Madness Extermination Collab 4
Gabriel Barsch
Music Used:
Devin Martin - Too Much of Everything ___
Outsider - Let's Go Back To The Rock ___
Cryono77 - Why would you be like this?
I Hope you all enjoy it S2
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Hosted By: Juanford66: -----
Organized And Edited By: GabrielBarsch : -----
Collab Members:
Cethic: -----
Delamortes: -----
Dimb: -----
TheColdSpirit: -----
DYERA: -----
Gibb50: -----
Grudgygrunt: -----
Vassline: -----
Kelzad: -----
Madmanaryf: -----
Spaderz: -----
Tr3yo: -----
ZaracaM: -----
Special thanks:
Biosoldier168: for the zombie sprites on Cethic's clip
Tarantulakid96: for the character's sprites on Madmanaryf's clip
Madness Day Wallpaper by: Test-object:
This animation is based on ''Madness Combat'' series by krinkels:
Check it on newgrounds for more animations like that:
Merry Madness Day !

  • Vance Smith
    Vance Smith

    Grunt wearing 1337 Agent glasses *Wait, that's illegal*

  • Vance Smith
    Vance Smith

    Rule 762 of anything with guns in it: If you are shot with a pistol from the Wild West era you must die with one shot. No more, no less.

  • egg boi Santos
    egg boi Santos

    That my name

  • Dylant Tello
    Dylant Tello


  • Kalulethug

    1:46 is the funniest moment in my life

  • Winterz

    the old days

  • 물방개

    Lol here is korean

  • sowa sowiecki
    sowa sowiecki


  • The Corner Of The Internet
    The Corner Of The Internet

    Only OGS will remember this... knife with a scope

  • Marz the Sharkhead
    Marz the Sharkhead

    1:42 there is always a bigger fish

  • VITOR Wu
    VITOR Wu

    Well the atp head turns into an egg

  • VITOR Wu
    VITOR Wu

    This see from 2020 anyone seen at 3:32 when the atp engener was destroyed by gabriel turns into an egg anyone saw that?

  • mars lu
    mars lu

    3:44 dies as a egg lol, RIP yellow armed guy

  • Arthur Gamer BR B
    Arthur Gamer BR B


  • glowingSTARZ

    This would be cool if it has a bit more gore

  • Sailer [GD]
    Sailer [GD]

    Thanks You!

  • Семён Суханов
    Семён Суханов

    Ща мясо будит

  • Faze_Reye1979 XD
    Faze_Reye1979 XD

    2:46 Best part ever

  • HDMZ

    This is the first madness thingy i watched lol

  • Epic Unity
    Epic Unity

    6:22 the guy is swaying on tree

  • Ana Paula Siqueira De Sousa Siqueira
    Ana Paula Siqueira De Sousa Siqueira

    É brasileiro

  • Igor Lopes
    Igor Lopes

    Gabriel barsch you brazil

  • Dylano Revs
    Dylano Revs

    Notice how in the AAHW, the Engineers are mostly use for protagonists in these type of collabs than Agents and Soldats

  • Gaster5020 - The Unknown Chaotic
    Gaster5020 - The Unknown Chaotic

    Sound link 1:27

  • OceanZea

    STEVE WHAT AR- did you forget about the clown

  • Narsil the Freak
    Narsil the Freak

    6:04 Guns? Why use guns when your fists work just fine?

  • Hieu Nguyen Thanh
    Hieu Nguyen Thanh

    PVP Huh?

  • Mason Kujo
    Mason Kujo

    I miss this Anyone 2020?

    • Corona japanbeam
      Corona japanbeam

      I know one thing from madness combat is never mess with people that know meme You guy see people know meme in madness really strong like hank gabriel and other

    • Matias Capurro
      Matias Capurro

      Me too kid

    • mars lu
      mars lu


    • The Explain Guy
      The Explain Guy

      Hello there

    • Tehmask 010
      Tehmask 010


  • Mr Vc
    Mr Vc

    *Insert random comment here*

  • Mega Loser Gamer
    Mega Loser Gamer

    2:41 it is dicks

  • Gaster5020 - The Unknown Chaotic
    Gaster5020 - The Unknown Chaotic

    What is the music? 2:15

  • Max Huang
    Max Huang

    4:04 really worth it?

