Madness Cleanification
Gabriel Barsch
My Madness Day 2014 Entry
Do not cross the mad janitor at his over-time
Flash Version:
Music Used: Far too loud - Light sticks
This animation is based on ''Madness Combat'' series by krinkels:
Check it on newgrounds for more animations like that:

  • Michael Calavano
    Michael Calavano

    Top 10 Moments that made all men cry 3:12

  • Joan Lopez
    Joan Lopez

    the janitor is strong

  • RarestRanger320 memer
    RarestRanger320 memer

    For a guy with a minigun not bad...not bad at all

  • Kratos Da men
    Kratos Da men

    Gabe “I guess the janitor really cleaned you” :))))))

  • Lsj3645 plah
    Lsj3645 plah

    Me:spreads so many blood. Janitor:oh your frickin dead

  • King cheems Cheemsburger
    King cheems Cheemsburger

    Never underestimated the mop

  • C.A.D.

    The school janitor VS The PE teacher.

  • Markuss Dombrovskis
    Markuss Dombrovskis

    When janitors in school say stop running I'm washing the floors Sometime later *Listen here you little-

  • Deandre Robin Dimataga
    Deandre Robin Dimataga

    What the heck is your video

  • lawilson23


  • milena maria da silva batista
    milena maria da silva batista


  • chan won jang
    chan won jang

    0:36 ??????

  • random player Haddad
    random player Haddad

    This video thought me never mess with the janitor

  • Carlos Elwart
    Carlos Elwart

    0:36 heavy in a nutshell

  • Raed Ghaith
    Raed Ghaith

    Who would win? A heavy steel lvl 5 armour that he’s bullet proof vs a yellow boi:) yellow boi win

  • xxxmarcoduhay



    1:58 that dude be like Dude: uh bro, i can't fight you without my sword Mopfloorguy:oh okay, here (throw sword) Dude: alright!

  • Julian Arbott
    Julian Arbott


  • nuclear stuff
    nuclear stuff

    the janitor is way better than some edgy overpowered self inserted OC which means he is literally better than everything in madness with his only equals being mag hank and auditor and final form tricky

  • Jallew Jelly
    Jallew Jelly

    0:35 cyka BLYAT!

  • KennyIsClumsy

    2:29 how is he this scared

  • ツ hi roblox_ash
    ツ hi roblox_ash

    what if every janitor was trained to fight

  • Mace T
    Mace T

    the cleaner is the strongest

  • Dark

    Janitor? More like Boi he haves OP mop no chances to win

  • Kirils Bivshevs
    Kirils Bivshevs

    0:36 my aim in CS:GO with ak47

  • higor player gamer
    higor player gamer

    estou sentindo uma tretra

  • Rico The sharpshooter
    Rico The sharpshooter

    The janitor is a good man..... Funny hes more skilled then the people with armour and guns and yet he gets minimum wage ;-; 1 like = 10 dollars for the janitor

  • Geronimo Cepeda Reales
    Geronimo Cepeda Reales

    NO mAmEs Se ChiNgAroN Al Wey AmarIllO

  • Julie Anne Elic
    Julie Anne Elic

    Damn boi you just get kicked by the janitor boi you lose😂😂😂

  • Khatal Kothiwale
    Khatal Kothiwale

    Don't think you can defeat that hot dog guy Gabriel and don't think you are smart you are worse than the shit

  • 200606박성현

    :V the heavy when the guy shot is lag :V

  • Ross Freckles
    Ross Freckles

    virgin agency vs chad janitor

  • Abbas Ali
    Abbas Ali

    Im a bit worried y gabe had 2 souls come out from his body

  • Jaiden Johnson
    Jaiden Johnson

    2:22 kids:... IMMA GO FUCK NOW Me:fuck this shit I’m out.

  • Tegan Modica
    Tegan Modica

    0:35 bruh that's a lot of recoil

  • Véha OU SEAN
    Véha OU SEAN

    *Shoot like a idiot* Me : *trow something at this guy* *release minigun* *rage*

  • Dom DaDominator
    Dom DaDominator

    Janitor is a god


    Imagine losing a fight to janitor.

  • Truffly

    Nobody gonna question the fact the janitor made sir coffee drinker supreme deepthroat a mop?

  • Tuppie E
    Tuppie E

    What do u want ? : be janitors What ur name? ? : my name john OK what ur last name John wick : my last name is wick

  • Vettina Dionisio
    Vettina Dionisio

    The second god in nadness has come the janitor.

  • steven tamm
    steven tamm

    2:57 best part

  • Fox Blox
    Fox Blox

    If real life janitors learned this janitors moves the customers would know why to put the trash in the trash bin.

  • GVO

    Hey man atleast the janitor was honorable.

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here

    I Like When Janitor Use *ROBLOX SWORD SOUND EFFECT*

  • Dustin Ackley
    Dustin Ackley

    0:42 Minigun MAG, you had ONE. JOB.

    • Coll of kids Coll of kids 2
      Coll of kids Coll of kids 2

      Thats a go4lm

  • Successive Activitasion
    Successive Activitasion

    If you meet this mastered janitor you complete his training and you will obtain the ways of a janitor.

  • eMpTy

    0:31 bro chill lol

  • Glexis Hauling Services
    Glexis Hauling Services

    Joke characters in a nutshell in a shellnut

  • Fxllen_ Demonx !-
    Fxllen_ Demonx !-

    Alabama man vs Floor Cleaner

  • Blue True
    Blue True

    Some thing that will never stop is there’s more memes on Gabriel’s channel than dank memes

  • Antonio Billy
    Antonio Billy

    Thanos: I’m the most powerful man on earth Janitor: hold my beer

    • grey mask ENTERTAINMENT
      grey mask ENTERTAINMENT


  • K M K M
    K M K M

    Being lazy is not a good thing 2:08

  • Amy Elrich
    Amy Elrich

    0:29 when someone has the last toilet paper

  • Aleksey Andrienko
    Aleksey Andrienko


  • я и бенди волк
    я и бенди волк


  • Will afton
    Will afton

    'You make the floor rotten' Janitor: so you have choosen death

  • Supersonic Hedgehog
    Supersonic Hedgehog

    0:36-0:41. Why does the spin-up sound like the Stock minigun, but's it's like Natascha when firing? I just don't get it.

  • Trilobight

    0:35 Stock minigun spin-up sound, Natascha shooting sound. Seems legit.

  • Noppachai N
    Noppachai N


  • Javier Barraza
    Javier Barraza

    cleaner joins the battle 1:16

  • Javier Barraza
    Javier Barraza

    heavy machine gun joins the battle 0:35

  • xxshadowassasinRoblox lol
    xxshadowassasinRoblox lol

    2:46 Gabriel: srry dude Special security: what da- ARGH Gabriel: no rematch *uno reverse card* Where do i put dis? W T F *b o m b o m*

  • Наталья Сергеенко
    Наталья Сергеенко

    Кто из 2020 лайк + 50 лет всей семьи

  • The Robloxian
    The Robloxian


  • The Robloxian
    The Robloxian

    you really know your a good fighter when a GRUNT kills you

    • Coll of kids Coll of kids 2
      Coll of kids Coll of kids 2

      So mag agent torture is a good fighter

  • Um Otário na net
    Um Otário na net

    A lover for coffe

  • Kantor

    Crit hit made me smile, tf2 really is everywhere

  • LeftCaio

    de acordo com os audios o Gabriel Joga TeamFortress2

  • LXS David
    LXS David

    I want to see Gabb vs Deimos AKA. Coffee vs Cigarette

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