Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]
Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

  • Mokaigo

    So he left rap ? thanks EM

  • Agatha Gallego
    Agatha Gallego

    Eminem ended his rap career so he's trying other styles

  • LeejayTv

    eminem really fucked MGK up eh lol went from a rapper too a high school love singer loool

  • Ossie

    Hahaha what the fuck, this is sick🤙🏼 Keep em coming son!

  • Михаил Петров
    Михаил Петров

    Yungblud has changed a MGK's view on music. And I like this! I’m digging the music he make:)

  • Ishan Bhatia
    Ishan Bhatia

    Megan is too OP fam

  • illbethe_end

    Megan Foxxxxx + P!ATD new perspective.

  • cukeťák

    click on it just bcuz of megan fox

  • doctorDODGE1987

    wanna lick her toes

  • Жакып Батыркулов
    Жакып Батыркулов

    This song makes me nostalgic because of Magan Fox ( transformers)🤩🤩🤩

  • Kellogz

    Skater Boi Kelly

  • Akshay Pandey
    Akshay Pandey

    I also want to wake up with my crush like that

  • CARTlERA .
    CARTlERA .

    This is low key catchy though

  • Ben qx
    Ben qx

    Awww I come here bcz Megan fox 🥰

  • Backshot Demon
    Backshot Demon

    I fucks wit it heavy.

  • Engku Imran
    Engku Imran

    honestly. its sucks

    • Neighbor Mike
      Neighbor Mike

      Engku Imran keep hating though, I’m sure he appreciates that view 🤙🏼

    • Engku Imran
      Engku Imran

      Neighbor Mike okayyy and who ask someone to care?

    • Neighbor Mike
      Neighbor Mike

      Honestly nobody cares about your irrelevant opinion

  • Sabrina Scanlan
    Sabrina Scanlan

    I like where you are going with your music now. But that stuff you did in the past with Eminem is still in my head and my heart. I know it's been a year or so but man. Anyway I'm a fan of both not going to lie hope you both continue writing. Good luck dude 🙂 Also I can feel the back lash from this a mile away before it happens it's not meant as anything but my opinion. Thanks for reading.

  • Brandon Blankenship
    Brandon Blankenship

    So I’m confused is she menstrual and that’s the double entendre?

  • Vlad Johnson
    Vlad Johnson

    Mgk is a simp?

  • Melissa Schaible
    Melissa Schaible

    This is crap.

    • Neighbor Mike
      Neighbor Mike

      Nobody cares about your irrelevant opinion lmao

  • MyFirefighter911

    Mgk belongs with his side of white alternative music lol

  • Kris Janso
    Kris Janso

    So after he got destroyed by Eminem, MGK went to the Hillary Duff side of music? lol

    • Neighbor Mike
      Neighbor Mike

      I don’t recall him getting destroyed at all lmfao, dude as been killing it in two different genres of music, keep hating though 🤣🤣

  • Dustin Howe
    Dustin Howe

    Who's the new guy in Blink-182?

  • Warbling Wyvern
    Warbling Wyvern

    Love this song so much! MGK has so much talent! I wish I started listening to him sooner.

  • Rockmanticist

    Never thought at the age of 30+ I'd feel 18 again. I'm loving it 😍😍😍

  • carrie hummell
    carrie hummell

    Lmao this song sucks and only viewd it TO see tbe megan fox drama and wasnt impressed. Plastic surgery messed up her looks bad

  • Keith Burm
    Keith Burm

    Fox & Colson ok ok

  • Northway.

    Any rappers need beats?

    • Nandadulal Das
      Nandadulal Das

      Yeah what u got

    • Nandadulal Das
      Nandadulal Das

      Yeah what u got

  • Alyssa Sanders
    Alyssa Sanders

    I like it😍

  • survivor turnover
    survivor turnover

    this is cool tho

  • Алл Пар
    Алл Пар

    Do RAP, don’t do this sh**t!!!!

  • Jimmy_JimmysJunkRemoval

    I just had a moment thinking I swear this guy was a rapper?? If he’s not who the he’ll am I thinking of how has he been around since 2003 how did I get outside and where are my pants?

  • Funker


  • Sadfire vevo
    Sadfire vevo

    Witwiki gon be pissed at u for that one

  • carmakazi84

    A hit ❤ the music & fun vibes of the video

  • AliNko

    A bit far from rap music 😏😅🥱

  • HelgaMarkova

    Megan is hot!

