Living on my Own
Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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  • SomeThingElseYT

    I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

    • Matei Grama
      Matei Grama

      Where are you living now?

    • Chocky Milk
      Chocky Milk


    • Something Else Yt
      Something Else Yt

      I’m five and I love your videos!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    • REDB0X ._.
      REDB0X ._.

      Grocery list 1.milk x2 2.eggs 3.bread 4.cerial 5.vegtebles 6.meat Yur welcome

    • Mary Gaither
      Mary Gaither

      I have no money 😈👿🖤😭

  • fruity


  • Operation BiteWolf
    Operation BiteWolf

    I love your exaggeration in every video.

  • Aiden Chin
    Aiden Chin

    Me: *Listening to SomethingElseYT talk about how I've never paid bills since I'm a child* Also me: I. AM. A. CHILD. How did he know??!!

  • Katie Martin
    Katie Martin

    anyone else notice bakugo in the backround

  • Silvia Piña
    Silvia Piña

    Soooooo true

  • Person Man
    Person Man

    Me: Who actually took him GOD DAMN CHOCCY MILK: Cries in shame

  • rio 8
    rio 8

    You got toilet bills

  • Makayla Horton
    Makayla Horton

    2:59 Is that bakugo?

  • AkulaArt


  • Marilyn Acosta
    Marilyn Acosta


  • Maria Gerritsen
    Maria Gerritsen

    I like choccy milk too-jessejames

  • Rinngheta Hruaitluanga
    Rinngheta Hruaitluanga

    Get a girl Food:check

  • Monsoon Ghuman
    Monsoon Ghuman


  • anime fan
    anime fan

    Was that a poster of bakugo at the start when you was still at your parents house🤔

  • Gaster Kylee
    Gaster Kylee

    can you do a anime op of yourself?

  • Some stuff Suck
    Some stuff Suck

    I am scared to move out because of bills and stuff and I am not doing so well at like saving money but am scared to think about it

  • CobysChannel9000

    *adams new hand reveal* 11:45

  • corine Jones
    corine Jones

    give him subs and chocki milc

  • Matthew Unsworth
    Matthew Unsworth

    6:23 When I heard the knock at the door I actually thought it was my real door so I went to go check and realized it kept repeating when I replayed it 😅

  • thenerd math
    thenerd math

    2:58 You thought I wouldn't see that bakugo poster in the background ✌😎

  • Adam Joseph Sujdak
    Adam Joseph Sujdak

    I respect your kindness soul for CHOCCY MILK

  • Tim Stapleton
    Tim Stapleton

    I did I drank last chocolate milk

  • Aonani Suzuki
    Aonani Suzuki

    2:59 is anyone going to point out the bakugou post

  • Leo

    Blah blah whatever

  • R S
    R S

    I had headphones on when the knocking noise came and I thought someone was actually knocking on my door. Freaked me the heck out man

  • Tanya Kovatchev
    Tanya Kovatchev

    I'm concerned about his obsession with chocolate milk but at the same time I also love choccy milk

  • June E rich
    June E rich

    Dang, Adam looks good in a suit

  • MidnightMeif'wa

    Adam you do realize the nursery rhyme is literally about the American slave trade, right?

  • Ryudo8

    dont touch the damn chocky milk!!!

  • ParkerJPark

    me who is moving half way across the country in less than four months: *hmmmm*

  • Elijah Lulla
    Elijah Lulla

    the beginning reminded me of a John Mulaney skit

  • Luz Tenempaguay
    Luz Tenempaguay

    I HATE bills too.

  • Luz Tenempaguay
    Luz Tenempaguay


  • Michelle Peters
    Michelle Peters

    The rural leek hepatosplenomegaly juggle because donkey indirectly pick round a concerned booklet. profuse, tranquil foot

  • Artic Fox
    Artic Fox

    I got the goodest chalky milk

  • Candysweet983 Roblox
    Candysweet983 Roblox

    I’m 8😁

  • Valley Automotive
    Valley Automotive

    as soon as he said good night an ad played

  • Jimmy Co
    Jimmy Co

    adam: is devil* also adam: grows angel wings*

  • Lucas

    Eat your paid bills (paper bills) cause paper is actually kinda heathy

  • Eueela D.
    Eueela D.

    I like you can I be your friend

  • Charles Tunk
    Charles Tunk


  • Charles Tunk
    Charles Tunk

    you are "dumb" lol

    • mika•edits


  • potato seed
    potato seed


  • Home and Away
    Home and Away

    Why do you have a mha poster on the background

  • Ibuki Mioda
    Ibuki Mioda

    2:59 bakugo poster

  • Gernade plays
    Gernade plays

    I have you choky milk

  • Benson Stewart
    Benson Stewart

    Bru this is a good vid

  • Bruh bruh 963
    Bruh bruh 963

    The ‘’internet'' guy looks like draw with jazza his Chanel logo

  • Nicolas how to!!!
    Nicolas how to!!!

    Adam: you broke a** b) Me: i hate you now *instant dislike* Edit: EXUSE ME I AM NOT BROKE YOU NON INDEPENDANT MAN

  • urdadsdad

    1:03 genuinely thought someone knocked on my door, got out of bed checked the door then went back to bed.

  • urdadsdad

    Holy shit Adams style has developed so much omg. He is so unique and original it's inspiring.

  • ContrastMyth 050
    ContrastMyth 050

    anyone else realize the fame is lame video reference in the beginning?

  • Chocky Milk
    Chocky Milk

    Hey if you need to know who finished off the chocky milk, call me (ps. It was your mom)

  • M.R Noob
    M.R Noob

    Why does the lady remind me of Charlie from hazbin hotel

  • weirdenned

    Easy peezy, *Lemon*

  • Softy Aesthetic
    Softy Aesthetic

    Lit- that kid

  • R. Allison
    R. Allison

    I love samosas. I had them every day in my lunch

  • Zoya Jafri
    Zoya Jafri



    7:53 Hmmmm What was that?

  • Lily L.
    Lily L.

    your credit score must be down to a 200 by now

  • Alphonse Elric
    Alphonse Elric


  • teehee

    omg i thought the knocking was coming from my closet then I replayed the video and I was so mad

  • burger king ground beef
    burger king ground beef

    Rip tarrence

  • SilverShadow

    I like how he only cares about his chocolate milk 🍫

  • Rebecca_init

    When the door knocked I thought it was my door😅

  • Finnley Hope Goodwin
    Finnley Hope Goodwin

    Just got my first job, then watched this video.. now I’m like “TIME MACHINE PLEASSSSE”

  • Kingston Kingston
    Kingston Kingston

    Freaking Terrence

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream

    are we not going to talk about how he had a bakugou kastuki poster on his wall *-*

  • The sad Enby
    The sad Enby

    When you realize the general pep talking something else is wearing gon’s jacket lol

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