Live PD: Most Viewed Moments from Missoula County, Montana - Part 2 | A&E
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Check out the top 7 moments from the Missoula County, Montana Sheriff's Office, including one man who harassed a 12-year-old boy on the street, and one man who had an attitude with an officer after he was pulled over. #LivePD
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  • ms goodvibes
    ms goodvibes

    Where I live it’s illegal for un-identified cop cars to pull traffic stops. That’s probably why people are questioning it.

  • Sa garcia
    Sa garcia

    Wait, you guys are serious ? 😂😂

  • Donald Bybee
    Donald Bybee

    It's just the guy who turned into the Joker. Why so serious?

  • simosc2

    Please bring back Live PD. Law Abiding people love this show, Why remove it because it offends criminals?

  • Freddy Yañez Bustos
    Freddy Yañez Bustos

    Curmit ♥️

  • Chase Nagel
    Chase Nagel

    It looks like all the same road

  • Greg Clark
    Greg Clark

    Nice voice r u a muppett

  • Katherine Alexandra
    Katherine Alexandra

    within the first five seconds: RADA RADA

  • My Friends Call Me Lou
    My Friends Call Me Lou

    Legend says the guy is still wondering if he’s serious

  • Ending YouX
    Ending YouX

    I love how most of these ppl make everything worse for themselfs then get mad at the cop for them being stupid and getting arrested

  • Kyra4President !
    Kyra4President !

    Are you Serious?


    07:27 White cop name White....2 strikes

  • Ernie Adam
    Ernie Adam

    I can’t take that cop seriously. Sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles

  • mudderjen

    Most states it is illegal to conduct traffic patrol in an unmarked cop car. Not sure about Montana...

  • Bianca VA
    Bianca VA

    Apparently he is Ray Romano's distance cousin

  • Andrey and Benjamin Lobets
    Andrey and Benjamin Lobets

    Freedom of speech, if he got that ticket judge would of dismiss it! Shame on that snow flake cop

  • Nick

    Whether or not Live PD showed racial injustices is one debate, but there’s no denying the fact that they also showed a lot of positive images of black police officers and other minorities.

  • Huzzzer

    It's so sad to see this amazing show being cancelled because of, what I like to call, the "Criminal Lives Matter Movement".

  • jonathan coleman
    jonathan coleman

    “Are you serious?” Iykyk

  • Yvng Molly -topic
    Yvng Molly -topic

    !¡ go listen to my song🦋💕🌙!¡

  • Juice WRLD
    Juice WRLD

    Police Officer: How many more times are you gonna ask me that? The Drunk Guy: Exactly

  • jesse vazques
    jesse vazques

    Bring back this show!!!!!

  • Justin Steinman
    Justin Steinman

    There are some great moments in this show, but also some straight lying and planting of evidence here, systemic to the problems with the police force in general, im all for police reform but this show was still great. Part of the reason this show worked....mostly....was everything, for the most part, was filmed and they were were held accountable. Police should always be held accountable for their actions

  • Sneaker Head 101
    Sneaker Head 101

    are you serious?

  • Todd K
    Todd K

    Montana seems to have anger issues and they just need to vent.

  • jose arrollado
    jose arrollado

    Im glad they took this show off the air. White privilege in every episode. Watch for yourself.

  • Shane Colunga
    Shane Colunga

    And the glorification of unconstitutional actions by CORRUPT LEO'S is why I agreed with A&E's decision.

  • Lookitup

    Pulling people over in unmarked cars puts the public in great danger! Anyone with a flashing light can pull my wife or kids over at night. Truly disgraceful. Cops are Doing it for the $$. Authorized Pirates.

  • A R C
    A R C


  • Nathan Gladwell
    Nathan Gladwell

    That first guy was drunk out of his mind.

  • N Crack
    N Crack

    The first cop was a Sasquatch lmao

  • MetalicSlayer666

    The first cop had a huge inhale of duster before this

  • Mark Rogo
    Mark Rogo

    Who lives in Montana?

  • Hope Maynard
    Hope Maynard

    The first officer...🥺 homeboy’s gonna like... get it 🍄🌸🍃👼🏼✨🧚🏼🌞

  • Frank Arlt
    Frank Arlt

    This cop got a robotic Voice

  • Queen G
    Queen G

    should have kept this show to PROVE not all cops r the same... but if they wanna b spineless not much u can do

  • heatfan1502

    Legends say he still doesn’t know if their serious

  • I_Choose_Us

    “Where’s Elmo?”

