Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Girls Like You. © 2018 Interscope Records

  • 155cm

    เป็นคนที่โคตรเป็นตำนานสำหรับเรามากอะ เพลงดังทุกเพลงอ่ะ

  • Salomé Berrée
    Salomé Berrée

    c moi ou il y a millie bobby brown ?!

  • Sudipa Chakravarty
    Sudipa Chakravarty

    the heck is Camila Cabello doin here?

  • Sudipa Chakravarty
    Sudipa Chakravarty

    this guy really is a chick magnet

  • Sudipa Chakravarty
    Sudipa Chakravarty

    producer: how many famous peeps do you want in your song? Adam Levine: yes, why not

  • Biju Ravi
    Biju Ravi

    Ellen was shocked

  • abbey scott
    abbey scott

    hi I am Abbey I love our song

  • فوزيه مناع
    فوزيه مناع

    احلى غناي

  • Schieta Depli
    Schieta Depli just watch this video.. such a cute moment it is when the actor lifts the actress.. i dont know who they are.. but an indian friend suggested me ❤❤

  • Diksha Makhija
    Diksha Makhija if u love hindi songs then watch this video😍😍😍😍😍its just awesome

  • Gaia Unicorn Cat
    Gaia Unicorn Cat


  • الجنرال أوسكار
    الجنرال أوسكار

    ❤️ I love ellen

  • Wangara Products
    Wangara Products

    Absolutely good...

  • Luna Elizabeth Afton
    Luna Elizabeth Afton

    3:51 is it just me or is that Camila Cabello

  • Schieta Depli
    Schieta Depli If you haven't watched this 👆 your life is tasteless yet!

  • Scott Barden
    Scott Barden

    Wait... at this time she was 14 turning 15 how olds the singer?

  • Scott Barden
    Scott Barden

    Am I the only one to just notice milly bobby brown?

  • Lucas Rubio Garcia
    Lucas Rubio Garcia


  • Khamis afify
    Khamis afify

    4:23 and you cheated all on these girls? Jk😂

  • ARKEN fortnite
    ARKEN fortnite

    Millie Bobby Brown

  • bangtan lover
    bangtan lover

    This is the first time I'm hearing this and holy shit it's so good

  • Górecka Zuzanna
    Górecka Zuzanna

    like miusic you

  • Shehnaaz Kaur
    Shehnaaz Kaur

    Mira, en todas partes solo soy tu sombra.... Check it out #bhuladunga

  • Blanca van Lohuizen
    Blanca van Lohuizen

    I love that dark-skinned woman with blond short hair and the orange t-shirt. I think she is really cool!

  • Billbo Kam
    Billbo Kam

    2:17 Two of My Favourites! Ellen and Millie Bobby brown from stranger things and god zilla

  • Tia Lababd
    Tia Lababd

    Why didn’t i know that millie bobby brown is in this music video?

  • dc india
    dc india

    who is here just for Gal!

  • r2s r2s
    r2s r2s

    Girls like you Where is: ariana Tylor 😈😈😈😈

  • K. L.
    K. L.

    Who the f*ck let that ugly-ass goat scream at the middle of this beautiful song?

  • Emanuel Musse
    Emanuel Musse

    Cantan increíble

  • Arrman King
    Arrman King

    Love u



  • GL Salvador
    GL Salvador

    Corona Viruzz ahhhhh -Cardi b

  • Juan José López
    Juan José López

    Wow, what a shitty song, and that Cardi B part, so cringe.

  • Upasana Das
    Upasana Das

    Adam levine..🙌🙌

  • M.A Record Labels
    M.A Record Labels

    Everyone go listen to my music

  • Ronniel Lapid
    Ronniel Lapid

    Gal gadot💖

  • Patry Atry
    Patry Atry

    0:01 lol he won't even let the guitarist of the "band" show his face in the video

  • tony aquino
    tony aquino

  • Ryan Lopez
    Ryan Lopez



    Heart full 💓 song really I love this song

  • Mark Liam Plotena
    Mark Liam Plotena

    I think Sarah Silverman behind Adam Levine hahaha

  • Shannan Teegarden
    Shannan Teegarden

    They call me cat us and not tater salad what is wrong with me

  • Maestro Ninja
    Maestro Ninja

    Estaba bien hasta que aparecio la Afrorapera >:v

  • Аркаша Огурцов
    Аркаша Огурцов

    they've got zionist and anti-semite in this clip

  • Beatriz Siqueira
    Beatriz Siqueira


  • Mikie Rowles
    Mikie Rowles


  • joselin Collado
    joselin Collado

    Cómo alguien puede odiar esa cancion

  • Nhi Pham
    Nhi Pham

    Rr r c sq. qaW.xa az. Ml xsa

  • Jacke Gonçalves
    Jacke Gonçalves

    Amo demais melhor música vim pelo vídeo do pai com sua BB fofos.....


    Es bellísimo >:'3

  • Fernando


  • ana games
    ana games

    we have millie bobby brown i really saw

  • Alma Grünig
    Alma Grünig

    Me encanta que aparece milli Bobby Brown

  • William Chungata
    William Chungata

    Me guta es una estrella 🤩🤩🤩

  • Julio Posada
    Julio Posada

    8202 5840 0001

  • Zakriya Afzaal
    Zakriya Afzaal

    Gal gadot 😍❤️

  • PSS Games
    PSS Games

    I love this song I've heard it a thousand times 😂👏

  • Luisa Ipial
    Luisa Ipial

    Maroon five me encanta tu musica LVER Colombia villa

  • Jessica Maria Gonzalez Pizarro
    Jessica Maria Gonzalez Pizarro

    3:32 alex morgan

  • Molly Ann McKeefery
    Molly Ann McKeefery

    I don’t like you

    • ッGuilherme

      Fck u?

  • zSouZa


  • zSouZa


  • Mickey Gangte
    Mickey Gangte

    I need a girl like you to talt to while this quarantine

  • D Stephanie
    D Stephanie


  • Kensley Vargas
    Kensley Vargas

    Subscribe to my channel if you think we are going to get through Covid-19!

  • Milena Zanetti
    Milena Zanetti

    Hi hello gudi mornin

  • Paola Rodrigues
    Paola Rodrigues

    Amo essa música

  • Tomasa Sosa
    Tomasa Sosa

    Amo 💞

  • Chantal Rosas
    Chantal Rosas

    I love Maroon 5

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