Marking “Not For Kids” Doesn’t Protect You - COPPA Update
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  • Chadtronic

    Voice yourself. Let the FTC know COPPA is too aggressive and will harm creators. Deadline is December 9th. Leave a comment at this website →

    • Graciana Cruz
      Graciana Cruz

      It ok chad we all make mistakes :)


      I signed the petition we can’t let this happen.

    • Alvin Fuller
      Alvin Fuller

      Chadtronic Just another way to stop paying.

    • mrlitbottoms 69
      mrlitbottoms 69

      @Joshua well u aren't monetized then so it wont affect u until u monetize ur acount

    • Void Demon
      Void Demon

      *_This is extreme to the point of oppression..._*

  • hardcoregamingfoxy085 99
    hardcoregamingfoxy085 99

    Wow now this is IT-my kids number 2

  • Acer12Gaming

    Did you know that some people who make and regulate coppa don’t own cell phones ha ha boomers am I right

  • Idk Doge
    Idk Doge


  • Cathy Clark
    Cathy Clark

    Time to nuke u tube - too big for their boots!

  • Yellow Jello
    Yellow Jello

    I’m still watching this, but IT-my was not built for kids, they forced it to be for kids after doing well with adult content, then hurt youtubers then this is just poison to the wound.

  • ღ Møøn_ii ღ
    ღ Møøn_ii ღ

    It's like we're in the endgame and IT-my (Thanos) is about to snap his/their fingers

  • Super Guy
    Super Guy

    DXD: *is animated FTC: YEP *ITS FOR KIDS*

  • Seth Andrew Noto
    Seth Andrew Noto

    Your gonna have to redecorate your room buddy. Censorship is dictatorship

  • Nojorooney

    Nah bruh just nah, can’t let them do this, and I’m not going down without a fight! And also, pretty much almost everyone will be destroyed then, but we can fight back and sure, we might be in the endgame now, but like the avengers, like the smash bros characters when Galeem took over, we will come back and their will be a rematch! They think they can take us down like that, pffff ain’t that easy, atleast it won’t be that easy when they are going against us people who want to stand up and fight.

  • CatLovezTokioHotel

    so basically if we have kid friendly videos we get 90% less revenue and all comments and such are off...ok so then we all thros a cuss word at the end of videos and get paid and comments allowed??? is that it...

  • blahblahman54321

    Boomers will become the death of IT-my

  • ILoveKawaiiPizzA Arts and gatcha
    ILoveKawaiiPizzA Arts and gatcha

    All because of this, people who are IT-myrs might quit...

  • Jayme Amero
    Jayme Amero

    they are just boomers

  • Joshua The GoldenEmoMetalheadSlayerGamer
    Joshua The GoldenEmoMetalheadSlayerGamer

    I am seriously thinking of quitting IT-my now I don't want to though but I feel like I might have to

  • MasterPillowFighter

    Category *C O M E D Y*

  • Fred Powell
    Fred Powell

    You tube is now a liability to upload to.

  • Sparkle girl Kids
    Sparkle girl Kids

    IT-my: one more day guys if you post any content you suede. Me:how about kids youtube up in my wishing tree tehe we can just move everything that’s for kids there

  • Sparkle girl Kids
    Sparkle girl Kids

    Either way we can just move stuff to kids youtube and coppa can’t touch it also if we put all that on kids youtube coppa can’t say anything because it for kid k I d s if they can’t read then your will haft to shut down but hopefully they don’t

  • Sparkle girl Kids
    Sparkle girl Kids

    I think by 2029 youtube will be shutting down because of this but pls no

  • LS BigMac23
    LS BigMac23

    Always remember. The government is here only to devide and not to bring together. They know kids are becoming more woke and they tryna change that. All just to set us up for failure.

  • LS BigMac23
    LS BigMac23

    So they basically tryna make IT-my like a world of candy canes and gumdrops. Wow hoe both the delete those youtube kid channels that be showing adults things in it. They basically tryna banned free speech. Smh

  • Murdoc

    This doesn't help anyone. Sh*t (censored because youtube are touchy about comments,. This doesn't even help kids.

  • A Merica
    A Merica

    If you want a channel & you’re highly success then take ownership. That starts January 1.

  • •FatalGenoError•

    Then what's the point of IT-my kids?

  • Defbombx7

    But what if the content creator IS a kid but doesn’t mark it as kid friendly even if it is

  • GeniSis

    People: Freedom FTC and COPPA: _i'm about to end this whole man's career_

  • Blueprints the Dog
    Blueprints the Dog

    Should I leave YT? I'm scared..what do I do??

  • Defbombx7

    Well like they should already know to take it down and people are getting angry and petitions are going up AND ITS NOT EVEN BOINF PUT IN ACTION YET YA KNOW THAT REALLY SAYING SOMETHING

  • CyanXWatcher

    Alright i’m stocking up the f word to use it in my intro

  • Trickyy

    Ah yes, the only way to protect yourself doesn’t work, yes

  • Adno

    So is southpark for kids now?!