  • Mackenzie Malone
    Mackenzie Malone

    The cookie staore lol. Why did they have to cancel it it’s so good

  • bastifar1

    Are you serious? Seriously, are you serious? You can't be serious. Seriously, your serious? I seriously need a drink.

  • Ashley & Family
    Ashley & Family

    Confused the one guy talking about the cop having different plates sounded like that cop was in a unmarked cop car and where I live the cops can’t pull anyone over in those cars only if they are doing a bust or a steak out obviously other places they can still is funny because obviously your still speeding and those dogs barely fit in there lol geez. I didn’t realize they canceled the show that sucks I love watching it now I realize why no new videos

  • Tanisha Barrett
    Tanisha Barrett

    Wow,no insurance,and he gets to pull off,neither did the police ask him for a license.Their is certainly a difference between how officers pull certain people over.Billy gets to curse the cops out,no proof at all that he should be behind the wheel,no license,registration,or insurance.Not to mention,that Billy was very combative before the officer even approached his window,which is a reason for an officer to be in fear with his hand on his firearm,especially being that their were more then one person in the car,but nooo he treated Billy like a 2 year old child 🧒 and then he gets to drive off into the sunset,smh🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️.

  • Chris Blackburn
    Chris Blackburn

    The first guy was the backup voice for Kermit and Ray Romano's real brother.

  • helena barnett
    helena barnett

    Umm.. Free Speech. So ppl can spew hate language all over the world online which can be quite threatening but you could get a Disorderly Conduct for cursing??🤔🤔🤔

  • Patience Christopher
    Patience Christopher

    As soon as i heard the first guys voice I immediately went to the comment section😂

  • Dylan Albuquerque
    Dylan Albuquerque

    This show getting cancelled proves that the majority of the people assume all cops are just like the ones who killed George or Breonna. Guess what...that's profiling too! People should be able to bring that topic up without being labelled as insensitive or deflective. Obviously there are corrupt and unjust police officers that need to be held accountable for their actions. But people have no idea how chaotic and disorderly the world would be if police were not around. We need police, and if anything this show proves just how badly we need them. We need shows like this to keep the world updated and to spark conversation for people to form their own ideas on these topics instead of going off of what they hear on the news or social media.

  • Valentin Haberl
    Valentin Haberl

    Billy calls the cop a dumbass drives a corvette and has OTFC tattooed on his neck! Screamin Dealer, for sure armed, cop is just scared....

  • Brett E.
    Brett E.

    Officer Koppes sounds like Kermit the frog has a frog in his throat


    So is it legal for the cops to be on their phones texting and passing redlights and going really fast

  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell

    Can't wait to watch Live PD again on a network with some backbone.


    "The only question I can ask you is; - "Are you serious?"" hahahaha

  • Cody Testroet
    Cody Testroet

    How long has that Capt. been waiting to ask someone if he looks like he's joking?

  • tech0792

    Hi-ho! Kermit the cop here! Hahaha!

  • MiniCat

    I hope Netflix picks up live pd

  • ArmoredCricket

    That cop just wanted to pet a pony.

  • Lye Rojas
    Lye Rojas

    I REALLY ❤ Police they help us and do there job good

  • FoxTrot

    Girl: "Stay out of my car" Cop: "Negative" I died 🤣

  • ben harrison
    ben harrison

    Greg koppes is so nice and relaxed

  • czuncz1

    you can cancle this show, but you wont take our memorys

  • Chris Rivera
    Chris Rivera

    Man that cop is a dial tone he sounds just like Choo Choo from the show Justified love it

  • limi king
    limi king

    drunk people are always the best 😂😂

  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez

    White privilege, when you can talk to an officer like you talk to a friend without fear

  • Allah South
    Allah South

    Did he get off the shoulder without blinker? Lol

  • Monica Pachikerl
    Monica Pachikerl

    I love this show ❤️♥️🥰

  • JustComedians

    It’s nice being from Montana and recognizing all these places

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson

    Andrew luck looks different here

  • Timothy Love
    Timothy Love

    Legends say he was very serious.

  • Carlos & Z
    Carlos & Z

    Aww what about the deer 🦌

  • Baron Von Sparklefarts
    Baron Von Sparklefarts

    Captain Burt needs to learn that it's not a crime to swear at the police.

  • chase kehler
    chase kehler

    Montana, the state of Warnings.

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