Madness - House of Fun (Official Video)
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'House Of Fun' was released as a one-off single in 1982 and went to #1 in the UK, staying in the chart for nine weeks. The song is arguably the best example of
Madness' "nutty sound", a combination of fairground vaudeville, ska and out-and-out pop. Filmed on location in North London, it finds our boys acting out their coming-of-age tale in true Madness style.
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  • Garden Chemistry
    Garden Chemistry

    You got bedtrapped?

  • Chris Gilson
    Chris Gilson

    The nutty boys only number one in the UK... got there May 25th 1982

  • Theresa Pierce
    Theresa Pierce

    Great band and great music, I feel sorry for the young these days as fun seems lacking.

  • Abraham Benson
    Abraham Benson

    *0:45* when the lads see you with a packet of gum

  • Bo Lat
    Bo Lat

    Funnie song. Subscribe

  • rjskillz92

    "Music in this video Song: (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Remastered) Artist: The Human League" no, I don't think so.

  • Joseph Lowry
    Joseph Lowry

    House of Fun, an perfect way to have fun.

  • Senescent

    fucking dribbling from my chin

  • Adrian Reddish
    Adrian Reddish

    There's even a ska song.

  • the double headphonesman
    the double headphonesman

    he looks like a British rick astley

  • juninlv

    This is more british than London, the Queen Elizabeth II and the fish and chips

  • Sir Nuddington
    Sir Nuddington

    They played this song for my schools bell and the quality was that bad my mates and I thought it was Russian and started do squat kick to class

  • Wilf Marshall
    Wilf Marshall

    I Set this for my alarm on my 16th birthday

  • Denis Popovs
    Denis Popovs

    The movie house of brings back memeories

  • isaac selander z
    isaac selander z

    The Young Ones brought me here.

  • sara

    i'm just here because of harry styles's x factor audition

  • TheSwillMan

    the only polka song ever to hit #1

  • TheMCzorro

    My favourite song to play on bass

  • Wayzor

    "Do any of you lot know Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard?"

  • welsh fire
    welsh fire

    This song feels good for a montage of crazy home videos

  • Anneka Elliot
    Anneka Elliot

    1980 Madness write songs in a alternative London style about puberty and condoms

  • Dario Beltrán
    Dario Beltrán

    JAJAJAJAAJJ amazing song

  • Ethan Retro gamer
    Ethan Retro gamer


    • Ethan Retro gamer
      Ethan Retro gamer

      @karl nicholls sosig

    • karl nicholls
      karl nicholls

      @Ethan Retro gamer fungi

    • Ethan Retro gamer
      Ethan Retro gamer

      @karl nicholls haha funi 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    • karl nicholls
      karl nicholls

      @Ethan Retro gamer I got beans !

    • Ethan Retro gamer
      Ethan Retro gamer

      @karl nicholls meatballs

  • nibs 75
    nibs 75

    The dancing at 0:48 needs to be a fortnite dance emote. Classic.

  • Ed Van Meyer
    Ed Van Meyer

    I remember when it came out, fantastic and still sounds great today

  • Julio Yaz
    Julio Yaz

    My group favorite in the 80s

  • Sirin xoxo
    Sirin xoxo

    i think i'm the only one who's here after watching harry's x factor audition

  • chloe harris
    chloe harris

    now this is a music video, just messing about with your mates haveing a good time, unlike the music videos with got today singing about some shitty brake up or some political message.

  • Szymon Matusiak
    Szymon Matusiak

    Teacher: We're going to UK. Girls: Oh no, it's always rainy and foggy, and the food is terrible! Boys:

  • pasmodic spasmao
    pasmodic spasmao


  • Ally Hargrave
    Ally Hargrave

    I was today years old to realise this too lol

  • Berlin Trilogy
    Berlin Trilogy

    Honestly I dance like them lmao

  • J eagles
    J eagles

    Why was this their only Number One? It’s their best song (in my opinion) but a lot more of their music deserved it too.

  • Stock Photo White Guy
    Stock Photo White Guy

    I’m 16 in literally two minutes

  • Stephen Ancell
    Stephen Ancell

    Only Madness could come up with a song about buying a box of airbags.

  • Mystychrysm The Human Prism
    Mystychrysm The Human Prism

    Anyone else hear Mr Bungle and their self titled 91 WB release with that vaudeville-circus music set to ska? I hear Carousel and Egg.

