Maroon 5 - Memories (Official Video)
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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)

  • Ivana Marki
    Ivana Marki


  • Kinga Pietrzak
    Kinga Pietrzak

    I love ure songs

  • wenni e
    wenni e

    I hate tictok

  • Kaito Kun
    Kaito Kun

    if someone Love you parents like me :3 like for you grandma and mom comment for you grandpa and dad and the final is have a nice day ^^

  • jhosep soto
    jhosep soto

    Te extraño lolito, maldita sea.

  • DaVeCSPr0 TM
    DaVeCSPr0 TM

    Lowkey looks like Captain Price from MW

  • Phung Yen
    Phung Yen


  • Kjenta Vlogs
    Kjenta Vlogs

    love it

  • Nut Smooth
    Nut Smooth

    "Jeab" You are my best memories I love you

  • 맞동원

  • Miloud Lamoudi
    Miloud Lamoudi

    Some days memories hurt us when we remember it 😔💔

  • rafiecool 249
    rafiecool 249


  • Computer Modder
    Computer Modder

    Comment section is the golden section of IT-my.....

  • Jeslyn GQ
    Jeslyn GQ

    I will learn this song in SimplyPiano!!!

  • Tulaga Whitcombe
    Tulaga Whitcombe

    “Cause I can't reach out to call you, but I know I will one day, yeah” I miss you my precious daughter. You’ll always be my little girl 😔💔

  • Kiel daniella Lucila
    Kiel daniella Lucila

    This song gib me back may memories

  • Carlos Castellano
    Carlos Castellano

    arriba españa

  • 陳建綸

    The song is very good


    That's my dad

  • Ricardo Silva
    Ricardo Silva

    Copy of Pachelbel's Canon, from Bach

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B


  • bhupathi reddy
    bhupathi reddy

    What are you doing down there

  • wirtz Christiane
    wirtz Christiane

    Cool Song👍👍👍👍

  • Rahul Jadhav
    Rahul Jadhav

    Ye song sunke pakka sabhi ko apne purane memories yaad aaye honge😍 khas khar wo special school memories 🤩🤩🥰

  • Sümeyye

    Who listen before Jimin’s V live ✌🏻

  • daintsTDM

    The more you listen the more you realise what he's singing like cause' the drinks bring back the memories

  • Bri2020

    this song played at my nan's funeral for the photo tribute

  • lolypoper69 lolypoper69
    lolypoper69 lolypoper69

    Memories ar such a beautiful thing and the only thing we've got when the person you made them with isn't around anymore. Makes me kinda sad... but hey that's life... For the people in there room right now being sad about those good old days, the future can be beautiful too, you deserve to be happy and one day YOU WILL BE HAPPY time will heal you I promise 🤞🏾🙏🏾❤️

  • MsRiya 06
    MsRiya 06

    *When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.*

  • Snezana Maksimovic
    Snezana Maksimovic


  • Bad Boy 667
    Bad Boy 667

    Пиздец 5млн лайков. 😁

  • Edward Snowden
    Edward Snowden

    Honestly, I've never been so lost in my life. I had somerhing going and i had a supportive girlfriend who for certain reasons I berated her with problems in our relationship. Instead of talking things like i thought i was i was demanding her to answer to me and withought knowing sorta, using reverese psychology on her to get the answers i needed/wanted. I loved her and we had 4 strong healthy years. Then she went to a dance with a friend of hers who was rumored to have liked her. She didnt tell me and i know he was gay before she met him and her best friend. Needless to say she accepted his request and i never knew until she told me when she got back from the dance and we were on video chat. I think thsts when a seed of doubt and betrayal was planted. Idk how i became the person i am today. I was never this person. It isnt me but throught the last 2 years and a half, some others guys who had cars and whatnot started to hit on her and well we are all humans and i was going to a different school and we couldnt see each other cause i was working and going to school and i had hw. She never went out with friends either so her friends at school were the only ones she talked to. Instead i did what my parents did to me and withought knowing sorta just became them. My worst nightmare. I lost her little by little and i didnt know until today. 2 years after we broke up. Not intentionally her stepdad found out and sent her away cause he is a money man and has his own medical facility in LA as a bone surgeon. Anyways, i never much cared about that since i only cared about my gf. I started to feel powerless and jealous because her friends would cheer her up and the guys there would make her laugh more than i could since i was busy and she was busy. Some guys flirted with her and while i was busy being jealous and trying to get her to stop talking to those who were flirting with her we or she grew distant. I feel betrayed because of how things played out and even though i was at fault for not giving her the attention and support i thought i was giving her, i do feel sorry because i could have hugged her instead of hugged her to show power over her to those who flirted with her. I guess in a way i treated her like property. She told me but i just wasn't thinking of her like that. I just wanted her and i to be happy and have a healthy relationship but with no one else. I never saw how i became but lately its been in my mind that what i did withought really thinking abiut it was what continued to spread us apart. Once you start building a wall of problems, if you don't take a step back and look at it or have an enlightenment well that wall will one day seperate what you wanted to treasure. She is now with that friend who flirted with her back then, he did cause me a lot of trouble and he hurt her physically mwhile her and i were together. I obviously got mad but she didnt want me to fight. Which got me even more mad. Kinda went on for a while. I started demanding answers so i see why she was scared of telling me. Still though i really did love her. Just kinda went about it all the wrong way. I was used to us two against the world. I feel sorry and I'd ask for forgiveness because at some point i did feel it was wrong but i had certain reasons to be a little mad and that she kept me ffrom the truth kinda hurt me. She did talk to multiple guys the last two years trynna serach for another me like i was before her new bf cause me to get mad and got between us and played us both for fools. The fact remains though i hate that guy. He didnt do it because he loved her. I quote "ew tf she is ugly, i wouldnt ever date her. Just cause she got big tts doesnt mean she is cute" yet he wpuld send sexually explicit and provoking messages to her , dismissed them as jokes but as a guu we know when another guy wants somethin. Personally i loved my girlfriend (ex) because of her way of thinking about this world. We both loved photography and poetry back in middle school. We found each others personality and way of thinking to be beautiful. I dont know what i feel or how i am doing. Im lost more than ever before. Idk why or hwat im doing rn.

