Marking “Not For Kids” Doesn’t Protect You - COPPA Update
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COPPA COMPLIANCE: This channel and all of its videos are not “directed to children” within the meaning of Title 16 C.F.R. § 312.2 and are not intended for children under 13 years of age. Chadtronic and its owner(s), agents, representatives, and employees (hereinafter, “CHANNEL”) do not collect any information from children under 13 years of age and expressly deny permission to any third party seeking to collect information from children under 13 years of age on behalf of CHANNEL. Further, CHANNEL denies any and all liability or responsibility for the practices and policies of IT-my and its agents and subsidiaries, or any other affiliated third party, regarding data collection.

  • Chadtronic

    Voice yourself. Let the FTC know COPPA is too aggressive and will harm creators. Deadline is December 9th. Leave a comment at this website →

    • Celina Marques
      Celina Marques


    • pumkinsmasherok

      @JEC no even animals have protecion acts

    • InPhoenix

      I'll Gradually try

    • Gameboy 1000
      Gameboy 1000

      A couple of my buddy IT-myrs have had their comments turned off! This is getting worse.

    • Ash

      Welcome to communism

  • Minecraft Is Swedish
    Minecraft Is Swedish

    Chad sounds like a lawyer

  • Yoshimitsu

    Question. What if we can’t pay the $42k then? What’s gonna happen?

  • Funtime Bonnie draws 0-0
    Funtime Bonnie draws 0-0

    When one of your videos has both “minecraft” and “hunger games” in the title

  • Dillon Petagna
    Dillon Petagna

    What about the animation domination on fox?

  • Nate Guzman
    Nate Guzman

    Does anyone know what ended up happening with this?

  • Plumbobby

    theyre basically trapping creators. they need to just turn off all comments then. eff it

  • Melchizedek Nimrod Gaming
    Melchizedek Nimrod Gaming

    It is A Trick To Put Your Channel As Made For Kids If You Do Stuff That is Kid-Friendly If you say that your content is not for kids and they say that it is for kids then IT-my will FINE YOU THEY might terminate your channel if you don’t want that then you Have To Put that you’re made for kids but if you put you’re made for kids you see the Trick Here If You Put Made For Kids You Still lose A lot Of the restricted features

  • Ayzok GA
    Ayzok GA

    Is this still relevent?

  • Luke TRM
    Luke TRM

    watch something about coppa from terminal montage

  • Gerbil Fantastic
    Gerbil Fantastic

    Can anyone tell me if this is still a thing?

  • Charlie Manual
    Charlie Manual

    What about Pegu 18 / M rating games

  • Live Love Theater
    Live Love Theater

    Hey I have a question I could be considered a kid but I have a youtube channel. I made my videos private and well I am scared. I don't know how to mark my videos. I want to get an okay channel maybe have a few subscribers. I will mostly post musical theatre stuff. I intend it to be for everyone. And if I mark it wrong I don't want a fine put on my parents. but I also want my channel to be discovered. HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Jake The gamer
    Jake The gamer

    Coppa is okay but It’s off because it relys on user data and it will be trash idea to do that also if your video gets selected as made for kids if you don’t want it for kids under 13 you can get youtube studio and mark it as not for kids

    • Henry Playz Gamez
      Henry Playz Gamez

      Please use punctuation, this is hard to read.

    • Jake The gamer
      Jake The gamer

      Playlist is off comments is off live chat is off notifications is off community is off download is off stories is off

  • Steven Stone
    Steven Stone

    We're in the endgame now. We dont trade lives. People need to switch platforms,stop content creating,or take a stand! Only through trial do we succeed,suffer long and it will set you free Your the best Chadtronic

  • Tjgamer YT
    Tjgamer YT


  • HuskyHacker25


  • Harvey Williams
    Harvey Williams

    When is coppa going to end tell me

  • Enrico Couri
    Enrico Couri

    It was all because of those Karens!

  • XDLuCk_ XD
    XDLuCk_ XD

    WAIT! Is IT-my Gaming and Music affected by this?

    • XDLuCk_ XD
      XDLuCk_ XD

      @Logan Neistat Shoot!

    • Logan Neistat
      Logan Neistat

      IT-my Gaming is part of IT-my, EVERYTHING you know is affected by this.

  • the ice cream man
    the ice cream man

    I couldn't take you seriously if you didn't change your shirt

  • Mammoth Cubing
    Mammoth Cubing

    Adult Targeted Cartoons: South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, and more

  • Hexagon 8899
    Hexagon 8899

    Oh crap oh crap sorry I’m 11, therefore I’m a kid oh sorry this is a violation of it

  • Hexagon 8899
    Hexagon 8899

    What? This makes no sense. You can’t get punished for c*nsoring r*andom w*rds

  • Mammoth Cubing
    Mammoth Cubing

    I'm gonna miss you're channel. :(

  • TheSodaCan 123
    TheSodaCan 123


  • SpongeBob vlogs 9000
    SpongeBob vlogs 9000

    Coppa is destroying IT-my

    • phoenix 128
      phoenix 128

      @MangaMark777 3:03 there's the info

    • MangaMark777


  • Matt Reynolds
    Matt Reynolds

    You can be fined 40k if the FTC doesn't agree with your intention and perspective. Thanks, Big Brother. You know best!

  • CyanMario64

    before all of this, I probably wouldn't be as interested in sites like vlare and vidlii as I am now.

