Locked In My Art Room For 100 Hours
I can't believe I did this lol...
I Locked Myself In My Art Room For 100 Hours
Hope you enjoyed
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  • ZHC

    Subscribe if you want me to give you one of the iPads or iPhones I customized in the video :) Choosing 5 winners on August 17th on my instagram! Also the place I spray painted was the balcony of my art room!

    • Naly Yang
      Naly Yang

      My daughter loves you pla make her dream come true<3

    • Raymond & Toni hernandez
      Raymond & Toni hernandez

      She I love your work

    • Mayur Mayur
      Mayur Mayur

      Best one one of my loving video ❣️❣️

    • Monica Katwala
      Monica Katwala

      The part I’m watching is hilarious 😂

    • Jos Cass
      Jos Cass


  • Shayla Stark
    Shayla Stark

    hi I am your biggest fan omg

  • juan zavala
    juan zavala

    Bro I wish I can really win something from u

  • wafaa fakir
    wafaa fakir

    What about the restroom?

  • ACIK _XC
    ACIK _XC

    Pen name

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    If you live in Texas I want a cute pink galaxy theme

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    That was my birthday

  • Destroyer_916

    He left the room to spray paint

  • caleb gamer ss
    caleb gamer ss

    Is it just me but is he spray painting everything out side ????? Is that cheating

  • Diamonds Trees
    Diamonds Trees

    Mat saleh open durian be like

  • Josue Bautista
    Josue Bautista


  • amandeep gill
    amandeep gill


  • TikTok_ Videos
    TikTok_ Videos

    is not the stinkiest fruit its called durian from malaysia .durian is the king of fruit.and not the stinkiest fruit🤣🤣

  • Sherry Shaw
    Sherry Shaw

    You’re so good at art.🐹🐶🐾🐕

  • #Majus Mati
    #Majus Mati

    How did you spray everithing if you couldn't get out of your room

  • X1rnal

    He didnt do a hundred hours He did 99hr 59min and 59 seconds

  • P Muhammad Haider
    P Muhammad Haider

    on 4:41 he cheated

  • NiKitA 09
    NiKitA 09

    I have subscribe to you but I living in Norway

    • NiKitA 09
      NiKitA 09

      I Love the Dragon phone

  • Erik Chavez
    Erik Chavez

    IT looks super cool!

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith

    You should buy a house and put customized stuff in it and give it away

  • Karol Rubi Jiménez Vallejo
    Karol Rubi Jiménez Vallejo

    Odio a la chica de pelo rosa por que siempre arruina sus trabajos y no es gracioso ni divertido 😠😒😒

  • mkfn gaming
    mkfn gaming

    I am not scared of snakes 🐍

  • Milla Kay
    Milla Kay

    Ligth Camera Action???

  • Katie Rauschhicks
    Katie Rauschhicks

    Mr beast with markers

  • Sir.ChocChipCookie

    Emagine getting something customised for you tho It must be amazing for the people how win

  • cam n army
    cam n army

    the makers that u used for the phone and key bored what are those and where can i buy them

  • Productmicrominecraftgamer :D
    Productmicrominecraftgamer :D

    100 hours is like 4 DAYS

  • Ayan Bhargava
    Ayan Bhargava


  • China Ball
    China Ball

    a customized moon is a very magnificent idea in my brain lol.

  • Laury Kaneza
    Laury Kaneza

    Were is the toilet

  • alina krilova
    alina krilova

    im so sad because i just saw this video im sad because i did not know that u doing it and i hade no shanses to do it

  • cheotic_

    Lmao, ZHC is acting like this is a challenge. This is every artist's life

  • ivee montejo
    ivee montejo

    your funny

  • Abbyrose unicorn
    Abbyrose unicorn

    Zhc: 100 hours in my art room! Me realising he didn't really do the challenge, he went outside to spray paint the items but oh well-

  • Yasmin Barragan
    Yasmin Barragan

    Zhc what was the first thing you color

  • Izabela Jankech
    Izabela Jankech

    I also love the Arc car (sorry if I spelled it wrong)

    • Izabela Jankech
      Izabela Jankech

      And the phone because it has a dragon on it lol

  • Izabela Jankech
    Izabela Jankech

    I love your art it inspired me of doing a type of galaxy drawing on wood with spray paint!

  • Ally Simpson
    Ally Simpson

    You could do 2 years in your art room

  • Unique Basnet
    Unique Basnet

    He is the next mr beast

  • Kids Are BEST GURU
    Kids Are BEST GURU

    That fruit is durian the name if you dont know and i hafe a cat dude

  • Caleb Sloan
    Caleb Sloan

    Lol just play with all those other phones

  • potato marsmallow
    potato marsmallow

    please i never ever won giveaway

  • Goran De Clercq
    Goran De Clercq

    how would you describe your style in 1 word

  • Brads Toonz
    Brads Toonz

    The title is should be locked with my camera man for 100 hours

  • Pedro Henrique Ribeiro Batista
    Pedro Henrique Ribeiro Batista

    eles trouxeram uma jaca

  • Мээрим Сүйүнбаева
    Мээрим Сүйүнбаева

    I love you😭🥰

  • YT 48 LYRICS
    YT 48 LYRICS

    It's Like Day In The Life!!!

  • Unstoppable Flames
    Unstoppable Flames

    ZHC: I cant get out Late goes and sprays RC car outside

  • Just a happy Potato
    Just a happy Potato

    Mrbeast idea btw

  • Lucinda Clark
    Lucinda Clark

    Can you custom one for me

  • Lucinda Clark
    Lucinda Clark


  • Christine Mortimer
    Christine Mortimer

    Spends 100 hours in a room SHOWS HIM OUTSIDE SPRAY PAINTING!

  • Mochi_Muffins_Gameing _With_Me
    Mochi_Muffins_Gameing _With_Me

    he just got the snake and he’s already acting like its been like his brother for like forever 😂😂😂

  • UnXpected ღ
    UnXpected ღ

    The Broken Glass Got Me

  • Niko NeighbourNew
    Niko NeighbourNew

    Hi everyone hope you are doing good

  • Charis vd Merwe
    Charis vd Merwe

    Can you send me a iphone11 pro max customize it to I have never Won a giveaway before 🙁

  • Niko NeighbourNew
    Niko NeighbourNew

    This made suffer

  • AuroLion Gaming
    AuroLion Gaming

    Durian ❤

  • regie viente jarlata
    regie viente jarlata


  • Ardhi Wijaya
    Ardhi Wijaya

    Damn, I found this guy from Insta when he was still like 10k followers. And now wtf?! Millions of views?! Congrats boi

  • HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я

    6:26 you left the room

  • Jacob Ward
    Jacob Ward

    I love the Roblox OOF

  • leon larson
    leon larson

    what is your insta name? I would love the I pad

  • Gordo ff
    Gordo ff

    Im comfrome fro Indonesia heloooww😘😊😊

  • Akbar Skroep
    Akbar Skroep

    Durian? I like it

  • Bria Luna
    Bria Luna


  • Sunsetshadow539

    Has nobody noice that when he’s spray painting some of the stuff he’s outside and not in his art room .-.

  • Olivia Hall
    Olivia Hall

    the second it hit 0 seconds my computer hit 0% lol

  • Kamlawernce 15
    Kamlawernce 15

    He left when spraying the economy car Edit: time stamp 6:26

  • Lacey Scott
    Lacey Scott

    Scrapped can I have a phone customized please

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