  • Vân Anh Trần Ngọc
    Vân Anh Trần Ngọc

    Đẹp trai xỉu

  • Arunika Dutta
    Arunika Dutta

    Long distance relationship has lot of memories.when you go through the gallery..perfect song❤.

  • Isipeas Minoblox
    Isipeas Minoblox

    Very sad it remember me on ...

  • Yorick van der Hoek
    Yorick van der Hoek

    hoe veel like's??? 5 MLN...

  • Girlie Gamer
    Girlie Gamer

    Memories fade but still Adam is a narcissist.

  • sargent H
    sargent H

    This is a very hard time for peoples family's and friends xxx stay strong

  • Eu sunt Nicu :O
    Eu sunt Nicu :O

    Romani pe aici ?

  • Ari Zweibach
    Ari Zweibach


  • Md Abul Kalam
    Md Abul Kalam

    O m g

  • Helena k.quinn
    Helena k.quinn

    Bagus lagu nya aku orang indonesia

  • Jm

    Cheers brothers if i ever die this year

  • Shivam anand
    Shivam anand

    Another piece of gold by #M5

  • Dorin Baicoianu
    Dorin Baicoianu


  • abhinav chauhan
    abhinav chauhan

    Who is listening to this on loop.

  • Diana Dsouza
    Diana Dsouza

    I love it

  • Jamaa Gaming
    Jamaa Gaming

    I'm here before army take over the comments thanks to Jimin humming it in his live

  • Jing Jin
    Jing Jin

    Wow i cant believe it, baldur was a singer? 😮😮

  • Exploding faisal TDM
    Exploding faisal TDM

    I hope coronavirus will be gone

  • Exploding faisal TDM
    Exploding faisal TDM

    Best song ever heard

  • Amulya Bajagai
    Amulya Bajagai

    This reminded me of the doctors and nurses who are fighting the virus hats off to them 😭

  • Nehemiah Hansel
    Nehemiah Hansel

    Plz like the 4k shot song on my channel

  • Puneet Bansal
    Puneet Bansal

    Listen this beautiful song ❤️ romantic Hindi

  • abdullah ghumman
    abdullah ghumman

    GOD bless her

  • Game World
    Game World

    Nice song really I love it

  • Mxolisi Ernest
    Mxolisi Ernest

    Oh my God who are those who dislike the video all these haters 😡😡 This song is fire

  • Plai Praphaporn
    Plai Praphaporn


  • Pushkar Sanjay
    Pushkar Sanjay

    Hi fellow will never know why this comment got so many likes

  • EdITs SoFi
    EdITs SoFi

    Me hico llorar

  • K.Entili

    Where you live

  • mister keiser
    mister keiser

    Sounds a little better at 0.75 speed

  • Azekel

    I sometimes look back and I know that our lost ones will always be remembered by family, but then I realized that their are people out there who did not even know they existed. I cry thinking about it. What if that's me?

  • Wyst Vega
    Wyst Vega

    0:75 PBS sounds better

  • Toàn Nguyễn
    Toàn Nguyễn

    Dear stranger: Cherish the time with the people you love, because love never forever It will stop a moment like: death

  • Esheley Victória
    Esheley Victória


  • Michael Zamora
    Michael Zamora

    When this song kinda sounds like cannon rock

  • Thành Hưng Nguyễn
    Thành Hưng Nguyễn

    Im from Gia lai ❤️

  • tony aquino
    tony aquino

  • denny greeney
    denny greeney

    I might be a cunt but dude your shit is awesome. The way you bring back memories all the trials and tribulations its freaken awesome, love ya brother..just sayin

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