Lute - Life
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Production Company: Slum County Inc & Haus Elephi
Producer - Dho
Director - Alexander and The Haus
Editor & VFX - Gustavo Soto

Cinematography & Photography -
Cordrell Colbert
Marcus Miller
Uncle Jut
Will Jenkins
Corey Weaver aka @picman704

Special thanks to:
Lyrics below:


My daughter called me crying said she missed me so I just cried with her
Somedays I get caught up in the mix but I’m still a real nigga
If you want it then go get it that’s how the rich get richer
Niggas yelling put them on but never really get the picture
Cause shit I fight for this
Nearly gave half my life for this
Somedays I feel like I’m just right for this
Then a rap nigga a show me just how really wack the cycle is
My music like a gif cause niggas asking what do I type for this
Only person that I’m up against is me
I’m hella humble don’t mistake that shit as weak
Show my daughter if she fall it’s cool just get back on your feet
I’m here to give you all these tools and then my life a be complete
Show you what you dream is true
And what you want in life in reach
And now I gotta take a look at me and practice what I preach
You are who you wanna be and now i gotta take a look at me and practice what I preach

Sometimes life gets crazy
Somedays I don’t know up from down
Life gets so crazy
But I can’t turn my back right now

(Verse two)
Time waits for no man im living life like the first time I slow danced
I probably make mistakes but I’m still in the moment
If I fuck up then I own it
If it’s me against myself then who really my opponent
See you don’t get it
Some things just be fuckin wit my spirit
I’m just a lil overwhelmed my mom can hear it in my lyrics
But this the life I chose so I continue with the vision
I stay true to self and mind more of my business
Drink a lil bit more water plus my hair done grew some inches
Bed time stories to my daughter bout how I grew up in the trenches (yeah yeah)
Hard body ain’t no flinching
gotta get it how you live it
Who you are don’t make a difference (yeah yeah)
So never get it twisted
Life gone knock you off your pivot
Keep your balance is the mission (yeah yeah)
Put your self in the position
Stack your losses and you winnings
I’ll be back in just a min (yeah yeah)

Sometimes life gets crazy
Somedays I don’t know up from down
Life gets so crazy
But I can’t turn my back right now
#Lute #Life #GoldMouf #SometimesLifeGetsCrazy
Music video by Lute performing Life. © 2020 Dreamville/Interscope Records

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    I know this isn't the best place, but I just wanted to get it out of my chest. Since 2020 started everything is going very bad for me. My long-term relationship is done, and in a very bad way. To be more specific, I ended up beating her bodybuilder dad because he broke into my house, broke the door and beat my brother in front of our mother who almost passed out by seeing all this bs happening. My best friends, which we have gone on holidays together, got drunk for the first time together, spent nights on each other houses and normal things that best friends do while they are young just decided to stop talking to me, completely avoiding me, not even say "hi" out in public for no reason, or at least I don't know and I've reached out to them multiple times. Also, my father figure in my whole life, my grandpa, passed away in my hug from lung cancer. The only person I could open up to was a female cousin of mine, which we are respect and help each other and talk abouy anything, but she unfortunately lives far away from me and she is busy most of the time, so we spoke rarely with phone calls or voice messages. I reached rock bottom and I had 0 help. I was alone, I didn't have company, I didn't speak to people for whole weeks. I didn't have fun, I didn't go go out, I had no one to go out with. I spent my days on listening to music, exercising any generally doing stuff for myself just to avoid thinking about the past. Unfortunately, as much as I tried, past memories made their way into my head, especially in night time. I didn't sleep, actually, I went to bed at 10 in the morning and woke up around evening. I just couldn't stop thinking about the past, about my loneliness etc. I started taking some pills that my grandpa took to help him sleep every night, zannax, ipnostedon etc. During carantine period, I decided to end it all during summer at my house by OD. I believed that I don't have any point of existence, that no one cares about me, and that it's better to end it all there to stop the suffering. I wrote countless notes to everyone I love and respect to explain my decision and what lead me to reach this point. I guess God woke up, and all of a sudden, a friend from waaaayy back texts me to hang out. We were very close when we were younger but we both started meeting new friends etc, and that led of course to stopping hanging out with him. We went out and we really had a good time, so we continued on the same path. I was so alone and thought that no one cared for me and suddenly a person reaches out for me? That's unheard of. I met his friends, some of them I already met them in the past but just by names. We clicked and I started having fun again, after a lot of painful months. This song means so much to me because it's so positive, talking about simple things in life that we need to do and enjoy. I was always the person who would help anybody at any cost, I didn't care about money, cigarettes, drinks, pot and basically my own comfortness, I just wanted to be always positive and help others. I made a promise to myself. I didn't kill myself during this storm of shit I went though, so I will always try to remain positive, helpful and actually enjoy life at it's fullest. Sorry for my long comment, but to anyone who reached this point, you need to know that it means a lot to me and I hope that I somewhat gave you some courage to continue. Life has it's ups and downs but at the end of the day that's what makes life interesting, enjoy yourselves but remember to always be kind and helpful to others because you can't truly know that a person has went or is goimg through, and some day, I guarantee you that you will be the one who needs help in some way or another. Anyway, spread only positivity, respect yourselves and treat others with respect. I hope you have a nice day or night.

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