  • C-Calibrated

    4:38 you made a big mistake

  • British America
    British America

    This is what happens when people that know barely anything about internet culture make laws about it.

  • Flame_Ruins

    Coppa ruined YT 42k if you say your contents not made for kids if it is


    Funny how a violation of this can be a 42,000 dollar fine. More than a DUI.

  • Wilder Duran
    Wilder Duran

    Imagine if Netflix had this...

  • Funtime Foxy official
    Funtime Foxy official

    I do impressions of cartoon characters and wow I might get the snap...

  • Fiery Plays
    Fiery Plays

    COPPA is basically all Boomers

  • Idoditoix Playz
    Idoditoix Playz

    I go to dlive bye IT-my

  • Ryan and Caiden Playz
    Ryan and Caiden Playz

    This guy from FTC may have the most punchable face EVER.

  • DragCold bruh
    DragCold bruh

    Video: Safe for kids Also video: *S**Y P**N R***NG ###*

  • OnlyWax Comment
    OnlyWax Comment

    Is FTC been infected by the pandemic?

  • MikeEl-Angelo - Speedruns and More
    MikeEl-Angelo - Speedruns and More

    If I mark my videos unlisted, am I still at risk?

  • IndoDINO Youtube
    IndoDINO Youtube

    This is flippin' cow crud. I literally just started IT-my in July of 2019. All my hopes and dreams are being crushed.

    • Honeybunny /ハニーバニー
      Honeybunny /ハニーバニー

      IndoDINO IT-my *July of 2018

  • Joshua Shreves
    Joshua Shreves

    What if the kids don't want to be protected?

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul

    Don’t worry there is restricted mode as well.

  • TheMasked Gamer
    TheMasked Gamer

    So a bunch of boomers are ruining youtube..... Welp I just got a fine of $42,000

  • Sofija Gorovenko
    Sofija Gorovenko

    yOuTuBe Is FoR kIdS

  • Big Knux
    Big Knux

    I don’t understand how turning off notifications and being non searchable. None of us are any safer then we were before. And it’s not IT-my’s job to make us safe. I don’t get how it helps.

  • Alex Lybashev
    Alex Lybashev

    IT-my: * exists * Coppa: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  • Potchie Gaming - Clash of Clans
    Potchie Gaming - Clash of Clans

    And, COPPA is only law in USA. I'm not American at all.

  • Potchie Gaming - Clash of Clans
    Potchie Gaming - Clash of Clans

    And, COPPA is only law in USA. I'm not American at all.

  • CoinPlant

    seems like a bunch of molehills to me, but what do i know, i live in 2020

  • I’m wrong
    I’m wrong

    Don’t worry chad I f they take you down then that take us all down

  • RSinX GD
    RSinX GD

    I wouldn't be unexpecting all the COPPA and FTC people getting shot up 💀


    "Video games exist for kids." Mortal Kombat:

  • Lemon Boi
    Lemon Boi

    Honestly 2020 couldn't get any worse

  • Aurum The Old
    Aurum The Old

    I'm stating this directly from FTC's own blog about COPPA. And FTC says, "Second, just because your video has bright colors or animated characters doesn’t mean you’re automatically covered by COPPA. While many animated shows are directed to kids, the FTC recognizes there can be animated programming that appeals to everyone." So shouldn't this apply? I mean even youtube says that if their AI marks your video as "Kid content" and it is not you can change that by using "send feedback" button.

  • Spenoe Scherer
    Spenoe Scherer

    I'm from 2020 and I see not much is ifferent other thaan Zebra Gamer is marked as for kids :P

  • Golden Gappeler
    Golden Gappeler

    IT-my is flagging down Final Fantasy videos just because it has the word Fantasy in it. Final Fantasy is an M game!

  • Dark Greninja
    Dark Greninja

    So IT-my wants you to be family friendly and not for kids it is one or the other

  • Scott Champagne
    Scott Champagne

    My channel's gone now.

  • Tracy Booton
    Tracy Booton

    Who knows what "previous video" he's hinting at? I forgot

  • Da Boi King Pinkles
    Da Boi King Pinkles

    Bruh I saw a video about a fidget spinner shaped like a swastika and it was marked as for kids. There’s also FAMILY GUY stuff marked for kids

  • Frans Goossens
    Frans Goossens

    IT-my is marking all of my wife's videos as kid content. The thing is we went into the settings and it says it's not kid content as it should be, whereas they won't show up in anyone's notifications as they're marked erroneously as 'made for kids content'. Her videos appear therefore censored, but no matter what we do, the settings don't come into effect, so how are we supposed to fix this problem?

  • KingBean25

    I signed that stuff!

  • Cat the Destoryer
    Cat the Destoryer

    *well, crap. i guess i’ll die.*

  • valefox_64

    I just made this account 3 days ago and I haven’t got anything on it. I want to stream sm64 speedrunning. Is this “for kids”

  • M. Wojtania
    M. Wojtania

    COPPA is ruining people's childhoods and newcomers can't enjoy the content that they got from the saturday morning cartoons

  • Francis Been
    Francis Been

    Or forget chadtronic cartoon not made for kids 900% plz

  • Francis Been
    Francis Been

    Hey chastronic how about YOUTUB kids *gone wrong*

  • Francis Been
    Francis Been

    Hey chastronic how about YOUTUB kids *gone wrong*

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