  • Sports edits
    Sports edits

    Only tapped cause I think I see megan rox

  • Rose

    Don't like the song it sounds like a completely different artist like sum 41 or some punk band. Super weird. But I love Megan Fox and want to now why the heck she hasn't starred in any movie that is good in a long time. She was great in Transformers and Jennifer's Body. She was great in Eminem's music video for Love the Way You Lie. I miss her! She needs to be cast in a GOOD movie. She is captivating.

  • David Guzman
    David Guzman

    Haha she came out in the movie teenage mutant ninja turtles

  • Maria Tu
    Maria Tu

    She is beautiful ❤️

  • Cassy Kathy
    Cassy Kathy

    Idk how I feel about this song... listening to his older music in the past compared to this is just very different styles. This is very nostalgic in a way that it makes me feel like I’m at warped tour right now, very punk band type vibe.

  • Felix2389

    This Kind of Music Needs to come back!!!!

  • ParadoX Hype
    ParadoX Hype

    The sickest video!

  • ParadoX Hype
    ParadoX Hype

    The sickest video!

  • Bri Corley95
    Bri Corley95

    Megan Fox is still absolutely unreal

  • eric_ hmarr
    eric_ hmarr

    on repeat 🤘🤘

  • Whisker Ushkevich
    Whisker Ushkevich


  • TheCxnine

    Не согласен! --- I disagree! ---

  • Kelly Jackson
    Kelly Jackson

    Luv it.

  • MotoWatchGunner 84
    MotoWatchGunner 84

    Megan Fox can be my Bloody Valentine ANYDAY

  • Sydney Snyder
    Sydney Snyder

    How rude is it that I don’t look like Megan Fox

  • Ruan Patrick
    Ruan Patrick

    Wassup Son, Shady is here lol, as I can see it, U can't Rap anymore after "Killshot".... Lol

    • Neighbor Mike
      Neighbor Mike

      Didn’t know 21 million views on a freestyle he made in 35 mins meant he can’t rap anymore LMFAO

  • Robert Gallardo
    Robert Gallardo

    It feels like this kind of music belongs to “mean girls” kinda vibe lmao

  • Josh Whitfield
    Josh Whitfield

    I'm just here because Megan Fox fine (Marshawn Lynch Voice)

  • NitroKlips

    Holy shit is MGK making post modern pop rock with Megan fucking Fox? Something is going on and I like it whatever this is!

  • Raul Linares
    Raul Linares

    What the hell is a Machine gun kelly....and who is this cheap Emimem imitation

  • H2OhhhMy Plays
    H2OhhhMy Plays

    You know I have never liked MGK but if he did this from the start HE WOULD BE AMAZING

  • Mr_420 Playlot 3
    Mr_420 Playlot 3

    The only reason i watched this sell out commercial crap was for Fox. Bruh this song is wakk. Seriously cuz rap or go str8 teen commercial garbage just know this is one of your worst tracks i have listened to. Not my style wont bang it in the whip. Get back to SMOKE AND DRIVE shit. This is sellout music at its best. One thing is correct definitely late 90's early 2000s throw back junk... sorry 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️

  • LedurtsPlasmaKillCuh

    Context aside, this is such a fun/cute video/song lol :)

  • Holl[ie] Leake
    Holl[ie] Leake


  • raouf kutlu
    raouf kutlu

    I ship megan fox and mgk sooo badd

  • Once You JimIn You Can Never JimOut
    Once You JimIn You Can Never JimOut

    I love him so much ♥️♥️

  • wyatt.

    wtf is this

  • dustin ek
    dustin ek

    OMG for people that have epilepsy😣

  • Hawasyi Syamsuri
    Hawasyi Syamsuri

    "in my head in my head" its become voice over "in my head"

  • robbie butler
    robbie butler

    ngl i dont really fuck with MGK but this song slaps i dont know what genre this is either but i like songs like this if anyone can tell me similar songs

    • Lucas Ridner
      Lucas Ridner

      Punk Rock

  • yass ine
    yass ine

    so i saw "Machine Gun Kelly" it and it ring a bell \but forgot who then opened the video to remember "yeah that dude that got rekt by eminem"

  • bæley

    I can’t explain how much I love this song and colson 😭💜 I’m SO proud of him


    kinda cringe

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