  • l SpoonX l
    l SpoonX l

    I can't believe tomarow is the last day..

  • Hyper pigeon Pigeon2000
    Hyper pigeon Pigeon2000

    Im not a professional youtuber with NO major uploads. But i removed everything to just to be safe. Even though its General Audience.

  • Mark Warwick
    Mark Warwick

    Just doing like the cigarette cryers, it says don't smoke ,but we will anyway , cause that's america , take u tube ,they'll come up something else .

  • Freidheim of Prussia
    Freidheim of Prussia

    American imperialism

  • Tamariin

    I find it funny that people with minimal knowledge of modern pop culture are being put in charge of modern pop culture

  • RazerBladeGaming

    You could call the FTC the moon from majora’s mask

  • Jonno Pillz
    Jonno Pillz

    Well, FDA can’t do FA internationally. They cannot hold international creators to an American law. Sorry it doesn’t work that way. Plus - this law sounds unlawful. Check with a lawyer but I don’t think they’ll have a leg to stand of it challenged in court. Good luck lads, stay strong. ✊

  • Louis Lameck
    Louis Lameck

    o sh*t, looks like judgement day is tomorrow

  • Ace Starstream
    Ace Starstream

    Just gonna burn down my channel, brb

  • Shawn mc7406
    Shawn mc7406

    so what happens to people outside the us would love to see them try and fine me in the uk

  • Mikey the BROWNS fan
    Mikey the BROWNS fan

    I'm pretty sure the Russians are behind this too.

  • Astus Alvarez
    Astus Alvarez

    at this point youtube is gonna be destroyed

  • Wesley Carlo Lim
    Wesley Carlo Lim

    COPPA should review every content that are in a grey zone or uncanny valley type content that look appeal to kids but not for kids like animation that look just for kids but the content is horror or something that might scare them

  • Little Blondie
    Little Blondie

    Frick the government

  • Little Blondie
    Little Blondie

    This is bad what has the world come to 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Samdaboss Gaming
    Samdaboss Gaming

    Mark viewers as kids instead of the video being labeled for kids

  • Curtis Gammon
    Curtis Gammon

    Let’s raid coppa

  • DiabloGaming

    Is it just me or does it go against the Constitution (freedom of speech ) saying you can't even use certain words??

  • The Comedic Army
    The Comedic Army

    Does anyone know if they can fine you if your videos are privated?

  • VIXBigGamerXIV

    *Poop* well this is labeled as *comedy* were all *doomed*

  • Gameboy11 88
    Gameboy11 88

    IT-my is in is final years" moves to twitch youtube reborn

  • WickedKnightAlbel

    Let's kick all kids off the internet!

  • X N E O N
    X N E O N

    What about music channels?

  • DweltSaucer3326

    What about music like what if the song has bad words?

  • Jayden Itcush
    Jayden Itcush

    Now we wait for the riots

  • CodEdstar25 ShoTz
    CodEdstar25 ShoTz

    December the 9th!!! That’s tomorrow

  • Floopy Doggo YT
    Floopy Doggo YT

    what about small youtubers like me

  • FJBear2001

    Well, I’ll tell you what, those college lecture videos are gonna hit different from now on.

  • Tyler Rominger
    Tyler Rominger

    I'm literally eating a bowl of cereal rn. I'm 29.

  • Mark H
    Mark H

    someone save youtub from coppa

  • CodEdstar25 ShoTz
    CodEdstar25 ShoTz

    Well what happened in 2013 to youtube?

  • Mrrootsfull

    It is very fascinating to watch youtubers go nuts over some american law. It is like they don’t have anything else to care about in theire lives. Think about that for a you really believe that IT-my is very important for people? Yes and No.....Yes because there is a need for a platform like IT-my......and no because as soon as IT-my would die there are hundreds of thousands of people from the rest of the world trying to fill the hole with theire own video platform.......IT-my will be totally forgotten in months. It is not about is about a way for people to express themselfs through selfmade video’s. IT-my is just a name.... So, grab some popcorn and a drink and watch narrowsighted minds desperately holding on to a single video platform that only can excist by using something called the World Wide Web. the WORLD WIDE web...

  • thoemass teh tanke eggjing
    thoemass teh tanke eggjing

    Adult IT-myr: I am for adults please children do not watch me FTC: OPEN UP

  • Christina x
    Christina x

    The Jews are doing this!

  • Lxgacy-

    “Broadcast Yourself”

  • Mr. Ken
    Mr. Ken

    I don't care. Just give me my old IT-my back.

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    "The Following Video May Contain Content Unsuitable For Children" *All vids need this disclaimer* If they're bringing TV rules over here, then we do what the TV does

    • Annette Ford
      Annette Ford

      Yeah, I agree. 😅 More people need to see this.

    • Jay K
      Jay K

      @Annette Ford most likely.. Something like that disclaimer then, but with different words

    • Annette Ford
      Annette Ford

      Wouldn’t that bring the bot down on you because you have the word “children” in the description?

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Colors look a lil bit bright there son.. *To Jail With You* 🚓

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