  • BloomingOnion

    This is the type of video you make when it is 1982, your song is about emerging manhood and your budget is £15 per group member. (How much was a return saver ticket to Great Yarmouth back then?) Looks like it was lot of fun!! Wish I had been part of it - I was 9 and didn’t know Madness!

  • Natalie Tilsley
    Natalie Tilsley

    Love them it's the old school song, Baggy Trousers, House Of Fun, reminds of me of my school days, 1982. I was only 9yrs old then. Bring back the the 80s music it's better than the stuff we've got nowadays.

  • Jesús Valle González
    Jesús Valle González

    Crazy but really good for 2020 situation

  • Thomas McLeish
    Thomas McLeish

    It kinda looks like Blackpool

  • Rolando Garcia
    Rolando Garcia

    British fun since 1982,up the nutty boys!!!!!

  • Engineer Lume is here!
    Engineer Lume is here!

    "Free money *AND* sex inside"

  • nomma bole
    nomma bole

    Millwall fans? Welcome to the Lions den

  • J Karidis55
    J Karidis55

    I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who had no idea what he was referring to till now.

  • ScootTheBoot

    You think darksouls is easy, wrong.

  • Pineapple Pizza Doomer
    Pineapple Pizza Doomer

    the still of this video is dude in a weird ass fucking stance

  • Khrisna Sri Hartono
    Khrisna Sri Hartono

    The british talk about condom. Fine song indeed!

  • Anthony Cervantes
    Anthony Cervantes

    When they dance they look like the slaves in metal slug

  • ABC The Tomato Man
    ABC The Tomato Man

    Absolutely British

  • lizmchale8

    Post-conflict pop music?

  • Zofia Hałas
    Zofia Hałas

    harry styles' first x factor audition brought me here

  • Miranda

    Am I the only one who came here bc of Harry styles X factor audition 😂

  • ImmortalEye

    The men who didn't keep their head, hands, arms legs and feet inside the ride at all times.

  • Joonch

    playing doom eternal on nightmare

  • Jesús Valle González
    Jesús Valle González

    Crazy but great , about over 30 years hearing this.

  • Garluth

    iim high and this song feels like Candy a shop Carnival and im running to it with Madness and happiness to it

  • DJArtyom 124
    DJArtyom 124

    I kind of want to hope that the kid wasn't part of the music video but they just kept him in it

  • mike mostad
    mike mostad

    Early days of MTV.. When it was worth watching.. Music from bands that could be heard nowhere else. MTV likely launched the careers of many bands.The music videos from Madness were all funny as hell!

  • Sérgio Bruno
    Sérgio Bruno

    Tfw the most normal guy is the singer

  • Dr 2Stroke
    Dr 2Stroke

    their only No1.. they wuz robbed!!

  • Rosie Bargoed
    Rosie Bargoed

    Used to dance to this in school disco and never used to realise how rude it was!!!! Still bloody brilliant.

  • Ven Zybierxski
    Ven Zybierxski

    A pack of clowns

  • JudgeHill83

    I always fancied Suggs

  • Mr Speaker Ska, Reggae & Rocksteady
    Mr Speaker Ska, Reggae & Rocksteady


  • glareola

    All those kids now in their 40s!

  • G.M. Dark
    G.M. Dark

    Sent here while reading Graham Duffs' book "Foreground Music,"glad he reminded Ǝ, E had forgotten how much E L-Ov-ƎD "Madness."

  • fodsaks

    Yeah, my parents' generation had the Beatles, but we had Madness. I'm happy with that.

    • Polly Motley
      Polly Motley

      If you ask me, we (Generation Madness) actually got the better deal. Adam Ant, Chas & Dave, Human League, even the return of the Kinks! Videos into the bargain. Nothing against the Beatles, but there was just something more English - happy and bonkers - about 80's music. (Of course now I've written that Herman's Hermits, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and Cilla Black spring to mind, along with 'Penny Lane,' all incredibly English, but there you go.) Plus Madness never went all hippy and dreary. Or spun off into some horror like 'Wings!' At any rate I really like your comment; it's very sweet and perceptive!

  • José Aquino Selicheff
    José Aquino Selicheff

    Thought Our House was the most british video ever.. this one is

  • joseph costello
    joseph costello

    The one thing about their videos they seem to have fun doing them. Never taking themselves seriously except the music witch was great. Shame they never made bigger in the states.

  • Smeena Siddiqui
    Smeena Siddiqui

    They look like lads from the British land. Love it and outstanding video in 2020😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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