Logan Paul Throwing Hands #Shorts
Caught On Camera Shorts

  • rap and working out is my life
    rap and working out is my life

    You saw he punched though 🤮

  • Bomersssbow YT
    Bomersssbow YT

    Logan punch look like a dad who bully a kid for bullying his daughter

  • Sdd df
    Sdd df

    I love how all those punches was illegal you cannot hit anybody in the back of the head that just shows Logan does not know how to fight like what the fuck was that

  • Lance Ryder Wilson
    Lance Ryder Wilson

    I am no boxer but that just awful

  • marktupapi

    The fans eating it up haha

  • Joshua McCabe
    Joshua McCabe

    That was the worst display of throwing punches I have ever seen

  • King Andrew maize
    King Andrew maize


  • Adriano Milano
    Adriano Milano

    Crap style 🤪

  • Elijah atoms
    Elijah atoms

    Antifa style

  • Don Yella
    Don Yella


  • Edgar Sustaita
    Edgar Sustaita

    Are thos punches?

  • Jayceon Coleman
    Jayceon Coleman

    Lands no punches that whole time 🙃

  • Russell Williams
    Russell Williams

    He look like he was trying to catch a fly

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Not 1 of those goofy punches did anything


    No offense but wtf was that I mean dude hits so werid ....

  • Karan Jagota
    Karan Jagota

    Somebody send this footage to the real boxers and teach them how not to box 😂😂.

  • Vinny Rocket
    Vinny Rocket

    Floyd’s thinking about his next meal and vacation while Logan thinking he bout to knock him out

  • dorfa01

    That's a grown man when he tantrums

  • CFR Youtube
    CFR Youtube

    What the hell 😳 is he doing those aren't punches more like a person drowning none of them drowning punches hurting 😢 😕 😞 Floyd Mayweather Jr just sad how professional Boxing isn't professional Boxing 🤔 😕 no more 🤔 😕..

  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando Ramirez

    He had a very good long opportunity to hit a liver shot

  • Lesley Trollap
    Lesley Trollap


  • Little Kid
    Little Kid

    He’s throwing punches like a five-year-old who just learned what boxing is even the refs called him out on having no technique behind his punches

  • Twigzie IRL
    Twigzie IRL

    Straight up, the pauls made boxing a joke.

  • Sebastien Choules
    Sebastien Choules

    Throwing this sport into the pit of cringe those swings are just disgusting to watch

  • Jamal Sowell
    Jamal Sowell

    Helicopter Hands

  • GD Bluecube
    GD Bluecube

    Did not land one

  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee


  • Matthew Tapp
    Matthew Tapp

    This is where Logan said he wobbled mayweather so he starting throwing everything. Lmao

  • Young skelet'n
    Young skelet'n

    It's not about how much you can hit its about what u can take those throws was kinda dookie and floyd ate thamlike eating grapes 😂 casual and easy



  • 21Elti

    What's this lol

  • Landon Griffis
    Landon Griffis

    The fight was fake

  • Conviction

    Floyd was a good sport for not going straight ham.

  • Daniel Marentes
    Daniel Marentes

    Hissy fit

  • Roger more 2
    Roger more 2

    Lmfao stills did better than we expected

  • Colin Cunningham
    Colin Cunningham

    These fucking reels are getting just as cringe as tik tok

  • Alicia Hicks
    Alicia Hicks

    Looks like a mother goose

  • FLICKERY Smith
    FLICKERY Smith

    If that was the exciting part of this fight. I’m glad I refused to pay/watch this shit.

  • Danial Putra
    Danial Putra

    dis is what its called “shoe shine✨” blink2 goddamit

  • OUF ouf
    OUF ouf

    How did boxing end up here?😭 We need someone to come fix this shit.

  • Darkhill6388

    Thanks to his risk... He lost lol

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    I know he was tired afterwards

  • A B
    A B

    Give Pacquiao them chances and see if Mayweather still standing lol

  • Richard Perea
    Richard Perea

    Throwing the air outta the way but not a scratch on flyod

  • Bradley Ulrich
    Bradley Ulrich

    🤦‍♂️wtf is that? U call that "boxing"?

  • General Pudstriker69
    General Pudstriker69

    Exhibition fight

  • Jacob Mercado
    Jacob Mercado

    He can’t fight at all mayweather could have slept him

  • kristina

    Who won


    I used to fight like this... in middle school 😆

  • Ugly Tv
    Ugly Tv

    It looks like a middle school fight in the cafeteria over some tater tots

  • ImNotHimm

    I love how the whole fight they just talk shit on Logan's lack of technique

  • Jasinello

    I don't give a shit about any of these. But this is honestly sad

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    The way he punches hahahahahahahah wtf is thatttt

  • Ryan Vince
    Ryan Vince

    He even landing them?

  • AGHULK94

    He was holding back its all rigged

  • Ezcanor

    Logan: I got boxing down Logan: proceeds to throw away a year of “training” out the window by flailing is arms

  • Big Luis Jay Rogan
    Big Luis Jay Rogan


  • nicotine addiction
    nicotine addiction

    If logan was more composed that genuinely would have been a first round knockout.

  • vCrmel

    man just wanted a hug

  • Justin Marrs
    Justin Marrs

    It's seriously disrespectful to the sport, and a slap in the face to any boxer who grinded their entire careers to get to a fight like this. Sad.

  • Gia Luong Nguyen
    Gia Luong Nguyen

    Even the old guy sitting near the stadium looks like hes bored as hell

  • Kugelpanzer

    Floyd Mayweather is a God-tier defender

  • Saber Duck
    Saber Duck

    Logan’s punches aren’t even hurt Floyd

  • Mm Na
    Mm Na

    That white man is a joke big fore notting


    “Not a lot of technique behind these punches” -Wisest man in boxing history

  • Damian an Erica Winter
    Damian an Erica Winter

    That is the same motion everyone gets when they walk through a doorway that has a spiderweb covering it 😂🤪🥴

  • Taylor Michael Holt
    Taylor Michael Holt

    Floyd got embarrassed. Bluest fighter ever just got moved like he’s a hockey puck. Had him on skates.

  • craZyFF

    man ate them like marshmallows

  • Rafael Rossi Vieira
    Rafael Rossi Vieira

    Técnica zero ...

  • JEA Brook
    JEA Brook

    He looks like baby throwing a tantrum

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