Logic - Aquarius III
Listen to No Pressure: logic.lnk.to/NoPressure
Logic - Aquarius III (Official Music Video)
Director: Justin Fleischer/JT Clemente
DP: JT Clemente
Producer: Justin Fleischer
Produced by Logic, 6ix, Gravez, and 2forwOyNE
#NoPressure #Logic

  • Shambo Mukherjee
    Shambo Mukherjee

    Ngl, Red kinda sus.

  • Nathan Cripps
    Nathan Cripps

    No afence but the national heart beat ant much if you have the 100 man fight and beat the heart your going to face the ,7/3 and fail I used 17 B2 bombers 1010kmh 17 × 3 cons and π so ,at 280°÷150 languages and emit youdiit🤔see 808

  • Nathan Cripps
    Nathan Cripps

    Logic Dude not one to speak credit were due your doing wonders and maid money, granted 🤔 but must Say expected more from you your looking like a gamer were we were looking for someone to lead something 🤔 No pun Just a Punter A

  • Anew Jemail
    Anew Jemail



    Wow that paradise line got me in a good mood 🙂

  • OG_Skwid

    Logic bro, I love everything you put out bro and appreciate everything you write for us to listen to. You're a master of your art. Keep it up and tear shit up

  • SneakyArts

    Love you logic. Your here when no one is.

  • Tim Payne
    Tim Payne

    Yo will g

  • Ted X
    Ted X

    Change the Playback Speed to 1.5x. Thank me later.

  • Avinash Plahania
    Avinash Plahania


  • Jeff Gatza
    Jeff Gatza

    Don't retire bro. You're too good. Fuck it bro, do you.

  • Jeff Gatza
    Jeff Gatza

    Holy shit. You're the goat bro.

  • Xotiic Cord
    Xotiic Cord

    So we not gonna talk about how I just heard 44 more for the first time in a whil and it has 44 mil views

  • BasketballPlayz known as xavier scott
    BasketballPlayz known as xavier scott

    At least he knows whats right for him....

  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid


  • Draven That dude
    Draven That dude

    One of my besties is an aquarius and I'm a pisces

  • Nusku

    Been listening to hip hop for almost 40 years. Life takes over & when I had some down time for tunes, always went back to the old school. Covid generated more free time for me & a friend mentioned I should check out Logics music. Man, absolutely gutted I wasn't there from the start(would of made an effort to clock him live), but blessed to have soaked up over a decades worth of music from this young man over the last 3 months. Hands down, probably my fav MC of all time. The guy was BEYOND consistent! Don't dislike any album & that's a 1st when compared to other favourite MC's over the decades. Love the Sam Spratt album art also. Respect Logic, enjoy the parenting & retirement.

  • Tor Arne Hystad
    Tor Arne Hystad

    Haha, in Norway we have this thing called "Russ" which is basically a very long graduation party from high school. Your outfit is the exact same 😍 love your music Logic, and I guess you wont respond since you take breaks from the internet. All respect to you! Hope there will be more music after retirement 😉 next album feats lil bobby 😂

  • Blytx

    Who else watched Bobby and Pewdiepie play among us

    • drshuwho

      God and pewdiepie*

  • Geraldo Arantes
    Geraldo Arantes

    The beat and the way Logic raps in this song is so soothing.

  • Hydra RoohanYT
    Hydra RoohanYT

    When u get the best ending in a game

  • Steff _0546
    Steff _0546

    Damn, 0.75x speed is good

  • Love Is The Answer
    Love Is The Answer

    Member when logic was hard; Wrist

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich


  • Clint's Tosh official
    Clint's Tosh official

    The you you you you in the background is so nostalgiccc

    • Six Impact
      Six Impact

      honestly is

  • Space Johnny
    Space Johnny

    Logic finding freedom is the reason I decided to find mine. Dude speaks to me on a real personal level, I'm happy you bro. Thank you for getting me through some dark times. Your music has always meant alot to me

  • Tertal1236

    I wish there was a thing on IT-my when we can keep on doing the song like if it ends it plays again and again. You Know Why...

  • M&M

    I recently found logic, and am hooked to his songs, its hard to believe he is retiring ...wish i found him sooner.

  • J. Las VEVO
    J. Las VEVO

    Need one of those suits in blue

  • Odenzie

    I clicked because it said Aquarius and I'm a Aquarius.

    • Devon Brank
      Devon Brank

      Same haaha

    • Vanessa star channel
      Vanessa star channel


  • lucas Valdebenito
    lucas Valdebenito

    Godbye man

  • NightMusicHD

    How do you only have 3mill subs?

  • Derp Fanlo
    Derp Fanlo

    Janitor Bobby.

