Madden 20 In Real Life
This is what Madden 20 would look like In Real Life!
Pass rush abilities, overpowered Xfactors, & glitched out animations... this video depicts all of Madden!
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Madden 20 IRL Cast:
Throne, Director:
Zach Throne, JJ Watt:
Logan Jahnke, Patrick Mahomes:
Mason Fritz, Tyreek Hill:
Caleb Bacon, Leighton Vander Esch:
Chris Throne, Michael Thomas:
Keyon Hodges, Eric Dickerson:

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  • Simon lunay
    Simon lunay

    u missed "throne throwing a dot" HOTTTTTTTTTTTT THATS HOTTTTTT DUMMYYYY

    • Michael Thornton jr
      Michael Thornton jr


  • Mlg chunky
    Mlg chunky

    1:28 PAUSE


    This was and still is hilarious!

  • Maxx The Duck
    Maxx The Duck

    Should've replaced Dickerson with Bo Jackson lmaooo

  • nick bee 31
    nick bee 31

    J. Jonah Jamison

  • Tyriq Smith
    Tyriq Smith

    When he Intercepeted the ball and turn the camera around and run back a little, I felt that 😂

  • Kenneth Bet
    Kenneth Bet

    I love it it's so true

  • Terry Chapman
    Terry Chapman

    Worst madden ever

  • Terry Chapman
    Terry Chapman

    Worst game ever made

  • Kevin Hoang
    Kevin Hoang

    why is tyreek white

  • Adrian Bedeley
    Adrian Bedeley

    When Eric came out I laughed way to hard

  • Adrian Bedeley
    Adrian Bedeley

    Facts the interceptions in the game make u run back

  • Adrian Bedeley
    Adrian Bedeley

    When did Brady get fat 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Owen Raefield
    Owen Raefield

    great video keep up the good work

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    Tyreke hill lookin a lil pale

  • Vessel ツ
    Vessel ツ

    I cried on the interception

  • YV SubZero
    YV SubZero

    The INT is 💯. Times I could have P6 but the cause that stupid gameplay animation 😂😂😂

  • Keshana Wiggins
    Keshana Wiggins

    4:00 he actually caught it in bounds

  • Adam Xiong
    Adam Xiong

    LOL flecter cox can never be double teamed.. lol so accurate #SKOL

  • paxton leeth
    paxton leeth

    where were all the qb fumbles

  • Simmy Loboking
    Simmy Loboking

    I love watching these

  • Makyven Wamble
    Makyven Wamble

    If only armbar actually worked like that 😂

  • Javin Heard
    Javin Heard

    My guy slug it

  • Kaleb French
    Kaleb French

    This happens even if you put max protection

  • Timeless Clock
    Timeless Clock

    When I saw Dickerson I didn’t cry from laughter I cried from experience

  • Marcus Crain
    Marcus Crain

    That shit was fucking funny and true to the GAME

  • Elijah Vines
    Elijah Vines

    “It’s like a giant Rick wall” 😂

  • KnottyOstrich

    1 question why is tyreek hill white

  • Maahir Chadha
    Maahir Chadha


  • The Madden Mobile Slayer
    The Madden Mobile Slayer

    MMG would love this videoT

  • Magatrick

    You forgot the part where you throw the ball but then the ball goes back into ur hand so they can sack u

  • Dee Diaz
    Dee Diaz

    This is spot on especially the linebackers and picks where you go backwards. How have I not seen this video lmao

  • C Perry
    C Perry

    3:56 is my whole madden experience lmao

  • DeAndre Rachal
    DeAndre Rachal

    If this shit ain’t true madden so whack and the spam players are too

  • Ljloving 424
    Ljloving 424

    The qb windup makes me want to die with how many times it ruins a wide open post or something like that

  • Quincy Ballenger
    Quincy Ballenger

    Missed Qb fumble

  • pitbullkj E
    pitbullkj E

    Y'all did that !!!! Awesome and it feel like you can't enjoy the game with all the drop passes and DBs not reacting to ball in the air

  • Live Love Life
    Live Love Life

    The interception 😂 pick 6 turn into a lost of 10yrds SMh

  • Tyler Granola
    Tyler Granola

    An arm bar is a martial art submission, the real term is stiff arm

  • Dio

    4:17 this hurts me on a personal level

  • Eric

    All the stiff arms 😂

  • Fellow ramen noodles
    Fellow ramen noodles


  • Isiah Gatson
    Isiah Gatson

    This exactly how it be. trash ass game 😂😂

  • Ryker Caldwell
    Ryker Caldwell

    Since when was tyreek hill white lol

  • Ryker Caldwell
    Ryker Caldwell

    Since when was tyreek hill white lol

  • Frank Nitti
    Frank Nitti

    This was hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Dan Koon
    Dan Koon

    Too bad Madden is garbage. Good video though.


    In reality Lamar was not getting sacked

  • Chase Johnson
    Chase Johnson


  • Matthew Luu
    Matthew Luu

    Good job! u forgot one thing though. STRETCH couldn't have made it any more realistic besides that.

  • Colson Saathoff
    Colson Saathoff


  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    On point with the animations😂😂😂I died at the interception

  • Shaquita Roberts
    Shaquita Roberts

    The cow boys sucks and u know it's true because im a dallas boy

  • Dominyque Jones
    Dominyque Jones

    Ain’t madden in real life the nfl 😂

  • FlyK2savage

    When i watched it on xbox i thought my game was turning off

  • Matthew Robinson
    Matthew Robinson

    What about escape artist

  • v Cardone
    v Cardone

    Bro the press coverage is so accurate

  • Jace S
    Jace S

    When Eric Dickerson came out my grandpa saw. I think he had some Vietnam flashbacks

  • Terrell Lawrence
    Terrell Lawrence

    the rage quit had me rolling

  • Lornes Dad
    Lornes Dad

    Didn't even buy this game Evan Bob Madden years and I could already tell this is 100% accurate lol

  • Nicholas Jarry
    Nicholas Jarry

    Dude when the Xbox shutoff appeared since I was on Xbox watching this, you have the same color selected as me so I thought my Xbox shut off lmao 🤣

  • KCClassic7

    L O L I feel like I’m watching every ultimate team video in some way shape or form 😂😂😂😂

  • Eric Chavez
    Eric Chavez

    “From mid field now, here’s Griffin” **wears wilson jersey**

    • Kenneth A.
      Kenneth A.

      Eric Chavez when

  • Tonnane Gaines
    Tonnane Gaines

    You forgot that mossed never works

  • Yoboi Dom
    Yoboi Dom

    That got me mad a bot

  • Yoboi Dom
    Yoboi Dom

    Russel is so much better

  • Antonio Tran
    Antonio Tran

    them QBs tho👀🔥

  • Lilced3xxx

    Bro this is so good u got yo self a new sub

  • Nate Navarette
    Nate Navarette

    3:54 most accurate one

  • Darkslayer

    The receivers not even going for the ball on the interception made me both laugh and be frustrated.

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