you CHOSE not to show it. I don't doubt you didn't count 13 players. I just doubt that all of them SHOULD have been counted based on the RULES Because I KNOW how few people actually know the RULES of this game. Even the RULES that may SEEM so simple... like how many players are on the Field.

  • brucemercer

    The more flags the worse the game? Seriously? Then teach the damn players the freaking rules so they quit violating them.

  • Daniel Bullock
    Daniel Bullock

    Your show sucked. Over half the show wasn’t even about the lions

  • A Vapor
    A Vapor

    The Lions should be 4-0-1 during the Chiefs game the refs took away a game winning touchdown

  • George Morgan
    George Morgan

    I want to see a good veiw of walkers holding penalty (3rd down) I also want to see a good veiw of Z Smith's sack kinda looked like a horse collar (3rd down) And last I want to see a good veiw of the play after the non called PI cus it looked like PI (3rd down)

  • George Morgan
    George Morgan

    On the lions 12 men on def . The ball was never snapped . just thought id throw that in for fun

  • BeastOfMetal1989

    I'm a Steelers fan (admittedly in theory these days, but it would be nice of they could resolve their organizational issues). I work with at least half a dozen others of my ilk, and that's not counting the subcontractors we deal with. My home region is an annex of Redskins territory, at least if you believe the local media. Admittedly, one of the region's more prominent sportscasters, Bruce Rader, is apparently a brother of one of Snyder's cronies, but still...

  • jason Lillie
    jason Lillie

    The league is On AR’s 🍆

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