  • Vishnu sms
    Vishnu sms


  • Ghoulish Skeptic
    Ghoulish Skeptic

    This man really filmed in slow mo and still synced up with the song at regular speed. He must have been going super sonic speed in real life 😳

  • Nathen Pruitt
    Nathen Pruitt

    Beautiful work logic.

  • tony lony
    tony lony

    I was on vlad he said he was half black but look White

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali

    Why is this so short.Dammit lyrical raps are goin to end and all those mumbles will ruin hip hop. But my dream is to become a lyrical rapper Ali-G

  • Mùgęń II
    Mùgęń II

    This man can rap fast in slow-mo

  • Enyang Wang
    Enyang Wang

    if the slow-mo is in 0,5, does it mean my boy logic rapped in 2,0?

  • Flaven80

    Now i know why I've never herd of him. fucking horrible, way to copy beastie boys videos.

  • Kn rz
    Kn rz

    What does aqaruis 3 mean and where are the 2 last prequels

    • Kn rz
      Kn rz

      @BMcNutt2408 well duh its logic no other rapper do like he doze it no 1 else doing cinematic albums like that he surpassed Eminem in my opinion...

    • BMcNutt2408

      Kn rz yeah, he made a really big story out of those 3 albums. A couple years ago I decided to go all out in research and figure a bunch of this out, I clearly fell down a rabbit hole lol. It’s really cool though and it all fits together, he put a lot of thought behind his albums

    • Kn rz
      Kn rz

      @BMcNutt2408 wow

    • BMcNutt2408

      Kn rz yeah! This ship is the last to contain humankind, at the end of the Young Jesus music video (3:20) in The Incredible True Story, you can see the news script at the bottom saying that humanity is running out of food, and scientists are genetically engineering meat, leading closer to the demise of the human race, this is the one of the main reasons that humanity went up into the stars to look for habitable planets in this storyline

    • Kn rz
      Kn rz

      @BMcNutt2408 ah yes other ships have been destroyed or abandoned right?

  • Dillon Rust
    Dillon Rust

    You guys really think Logic is done with rap forever? Give me a break you forgot how expensive kids are these days. I give it 4 years and he will be back, he’s our generation’s Eminem

  • Shirley Gumbs
    Shirley Gumbs

    I Love!!!

  • Vampiros Only
    Vampiros Only

    aye thats my lunch break weed spot. We get stoned there then paint houses.

  • jbelme1

    I’m here because of MeatCanyon’s video “Just Beyond the Golden Arches”.

  • Rappi1990

    He never will retire. He is a Rap genius. He say this now but I think it will only be a little break. Sooner or later he will grab the pen again.

  • Pedro Vasconcelos
    Pedro Vasconcelos

    King 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯 🥇🏆🏅🎖🎟🎫🧩🏎🚀💰🧪🔊💬

  • 𝖬𝖺𝗋𝗓𝗓 lIl
    𝖬𝖺𝗋𝗓𝗓 lIl

    Been a hell of a ride✊🏾🖤

  • Marc Harripersad
    Marc Harripersad

    Was here when it was uploaded now here a month after

  • CaleFlix

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-jOwJCJhinSo.html Aquarius III 1 HOUR VERSION!!!

  • Bdawg

    logic bouta do the diamond casino heist

  • Djevair

    this going to be in all the h&m all over the world

  • Meme Master 06
    Meme Master 06

    1800 fans be like: yo this joke died out 3 years ago I’m just as much of a fan as you are.

  • Kaven Gilbert
    Kaven Gilbert

    The dude is flexing about having a kid, a wife, a career... he made it , going out on top like a real champ, a lot of my shitty cold or wet electrical jobs have been so much better listening to him 🤙👍

  • DmnZ Juul
    DmnZ Juul

    You the man you never changed your state of mind you always kept it real you never tried to change anything anything about yourself thank you man your music truly inspired me to do great things in life peace love and positivity

  • SocioCatastropheTV

    Love you bobby. Take care of the fam. We proud of you and will always be. Started listening to you when life was kicking me down. You taught me to punch it back. Fuck that. Bobby my hero for life.


    if you like rap music feel this vibe it-my.com/watchvideo/video-kBj4yiDtaO0.html

  • Rita Ponce
    Rita Ponce

    Grown up, and that's a good thang.

  • Justin Milkey
    Justin Milkey


  • noah Rowland
    noah Rowland


  • Synister

    this guy's cool

  • Julia Rodrigues
    Julia Rodrigues


  • Tillo Van Brabant
    Tillo Van Brabant


  • Angel Aramburo
    Angel Aramburo

    ima miss logic but he left for a good reason

  • Siz Zle
    Siz Zle


  • Siz Zle
    Siz Zle


  • Peter Zwegat
    Peter Zwegat

    If u play this at 2x speed u can see how hard it was for him to do this shit still doing decent with the lipsink all in one take btw

  • Chu Chu
    Chu Chu

    Legend ✊🏼♒️

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