  • Yellow Face
    Yellow Face

    *im doing this for free so don’t break my balls ok?*

  • Crossfire

    5:10 he predicted paradigm

  • LEXT12121 :D
    LEXT12121 :D

    can someone tell me the scream of the min: 6:12

  • Celio Tkd999
    Celio Tkd999

    3:20 me boxsta

  • Blabbermouth Gamer
    Blabbermouth Gamer

    The series always had kick ass music.

  • Mary Lewis
    Mary Lewis

    Dont mess with hank

  • nimfa ranon
    nimfa ranon


  • Brother Kotello
    Brother Kotello

    0:56 4:15 ATP Rule #1: NEVER take your tactical mask off. All ATP agents who dare mistreat their tactical equipment in such a way surely are to meet their demise in a few seconds. Actually, so are the ones who keep their masks on, but I guess at least the mask looks better when on your face.

  • Gene Catu
    Gene Catu

    This is my favorite extermination 2:21

  • Сырный Шарик
    Сырный Шарик

    0:48 неееееееееееееееет за что!!!!

  • Shadow Ninja
    Shadow Ninja

    The Guy with the blue things said me boxsta

  • doodle boy one punch man
    doodle boy one punch man

    5:29 Minecraft

  • Meme King
    Meme King

    Let’s be honest agents are as dead as emperium guards

  • 안녕안녕

    한국인들도 저런걸 만드는군

  • Onic Luna
    Onic Luna

    6:20 If you wanna' see a guy swinging on a tree.

  • [ M r C o o l M a n _ n ]
    [ M r C o o l M a n _ n ]

    2:47 Cool guy , whos called #grabel168

  • xxx wxa
    xxx wxa

    грабель168 тут!

  • 박지수


  • Jesica H
    Jesica H

    He died of high fiving

  • Edgardo Navarro Jr.
    Edgardo Navarro Jr.

    3:28 when someone scare me

  • Celio Tkd999
    Celio Tkd999

    Poor dijjaner 1:53

  • QuangMinhLe / Ice cream hunter
    QuangMinhLe / Ice cream hunter

    Is no one seriously talk about Deimos reaction to Sanford death ? I call thise people never tal about an asshole and a douchbag

  • Tong2345 Tyg2345
    Tong2345 Tyg2345


  • Romplay GD
    Romplay GD

    2:46 Россия рулит блят

  • ItzMemeOClock

    1:30 *You got mail*

  • Красный Боб
    Красный Боб

    Hank!Hank!Hank! Winner Hank! Winner Hank!Winner Hank! Hank!Hank!Hank!

  • king master
    king master

    Sou brasill

  • Super Deppresed
    Super Deppresed

    GrudgyGrunt is pretty much thor but with flames and thunder


    Literally me when I need to clutch for my team

  • JacKoTack

    6:28 i have fallen and i can't get up on the right on the tree

  • 지금생각중이야


  • ramdom guy
    ramdom guy

    eu realmente acho que isso merece parte 3...ou n?

  • lemon TM
    lemon TM

    Não sabia que vc era brasileiro ou inglês:/

  • JIMMY Zante
    JIMMY Zante

    2:47 Deleted scene from Incident 022A

  • Pooits bird
    Pooits bird

    Back in the day were youtube was dont exsit

  • Another SCP guard, bruh.
    Another SCP guard, bruh.

    5:37 Minecraft anomalies are bulletproof...


    New grounds was my childhood and that was my favourite series! The games too everything madness just screams my pre teen years! Awesome to watch again!

    • samir bedahoudi
      samir bedahoudi

      Yes exactly remember when I was like 11 yrs old playing madness and raze

  • Ian Arley
    Ian Arley

    Tf2 in a nutshell

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